I Love Wearing Sunglasses

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are Wayfarer sunglasses vintage already? I think so. I remember owning one back in the 80s, and it became a favorite. I think it has not lost its touch for I see a lot wearing them. It's classic, and I think it fits everyone. Hmmm, now it makes me think...I like to buy one again. And this time I'm thinking of getting the black one. The one I owned back in the 80s is a brown one, oh more like the tortoise. If only I was responsible enough to take care of my things back then, I wouldn't be buying now. Oh never mind, no use crying over spilled milk, it's affordable anyway.


My Make Up Case

I finally have it...thanks to the hubs. I've been dreaming of having that since I started to learn doing my face. I mean the DIY makeup thingy. Yeah I don't go to salons anymore to have my face done whenever we go to parties or special occasions. I do my own makeup and if I have time I do my own hair too. My daughter does not want salon service too, coz she says they make her ugly. Honestly, I think so too, she transforms into somebody different when she's having it done there. It's only me who can do her eyes. And whenever I paint her face, it looks very natural, that's why she loves it. It enhances her features more. I think I was a makeup artist in my past life. How I wish I can be one, but then...oh well long story.


Novelty Tees

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do you like wearing novelty t-shirts? I do! When I go shop for tees, I always look for them. To me it's like a walking statement when worn. I have this habit of reading what's written on every shirt that I see. I sometimes associate it with the person wearing it. Sometimes it fits, sometimes not. It's a very good past time for me, it gives a good laugh.


Appetizer Recipes

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I was jumping with joy when I found this website with appetizers recipes. Honestly I want to learn. I only get to taste appetizers whenever we dine at hotels. We don't do it at home, we have soup, salad, but never the appetizers they serve in hotels. I think I want to try and make one for the weekend. Frittatas sound yummy and it's actually easy to prepare. I just hope the kids will like it, like I told you, they are not used to having appetizers at home.


My Own Version

It's my first time to actually prepare it. As usual I first tasted this at a japanese restaurant I frequent. I was like, mayo spaghetti? How does it taste? Out of curiosity, I tried it, and boy was it yummy! I actually do not know how to make it step by step nor the ingredients. I made a wild guess though when I made my own version. My ingredients included japanese mayo, nestle cream, olive oil, bacon, asparagus and garlic. That is the most I can come up with. Of course they won't be telling their trade secret, so it's up to me to discover. So far, so good, coz my family really loved it. And that's what matters most.


Top 5 Weight Loss Pills

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Are you interested in finding out about the top 5 weigh loss pills? I know you are ^_^. Many of us would really want to have the "to die for body". There are times that exercise won't just do it, so we resort to weight loss pills. But before we take anything, wouldn't it be nice if we read something about it? Reviews are good you know. It will somewhat let us know if these products are really effective. I wouldn't want to take anything which I really have not heard of before. I need to know the pros and cons of this certain products that I want to try.


Beauty Day

My daughter and I decided to have our monthly facials today. It's just actually the 2nd time for my 15 year old daughter. Yeah as early as now, she is already conscious and I think it's good. She already knows how to take care of her face. I took a picture of her with the mask on, but I doubt if she'll allow me to post it here. Maybe not a good idea too coz she really looked scary ^_^. Goodness, she'll get mad at me for doing it, so I won't. She didn't like me to take pictures in the first place, but she can't do anything about it. Yeah, Mom is mean sometimes. My son got mad at us too, coz he claimed that we didn't tell him that we're gonna have facials. Actually I mentioned it to him, but he was too busy playing PSP.


Find the Best Jobs in Austin

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have a friend who very much wants to live in Austin, but the thing is she says that there is no job opening for the husband there. I think she will be glad to be checking available jobs in Austin once in a while. Or maybe I can help her check, because I know how much she loves to move to Austin. If you have friends or relatives living in Austin, Texas, or if you know of someone who wants to move there, maybe you can share this entry with them to help them find jobs in Austin.


Randy Ortiz "Aspirer" Gala

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I attended the Gala Show of Randy Ortiz, Thursday last week I guess. Nice collection, though I was not able to concentrate on the clothes coz I was so excited to use my new P&S camera. I have yet to get used to the settings. I am very satisfied though with the outcome of the pix. Some were blurred though, that is what I will be working on. I should have a steadier hand too. Overall the show was great, two fell flat on the floor, but immediately regained composure...a true PRO!



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