Monday, January 30, 2006


1. I don't like my feet getting wet in the rain...so i usually wear my sneakers when it rains.

2. Whenever we cross flooded areas, i hold my breath. It just scares me to death.

3. I dilute my shampoo with water coz if not i'll get dandruff.

4. I make it a point to read all the books my daughter buys...and I'm enjoying every single page of it.

5. Since I love arts and crafts, as much as possible I want everything personalized, from wrapping of gifts and all.

6. I easily get carried away...when watching drama flicks, i can't control tears flowing down my cheeks.

7. I've always thought of my self as an INTOVERT, but CUZ begs to disagree.

8. I used to be really SHY when I was younger...but I'm the exact opposite now...(what age can do really?...lol)

9. I wear the same "smile" in pictures...call it fake smile, but I've mastered that thru the years...lol

10. Almost everyone thinks I'm chinese...they sometimes talk to me in Fookien or Mandarin...now I wanna learn how to speak their language...

*** The first three I copied from a past entry (3 random facts) also tagged by Des...again, it stops here...no one to tag anymore =) ***


A Flip

Sunday, January 29, 2006

CUZ can attest how much I love flip phones...i even swapped my unit with one of her units (a flip) just to have a feel of it. Thanks Cuz, you are always generous...

Finally I was able to get my own flip...a sony ericsson Z520i...it's so cool, it has the same features as the k 700i or i can say even better, at a reasonable price at that huh! And I'm not the only one happy, Isha got hers too, an early grad gift from N.



Friday, January 27, 2006

When I was just starting to doze off to dreamland at Core Renal Center (that's where Dad is having his regular sessions and I drive them on Fridays), I was awakened by a commotion caused by the staff and watchers...I immediately stood up without fixing my hair and all just to get a glimpse of...

***As he always says on national TEEVEE..."I'll do everything I can to unite the Filipino People"...and i'd go HUH??? Oh well...***


DIY Painting

Thursday, January 26, 2006

if you need somebody to paint your house, please contact me =)

I dunno if this has been a tradition in the family. But I remember my sisters doing the fence over at my parents' house some 25 years ago, I remember doing this too in this house where we are staying right now, and I'm doing it again, and will be doing it again and again. I just find joy in doing it!


Today is my 16th visit to Starbucks to claim my second planner...I just don't understand why they keep giving me a hard time. I've completed the required number of stickers on the 23rd of December, and it has been more than a month already and still no planner? I've gone as far as the south(SLEX) just to claim it...I am PISSED off and thinking of not going to their store anymore. Forget about having client calls at their store, forget about meeting friends over a cup of coffee at their store, forget about spending time with the family at their store, in other words erase STARBUCKS totally in my vocabulary PERIOD!


Everything Positive

Monday, January 23, 2006

January 19 - Got the report cards of the kids, a HAPPYMOMMA once again =) Both of them are in the honor roll now, Outstanding for Isha, Superior for Josh. Ish worked hard to be on the honor roll...keep up the good work Ish! Josh on the other hand wants to be included in the Excellent but doesn't do anything about it. This grading is your chance Josh, Go for it!

January 20 - I was able to pay the Real Property Taxes and renew our Business Permit, yes there were lots of people, but still I was able to accomplish it in 2 days. City of Manila is improving, compared to last year...

January 21 - Celine (a former officemate and a very good friend) along with Roland arrived from the States. We had a mini reunion at Orchard Golf and Country Club, it was a long drive but was worth it. I was able to unwind, play a little table tennis, pigged out, and of course a lot of updating on what's happening in each other's lives...

Standing l-r: Me, Jean, Angie, Roland and Precy
Seated l-r: Emerly, Ileth and Celine

played table tennis some 20 years ago...my first time to play after 20 long years

January 22 - Watched the rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales...I almost lost my voice from screaming/shouting...I was real loud...but despite that I didn't wake up Mom from her sleep...good thing...Dad was teary eyed when Pacman won.

I discovered a new game at TimeZone, it's called the Percussion Master. It was a match between me and Ish... of course I won...haha...reflexes are still intact...YAY!


The Best Fitting FlipFlops

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Among all the havaianas flipflops that I own, this is the one that fits best. I got this as a Christmas present from Cuz. When Cuz asked me what I wanted for Christmas, originally I wanted a Jacket with a lil fur on the collar at Terranova. Unfortunately, when I visited the store, it wasn't on the rack anymore. So I ended up buying the flipflops. And i'm so happy and satisfied with it. Even Isha agrees 100% that this one has the best fit, and she wants to own one too! TeeHee!

