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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The husband is scheduled to have his executive checkup soon. I wonder if he will submit himself this time. We forced him the last time. Good thing he did if not we won't be able to discover that he had a problem with his cholesterol. You know what's next to happen once your cholesterol is hight. You can avoid it though by getting atorvastatin from tcds.com. That's the med that was prescribed to the husband. I remember my own dad taking that medicine too. I know a lot of people who take that med, I guess it's a lifestyle thing, love for good food. It's ok to love good food but it should be coupled with fitness so whatever the intake is, you burn it and at the same time get rid of toxins too. But then again not all are into fitness.


I Think I Really Love Games

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-31at105019AM_zpsc9d38301.png I am soooo glad I have not reached this state yes. But the way I'm playing I think I'm getting there in no time. Noooo, I don't like it, I wanna be rehabilitated soon. Games I play shouldn't be stressful in fact it should be played to destress. But why is it that lately games are made to be stressful? Is it us who's making it stressful because we want to finish it right away? Or is it the frustration that we can't get past a level? I've promised myself not to get deep into games but why am I doing this again?



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