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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Haha I can't imagine myself wearing a babydoll nightie. But it looks cool ha, maybe someday I will wear one. I don't know why I am not used to wearing one, probably because I'm a shorts and tee person. Yeah that's what I wear when I sleep. But I think it would be a good idea to use nighties once in a while, you feel like a girl or something. Haha, I might end up having another way!!! at 43? oh NO!


Smoking Update

Haha maybe I should consider taking this Solo Slim already. If this is the only one that can put a stop to my cravings then I should consider taking. I am really scared now, if I don't put a stop to all these I might end up fat one of this days which I don't really like. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. I don't know why or what made me indulge in eating, I know it's a bad habit. I've been there before and I was able to put a stop to it. Maybe it's because I quit smoking, so that explains all the eating. What do you think?


Bulaklak (Flower) : Litratong Pinoy

Tila ito ay tumatago, siguro sobrang init na init.

Tuwing aking kaarawan or Vee day, walang paltos akong nakakatanggap ng rosas mula sa aking esposo.

Di ko alam ang pangalan ng bulaklak na ito, pero kakaiba talaga sya

Isa sa pinakapaborito kong kunan ay mga bulaklak. Maswerte ako dahil di nako lalayo pa para magkaron ng mga shots ng bulaklak. Ang mga bulaklak na yan kuha ko sa yard ng aking ina. Mahilig sya maghalaman. Pinapadalhan sya ng mga buto ng sari saring bulaklak ng aking mga kapatid na nasa US. So far tumubo naman lahat ng mga ito.


I Should Stop the Food Trip

A lot have noticed that I really gained weight. My belly dancing teacher was the one who told me that I was indeed putting on weight. I was in denial for quite a bit because I hate to hear it. But of course I knew that I put on weight, I can feel and I can see it. I think I put on something like 8 pounds and if I don't stop binging on food, I might need to look for an effective diet product. Yeah I am not kidding, I need to cut on my food intake if I don't want to end up being a "biggie".


The Engineer in the Family

My father-in-law have been in the construction business for quite some time now. Through the years, he has been able to purchase all the necessary equipments used in building houses. He has a pool of workers, and he just hires an architect to do the drawing. He is personally supervising the construction. He takes care of all the supplies including the very important industrial clamps. It really amazes me how he is able to understand everything, to think that he is not even an engineer. I can say that everything is based on self study and experience.


Coastal Scents Palette

You can call it my latest addiction. I first heard about Coastal Scents from Krisa. I think she saw it in one makeup tutorial she watched at Youtube. She liked it so much and was convinced that the product is really nice. One consideration is the price too. Imagine for an 88 pc eyeshadow palette, it costs me only P1,100 which is a little over $21.95 which is the current market price of this product in the US. I already bought 2, the 88 pc eyeshadow palette and the 78 pc combination eyeshadow/blush palette. I've used it a couple of times already and I was able to convince my dancing buddies (well not really convince since they saw the effect on my face) to purchase it. Good thing it is available here in the Philippines from some ebayer, so it's not a problem. Now I'm searching for very good brushes. I want those MAC brushes but I just can't afford it. I'm trying to find a very good alternative though. I wish we had Loew Cornell brushes here coz I heard from those youtubers that they are really good.


A Piece of Art

Monday, February 23, 2009

When I saw these tv stands I got excited and at the same time sad. I want to pick from that collection but I don't think it's feasible at the moment because we don't need one. But really I love all the designs that I saw. I was even seeing a picture of it sitting in this part of our house, oh no why am I imagining things. It only goes to show that I am in love with the pieces that I saw. It's something that I really want to put in the house. It's a piece of art, not just a tv stand.


Eyeglasses at $8

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photobucket < = = Yeah that is part of the Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! collection. Can you believe it? At first I couldn't, well at least not today when everyone else is experiencing the blow of the economy. But it is true, they have not increased their prices. Most of their eyeglasses are still priced at $8. Now that's what you call Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank. No need to withdraw from your savings account just to be able to buy a pair of eyeglasses. Now that is a big help to our budget. Ah no wonder a lot of people are talking about Zenni. The others are even surprised and would say Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! Why not? This are the companies worth to be featured.


My Ninang

I do feel awkward when chosen to be among the principal sponsors. They are actually my third "godcouple" whatever and however you may call it. I stood as one of their principal sponsors last Sunday at Plaza Ibarra. It's actually my first time to meet them so I feel honored that I was chosen. The bride is the daughter of my husband's bike trainor. Such sweet couple. I was short of crying when it was the groom's turn to say his vows. He actually cried and I was touched. For me it only shows his undying love and sweet intentions to the bride. To Jep and Lhet, wishing you unending marital bliss!