***Pictures courtesy of HAVAIANAS ***


***I dunno why some people can't be happy with the outcome of our new house or even with our achievements...N overheard somebody say "If i'm gonna build a house, it would definitely be more beautiful than this." It pains us hearing this and especially coming from people close to our hearts. Oh well...***


Back From The Hospital

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Because of excruciating stomach pain, Josh was brought to the hospital on Saturday night. He was sent home from school on Friday afternoon because high fever. We did some home medications thinking that it was just plain diarrhea. Knowing Josh, he has a high tolerance for pain, and when he was already screaming that Saturday night that he could no longer endure it, we decided to bring him to the Emergency of Chinese General Hospital. The doctors wanted to send him home after having his stool exam especially when they found out nothing was wrong, but I insisted on having him confined. Good thing coz they found out in the blood test that there was infection. He was diagnosed as having infectious diarrhea.

I tried to retrace what he took/ate outside the house, coz normally I let my kids eat homecooked food for lunch. I seldom allow them to buy from the canteen. Maybe it was the Lunch Pack he bought in school coz at that time, he didn't like to eat the food prepared for him by the Yaya because of a toothache.

Anyhoo, we are all happy and thankful to the Lord that he is already well now...but will not be back in school until Thursday.

***Until now he hasn't conquered his fear of needles, even if he has undergone a lot of immunizations already. He cries at the sight of a needle and takes a while before the nurses can do their thing.***

***The nurse was harsh and rough...that my son had to scream "OUCH! Miss can you please do it GENTLY? ... She just pulled the surgical tape from my son's hand to be able to remove the IV and didn't consider that probably it might hurt since it was there on Saturday night. She is MEAN!***


Some Things Done

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I haven't made any New Year's Resolution in ages...the last resolution I made was in High School, that is to wear my watch on my right wrist...yeah I know i'm weird...until now if you notice, I still wear it on my right.

Anyhoo, I haven't made this as one of my New Year's Resolution, but at the back of my mind, it has been. I've started making a hard copy of all my entries in this blog, and so far I've printed the whole of 2004 (six months as I've started in July of 2004) already. I'll have it bookbind anytime soon as I plan on one book per year binding. Isn't that cool?

***Weird Conversation***

Kids found me printing all the stuffs when they got home from school...

Ish: Hey Mom, what are you doing?

Me: Oh I'm trying to print all my past entries in my blog...

Ish: Why do you need to do that?

Me: So when I'm gone, you'll have something to read, and remember all the fond memories you had while growing up...

Josh: Mom, DON'T DIE YET!

***That was what I had in mind really, it's sort of an "inheritance" to my kids.***


Couch Potato... Sometimes

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Since GMA 7 aired Jewel in the Palace, N never missed watching it. Even if he's in the middle of work, he has to stand up and leave whatever he is doing just to watch. Seeing this, and out of curiosity, I started watching too...and has been hooked since then...And I'm planning to buy the whole series in DVD...it's really beautiful =) Here's the synopsis...incomplete though...heh

Jewel In The Palace

Jang-geum (played by Lee Young-ae) is the daughter of Seo Cheon-su (played by Park
Chan-hwan), a former judicial officer-turned butcher (the lowest social class) who lives in hiding after being expelled from the royal palace, and Madame Park (played by Kim Hye-seon), a former court lady working in the royal kitchen who narrowly escaped death following a murderous conspiracy planned by Court Lady Choi. As a young child, Jang-geum loses both parents and enters the royal palace in the kitchen. In the royal kitchen, she spends a harsh childhood in continuous competition with Choi Geum-yeong (played by Hong Li-na). Under the protection and tutelage of Court Lady Han, Jang-geum makes every effort to become the best cook in the palace.

***Paint Update: Yes! I was able to buy all the remaining gallons of SUNSHINE!!!


Disappointing...Big Time

Monday, January 09, 2006

Went to True Value Shangri-La Mall today to buy the paints for the exterior of the house...got the biggest disappointment when they told me that they didn't have the yellow colorant and that their stocks would come in in February...oh really...s#@t! They were able to provide 3 gallons out of the 9 or so gallons that I needed. They called their Rockwell Branch to find out if they still have the colorant and to my dismay, that branch didn't have it too. But despite that, i still went to their Rockwell Branch to find out for myself...indeed they had none. But the manager of the store was kind enough to assist me...he called their Alabang Branch, and voila, they still have it. I was asked to come back tomorrow but was not assured though if the colorant would be able to prepare all the remaining 9 gallons that i needed. *keeps fingers crossed* I nearly cried...I don't want to change my dream color just because some hardwares didn't have the color i wanted...I left True Value with a heavy heart...*sigh*


I don't understand why some f@#k%^g a@s$%#e need to badmouth somebody just to be able to market themselves...tsk...tsk...let's wait and see if this dirty trick works...We'll have the last HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Car Conversation

N: Lion, when are you free? (N fondly calls Isha LION)

Ish: Weekends...why?

