Please Snow in December

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As early as now I am already planning my US trip. Much as I want to leave any moment, the husband is not allowing me. He wants me to leave sometime in November. I think I like this time of the year to leave too since it has been a dream of mine to experience snow. Hopefully it will snow during the early week of December. They told me not to buy stuff for the winter including a snowboard jacket because they will just lend me. I actually agree with them since I will get to wear it only once since I live in the tropics. I am already very excited and looking forward to this trip. I hope this dream will come true for me.


Yoga Cushion

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Did I mention that I have given up on yoga? But lately I have been thinking of trying it again. I am experiencing aches all over and someone suggested that I try yoga. It's a good thing that yoga is being offered at the gym that I go to. The last time I went, everyone was on their mats. I haven't really seen someone using a zabuton meditation cushion or any meditation cushion for that matter. Maybe I attended the basic session or probably the people there are not familiar with this cushion yet. If ever I will be the first one to use it and hopefully others will see the need for it.


Rose de Mai

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at74210AM_zps38ca81cb.png Can someone give that to me please? I've been looking for this parfum by Victoria's Secret the day I laid hands on it. I just love the smell and it perfectly fits me. I can say that he smell is heavenly and I am in love with it. Too bad it was already discontinued, for what reason I really don't know. It was not even a special edition scent, so I don't know. Hopefully someone informs VS that it is an in demand scent. Meanwhile am I willing to settle for another brand? I don't know yet since I haven't really looked around.


Guitar Summer

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

School is almost over. Time indeed flies too fast. I need to think of ways to keep the kids busy. I don't have problems with my eldest daughter since she will be having her OJT which is a school requirement. I'm not saying that I'm having problems with my second, it's just that I don't want him to concentrate on video games the whole summer. It's a good thing he has expressed his desire to go into music. He did violin lessons in the past, now I want him to try guitar. He doesn't have a guitar to use at the moment so I am looking at this rickenbacker guitar. It's got good reviews so I might consider this brand. I am already excited, I hope my son is excited too. Can't wait to hear him play.


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