Nice Matters Award

Friday, August 31, 2007

I really really appreciate Shireen, the healthfreakmom for giving me this Nice Matters Award.

According to the originator of the Nice Matters award it is intended for “those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!” For those receiving the award, you may like to pass on the award to 7 whom you think deserves it.

I am now giving this award to the following wonderful bloggers who I've known since I started blogging in 2004 and to one special lady I hold close to my heart:

1. Cuz Marie
2. KC
3. Rhada
4. Thess
5. Daphne Laura
6. Francesca
7. G


World Wide Wallet

Unbelievable! For once you can make online purchases without having yourself and pertinent information about you revealed. This is just great! And how is this possible? Well, get yourself a prepaid visa card. This is the newest and the safest way to make purchases online with you being anonymous. This is a virtual prepaid card meaning you apply, receive and manage your WWWcard entirely online. The nice thing about it is you can control your shopping since you can put only a certain amount depending on your budget. It's not like a credit card that gives you a big credit limit to encourage you to shop even beyond your means. I know a lot of people who can't just seem to control their credit card usage up to the point that they are already heavily indebted. With WWWcard, you can limit your online purchases for extra budget control. This card can be used worldwide, wherever Visa cards are accepted. It protects your privacy since you don't receive statements, no mails and you don't need to reveal your identity at any point. It's only you, and only you who can view the details of your WWWcard with the password you provided.

This company also has WWWgiftcards. Isn't it that all the time we run out of ideas on what to give to a friend or a loved one? There are times that we just think of buying this gift just for the sake that you are able to give something. WWgiftcards is the solution for this. All you need to do is provide the email address of the recipient and it will be sent to him instantly. He can now make purchases online wherever visa cards are accepted. This could be a perfect gift, without getting yourself hassled in some way. And who knows this could be the perfect blessing for the person you are giving it to, for he will be able to purchase something from his wishlist.

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You L.I.K.E.?

Since last week, I have been toying with the idea of having a new look. Yes I feel so bored. I look so plain and ugly. Finally today I had the time to make an appointment at Salon de Manila. Was suppose to have it at 1 in the afternoon, but some things came up. We were to have lunch at Bangus in Greenhills hosted by the eledest brother of N. I asked the salon if they can squeeze me at 4 pm, which they did, YAY!

I actually love my new look, but my SON does not like it at all. When he arrived from school and saw me, there was a quizzical look on his face. Before he could come over and kiss me, he said something like "Mom, it's not nice. You look like some kontrabida (villain) in one of the soaps in ABS." There goes my new look, nobody likes it except me =(


Worldwide Wednesdays!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have read some rants from different blogs about their frustrations on the recent segmentation of PayPerPost. Many of them say that they do not get as much opportunities as before. I could understand them, as they just want to earn a living. But to tell you honestly, I really did not feel the change at all, since I had at least two opportunities to take each day, which is the requirement of PPP.

We all know that PayPerPost is an american company, therefore majority of their advertisers are located in the United States, and it only follows that advertisers are targeting US bloggers. Since PPP has a lot of international posties, they have thought of ways to brighten up the day of their Posties located outside the United States. Just this week, PPP brought back the 1k Tuesdays, wherein everyone can participate, regardless of where you live, and whether your blog is big or small. In other words, there is no segmentation and it's open to all posties. I have seen one of the 1k Tuesdays but was not lucky enough to grab one. Of course I felt sad, but that is how life is anyway, as they always say, you cannot have it all.

For Posties like me who is outside the United States of America, are you ready for this? PayPerPost has a gift for us, and it will be coming out starting Wednesday. It's called the Worldwide Wednesdays! This will only be for posties outside the US, so american bloggers are excluded from taking these opps. So posties let's all keep our eyes open, refreshing page as often as possible until we see these Worldwide Wednesdays opps. By the way there's only like two additional $50 opps and one $150 opp. Good luck to all of us, and maybe we should thank PPP for playing it fair.


Looking for Rare Coins?

If you are into the hobby or collecting rare coins, then this is the site for you where they have an extensive collection of the finest and rarest gold coins. Oh we have a few here at home, maybe it's about time we get back to it and start adding and building our collection. And we can even pass it to our children.

Just looking at their vast collections make me want to transact business with them right away. Maybe I can do a little trading and stuff with them. Hubby would be happy with my discovery, since he is the one who is really into collecting. At Monaco Rare Coin, you can either buy, sell, or trade coins.


35 Questions

Nope I was not tagged this time, but I like to do this, so I grabbed it from Cuz Marie.

Where is your cell phone? On my desk

Relationship? Married

Your hair? Long, semi-layered, but I'm thinking of having a new look ^_^

Work? part-time photographer, SAHM doing some paid posts while blogging

Your sister/s? Deborah, Rachel & Naomi

Your favorite thing? My laptop

Your dream last night? None

Your favorite drink? Coke

Your dream car? Beamer (x5)

The room you’re in? Our bedroom

Your shoes? Havaianas

Your fears? Heights

What do you want to be in 10 years? Grandmother

Who did you hang out with this weekend? With my kids

What are you not good at? Singing

Muffin? Blueberry

One of your wish list items? A blahnik or a Choo

Where you grew up? Cotabato City til 12, Quezon City

Last thing you did? Sleep

What are you wearing? Tank, Shorts

What aren’t you wearing? Jewelries

Your pet? Gerbie (pug), Smiley (shih tzu)

Your computer? Upgraded Presario V6000

Your life? Contented

Your mood? Happy

Missing? My two sisters in the US

What are you thinking about right now? Having a haircut

Your car? Suzuki Jimny

Your kitchen? Functional and beautiful

Your summer? Exciting

Your favorite color? Green

Last time you laughed? Last night

Last time you cried? Last Sunday when my Mom and I talked about Dad

School? Notre Dame (grade school), Trinity College (High School), UST (college)


Las Vegas

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For those ones who have not gone to Las Vegas, golly you are missing half of your life. Know why I'm saying this? It's because I enjoyed my stay there, even my kids can't forget how they enjoyed Las Vegas. The lights, the shows, the food, the people, it's just fun, it's one experience I won't barter for anything else.

