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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

There are days that you just don't welcome the idea of a "parlor look", when going somewhere, right? I know a few peeps who really go to salons to have their face and hair done when attending parties, or just plain chilling out. If you are not one of them, here's a very easy to follow steps I got from iVillage (Beauty and Style Section), an alternative to the stiff "parlor look".

Step 1: Wash hair with a gentle shampoo and make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Remove any knots or snarls with a detangling conditioner. Apply from the ends of hair to just two inches below the roots, and distribute using a wide-tooth comb.

Step 3: Gently towel dry.

Step 4: Apply a dime-sized amount of texturizing balm; this will coat the hair shaft in addition to protecting hair from the heat of the blow-dryer. Evenly disperse product

Step 5: Flip hair over and blow-dry, lifting hair at the roots as you go. Stop when hair is 90 percent dry.

Step 6: Starting at the top of the scalp, gently rake fingers through hair so that it "settles" back into place.

Step 7: The next step is twofold ‑- first you wrap the hair around a brush, and then you transfer it to a large Velcro roller. Working with inch-and-a-half sections of hair, start at the crown. Proceed to wrap each section around a large round brush to blow-dry, then transfer hair from the brush to a large Velcro roller. Continue until you have three rollers down the middle, two on each side of the head and four to six at the back.

Step 8: Spray a hair volumizer to the set and allow the rollers to sit for about 10 minutes. While you're waiting you can apply your makeup.

Step 9: Remove curlers carefully and gently rake fingers through hair.

Step 10: Take a section of hair from both corners of the front of the scalp nearest your forehead (you can use the ends of your eyebrows as benchmarks) and bring the ends together into a mini updo. Secure with two bobby pins.

Step 11: Spray entire head with a sheer hold hairspray.

Source: click here for more celebrity styles


Gourmet Meal

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It was only last Saturday that we finally got to use the table top griller we bought at Living Well. I prepared korean beef and chicken barbeque and some squid balls. It was like eating at TongYang but having to spend only a few bucks. Everyone enjoyed the meal especially my lil boy who can never thank me enough for the "gourmet dinner" that I have prepared for them. Yep, he used the term gourmet...hhhmmmm that's why I love preparing meals for my family, they usually appreciate everything I prepare for them, except sometimes for hubby who always have something to say, and I'd go like, yeah send me to culinary arts school (*roll eyes*) and go hhhmmmmpppp!


Yay! I'm a happy Momma, I've successfully terrorized my kids to eating one banana a day...I even had to send an email about the benefits of having a banana a day to my dear daughter, just to be able to convince her...didn't have problems with my lil boy though, he can eat anything, and i say anything.


I was really wondering how come my lil boy hasn't been bringing home a perfect score of 100 in his seatworks and quizzes. So I offered to pay him ten pesos for every 100 he brings home, and now im BROKE...


Five Must-Have One

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Source: MSN Shopping

I'm sharing this to those who have not come across it yet. This is actually for Fall Season, but what the heck, if it can make us pretty, then why not. As one book says, "There are no ugly women, just LAZY!" Come on, put out the kits and let's do it together.

Jewel toned-Eyelids - it's colorful smoky eye, so sweep on a single layer of soft gold from lashline to crease for day, blue or gem-like green on your lid and a slightly darker hue defining the crease at night.

I used to think that you can achieve the smoky eye effect when you sweep on either black or charcoal gray, was surprised that blue and green can be used too.

Rosy Cheeks - this year it’s all about the crimson hue. Getting red in the face is about to take on a whole new meaning, but go lightly to avoid the "clown face". Apply starting at the apples of your cheeks and blending just a bit up into your hairline.

Berry-Stained Lips - to wear darker lip colors, "staining" is the answer. Berry shades dabbed on the middle of your top and bottom lip and then simply blended out with a brush (or better yet, your fingertips), look dramatic without being overdone (and they won’t cancel out those smoky eyes). Hint — leave the ultra-shiny glosses behind.

I've always loved this shade, everytime I buy, I always play around with berry shades. But darn it, I just got myself an ultra-shiny lipgloss.

Bigger Brows - Growing Bold - Smoldering eyeliner, rich lips and cheeks in full bloom abound this season and eyebrows follow suit. They are less refined, less arched, and follow your natural growth line much more than in years past. Don’t shape them as much as tidy them up, and keep the arch subtle rather than sharp.

I use dark brown for my brows. Yay, so finally i'm in. I don't need to spend time getting the perfect shape, the perfect arch, and even if it's a lil darker, no need to worry, BOLD is in.

Smudged Liners - Go For Smoke - This is no time to stay on the straight and narrow, Defined eyes are the look. Use a soft, fat pencil to lay down the line, and a cotton swab to soften it up.

I've been using a liquid liner, so i guess I have to put it away for now, instead i can use an eye makeup specifically in dark colors to have a smudged liner look.

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This isn't included in the list but today, I got myself 12 medium sized velcro curlers. I so envy CUZ whenever I see her sporting curly hair. It's like she's having her hair done by a professional all the time. And her secret? hhhmmmm, those baterry sized velcro curlers. She wears them overnight, putting a little mousse or setting lotion, and when she wakes up, tada...beautiful parlor made hair. This is a very good alternative to curling irons, which could damage your hair due to the heat. If you can't stand sleeping with the curlers, you can use a hair dryer set on medium heat, aimed at the curlers.


