My Antique Shop Experience

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I went to an antique shop and I was amazed with what I saw. I was initially scouting for bowls or plates, the decorative ones but for some reason I ended up looking at the jewelry section. Now I suddenly remember how I love to look up cheap costume jewelry on the net. I am drawn more to that I think or it's just that I didn't see any nice bowls and plates that are for sale. If I did I would have spent more on two of my favorite stuff. How about you? What do you guys collect when you travel?


Off My Bucket List

I have a lot off my bucket list. First, I wanted to experience fall and see all the beautiful colors. There wasn't much left since I arrived past the height of the season but still I am grateful I was able to see it. I had my picture taken under the yellow leaves of the tree. I want you guys to see it but for some reason I can't upload my photo in my photobucket account. I will just attach it when I head back to my country. I was so excited to see it that even from the plane I was looking out the window all the time. It was not pretty up there especially those trees that don't have leaves anymore but nevertheless it's another experience I won't forget.


My Youtube Adventure

Saturday, November 02, 2013

I was on youtube for a couple of hours and guess where it lead me? I know it's a bit cray cray but I want to buy this novation ableton launchpad. I've seen how they use it and I find it interesting, not to mention relaxing too. I want to learn how to use it, who knows I might be able to make my own arrangement of my favourite tune. I think my daughter can also make use of it since she is a dj. Good thing they have one for iPad already.


A Wonderful Product

 photo tressemegold_zpsdecc856e.png This product is really nice. My sister thought I'd like it since I had been ordering a lot of TRESemme products. Anyway I have stopped using it not because it did harm to my hair. It's just that I have keratin treatment and it requires sulfate-free products. I'm not really sure if it's sulfate free so I stopped. I want my keratin treated hair to last a lifetime.


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