If you don't have anywhere to stay, you can book and stay at Tropicana Las Vegas, it's beautiful, I've seen it while strolling. It looks magical with all the lights. And yeah, don't forget to watch some shows while you're there, I tell you it's really worth it.


I Have it Back!

Remember the iPod Mini entry I posted two years ago? It's back! I can use it again, yay! My daughter Ish returned it finally after receiving an iPod Nano, as birthday present. I was actually thinking of buying an iPod Nano from the moolah I earned doing sposored posts, double yay, money still intact! Yes, I have not spent a single cent coz I have not thought of anything to buy except for that iPod thingy. Funny that up until now, I still don't have anything in mind on what to buy. Save Girl Save!


Inspirational Blog

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I just want to share with you Karl's blog which I have read a couple of hours back. I find it very interesting that I almost forgot that I had an appointment, darn! Well I can always check back anyway. I really like reading his entries on how to go about life, and being positive all the time. I like his Friday Factoids too, it's amusing, and you will learn a lot about different things. Karl Moore, the man behind the blog, is a writer who has already published 2 best-selling books and an enterpreneur who is in the top 100 developers. He also has a radio program. Please visit his blog and get some inspiration.

That's him!


The Birthday Girl

She asked me if she can have a pre-birthday celebration with her fellow scouts. So a day before her birthday, we accompanied her to Trinoma, the mall they chose. I ordered pizza for them at Yellow Cab, then treated them to a movie (Hairspray). We gave them a little time to play at Time Zone too.

This happened at the eve of her birthday. I asked the little boy to give his sister a big, big kiss. He was really teasing his sister, (you should have seen him wet his lips) thus the picture.


Memories at the Ball Park

When we visited my friend in San Francisco, they treated us to a baseball game. We were all excited because this is a first for all of us and at the same time apprehensive thinking that we will just get bored since we're not familiar with the game. But alas! my son enjoyed it a lot. He cheered like he was one of them. Liking the game, he's been bugging me to get an Autographed Bat for him. Hearing her brother bugging me, my little girl also wanted to have an Autographed Jersey. And I was like, why not? I too enjoyed and I wanted my own Baseball Memorabilia. That's how much we enjoyed the game, and being a first, we just wanted to have some remembrace from the game.


Work At Home

How do you like the idea of working at home? Well if you think that this is one of the "get rich instantly" work from home, say working for only an hour or less, it is not. Those are probably not true. But this work at home i'm trying to tell you is the one you might need. This is building a home based business at your own pace selling jewelries similar to that you see at big department stores. I know what you're thinking, no it's not hard to sell these jewelries, because this jewelry sells itself. It's of high quality, lead-free and intricately hand-crafted. And besides everyone I know would love to have beautiful jewelries, in fact I tried selling jewelries before and it just sells like hotcake.


Free Stuff

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Have you heard about this site that offers Free Stuff? Yeah there are still free stuffs offered in this world, haha! At first I could not believe it, nothing in this world is free as I always say. But hey, I am all wrong, in fact this site brings you the latest and best free stuffs online. Yes all for free, and you need not invite friends and ask them to sign up for you to get free stuffs. It's truly 100% free.

Take a look at their categories, there is just a lot, and it's overwhelming. If you are fond of arts and crafts, there is something for you all for free. Want to have new games, new ring tones, free text messages, even voip calls, check out the cell phones and wireless category. What about shirts? Well it's for you to find out, go ahead and visit the website ^_^ . I got excited seeing they give out free recipe books, man, I gotta have this, I'm running out of recipes to cook. Can you believe they have free jewelries too? Yes, they give out bracelets and rings.

So for free stuffs, bookmark the website so it will be easier for you to view the site, remember they update the site daily. Again it's 100% free, no need for you to refer 5 or 10 friends in order to get free stuffs, ok?


Invisible Mode

Did you know that you can visit webpages, send emails without getting known? Yes that is very possible with hide IP address. I'm thinking of getting one now because it's the safest way against hackers, for all you know they are the ones attacking your computer, they track your internet activities which can be used for theft.

Having your IP address hidden, nobody would know your identity, thus they will never have the chance to trace anything back to you. I'm so thankful that I came across and I just want to share this site with you. This is especially helpful if you do transactions online.


Funny & Cute

Conversations such as this occur when I'm the one behind the wheels, and I just can't help but laugh ^_^

Josh: Mom, how big is our family? (him referring to the V family)
Me: Your dad has 2 brothers, and 3 sisters...
Josh: Lolo(grandpa) must have abused Mama(grandma)
Me: **Gasp** And why do you say that?
Josh: well 5 kids, eh us 2 kids only...
Me: What if I have another baby?
Josh: Nooooooooooo
Me: and why not?
Josh: I'll get jealous! All your attention will be on the baby.
Me: Of course not, I play fair.
Josh: **quiet**
Me: And why are you quiet?
Josh: I was thinking that if you have a baby again, I'll just leave and stay with Lolo.
Ate (nanny): Di na pwede mag anak si Mommy Josh (Your mom can't have another baby)
Josh: And why not?
Me: well i'm old to have a baby.
Josh: what about Isaac and Sarah?
Me: *started laughing** What about?
Josh: Sarah was already old when she had a baby

**Conversation ended here...time for church**


Finding the Right Rehab

Use of prohibited drugs is one of the biggest problems our society is facing right now. Whenever I read the papers, there is always news about drug addicts committing crimes left and right and it's just scary. Families are breaking because they can't handle members doing drugs.

