The Collector

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I remember seeing in Facebook a post regarding the various cellphones my friend had since he started using one. Amazing how he was able to keep all of them. I didn't keep mine instead I sell it when it's time to upgrade. I also heard that he uses it from time to time. Good for him that he is able to find batteries for his cellphone. I think he found a site that sells batteries for different models, old and new. He did mention that he was able to find lg phone batteries, I actually do not know why he singled it out, but yeah. Anyone of you who are in need of cellphone batteries for your old and new models, you know where to go.


Mildly Hot

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photobucket This is my new favorite. I know I am fat and I am not supposed to have it at all but what can I do? It really tastes oh so yummy. Thing is it's very hard to find. It's not like any other chips that you can find at every grocery. This reminds me to stock on my new snacks so I can have it anytime I want. Hello fatso!


Music Needs

Monday, July 09, 2012

I just want to share with you what I found in the internet. I was actually browsing some stuff that the kids might need when they go back to learning a musical instrument. They have not given up their love for it. It's just that they don't have the time to do it now because of some conflict with their class schedule. Anyway, if you are looking for some base speaker cabinet, why don't you consider aguilar sl112. I heard it's quite popular and it's recommended by some music teachers.


Dream Truck

The husband still mentions that he really likes to have this F150 truck. He's already got a Nissan but still his love for this f150 is still there. We almost got one, but for some reason it didn't push through. I even started looking for seat covers for ford f150 so that by the time it arrives all we need to do is put it on. Excited much, right? Who wouldn't? Have you seen how beautiful an f150? We can't' wait to make it more beautiful by dressing it up.


Nothing Like Mine

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I started loving tees again. I forgot about it for a long while because I was into girlie blouses or boyish shirts. I don't know what got into me that now I am crazy about tshirts. Whenever I am at the mall, I usually check out new ones. Sometimes I don't find anything. It's frustrating because I can't give in to my current passion, not that I want to buy a lot. It's probably time to go for custom tshirts. What I like about it is that I am the only one who has it since it's customized. I need not worry about getting across someone wearing the same kind. Sometimes it gets embarrassing not because you see a person wearing the same tee as you, but it's more like the side comments that is irritating. I don't know if you've experienced that.


Camp Out

Still spending time at the hospital. Kids call it camping out since I don't get to sleep at home. Hopefully everything goes well with God's grace. It's been more than 2 weeks. First week was really hard since we didn't get a private nurse. It was an all-nighter of sorts. I'm glad I survived it. Second week was not bad. The private nurse was a big help. He actually did all the "dirty work". We still wake up in the middle of the night if we sense something is wrong. I dunno but it's automatic on my part. I can't stand hearing him cough without me doing anything. I'm soooo glad that I have the compassion for sick people. Thank you Lord for giving me that.


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