It's Her Birthday

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's the 15th birthday of my darling girl. She insisted on going to Gerry's Grill. She's been celebrating her past birthdays there, she calls it tradition. She had a pre-birthday celebration with her friends a day before her birthday. Again tradition calls for it, so she celebrated it at Trinoma. I guess that's the favorite mall of Graceans. I saw a couple of them there yesterday since they didn't have classes because of the NCAE.

More photos here.


Learn More About Acne Treatment

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do you want to know what tops the list of the best acne treatments? I'm not saying, hehe. It's because I want you to check it for yourself. Who knows you might be interested in getting the second one or the 3rd one because you already used the first one. And besides it's a helpful website. You get updated with the best acne treatment. I love going to this site to check every now and then. I have teenagers and anytime soon I will be needing their recommendation. Oh I need it for myself too, since I still get acne every month.


Bringing the Cinema to your Homes

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If you're thinking of converting a room in your homes into a home theater, I suggest that you take a look at these home theater furniture. They offer great prices plus free shipping. How cool is that? You will find everything you need for your home theater. If you go to their website, it's a one-stop shop actually. You will find cinema decors, theater signs and wall art, home theater lighting and a lot more. Your theater room will have the cinema ambiance.


The Camera

I am excited. I asked someone to buy me a P&S camera. It's the Sony CyberShot w300 that I am asking her to buy. Cool, 13.6 mp, beat that! I was supposed to buy it here, but since someone is going to Hong Kong, I asked her to buy it for me instead. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though, hoping that there is still some stocks left. I am already excited. I like it's macro feature, 5 cm, yeah that close. There is even a 1 cm close which is the T300, but there's one thing I don't like about it. Hopefully I'll get hold of it come Saturday or Sunday. Woohoo!


Debt Collection Agency

Friday, August 22, 2008

I know of some business owners who have a hard time collecting. At one point, it has become our problem too. Business owners are taken for granted when it comes to collection. But when it comes to these commercial collection agencies doing the collecting, most often than not they are successful. We should have hired their services instead of us doing the collecting. It is such a tedious job and sometimes we end up fighting with our clients. Much as we want to be professional about it, the thing is stress gives in leaving us without any choice but end up not in speaking terms with clients. Worst scenario would be filing a case against them. One thing I've noticed too, when it's the collection agency, clients pay more attention.



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh don't get me wrong on the title, I've been silently practicing the combos provided in the cheats. Ah that's more like it. Oh I'm talking about the tekken 5 game which I have in my PSP. Josh gave me his old one since he just bought a new one, he wanted a white. Yay! I don't need to line up anymore and wait for my turn to use the PSP which sometimes takes me until the following day. Anyways, I am challenging myself to memorize the combos, because I lost to hubs when we played at Timezone yesterday. I can't accept it, coz normally I win over him. Although we played Tekken 6 I want to get used to the buttons so I played Tekken 5. I will go surf for cheats and memorize them one by one, so the next time I'll play with the hubs, I'll beat him, like NO MERCY!


I Love Saturdays

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's my day off from cooking that is. It's my helper who takes over in the kitchen after doing some marketing (wet market). I don't like going to the wet market, I hate to admit but I don't like stepping on wet floors. She takes care of buying veggies, chicken and fish, while I on the other hand takes care of the meat. I can stand the smell of the meat shop, but never stepping on wet floors. On Saturdays, I can afford to sleep until 10 in the morning, or sometimes they just wake me up when it's time for lunch already. Yeah I'm a brat, but only on Saturdays. I deserve it you know.


Can You do Something about the Memory Mom?

I am already tired of hearing the same complain from my daughter about her computer memory. Well it's our fault actually because we haven't upgraded it since the time we bought it for her. Who would ever think that she would be able to fill up all the space? Ah teenagers nowadays are fond of downloading, be it songs, wallpapers, whatever. And who am I to complain? I'd rather they do some stuff online rather than be on the streets doing whatever, now that's scary.


Beautiful Crib Beddings

Whenever I see a beautiful crib bedding or any beautiful baby stuff for that matter, it makes me want to have babies once again. My youngest is already 12 years old and it's been what 12 years since I have been buying cute baby stuff. I miss it really because I enjoy shopping for babies. I had a wonderful experience raising my 2 beautiful kids, including buying really nice things for them.


Virginal White

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I posted that picture at my Personal.Shopper.Wannabe blog. Guess what? I had my fitting yesterday and I was very happy with the result. It's beautiful and I can't wait to wear it. I will be getting 5 dresses on Friday and I can't wait to wear them all. I need to save more moolah to pay for the services of the couturier for the numerous fabric I'm bringing on Friday. It's no joke having to pay for 5 dresses although I still find his price affordable.