Drug addiction is a serious problem and is very hard to handle, normally they don't know what they are doing because of the chemical substance present in their system. It's just scary if this person does not get the chemical substance he is addicted to, because he can resort to a lot of things just to be able to have the substance. Others resort to stealing, or even kill lives, just to be able to get over their cravings. With a scenario like this, it's not safe anymore. People should realize that they need help, not just any help but seek professional help.

If you don't want lives wasted, all you need to do is find the right drug rehab. There are a lot of drug rehabilitation centers scattered all over, but you need to find a very good drug treatment program suited for the patient. There are a lot of considerations in looking for the right rehabilitation center for you. It should provide a safe environment, with an understanding staff providing assistance to the patient. It's even better if you can find a center with a staff who was into drugs before as he fully understands the needs of the patient. A lot of love, patience and understanding is required when dealing with drug addicts.

If you know of someone who is into drugs, convince him first that he needs help, and that it's not impossible for him to get over the addiction. Show them more love and attention and don't ignore that there is a problem. Face the fact before it's too late. Get help by putting him into the right drug rehab.


Thank You Rica!

Saturday is my day off, I mean from cooking and all. I normally get to sleep until 11 in the morning and not worry about having nothing to eat. Afternoons are spent either going to the malls or watching a movie. Well I did not do that today, but instead allowed my 3 helpers to watch a movie. They were in a hurry to leave that they forgot about putting out meat from the freezer for dinner. It was already late that I realized we had nothing for dinner.

Good thing I remembered the pasta my girlfriend Rica told me about yesterday. So I went downstairs and started making it. Good thing I had all the ingredients, oh except for the olive oil which was not enough, so I just added unsalted butter. I didn't have fresh basil so I used the dried ones. And I made a little variation ^_^

Pasta with Shitake Mushroom:

angel hair pasta
olive oil
shitake mushroom (finely sliced)
lots and lots of fine minced garlic
fresh basil (can use dried)
anchovies (optional, for added flavor)
salt and pepper to taste
chili peppers (for Josh and Me)

So there! That's what we had for dinner! I didn't expect the kids to like it, but they did. My son even said "Mom, you make very good pasta!"

**Do you watch Celebrity Duets on GMA7? it's fun, my first time to watch and I pretty much enjoyed.**


Insurance That Will Pay Off Mortgage

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I think everyone has to have a mortgage life insurance. It will assure you that your mortgaged properties will be paid off in case something happens to you, say death. By having this kind of insurance, the family you left behind will not have to worry about getting the amortizations paid. Usually the terms of this kind of insurance is 15, 20 or 30 years, or depends on your remaining mortgage term. So this could really be affordable. If you don't want to burden your family and just give them peace of mind, it's time for you to get mortgage life insurance.


Just In Time for Halloween

Time flies so fast and before we know it, it's Halloween! It's one of the favorite celebrated holidays of my kids. And why not? They get to go home with a basket full of goodies, candies, chips, chocolates, and drinks. And not to forget, they get to wear their favorite costumes. They have worn different costumes already because I allow them to choose a different one each time we go trick or treat. But I have a bit of a problem now, they are 13 and 11 and the ones being sold in the malls are like for small children.

Lucky me! I found Moon Costumes on the web. They not only sell costumes for kids but for adults too. Double lucky me! I can choose from their different styles too. Of course when I go trick or treat with my kids, I should be in costume too. I tell you it's a lot of fun. And would you believe they have costumes for pets too? Yay, we can bring along Smiley, our cutie pie shih tzu. has over 10,000 costumes and masks to choose from. Do you wanna go trick or treating looking like Barbie, a princess, a fairy? They have it all over at To give you an idea how pretty their costumes are, here are some pictures.


Unique Curtains

I immediately fell in love with these curtains the moment I saw it in their website. It's pretty, and I really like their unique designs. These are the curtains I would love to see hanging on my windows. No wonder they are beautiful, these are designer fabrics but can be bought at a discounted price. TerrysFabrics is a one stop shop, so if you are in need of curtain tracks, you can purchase it right there.

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Freshly Baked Cookies Gone Tomorrow

If I'm not lazy, I normally bake 2 sets of cookies, chocolate chip for the man, and oatmeal for the kids. And would you believe after putting it in the cookie jars, each of them will bring it to their rooms. They don't get tired munching them. They say it tastes good, sweetness just right, and lots and lots of hershey's chocos. I don't usually follow the measurement of the sugar in the recipe but cut it to half so it won't taste as sweet. Now they say I make the best cookie in town and that makes me smile ear to ear!


Children's Clothes

Friday, August 24, 2007

See those pictures above? Lovely, isn't it? Those were the type of clothes my kids wore when they were little. I enjoyed dressing them up a lot. And I would always get compliments with the clothes they wear. All these you can find at They have the latest trends in designer clothing for your kids. And not only that, they have a lot of stuffs the baby needs, like blankets, hooded towels and robes. You can also find ideas great for gifts. I like everything they have in their website. And there's only one word to describe it, it's all beautiful. I love their Mimi and Maggie selections. Man, now I miss dressing up my daughter Ish, she will definitely like all the clothes found here. And for my darling boy, I know he would pick clothes by Wes & Willy. Now this leaves me thinking, do I want another kid?

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Finding Things Online

The first thing I do when I need to buy something is search the web for this particular product. More often than not, I have to click on not just one site to be able to get the details that I have been looking for. Now that I have discovered this very helpful site, I need not look anywhere else but go directly to them. Take for example this Maytag Washing Machines that I have been looking for. I found it in this site, complete with product information and the nearest store where you can purchase it. So spend so much time surfing the web, clicking sites after sites when you can just get all information in just one click.