More Facts

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I am again misinformed, or should I say I haven't really done my assignment to read. I have always regarded menopause as a reason for vaginal dryness. Yes it is one but it is not the sole reason. I have found out that excessive exercise, chemotheraphy, prescription drugs, breastfeeding, ovarian dysfunction among others can also cause dryness. I hate it when sometimes I feel stupid. That is why I am very happy when I learn something new, like today.


How to Save Electricity

Friday, February 06, 2009

How Much Electricity Does a laptop use? Yeah I wonder how much electricity my laptop uses. I turn it on the moment I wake up, and normally it stays on until the hour I sleep. I must be using too much electricity. Now why did I not think of that? I should be turning it off especially if I take naps, or having my meals. Well I don't know, I don't know which to follow anymore. I read somewhere than turning a gadget on and off often uses a lot of energy that is why I seldom turn my gadgets off. I have to read more on this topic so I would know what to do.



Litratong Pinoy, you bring back fond memories. I grew up loving Curly Tops. I remember this being distributed among us siblings after dinner. Nope, not everyone gets one especially if you don't finish your food or if you haven't touched your veggies portion. Yeah military rule, that's my Mom and Dad. It's either curly tops, serg's chocolates or van houten. I remember getting this as price, for being a good girl, haha. Quite a nice incentive huh. So what incentive do we give our kids now? Do we still need to bribe them? Once in a while I do, but knowing how kids are nowadays, I don't think that works.


Clean Air

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I come from a family with history of asthma. Among all siblings, I am the one who has it. I am indeed the favorite of my Dad, even his being asthmatic was passed on to me. I am just a bit sad because both my children have asthma. It's a good thing I had this air purifierwhich really helped a lot during asthma attacks. I need to keep our house allergen-free so that it won't trigger a thing. It helps to have a bit of clean air you know. There are a lot of air purifiers and it's up to you to decide which suits you best.


Unlocked Mobile Phones for Sale

How often do you update your mobile phones? There was a time that I would update like two or three times a year. I don't know but I just love cellphones. I can't seem to be contented with what I have and I keep on changing units. Well that was before, now I can say that I only change units like once a year. Let me ask you...where do you buy your cellphone units? Is the price comparable to You should check out their prices first or better yet Buy mobile phones at GadgetCircle. They also have unlocked mobile phones for sale.


Blankets to Keep You Warm

I wonder if my sisters have this heated blanket. Winter can really get nasty, especially if they are not still used to it. Well I don't think anybody can get used to winter. It's hard. It can be fun at the first fall of snow because it can really look magical. But aside from that almost all complain how cold it gets. I can just imagine how you can sleep soundly when the climate gets really cold. It's very uncomfortable. Good thing there are stuff that can keep you warm like those heated blankets.


My Tuesday

As usual I woke up early (5:30 am) to help my daughter get ready for school. At about 6 I already went online. I did what I had to, you know what I mean. I was not even half way on my tasks, I felt tired and sleepy so I took a nap. It was just a short one coz I suddenly remembered that I had to dye the roots of my hair. Darn these stupid gray hair. It's ugly if I don't cover it. Since I have to do it every month (if I am not lazy) I looked for a product that won't do much damage to my hair. Now I'm using henna, I normally buy it in Greenhills and it's pretty cheap huh. It works well with my hair and it leaves a shine. Now I have the energy to fix my hair coz it does not look crappy anymore.


What is it like in Arizona?

Now I know the reason why there is a boom in the Arizona real estate. Don't blame me why I'm a bit ignorant about some States in the US, I just live thousand of miles away from it. Anyway, I found out that Arizona has really very nice climate. It does not get that cold during winter and it has a fabulous summer. I've known a lot of people who whine about winter in America especially if it goes down negative. It's time to move to Arizona, now I can tell them. If only I had relatives who live in Arizona, maybe I can pay them a visit so I can get to experience what it is to live in this beautiful state with a very fine climate.


Let's Do Our Part

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The proliferation of drugs is one of the main problems of our society. A lot of crimes have been committed with criminals being positive of drug use. It is quite scary to move in a world where there are too many drug users. Now if we have a member of the family who is into drugs, why not send them to a drug treatment center? Aside from the fact that we are helping them, we need to do our share in keeping our society safe.


Cool Site

Hey people... I'd like you to check this new networking site. I just signed up and it's pretty cool. The thing that I love most here is the sharing part. I get to learn about a lot of things just by reading what other people share, be it cars, mobile phones, cosmetics and a lot more. Do check it out and sign up too.


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