N: We'll go shopping...I'll buy you some clothes...

Ish: (interrupts N)OH SURE! (she said it with a lot of excitement)

N: I'm gonna buy you a lacey dress with puffed sleeves, a bobby socks or a knee high cotton socks, black and white shoes not the wedgy ones...

Ish: (interrupts N again) Thanks, but NO THANKS...

N: I'm gonna buy all the books you want, provided you wear the type of clothes I want

Ish: Thanks, but NO THANKS...I'm gonna buy all the books I want...

***This conversation came up coz MIL called one time to tell N that we are not dressing up Ish the way a 12 year old girl should dress up...tell me...do you still see 12 year old kiddos wearing those that N mentioned?***


A Perfect Man for Me

Sunday, January 08, 2006


* The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover/partner.
* Need to mention the sex of the target.
* Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their Comments saying they've been tagged.
* If tagged the 2nd time, theres no need to post again.

Target: MALE Species

***8 different points***

* physically - fair...handsome...should be taller than me.

* emotionally - stability should be it.

* psychologically - stabilility should be it again.

* spiritually - God fearing...has accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

* mentally - should be as smart or even smarter than me.

* financially - as long as he is able to provide for the family including all the whims/capriccios.

* socially - sociable.

* others - thoughtful.

I've nobody to tag since Cuz got tagged by Des too, we have almost the same links =)


I Feel Ashamed

Friday, January 06, 2006

That was what my darling boy told me when he came downstairs. I asked him why...and he goes...i'm ashamed that I trusted my friends. He wanted to download some site his friends recommended, good thing he asked help from his Dad. N found out that the site they were about to download contained adult sites...we had to explain to him the reason why we can't allow him to do it. I thought everything was ok when I came down. Nope, he felt bad and ashamed and had to tell us. I assured him that it wasn't his fault, and that next time when he's not sure about the sites he visits, he should ask us. We are really so blessed having kids like them and I thank the Lord for helping us rear them in the right path.


I've achy breaky bones during belly dancing...had more than a week break...i feel the pain, sometimes catching my breath to the point that I feel like collapsing in the middle, could not complete the routine...this is what you get when you are used to a twice a week session and all of a sudden you miss...oh well... At least i'm back, and i feel more relaxed now, all the muscle pain from carrying a heavy camera gone...and i'm ready to face the battle once more...that is TOMORROW, and we are talking about 700 guests...geez...


Yay, got to see CUZ today...and i feel soooo HAPPY...I didn't realize that I miss her, until today in Belly Dancing Class...I saw her last on the 23rd of December.


After A Year...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

All the bricks have been installed, painting will follow after all the grills in the windows are installed

left:library; center: living room down to the dining and kitchen; right: stairs (a good cardio exercise)

left: quarters of my "angels"; center: kitchen which i conceptualize, had a hand in choosing everything, yay!

left: our prince has got the nicest bathroom, his one and only request granted-a bathtub; center: our princess wanted something green to match the color of her room; left: that's the choice of the King, a very simple bathroom

left: i love the color of our doors (antique finish); center: painting has started in the badminton court; right: laundry area

I guess that's about it for now...we are all excited to move in, hopefully in March. Isha is the most excited coz I promised to host a slumber party for her and her friends come graduation...yep she'll be graduating (elementary) this April.


Fall-Winter Look

Monday, January 02, 2006

I had the chance to wear the boots I asked my sister to buy for me...I used it in one of our wedding coverages in Tagaytay. I chose to wear it there since the temperature there is a lot colder than here in Manila, though I've seen some of Manila's best dressed wear it in some of the functions N and I attended. But despite that fact, I still got a lot of stares...i dunno if (1) they found it cool, (2) they didn't find it appropriate since we are living in the tropics, (3) or they are not simply used seeing women in boots, (4) or just plain ENVY haha. Anyways, I enjoyed my so called "fall-winter" look much as my daughter enjoyed hers on Christmas Day. Our bride even commented that I looked like a rockstar! duh...


From Me to You...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Here's to a fruitful Year ahead of us!



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