An Invitation

We got this letter from the Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines congratulating us, our son Josh successfully passed the qualifying examination. This will train him for future international mathematics competitions. I have not even finished asking him if he wanted to join, but quickly blurted "Hell, NO!" I never bothered to ask him why as I already know the answer. I just encouraged him but to no avail. You see saturdays are his only time to chill out and relax. I don't allow them to use the internet on weekdays plus the fact that they already have saturday activities in school. And did I mention that they have everyday quizzes and seatworks? I just had to give in to him, as I feel like pushing and pressuring him too much. Anyways this letter made us happy enough knowing the capabilities of our son.


North Cyprus

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A lot are saying that North Cyprus is one of the best places to retire. They say that it is the last jewel in the Mediterranean. It is a paradise island located in the blue Mediterranean. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and has a wonderful and almost perfect climate. People talk about it's beautiful coastline, with clear blue unpolluted seas, and beautiful landscape. No wonder people call it paradise. The Kyrenia Mountain is another story. It's a pine-clad mountain stretching the coast of North Cyrpus, is just a beauty. Looking at it in photos makes me want to go there and experience it's tranquility.

So are you considering retiring in this beautiful place? There are various North Cyprus Property located in Kyrenia, the most popular location for property investment. This area provides great mountain and seaside views. A very relaxing place for people who wants to enjoy nature. Climate is also one of the reasons why you should consider retiring in North Cyprus. They have mild winters from December to February with an average temperature of 10 degrees. You will also enjoy the climate during spring and autumn, which is warm and pleasant. Plus of course the people, they are warm, hospitable and friendly. Communication is not a problem, since English is widely spoken in that part of the world.


The Credit Card to Beat!

Wow, this is the credit card to beat! Check out this 0% interest credit card. Who in the world would offer such credit card? Imagine 0% on balance transfers, 0% on purchases! Indeed this is the card to beat. And not only that, they have free online account management where you can download statements. They don't also charge annual fees, plus they give a free additional card. With it's worldwide acceptance, nothing can go wrong with this credit card.

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Feminine Color

I don't normally go for bloody red nail polish, but then I thought I could use some color to go with my gown during the birthday celebration of my FIL. So when we went to have our hair done at Salon de Manila, I decided to have my nails done too. Isha was soooo envious and wanted hers done too. But to achieve it, she needed fakies, bwaaaahhh. Anyways, I chose blardy red, at that time I found it sexy. But when I got home, guess who made the 1st comment? It was my son Josh. He said something like, "Hey Mom, I don't like the color of your could have used a more feminine color, say "fenk" (pink)." Heehee, that's how we say pink in this household - "fenk", and it tickles us "fenk" whenever we say that word!


Switch to VoIP Phone Systems

Are you still one of those who use the old phone system? It is about time you make the great switch to VoIP phone systems. Having switched, your business will no longer carry the burden of managing and maintaining your own phone system, no more high maintenance service calls, and no more phone system breakdowns.

Don't get scared switching to the VoIP phone system because it is user friendly, and can be very simple to use. It's like plug and play. With an internet connection, you will be able to call anybody within the US for free. This would mean a lot for businesses because they will be able to save on local and domestic calls, and you only pay a minimal fee on international calls. Today's trend is going towards VoIP, don't be the last to switch.


Ear Pins

Ear pins what? I didn't know that such exist. I know of only the regular earrings, the ones we get to wear everyday. I did not even know that ear pins are the hottest today. Take a look and Review Me #1, so that you will have an idea how an ear pin looks like. I would say it's pretty cool, and they have a wide selection of beautiful designs. It's one of a kind, and it would really look beautiful on the ears. It is the newest way of wearing ear jewelry. With their unique array of designs, one can look captivating and will surely turn a lot of heads. I for one normally compliment somebody when I see a unique and beautiful design, and I make it a point to approach that person.

These ear pins are made in the US from only the highest quality materials, so we can be assured of it's high quality and beautiful craftsmanship. These jewelries would be great gifts to our family and friends. You can choose whether to give them yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver. They also have more than 25 kinds of really bright and beautiful gem stones mounted on each fine jewelry. What's best is they are resonably priced and very affordable, prices start at $26. So if you want those beautiful ear pins, go ahead and buy or you can put it in your wishlist, who knows someone's gonna give that to you.


While Waiting

Our eldest daughter Isha who's turning 14 on the 28th asked permission from us if she could chill out with her friends at the Power Plant. We dread for this day to come, really! We've been talking about this, and we can't accept the fact that our lil girl has already grown. Well we permitted her of course, and it has always been the rule that she can't go with her friends without us in tow or her nanny. It's not that we don't trust her, but more for her safety and security. Times are hard nowadays, and we just feel that at a young age, she can't still handle it.

So what do we do while waiting for her? We had our own bonding time too, had coffee and pastries at UCC. We talked about our kids, how they've grown in so little time, ways on how to handle them, etc.


Bike Racks

This is very timely, as you all know hubby and I are into bikes. And we just need a bike rack where we can put our bikes after use. Normally we just lean our bikes across the wall and sometimes we just find our bikes on the floor. Having a pole bike rack in our car garage is a good idea. This is just right because hubby said that when a bike is parked, the tires should be suspended so as to maintain the air in the tires.

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Cool Jammies for Kids

Eversince I could remember, I really had this thing for football uniforms. I don't know, but I just find it cute, especially if it's worn by little kids. When I was in the US, I saw a lot of kids wear them and I just cannot help but turn my head and admire. I saw one wearing the Philadelphia Eagles uniform, maybe he was a number one fan of the Eagles.

This time it's not just the football players who can wear football uniforms, but their fans as well. I know of a family who is very much into football, and whenever they go and watch a game, they come in football uniforms of their favorite team. This could be a great gift to the little ones. When you order, it comes complete. Each football outfit comes with a padded helmet with your favorite team logo, a face mask with adjustable chin straps. You can let your kids choose their favorite numbers, or perhaps the number of their favorite player. This can be easily done because of the iron on numbers, thus making the uniforms customizable. And did you know that this football outfits can double as Kids Pajamas? It is because the materials used are soft double knit polyester and can be very comfortable to sleep on.


