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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

 photo valentino_zps5b9c5618.png Woot woot! We are so happy! The husband finally got us a Valentino, us because Patricia (my daughter) and I will share. It's a good thing that we wear the same shoe size. True to what others say, it's really very comfortable especially if you wear the correct shoe size. We are a 36.5 and it really fits well. I can't wait to wear it. Philippine Fashion Week, where art thou?


I am an Elegant Woman

My love for jewellery is back. I am saying this because for a time I was so much into fashion accessories. I've set aside all my jewellery and I'm glad that I am at it now. I guess it goes with borrow my son's line, you have an elegant son(woman) right here. I am not saying that fashion accessories are not elegant because they are, well depends though on your choice of accessory. Anyway, I am so glad I found this gold cross here. I have been in search for a nice one, the perfect size. It's either I have it too small or too big. I also found the perfect cross pendant I have been looking for.


One of a Kind Maxi Skirt

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

 photo saya_zpsc6369826.jpg Weeeeeee! I'm glad I found a dressmaker. She is one of our tenants. I've always wanted to wear maxi skirts but I don't like buying ready made ones because I want mine unique and one of a kind. I even attempted to sew my own because of that reason. Well now I don't have to do it. All I need to do is buy a piece of fabric then have it sewn. Thing is I get it after a month coz we only go to collect rent once a month. I have the option to have it mailed or pick it up, but there is really no need. One month waiting time is not that bad.


Who's That in Pink?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

 photo busad_zps786089a0.jpg The husband got excited when he saw the ad at the back of the bus. He didn't actually expect to see it plying along Espana. Buses are usually seen along Edsa so it was really a surprise seeing it for the first time. That's Patricia our daughter in pink. I know this is a dream come true for her. I have not seen it myself so I will be plying the whole of Edsa in the coming days.


Go Paperless

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I never imagined how far technology has brought us. Everything is almost paperless now. Well I actually love it. I am talking about this one app, one tap point of care software that is currently in the market. It's real time charting at its best. Saves a lot of time in my opinion too. I know you will agree with me on this. What's nice about it is that it works with Apple's iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It has a user friendly interface so don't you get scared.


My Alex and Ani Bangle

 photo alexandani_zps022fba4a.jpg I am going to buy that for me and my best friend. I first saw it from my cousin when I went to the US for a vacation. She has started building hers and it's just so pretty. I got my first bangle from my dear classmate from HS and it had my initials. Now I want to build it too. Thing is it's not available here in the Philippines. I wonder if they do international shipping and if ever hopefully it's not much.


One Day

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I was once a part of the music ministry in our church. Yes I was a choir member. I started singing in the choir when I was 12 I think and sang for a good 10 years or so. I kinda miss it when I look back. We made beautiful memories. I just wish we had choir music folders like that. It would have been very nice to look at. That is what I actually see now in the church that I go to especially when it's cantata season. I still actually want to join the church choir but I don't know what's keeping me. Maybe because I live far from the church I go to? I don't really know. I know one day the Lord will convict my heart and I will find my way in the pulpit singing with them.


Keeping Strawberries Fresh for Days

 photo straw_zpsdff8ce3f.jpg They are in season and my daughter just loves it. We just came from Baguio for the Panagbenga 2014 and I was really tempted to bring home quite a lot but something was stopping me. Strawberries rot easily. I bought a kilo coz I wanted to eat, it was fresh when I bought it but had molds the following day. This stopped me from buying a lot. I only brought home like 2 kilos of big ones. On my way home I googled how to keep it fresh and found the solution. Of course I didn't believe it at first until I got home and did it. Yes it's still fresh and not a single mold and colour stayed. Not a single sign that it's rotten. Here's what I did. I soaked it for 10 minutes in 10 cups of water and 1 cup white vinegar after which I placed it in a container with paper towel lining at the bottom.