I Can Dance

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here's what we have been doing in our belly class...isn't it fun? Come on, join us, for sure you won't get bored and you will be looking forward to the next session. Thanks CUZ for taking this video, it will be your turn next time, err tomorrow, yeah it's friday!

ooooppppssss, cheating! Sorry I don't memorize the routine quite well, but i'm getting there

Regine Tolentino Dance Studio
Cor. 12th St. & Victoria St.,
New Manila, Quezon City
Schedule: Mondays & Fridays, 6:30-8:00 pm.
Dance Instructor: Teacher Gladys


Wanted: Reporter

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wanted: Malicious Reporter

F@#%ing unbelievable how some nosey nope make that NOSEY readers single out a person as the target of all your rants. Whoa! Since when did that happen? Or is it just YOU who think of the person that way and I just made it easy for you (all written down here and you need not compose?) I guess so...tsk, tsk, I pity you! And who the hell gave you the idea that I was talking about one and the same person in the few rants that I have here? Tsk, tsk, again I pity you. For your information and proper guidance, it's only ME, and only ME who knows who I'm talking about in all my rants and unless I NAME the person, then you have all the liberty to go and shout it out to the whole world. Don't fret, I'm not about to put an end to all my NAMELESS rants, instead glorify, there will be more juicy items (the ones you are interested in, i dunno why) I will be posting, add to that a few "buys" here and there, my "chilling out" days and what have yous. And yeah, I'm making it easy for you now, I'll try to post as much "juicy items" so I CAN MAKE YOUR DAY!


Health And Belly Dance

Monday, September 11, 2006

"The graceful hip drops, rolls, and pivots of this dance form utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine, and neck, working with the body instead of against it."

1. Improved Posture and Muscle Toning
2. Weight Loss
3. Preparation for childbirth
4. Stress reduction
5. Exercising the carrying muscles without impact
6. Building the back muscles evenly
7. Exercising the arms
8. Aiding digestion


"The benefits of belly dance are both mental and physical. Dancing provides a good cardio-vascular workout and helps increase both flexibility and strength, focusing on the torso or "core muscles", although it also builds leg strength. Many belly dance styles emphasize muscular "isolations", teaching the ability to move various muscles or muscle groups independently. Veil work can also build arm, shoulder, and general upper-body strength, and playing the zils can build strength and independence of the fingers. Belly dance is suitable for all ages and body types, and can be as physical as the participant chooses. As with starting any new exercise routine, people would be wise to consult their doctor before starting a belly dance regimen and to talk with the belly dance instructor to find out the level of difficulty in the classes. For many belly dancers, the practice offers mental health benefits including an improved sense of well-being, better body image and self-esteem, and the generally positive outlook that comes with regular, enjoyable exercise.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the practice of belly dancing may benefit women preparing for childbirth, as the movements strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles and the woman becomes more familiar with the way her muscles work. The hip-circling movements used in the dance may relieve some of the common discomforts of labor."


For me, it is the perfect way to workout, a workout that is fun and easy, and I always look forward to it. And if you don't have time to attend belly dancing class, there are some instructional videos that you can follow at home, but believe me, it's more fun to attend a class. If you are interested, Regine Tolentino Dance Studio is offering belly dancing classes every Mondays and Fridays, 6:30-8:00 pm. The Dance studio is located at the corner of 12th Street and Victoria Avenue in New Manila, Quezon City.


20 things...A Meme...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here it goes JMom

1. How often do you blog? i want to do it on a weekly basis...but i check my blog and my links everyday
2. Online Alias: HiPnCooLMoMMa, ms_girlie_gurl
3. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew? No
4. What do you do most often when you are bored? practice some belly dance moves i couldn't quite perfect
5. When bathing, which do you wash first? my hair
6. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? no, 36 hours maybe
7. What color looks best on you? green i guess
8. What’s your favorite alcoholic drink? i'd order a tequila if i have to, but i don't really drink
9. Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death? definitely
10. Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends? Nope
11. What was your favorite subject in school? English
12. Are you a perfectionist? Not at all
13. Do you spend more than you can afford? sometimes
14. Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have love before? YES
15. Do you consider yourself creative? i'm a certified DIY Momma
16. Do you give yourself the credit you deserve? not all the time
17. Do you donate time or money to charities? if i have extra
18. Have you recently done something that you’ve criticized others for doing? none that i can think of
19. What’s on your mind? i like to hit the sack...zzzzzzzz
20. Say one nice thing about the person who tagged you and the five people that you are going to tag. I Find JMom warm...I'm only tagging one person, my beautiful, sexy, loving and generous CUZ


Secretly Dreaming

Sunday, September 03, 2006

"High heels put your ass on a pedestal, where it belongs," says supermodel Veronica Webb.

I was at Fully Booked some two weeks back looking at their window displaying their 40 bestsellers, and this pink book How To Walk In High Heels (The Girl's Guide to Everything) by Camilla Morton caught my attention. Nope I didn't buy it that time coz I didn't have spare moolah, but I'm one lucky Momma, a week later my daughter Ish bought it for me. Thanks baby. this is my sister's (Rachel) secret huh. I don't remember her wearing anything below 3 inches. Maybe she knew that "the higher the heel, the tighter the calves, while the thinner the heel the greater the optical illusion." And she may be familiar with the ratio too, "heel height + width - thighs + calves x 2 = legs + bum/wiggle". Whatever that means! But she was really gliding perfectly, often turning a lot of heads.

"A good heel has been constructed to tilt you at the most flattering angle possible. Why go under the knife, or to the gym? A stiletto is the most effective slimmer".

Point is, I've been secretly wanting/dreaming/wishing to own a pair of MANOLO BLAHNIK s, the only stilettos that offer comfort on 10 cm or JIMMY CHOOs.

Yes, i'm shouting it out to the whole world (to the person concerned: do you have a problem with that???) I said I'm only wishing/wanting/dreaming of owning one, but who knows fairy godmother might just grant my wish, I've been good, you know *bleh* **I wish!**


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