15th Year

It seemed like only yesterday when I walked down the aisle, August 22, 1992 to be exact, gosh it's been 15 years...and still counting. Funny how I couldn't really remember anything that happened on that day except for one thing. While walking down the aisle, I saw empty pews, and I was like, oh no! nobody attended my wedding. And before I know it, the next time I looked, it was almost full. I think I was teary eyed...oh never mind...don't want to get mushy here ^_^

Anyway, it's been 15 years! We've had our share of ups and downs like everyone else, but i'm glad we've survived with God's wonderful grace. Now we have 2 wonderful kids, Isha and Josh (heehee as if you don't know), and we are striving on having a God centered happy family. I got 3 red roses from N and I like what he wrote in the card..."I'm very thankful to God because we are now 15 years together. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. 'Til death do us part".


I Want to See Florida

I have heard so much about Florida, the theme parks, yes 52 in number, the beaches and of course Disney World. Orlando would be the best place to spend the summer, with all the fun activities that you can do, for sure no one gets bored. There is always something for the whole family, Dad can play golf, while we can enjoy the beaches and all the rides at the theme parks.

I don't have worries bringing the whole family. Accommodation at Orlando Villas is really affordable. I bet my family would love to stay there because of the home setting. It's like being in your own home but just a stone's throw away from the theme parks. How would you like that? Staying at the villas can be relaxing too, as it has it's own pool. If you want peace and quiet and just enjoy the tranquility, then staying at the villa would give you all that.


Clip Art for Kids

Eversince my kids were small, I have always thought of ways to keep them preoccupied during summer breaks. I just don't like them being idle. I would find ways to keep them busy by giving them things to do. I would ask them to read, and sometimes we do board games, we draw, we bake, anything to keep them busy. But I noticed that this is the one thing they enjoy doing most, and honestly I enjoy doing this with them too. Well I am talking about Free Clip Art for Kids. They just have every material you can think of, to bring out the best in your child when it comes to arts. It is a user friendly site, and all you need to do is download and save all the materials that you find cool in your computer. One of the fun things they enjoy is coloring. Sometimes I'm giving them prizes if their projects look good. This is one way of encouraging them to do even better. I also encourage them to do arts and crafts, and their creativity shows in the finish product. There are a lot more tools that you can download, and it's all fun to do. You will not run out of projects for the kids, and best of all it's FREE!


Furnitures for the House

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OMG come to think of it, until now I still keep on bugging my husband about the much needed counter stools, and it's been a hundred years. When will this dream of mine come to realization if I won't act now. Oh maybe I'll just order it myself, anyway the price is kinda reasonable and affordable. And besides I need like 3 pieces only, oh make that 4 coz we're 4 in the family. I have an idea on what to buy already, I want one that swivels. Wahoo, after buying all these stuffs, then I can start using my breakfast nook. I wouldn't feel lonely anymore eating in a table for 8 persons all by myself.

Hmmm, I think I might also need a storage bed. The closets we have at home are full to the brim. I can see clutters here and there, and I just need every storage I can get. This is a great idea indeed, making use of some space for storage. It would also be great to have an under bed storage where I can put stuffs like linens, pillowcases and maybe towels. This time it would not be as hard anymore getting stuffs when you want to change beddings. I normally put linens at the topmost cabinet, thus making it hard for the helpers to reach.

I'm thinking of changing my daughter's bed too, I think she needs a queen storage bed. As she grows older, her personal stuffs grows in number too. I can just imagine her stuffs scattered all over coz it can't be accommodated anymore in her drawers. Yeah, I think that's it, she needs one and I'm going to suggest to her Dad if we could get her one. I hope it won't take a hundred years this time.

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What My Hands Say About Me

I almost forgot about this tag by Cousin Marie

What Your Hands Say About You

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.

Idealistic and dreamy, you tend toward the impractical. You have a knack for getting yourself in sticky situations.

Consistent and reliable, you like to count on structure and routine in your life.

Your emotions tend to be well though out. You're willing to wait out a bad situation, and you're never too quick to act.

* Yeah I think I am logical, analytical and rational enough, now that I am a lil older. I used to be really shy, as much as possible I don't want to be heard. Again now that I'm a lil older, I make it a point that I am heard and understood.

* Sticky situations? Oh not anymore, I have learned to stay away from it. I'm no longer the dreamy type, I have learned to face reality.

* Yeah you can say that...I am consistent and reliable...if I want to ^_^ Yep it's quite routinary and gets boring =(

* Again, maybe goes with the age, I have mellowed ^_^

I'm tagging myself, harhar, need all the links I can get *wink*
Feel free to do this tag, then let me know so I would have an idea on what your hands say about you okie?


Are Your Homes Secured?

Home Security is very important nowadays. With an increase in reported crimes, homeowners should put priority to their safety. We all have peace of mind knowing that our homes are protected from burglars. We can sleep soundly without worrying that somebody can break in and take all our belongings and even kill us. But did you know that there are different kinds of Home Security you need? You just don't decide on buying the most expensive security camera when you don't really need it. So it's best that we know all about home security before deciding on what type we are going to install in our homes. And this website can help us with our home security requirements. It's very important to know what you really need, and from there decide on what you need to buy to get your homes protected.


You Owe Me!

Monday, August 20, 2007

We are engaged in a business that requires a fifty percent downpayment upon signing of the contract and the remaining fifty percent on the date of the occassion. There are some clients who just does not honor the contract. They give out numerous alibis when it comes to the remaining fifty percent. The hardest part in owning a business is the billing aspect. There are clients who run away from their obligations and as a result, we don't have any other choice but to refer them to a commercial collection agency. Because if we do the collecting ourselves, it's like talking to a blank wall. But hiring a collection agency gives them some kind of a "scare". Good thing there are agencies like this who can help us with the collection, if not everything will be charged again to experience which is not good for the business.