Innovative Solutions to Business

Businesses have improved since the introduction of cpm. It helped companies optimize their business performances. Use of this software makes everything efficient and organized. Needed data are collected all at once, making one see the cause and effect. It also allows you to see the strengths and witnesses brought about by the business. This software makes managing easier to all business owners. I guess automating is one of the keywords to make a business successful.



Monday, August 11, 2008

I really admire my son Josh for being able to come up with certain dialogues that melt out hearts. This boy really knows who to make Dad and Mom really special. And here is his latest dialogue : Massage with TLC plus One.Six.Twelve (the vitamin I give them) = Growth. That's what he told his Dad last night after he was given a massage. And it didn't end there. It was followed by a tight hug and a kiss. Kids! They are really a bundle of joy.


The Controversial Francesca

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This is the 4th time that I am meeting Francesca and Michel. I am really thankful to them because every time they come to the Philippines, they always take time out to meet with me and Cuz. This time we brought them to Market! Market. Since I read in her blog that she wanted a taste of all Filipino food, I suggested that we eat at Kamay Kainan at Market! Market. Good choice she said, we all enjoyed our lunch. And I think she enjoyed the escargot (ginataang kuhol) the best. And since Serendra is just across Market! Market, we decided to bring them there too, well just for pictures since we were all in a hurry to go home to take care of some things. Never mind Ams, the next time you visit, babad tayo sa Serendra at inom ng kape. Hindi pala nakapag-kape si Michel.

You can find more pictures here.


Treatment for Acne

Monday, August 04, 2008

Have you heard about the best best acne product? If not, then you need to visit There you will find the top 5 best acne treatment put together by the industry's experts, published clinical studies and consumer reviews. They rank the acne treatment based on safety, ingredient quality, side effects, and acne fighting power. This site is really very helpful. Now I know what to use now since I still get acne here and there, and who knows the kids would need this someday too.


Custom Car Covers

I know someone who has 8 different car covers. You know why? He's got like 8 vehicles and would you believe he only has one parking slot in his house? Yeah I am not kidding. I agree with a friend who finds it already annoying because they have a hard time backing off their cars. Yep he occupies the street (making it like his own parking lot). These people are so insensitive. They don't think of the welfare of others. What if there is an emergency, and their cars are blocking the driveway? I know there is a law that cars are not allowed to park on the streets on permanent basis, hhhmmmm. What do you think?


Sunday Happenings

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Look at my boys, do you know what they are playing? They play Tekken5 against each other. When I went to Greenhills yesterday, I asked the shop to download this game wo we can play against each other. Josh has a UMD of this and it's just too much to buy another one. So what I did was buy a 1 gig memory stick and had some games downloaded for my dauhgter's PSP. I played against Josh in the car on our way to Mom's, and I won! Woohoo! We were kinda noisy in the car, prompting the hubs to sternly look at us and told us to keep quiet because he is distracted with his driving. Maybe he got jealous over our enjoyment so he tried his hand at playing the game. Nope, he didn't win against his son, haha talking about better reflexes, teehee!

Over at Mom's...darn I did not bring my Canon 20d, I would have enjoyed taking pictures of this butterfly hopping from one flower to another. My point and shoot camera does not have the capability I am looking for in a macro. So there, opportunity wasted. I don't know what got to me that I became lazy even thinking of bringing my camera. Lesson learned!


The Checking Account for You

Have you heard about WaMu's checking accounts ? They offer a lot of freebies really. Tell me, does your bank offer free checks for life? Does your bank offer free ATM cash withdrawals worldwide? How about getting a free Gold Debit MasterCard? Does your bank charge you whenever you do wire transfers worldwide? It's time to reassess the services your banks give you. And if you find out that they are not really giving you the best service you deserve, it's about time you transfer to WaMu. You can go online now and open a WaMu checking account. Now if you are not comfortable doing your banking needs over the internet, I suggest you visit the nearest financial center. You can check the nearest WaMu financial center by providing your zip code in their website ( I'm gonna tell my sisters about WaMu or I'm sure they have read about it here already. It's really convenient banking with them. You can easily order your checks online, and don't forget, checks are for free. And here's one bit of information too. You need not maintain a balance, as long as there is money in your account when you need to issue a check. You will not be charged for going under the minimum simply because they don't require minimum balances compared to other banks.


Towards a Sexier You

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Do you want to take a peek at the most popular diet pill? Most people I know having problems with their weight have resorted to diet pills. Just be careful about picking a diet pill, better yet consult your doctor before taking it. I've heard a lot of success stories of people who resorted to diet pills. One diet pill may be effective to one but not to all. It's better if you familiarize yourself with the different diet pills by checking the reviews over at


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