Stuff Worth Keeping

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I need some boxes to put away some of my stuff. There are just some that I can't let go so I am keeping them. I thought of storing them in a box but where is the strapping tape? This is what I don't like here at home sometimes. I can't seem to find the stuff that I need. People here are somewhat forgetful. They are so fond of keeping stuff yet they forget where they placed it. Arrrggghh! Do you sometimes experience this or Am I the only one?


Guitar for Her, Violin for Him

I wish my daughter continued learning the guitar. I guess it's just not her thing because if it was she will usually shine. Same goes with my son who attempted to learn to play the violin too. Again like his sister, it was not his thing. Anyway, it's just a Mom's dream to see her kids play any musical instrument and I know you will agree with me. To those Moms whose kids are into guitars, you might want to check these guitar picks at music 123. I just came across it while doing my usual internet stuff and I suddenly remembered when my kids were still small.


Citrus and Mint...Heavenly

Photobucket Is this scent discontinued already? I want it so bad. I already asked my sister to buy it for me, hopefully she'll be able to find 10 bottles. Wish us luck!


Christmas Countdown

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's 75 days before Christmas! Oh how time flies. It's time to decorate the house again, or is it too early? I think I need to start putting out all my Christmas stuff including the lights. Will do an inventory so that I can buy all the things that I lack before I start decorating. I know for sure that I will need to add lights. It's a good thing that there are still led light bulb in stock otherwise I would have panicked. I want our house outlined by led lights just like the past years. It's a welcome treat for the neighbours to see it. I'm glad I can bring joy to them even during the Christmas season only.


Will Paris Be Next?

Photobucket The husband and I celebrated our 20th year wedding anniversary recently. He surprised me with a trip to Hong Kong. Of course I was happy, after all Hong Kong to me is my happy place. I always get excited as if it was a first time. Anyway, my SIL gave us money to dine at this michelin star french restaurant. It was awesome. It was pricey but all worth it. It's not like you get to dine there everyday so we gave it a go, it was our 20th year anniversary after all.


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