June 18

Did it ever cross your mind to find out who was born on your birth day, what important event happened, or where in the world there's a holiday? If yes, then this is the perfect meme for you. Thanks Janice for the tag.

What do I need to do?Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day).Write down three events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends.There are five slots in the Birthday Meme. As you are tagged, you have to remove the name in the first slot and bump everyone up so that your name can be added to the bottom.

I am born on June 18, and that makes me a Gemini ^_^

Important Events that happened on June 18:
1. 1928 - Aviator Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly in an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean
2. 1983 - Space Shuttle program: STS-7, Astronaut Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space.
3. 2006 - The first Kazakh space satellite, KazSat is launched.

I share the same birthday with:
1. Paul McCartney of the Beatles
2. Isabella Rossillini, a beautiful Italian actress

Celebrated Holiday:
1. Autistic Pride Day, beginning in 2005.

I'm tagging my 5 friends:
1. CuzMarie
2. Rhada
3. Francesca
4. Francine
5. MommyBa

And the list:Gran’s Memory Keeping Corner Teacher JulieMommyness is Happiness This is a miracle HiPnCooLMoMMa


Portable Nebulizers

I come from a family with a history of asthma. I remember when I was still a kid, whenever i'm having asthma attacks, I couldn't sleep well. I had to pop in some medicine to relieve the heaviness in breathing. In my family now, it's Josh who has it, whenever he has colds and cough, it always couples with asthma. So his pediatrician advised us to have a nebulizer at home. Sometimes we had to bring that heavy and bulky nebulizer to school. I hope I had found this portable oxygen concentrator before buying that big one. This one is lightweight, small in size, runs on 2 AA batteries. This is very efficient and even better with those tabletop nebulizers.


The Celebration

It was a successful celebration! Despite the heavy rains (read:floods) 90 percent of the guests came, and it only shows that the man of the hour is well loved by his family and friends. It was held at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Manila Peninsula. They said food was great (I couldn't really taste it as I was still excited), we were entertained by the Bernie Pasamba String Quartet, with Jenny and Austin (our favorite singers), Aicelle Santos, 1st Runner-up and Gerald Santos, champion of GMA's Pinoy Pop Superstars (they are the reason why we went to SOP), we also gave a special dance number (me, Ish, Teacher Gladys and Rica), and a dragon dance to remember FIL's heritage. Cash and jewelries were raffled off to the delight of the guests.

Looks like rockyou is not loading in blogger...view pix HERE


Life Leads

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good news to all insurance agents. You can now preview life leads from LeadsClearance. The nice thing about it is you can get the chance of choosing only life leads you like. They do not require pre-payments, no up front costs, no contracts, no cancellation terms, and you pay only what you select. Their leads are sorted by state and county, with brief description. Just click on the view link and start picking from there. Their leads are sold on exclusive or semi-exclusive basis, it is up to you to decide. Leads can be sent by email and you can keep it in your online file with the company. Or you can download it in your own database in your personal computer. You can be assured that you get the freshest insurance leads because they have partnered with top internet marketing partners. This site also has a learning center where you can get tips on how to make the most out of all the insurance leads you just purchased from them. This is very different from other companies offering insurance leads.

This is a great offer in itself. Let's face it, agents need these leads to make work easier for them. Everything is already laid down, and all you need to do is call or keep in touch with this interested party. You can be sure that you can close the deal a hundred percent because these are people who have expressed their intentions in getting insurances.


HS Classmates

Antonio, Aurea, Me, Richard, Jing & Arlyn

I had a meeting with my high school classmates at Cafe Breton last saturday. It was nice seeing them again. We don't see each other regularly because of our busy schedules and of course family life. So this is really a rare opportunity that I made it a point to attend. It was supposed to be a quick meeting, but you know how it is when you see each other especially if you haven't seen each other for a long time. Updating here and there, we had our own stories to tell. Anyways, the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the incoming 25th Batch Reunion which will be held in February 2008. We discussed how we could help financially to support some projects of our batch. It was a fruitful meeting and we were able to come up with something. Again, nice seeing you guys and hope to see more of you often.


The Best Place to Find Jewelries

How would you feel finding a nice piece of jewelry but you can't afford? More often than not I find myself in this situation. Since I'm so fond of window shopping, I often pass by jewelry shops and admire some really beautiful pieces. Much as I want to buy it, I just couldn't afford it. But I'm out of that dilema now since I know of a site that sells jewelry at a discounted price. This is because they cut out the middleman and thus making their own beautiful fine jewelries and offer it at wholesale prices.


Online Dating Community

I know of a few friends who were once into this online dating thingy. And what's nice about it, they now have wonderful families and successful marriages.

So for those ones who want to have a little fun and adventure, why not consider online dating. I know of a fun online dating community where you can find goth singles. All you need to do is sign up, and it's for free. It's your chance of meeting other people who has the same interests as yours, from fashion to music. You can browse their photos page and check out some people who catches your eye. You can browse the profile page and find out more about the members. You can email or IM other members or add them to your blackbook. This is an alternative way of meeting other people who have the same tastes as yours.


The Steak That They All Love

If you ask the members of my family what they want for lunch or dinner, they would all recite in unison "STEAK". Whenever we eat out, the first thing they look for in the menu is steak. Yes, they don't get tired of eating steak. So I thought, why not learn how to do steak right at my own home. So I did. I usually buy it (tenderloin, sometimes ribeye) from Monterey. But today we are lucky, my SIL arrived from the States and she brought us some. Yippee! And here's how to do it.

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Home Insurance Leads

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Insurance agents will be happy to note that this company offers a consistent volume of fresh, real time home insurance leads. And this are not just leads with names and a number of information, but names of prospective clients who have shown their interests in getting home insurance.

