He Broke His Back

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My father-in-law has a problem with his back, I think he broke it or something. We have always been reminding him to be careful because at 95 his bones are brittle. He is hard headed at times and I can understand why. He's used to hard life and being "lazy" is just not in his bones. Now he is wearing back braces and he is somewhat used to it already. I remember the first few days where he's really argue with us because he feels uncomfortable with it. Now we don't need to remind him to wear it. It gets to be automatic whenever he wakes up. Hopefully he doesn't get to wear it that long.


A Perfect Tan Hopefully

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's summer time once again and there's just one thing I desire whenever this time of the year comes. I want to get a real nice tan. I've been trying since time immemorial but I couldn't get the exact tan that I want. The closest thing that is happening is myself turning red, burning red in fact. Now I have every reason to try this tanning machine, who knows this will be the solution to me wanting to get a tan. I need to try on new stuff every now and then and not just confine myself to things that I have tried doing already. Life is short, try everything as long as you can afford it. Make the most out of your life, do things that will make you happy. I've been trying to do this, so life to me is always bliss.


My DJ Daughter

About 3 months ago, I wrote about my daughter getting accepted as a student jock in one of the fm radio stations here in the metro. She has been training since then and has boarded a couple of times already. She bought her own headset because to her a headset is a must have so she can hear quite well the conversations they are having. I wonder what she needs next. Good thing I came across apogee over the internet and I think they have everything she'll be needing when it comes to recording and all. I can feel that she's quite serious about her chosen field because she wants to learn more and more. I too will do everything to support whatever she goes into and that's the best help I can give her.


Excited! A Skirt or a Dress?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teacher Mo said not to miss the session this coming Thursday. It's actually 2 things, one is the exam and the other is learning to do the bodice. I am excited since she mentioned that this is the heart and soul of pattern making. This is what I have been waiting for and it's going to happen in two days. Nope I am not looking forward to the exam, I feel like I am already too old to remember anything. Don't get me wrong, it's not a waste studying pattern making, it's just that I need the guide for now. I know I will be able to remember everything once my notebook is out. Give me time...more time in fact and I will make you a skirt or a dress. Pick your choice!!!


So What's Yours?

I envy those people who are into collecting stuff, whatever it may be. I wanna have a passion of my own too. I already have in mind what to collect and I haven't started yet. I will probably start the very minute I go out of the country. Mine is just a simple passion, it does not necessarily have to be antique, a beautiful and unique one will do. Anyway, for those ones who have a passion for coins, I wanna share with you the site on where to buy silver coins. You can check it out anytime since this is an online site. I know a lot of people who are into this kind of passion, and I can understand why they want this so much. It's actually an investment more than a passion or should I say this kind of passion is turning to be an investment. Any which way, to me this is one of the perfect passion to have.


Special Gifts

Monday, April 02, 2012

Lately I always run out of ideas on what to give to friends and loved ones. Did this ever happen to you guys? I find it hard giving a present to someone who I think has everything already. What I normally do on occasions like this is doing DIY stuff. I think of something that I think they will appreciate the make it. But then again I run out of ideas. This made me go online and find something for friends which resulted to me finding this site that sells gifts for your friends anniversary. I found a lot of nice stuff which I have not thought of giving to friends. At last, finding gifts to friends and family is no longer a headache.



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