This is One Control

I wasn't really interested in technical stuff before. I am not saying that I am now but a few things made me aware and I should say quite interested. I often hear terms quite often in conversations and what do I do with it? Google it of course or if I can find someone who is in the know, then I ask. One example I often hear from a friend is this dod sr430qxlr graphic eq. By the word itself yes I am clueless. All I know is that it's music related. Oh it's probably one of those stuff I see in the audio booth or whatever they call that place where audio and video is being controlled by the masters. Yeah I think that's it. I am so glad that I have friends everywhere and that means different interests. I admit I learn a lot from them.


Inspire Me to Cook Once More

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I have not been in our kitchen for quite sometime, meaning I don't really cook that much anymore compared to a few months back. I guess I got a little tired. I need to get inspired once more with my cooking. I think I'll start to learn how to organize my pots and pans. With this I think everyone will be encouraged. Kitchen would be spic and span, it's going to be clean and organised. Yeah, I think that's the best I'd do for now and hopefully I get inspired to cook more again. Time to google some famous recipes, may follow or may tweak along the way. Wow this is exciting!


Zentangle On My Spare Time

 photo zen1_zps337dc1ab.jpeg That is what I do to keep myself relaxed. I find it enjoyable especially when I admire my work. I know I still have a lot to learn, I still have to keep my hand steady with my strokes and all. I'm getting there since I practice every now and then. I just need some creative juice to be able to come up with a pretty design, never mind that I still copy patterns from the net. What I'm after now is how to put them together to look like a beautiful work of art.


Night Out with Friends

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I had a good time last night with my girlfriends. We usually go out every week but not the kind of experience we had last night. We celebrated Belle's birthday first with dinner at Cibo. Why Cibo? Because we first went to the mall to get their share of NB goodness. Yes, they too have converted to NB. Anyway, after dinner we proceeded to Intercon Hotel thinking that there's this music lounge we can go to. Too bad it's now non-existent, my friend has been there eons ago and it closed down, haha. Think quick! Where to? Of course Strumm's. We were lucky that 2 really really good bands were playing that night so we stayed tip 2:30 in the morning. It was still the same setup. The last time I was there was in 2008 and there's not much difference. Still full house every time. You still see those boxes on stage, probably it was a leslie amp. Pardon me but really I'm still not familiar with the stuff I see onstage except for the obvious drums and keyboard. The bands performed well, singing and playing different genre. In heat was still the best in terms of vocal prowess, oh I think even with the overall performance. I just wish that it wouldn't take me another 6 years to be able to visit Strumm's again.


Addicted to New Balance

 photo nb_zps801e9a89.jpg This is my first New Balance running shoes. After I bought this, I can definitely say I am a convert. But this doesn't mean that I will stop buying the brand that I like, it's just that I am loving another brand of running shoes. To date I own 3 pairs already, the 3rd one I have not seen yet coz it's still on it's way here. I bought it online and had it shipped at my sister's place in Philly. It's sailing the sea now I believe. I am already excited in fact I am very excited!


Shopping Here and There

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I had the best shopping experience during my recent trip to the US. My sisters brought me to the best shopping places. I couldn't get enough of it. I wish I had plenty of moolah so that I can buy everything that I want. There's this store that I usually frequent whenever I go to the malls and it sells Sexy Panties. Oh don't get me wrong but those undies are really nice, not the kind of sexy you have in mind. It's "decent" sexy if you know what I mean. Haha is there even such a thing? To me there is, not all sexy are flimsy. Do you agree with me?


Squat Challenge Update

 photo image_zpsc4ab0f19.jpg Yes I've been religious on my squats and no I can't keep up with the challenge. Loser? Oh no! I did 50 everyday and now I can do 60. Not bad, right? I'm hoping that I can increase it until I reach 100 like Kim K. They say that this is her secret. She does 100 before bedtime. Hhhmmm, shall I do it? Ooopps, I almost forgot, no I don't do it everyday, I take a rest from it every 3 days. Muscles should recover too, you know!


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