Insurance agents will not a have a hard time going through this home insurance leads, all because it is well organized. It has the name and full contact details of a prospective client, address of properties to be covered and other relevant information that will help you go about it. These pieces of information will help you decide on what type of insurance you will offer a prospective applicant. Almost every possible information needed is already listed. This is really better rather than cold calling. With cold calling, you are not even sure if the persons you are calling are interested or not. Most often than not, you'll hear a "sorry, we're not interested" from the other end. Sometimes it's just a waste of time doing cold calling. Insurance leads help agents succeed with their business because this leads make work easier for the agents plus the fact that the names listed have shown interests in getting a new insurance. The prospect of closing the deal is far greater than when you do cold calling. If you want to have an easier time as far as selling your policies is concerned, don't forget the freshest real time home insurance leads.


Theme Parties

Themed parties are very in nowadays, and not just kids parties but adult parties as well. I could have done a jungle themed party during my kids' 7th birthday celebration, but have not thought of it. It could have been a cool idea to fix the venue with different animal inflatable and make it look like a forest or something. It would also be fun seeing kids with different animal masks as they party. For giveaways, there is a wide selection of stuffed animals. It could have been a nice and memorable party. Oh well, that's life, but for you people who will still celebrate your kiddos party, I would suggest a Jungle Themed's cool.



Excitement can be felt in this household. On Friday, August 17, 2007, we will be celebrating my father-in-law's 90th birthday. A man of few words but very generous in love. Nobody believes that he is turning 90, he is very able, very strong and can still walk miles. He is daring! He took the Jurassic Ride with us 2 years ago at Univeral Studios. And would you believe, he supervised everything when we built our house. He is a frustrated architect/engineer. And up to now he still builds, he says that he can't stay home and do nothing, he feels sick. He feels happy when he's up and about.

Anyhoo, we (Ish and me) both liked what we will wear on this special occassion. I surfed the net for some design ideas and I'm happy that the couturier was able to make it the way we like it. Thank you Larry.


Dazzling Jewelries

Monday, August 13, 2007

At a young age, I can remember that I had fondness for jewelries. I would admire rings, necklaces, and bracelets worn by grown ups. I promised myself that when I start working, that's the first thing I would buy with my salary. But it came earlier though. I remember saving some amount from the allowance my parents gave me, until such time that I was able to buy my very first ring.

As I grew, my love for jewelries became even stronger. I remember liking this jewelryI saw in one of my sister's catalogs. I couldn't sleep at nights thinking how I'm gonna buy it. It was such a beautiful piece. And you know what? I was able to buy it when I decided to resign from work. With the amount I received as separation pay, I bought it, it's something to remind me of the first job I had.


"Child Stress"

My son Josh has this habit of dropping by our room before he goes to bed. Aside from the good night kiss he gives us, he has another agenda. He wants his nightly massage either from me or from Nelson.

Every after each massage, my husband would say to me, "Why does he want a massage every single night?" to which he answered his own question. "Ah maybe he's relaxed when we're giving him a massage." So I told him, why don't you ask? So one night after giving him his massage, he asked my son, "Josh why do you want us to massage you every night?" Child stress is his reply. I do get child stress too Dad! I nearly fell off the bed *gasp*, and I said, what child stress are you talking about? He said school stuff. That kept me thinking, because looking at my son, he seemed to not have child stress at all. He excels at school with minimal prodding. I only ask him to study whenever he has seatworks and quizzes and normally it takes us only 15 minutes. He can remember what was taught in class. To satisfy my curiosity about that child stress thingy (me and husband agreed that we never had child stress before) I searched the net for signs that could indicate if your kid is truly undergoing child stress.

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Watch Collection

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Isn't it a beauty? I'd love to add that to my collection, who cares if it's a men's watch! Wearing big watches in kinda in today. There are a lot more beautiful designs of hamilton watches, if only I can have it all. Would you believe that the Hamilton Watch Company was established in 1892, yeah that long already. What I want in their collection is it's "antique-cky" appeal (they have not lost the design so loved by american troops during World War 2) but with a modern twist. Anything antique, I'd go for it! Just look at their collection and you'll definitely fall in love with it.


Air Ambulance Services

This is the first time I've heard about air ambulance service. Yes they do exist and that is a very good news. Because normally, whenever we want to bring a sick person for additional medical attention say to different countries, the first thing we do is try and book at flight with commercial airlines, and sometimes it's not that easy to get a flight right away, plus the fact that commercial airlines do not have the facilities to handle such critical issues.

By nature, people want to give the best medical attention to sick loved ones. That includes bringing them to the best hospitals with the best doctors. But sometimes the problem of air lifting keeps them from doing so. So I'm now sharing the good news for those ones that still do not know about air ambulance service. They are a team of specialists in medical flight. They are the best air ambulance with state of the art medical equipment. They have flight nurses and paramedics onboard. We can be assured that the patients will have the smoothest trip possible. They are on call 24/7, services available both local and international.

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Oopsie! Don't Mind Me!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've been actually thinking that at age 41 I shouldn't be dressing up this way. I should be in linen tops and bottoms, hair tied in a bun, but what the heck, this is me! So what if at my age I wanna look like this? IMHO, I can still get away with it...hhhmmmm

Taken during that stormy day at Trinoma


Do you Want your Business to Succeed?

Friday, August 10, 2007

"We can make your business succeed!" says the number one Mailing Lists Company in the world. They have the largest available database of consumers and business records. Let's face it, we have to find ways and means to get through our targeted market, and by doing this, it will help boost our businesses. There are a hundred and one ways on how to do it. We can send people mails or we can call them to let them know of a certain product. This has proved effective according to some business owners. You get to establish a more personal relationship with the consumers. They will have a better understanding of the stuffs we offer. There are a lot of mailing lists companies, but the secret is finding the right one that will effectively help you with your specific needs. This Mailing Lists Company is the largest and most successful mailing lists provider, and this can be attested by thousands of satisfied clients.

