Can't Wait

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Can't Wait to:

1. see this beautiful old old piece hanging in our living room. N saw this at an antique shop and instantly fell in love with it. He had it restored though coz it was falling apart.

2. have my son circumsized. We did a lot of convincing before he finally said yes, BUT in exhange for a laptop. Initially the deal was to work on his weight, he is 115 lbs. at age 10 and that is way way above the normal weight of a 10 year old kid. As an incentive, we thought of rewarding him with his own laptop if he goes down to 90 lbs. Then we added the circumcission thingy, in case he decides to have circumcission, then he can have his laptop come May 15.

3. listen to these songs...i got tagged by Thess.

1. Tell Me Where It Hurts (Kathy Troccoli)
2. Feelin' The Same Way (Norah Jones)
3. Come Away With Me (NOrah Jones)
4. I Say a Little Prayer (Aretha Franklin)
5. Luna (Allesandro Safina)
6. You're Still You (Josh Groban)
7. All I Ask of Your (Andrew Lloyd Webber)

These are the songs I listen to before I go to bed and sometimes until I fall asleep and wake up the following morning =)


The Graduate

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Our eldest daughter Patricia Louise ("Isha") graduated from elementary (6th Grade) on March 23, 2006. Once again she made us proud by bringing home a bronze medal. Though not a member of the honor's class (average should be 95 above), still they were given recognition by the school. Amongst 41 students in their class, something like 13 of them got medals for being in the excellent rank (gold), superior rank (silver) and outstanding rank (bronze). I still don't know her general average, but i'm sure that she got between 90-92.5 ...

You just don't know how Mom feels Ish, i'm sooooo very happy. All the work we did from 1st grading til fourth grading were rewarded. Continue to be diligent in your studies, and if you need to study more, do it. High School life is totally different from elementary. Let's prepare, working hand in hand...and we'll go through everything together...joys, laughters, tears...lovelife =)


Things I Love to Do

Monday, March 20, 2006

How in the world can I finish all the things I love to do when I start doing all these at the same time? I am poor in time management, hence it'll take a hundred years before I finish =) I started doing the bra a month ago, doing it on fridays only while waiting for my Dad to finish his dialysis session. I get to do the crochet thingy when I'm envious with my "angels" doing their own projects all seated in the bed. I get to do my acrylic painting when I see my daughter doing hers. And it's not everyday that they do it. Oh never mind, at least I have started on it, and who knows by a week or two I'll be done with it...*you wish*

After our belly dancing class, we proceeded to the Seaside in Ortigas for a post birthday celebration of Kuya Rey. See pictures here. Oh boy! It was a very sumptous meal...crabs, shrimps, squid, oysters were overflowing and how I enjoyed it especially the crabs which is one of my favorites. And yeah, I was the last one to stand up, got a lot of teasing from everyone for having a very huge appetite, WHO CARES...I am SATISFIED *burps*


Face By Belo

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

If there's a tee that goes around saying "Body by Belo", well today, mine is a "Face by Belo".hee. I've been long advised by Cuz to have my skin checked by a Dermatologist, and I've always answered her this way...I don't wanna go to a Derma coz I get breakouts after a facial/cleaning. Then she would always say, don't go when it's already too late, and that as early as now, if I really wanna have a good skin, then this is the right time to go. I actually got encouraged when I saw the results in her, although she has a very good skin already.

Today, I set an appointment with BeloMed to have a Glycopeel Cleaning. While they were doing their thing, I remembered the time I used to go to the Derma some 15 years ago because of acne...I couldn't control the tears flowing down my cheek because of pain. Today I felt that...yeah I have a "dirty" face...whiteheads, blackheads, a few zits(i wonder why I still get these...oh, I have a skin of a turtle...hee) and a few comedones. It's a good thing that Cuz and her hubby Kuya Rey convinced me last night to go and visit BeloMed. I'm gonna be seeing them again for yet another treatment - Dermabrasion.

"Glycopeel Cleaning is a treatment that makes use of different concentrations of fruit acid applied on the skin to unroof pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and exfoliate dead skin. It is recommended for oily and acne-prone skin (which is soooo me). It can be done every week and the treatment takes 30-45 minutes."


Male Buddies

Monday, March 13, 2006

Had the chance to go out with my 2 best male buds last friday...they are classmates from High School. It's fun going out with them, we talk about almost everything under the sun...Me and Dens disagree on a lot of things...good thing Rich is there to stand in between...he's the type who likes to rationalize and feel things. Good thing N understands my special bond with them, and he doesn't stand in the way whenever I want to see them.

It's just wonderful having a generous cousin like HER. Whenever she spots anything that she thinks I would like, she gets it for me. She'd just call or send me SMS asking, "Cuz, what color do you like? there's black, blue, "fenk" and all..." Thank you so much always contribute to my being IMELDIFIC =)


Bursting with Fruit Flavors

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I found this box of tea in one of the racks of a newly opened Chinese Grocery in renovated VirraMall. I chose Fruit Fantasy Variety Pack simply because it's my first time to taste this kind of brand. So far all flavors taste really good...but nothing really beats having a cup of tea with a group of friends at a tea shop...heh =) AMBIANCE is the name of the game *winks*


A Nightmare!

Monday, March 06, 2006

They think of themselves as underdogs all the time. They feel like the whole world is against them. They feel like nobody agrees with them. And here's why...

1. They are fond of badmouthing their Mom and siblings in front of other people
2. She CURSED her own mother
3. She is never contented with what she has and to think she has a lot
4. They are full of lies...all the stories they hear, it's either they add or edit
to their advantage
5. They talk behind everyone's back
6. Her friends come and go, nobody sticks with her
7. She is the know it all type, she thinks she is right all the time
8. They are very competetive, that's why they are never contented
9. They are never loved by people close to their hearts
10. They are always the cause of trouble
11. They are never thankful of anything
12. Now they are PARANOIDS, because they chose to be one.

And the list continues...



I don't understand why some people can never be thankful of what you do. Instead, they'd badmouth you. It is indeed a sign of insecurity and guilt. While they were supposed to be here, they are nowhere to be found. And when they found out that you were there, willing to help and give support, they think less of you. They think that you are not capable of anything...May I just tell you, In your absence, I was there...why can you not be thankful??? Damn!

"If a little birdie in the sky dropped a poop in your eye, don't scream, don't cry. Just thank God that carabaos don't fly! Always thank God for small blessings!"


It's Not Just Enough

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Eversince we got back to belly dancing, yeah we see each other regularly...BUT Cuz and I never really sat down and talk like we used to, not until last Friday. We decided to have dinner at Theatermall in Greenhills, feasted on Paella, had tea in Starbucks. Oh how I really missed those days, never ending laughter, stories left and right, people watching, puffing a cigarette or two, no i mean three, ok-ok I lost count...heh... Hope to spend more quiet evenings with you Cuz.


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