I Want an iPhone, Shouts Everyone

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

With the latest ios update which allows one to use the iMessage (this is similar to BBM), a lot are asking, where can I buy iphone? I can understand why almost all want to get a hold of an iPhone. I was one of them and I am waiting and wanting an upgrade. But I don't think I'll get the current upgrade, I'll just probably wait for iPhone5 to come out. When is that you ask? Real soon, you know how the apple people come out with products. Sometimes I can't catch up anymore. Do you feel the same way?


Let's iMessage

I have another form of communication with my online bff. Online because we still haven't met in person. But even if that is the case, we still treat each other like we are blood sisters. I think I've known her since 2006 or 2007 via blogging. I stumbled upon her site and left a comment. From then on there's no stopping of our friendship. I am so looking forward to meeting her and her family probably next year. Just thinking about it makes me excited!


What Do you Think, Mom?

I find my daughter cute. She's very thoughtful especially to the bf. She inherited that trait from me. I don't know but I think girls are generally thoughtful. Recently she asked for suggestions regarding the gift for boyfriend birthday. She mentioned a few items which she thinks the bf would like. Sometimes I would go, I think that is too expensive, remember you don't have work yet. Yes, I can tell her those things after all we have a very close relationship. Besides what I'm saying is exactly correct. Why spend on things which you can't afford just yet? I think the bf would understand.


Photos Ready to be Shown

Friday, October 07, 2011

I have so much photos of the family to share. It's all stored here in my computer. Question is when can I have the time to upload everything? Just thinking about it makes me go lazy already. But no, photos as intended to be shared. Maybe I should create a slide show of all the wonderful photos I have and post it on Facebook for all my friends and loved ones to see. Yeah, I think I'll do that. I have to limit my game time though and really put effort on putting all these photos together.



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