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Getting Organized

I hate clutters, I know I have a tendency to be a clutter queen. But i'm trying my best to solve this problem. I already have thought of ways to organize all the things here at home especially my personal stuff. I believe that it should all start with oneself.

Since I am a DIY (do-it-yourself) Queen, I have a lot of stocks here at home which you can find in every corner of the house *gasp*! Good thing I came across Craft Storage and this will get me started in getting rid of my personal clutters. Now I will not have a hard time looking for things I need since it will all be organized and stored in one beautiful organizer. I also need jewelry organizers to store all my bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and costume jewelries. I love their designs, it's chic, comes in different colors and different fabrics, the designs well thought of. Their organizers have unbelievable compartments to store lots and lots of things. So let's start organizing our stuffs now!

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Free Diet & Fitness Website

It's wonderful that more and more people are taking good care of their health. They are watchful about the food they eat. Some even go to the extent of counting calories before they touch the food in front of them. It's no joke losing weight, a lot are struggling in doing this. Good thing there are helpful tools like free calorie counter that helps you keep track of your calorie intake for the day. This calorie counter is very easy to use. It also keeps track of the activities you do. If you want to be successful in losing weight, you should keep track of everything and this site will introduce you to the right tool in doing that, and the best thing, they offer it for free. That's their way of helping each one of us to stay healthy.


Stormy Day

Thursday, August 09, 2007

And what does this family do on a stormy day? Call us weird, but even if half all of Metro Manila is flooded, we still find ourselves in the mall chillin' ^_^ The kids were sent home by the school because of strong rains and winds (storm signal #2). Quezon City is always the last to declare that there are no classes.

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Coupons and More!

Hey! I have another good news for you. I know all of you will be interested. Again this will give you value for your money. People nowadays think of great ways on how to save money especially when it comes to buying. When they see the word sale, free online coupon codes , discount codes, enthusiasm to shop kicks in. Who does not want awesome deals like these? There are more than a thousand stores to choose from, so I'm sure you're gonna find all your favorite shops in the list.

A lot of my favorite retailers are listed. When I went shopping at this shop, I wanted to buy all their stuffs. Everything I found was oh so lovely, their jeans are excellent and they fit really well. I like their tops, bags, wallets, shoes, and undies. Here's American Eagle Coupons you can use when you shop, they give 10-30% off and even free shipping.

And if you have been thinking of getting your dream laptop, now is the time, they also have Apple Promo which gives you a savings of $100 and free shipping.

For books and magazines there's Barnes and Noble coupons. You won't pass up this chance if I tell you that they also got BathandBodyWorks coupons, this shop is just heavenly. Everything in it smells really really good. For your kitchen needs like kitchen appliances, cookware, cutlery, cook's tools, bakeware and tableware or even a library of recipes, Cooking.Com Promo is for you.

For those who still do not own the most coveted footwear these days, there are Crocs Coupons available for you. For your computer needs, check out Dell Promo which can give you as high as $350 off.

For firefox users, there's a bookmarklet for you to get one click access to coupons. So hurry, the site is always updated and delivers the freshest coupon codes and discount codes from your favorite merchants.


Beef Asparagus

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I've been meaning to cook Asparagus wrapped in Beef for a long time now. This is one of our favorites everytime me and Cuz Marie eat at Teriyaki Boy. Yes i'm a copycat when it comes to food, coz my kids are sick and tired don't like to eat the usual food that my "angels" prepare.

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Home Furnitures

Monday, August 06, 2007

It is every homemaker's dream to have a wonderful home. A home where everyone can be comfortable, a home which allows us to have wonderful friends around, a home that's functional, and this includes different pieces of home furniture. When we were building this house, I spent a lot of time thinking about all the furnitures I want to have. We gave our children the liberty to choose which kinds of furnitures they want to have like beds, bookcases and desks. I too had an idea on the kind of bed I wanted to have for the master's bedroom. I suggested putting a queen storage bed so that books can be within reach, and the built-in drawers can be used to store pillow cases, bed sheets, bed covers and duvets. Initially my daughter wanted to have a 4 post canopy bed, for reasons that she likes to sleep like a queen, and she really finds it cool. She wanted some frills attached to it. Yeah come to think of it, you will indeed feel like a queen or should I say princess.

There is also the living room furniture to be considered. After looking at all possible choices, we decided to just go for the country style sofa for our living room, and I'm so loving it. I already got a lot of compliments with the choice I made. I just love having furnitures made from wood, it gives our house a homey and elegant atmosphere.

Since hubby's office is here at home, that was actually my main problem. I did not know what kind of Home Office furniture to put. I had to ask suggestions from close friends and at some point I wanted to hire an intertior decorator just to do his office. Sad to say that until now it is left unfinished but I already have an idea on what to put.

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We were at SOP today!

It was a last minute decision. Good thing CUZ Marie's security agency provides security service to GMA and she's very good friends with the director of the show, the LOUIE IGNACIO, we were able to get inside and watch the show and were given bery good seats. Please continue reading HERE


Cerebral Palsy Caused by Medical Malpractice

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I did not know that medical malpractice can cause cerebral palsy to your child. Yes and I'm saying it again. Medical malpractice can be the cause of a child's birth injury. And how can this be? Well during a mother's labor, physicians sometimes misread monitoring equipment that leads to fetal distress during labor. Or they might have waited too long to perform a C Section. These are just some of the reasons that can cause cerebral palsy to your child. And there's a good news I want to share with you. There are people who can help you out when you experience this kind of problem. They can do the study for you to find out whether getting cerebral palsy happened during child birth. Just click on the link above to find out more.


Chillin' at Serendra on a Saturday Afternoon


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