Art Storage

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I had a friend who recently came home from abroad. She had to take care of some very important things. You see their father left them some very beautiful art pieces and antiques. And since they are all living abroad already, they just locked those pieces in one of the rooms in their house. Now they have decided to ship it, first here in Manila, then to where they are staying right now. The pieces are still here in the Philippines because they are still looking for a reputable company to bring their stuff abroad. I should be telling her about Art Storage. This may help them. I think they would love the expertise of this company when it comes to handling fine art. They use the most innovative protection techniques to ensure that the art will remain in its original condition. This is very important since we are talking about valuable items. I know this is not an easy task for them because more than anything else these pieces are heirloom, passed to them by their father and their father's father. It's a good thing they have thought of shipping the items to where they are right now, and not just lock it in one of the rooms in their house with only the caretaker looking after it.



I enjoyed my weekend at my Mom's place. I was able to take photos of her garden, err flowers in particular. They were all in full bloom and such beauty to behold. Good thing I always have my Sony P&S camera in my bag. It was showering a bit when I took those photos. My brother even made me stop, but what the heck, I wanna take pictures. It was my sister who planted those, and I know she will be happy seeing it here in my blog. There are actually more photos I took, it's all in my flickr account if you want to take a look.


No More Annoying Calls

I have this habit of not answering phone calls especially if I don't recognize the number. I think most of us do. And the number one reason is avoiding telemarketers. Come on admit it. I do get annoyed answering calls from telemarketers because they just wouldn't give up. There is actually a solution for this. If you want to find out who's calling, just run Reverse Phone Lookups. It works whether a phone number is listed or not. Now you have a way of finding out who's calling you. Ooops, I almost forgot. You can also register your phone number at National No Call Registry so that your numbers will be erased from the database telemarketers have. This is absolutely a free service.


Knit Away

This is my newest passion now, knitting. Hubby said, all I need is a rocking chair, i'm knitting, wearing eyeglasses, and needs a rocking chair. Nah I'm not gonna be a granny anytime soon, but signs are pointing I can make a good grannie. Haha, as if knitting is all there is to being a good granny. I'm not an expert yet as you can see. I need to do something about the edge, it curls, maybe it was too tight. Oh never mind, I don't want to repeat it. Next time I know better, now that I am getting the hang of it. Knitting is totally different from crocheting, for now I am partial to knitting simply because I am enjoying my new passion.


Your Drug Guide Software

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Really? Doctors go mobile now? Like how? I read in a website that there is a drug guide for blackberry. That's what most doctors have now, and they look like geeks. No more big and heavy books for a drug guide. It's all in their PDAs. Don't be surprised if you see your doctor consult his blackberry once you ask for a prescription. Yes, the drug guide is all there in that smart phone. And mind you, the software is free. Ah no wonder almost all doctors have it in their smart phones. Isn't it cool to see your doctor turn into a doctor-geek?

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.


Photo Birth Announcements

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Having a new addition to the family is really exciting. We always want to share the good news to our loved ones and friends. And what better way to share the good news, of course by sending photo birth announcements to them. Just send them the cutest photo of your child and they will make a unique custom designed photo birth announcement for you. I've seen some of their work and it's the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen. Each high quality photo cards come with envelopes for mailing. Check it out now.


Mineral Makeup

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ever since I discovered mineral makeup, I have not used any other regular makeup. I really love mineral makeup because it suits my sensitive skin. It's made of pure minerals and vitamins. It does not contain the usual makeup ingredient which can be toxic and can sometimes cause allergies. Another reason that I go for mineral makeup now is because it feels so light on my skin, it's like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. I like the effect on my skin, and it does not cake or crease at all. If you ask me, I'd say...take the shift, go MINERAL!


Nature's Beauty

This is my entry for this week's Weekend Snapshot. I had the chance to take this beautiful photo when we had a wedding coverage at Subic Bay Yacht Club in Subic last Saturday. Isn't it beautiful? I was really very happy when I got there because it gave me the chance to take beautiful photos. I have a lot more to share but I have not uploaded it to flickr just yet. I hope to be able to do more photography in the coming days.


Europe Online Booking

Monday, April 21, 2008

Have you been to Dublin, Ireland? I have not been to this place but based on what I read, it is a place alive with history and heritage. These are the places I love to visit. I'd love to see medieval cathedrals, ancient city walls, architecture and so much more. Dublin Accomodation is not a problem since you can make last minute reservations online.

They say that Edinburgh is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. Just like Dublin, it boasts of its fine medieval and georgian architecture. While there, the old town and new town are not to be missed. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Again Edinburgh Accomodation will never be a problem since there are a lot of available hotels to choose from. You can even book online if you want. If you decide to visit more places like Glasgow and Liverpool, you can find the cheapest Glasgow Accomodation and Liverpool Accomodation at


Wholesale Clothing

What comes to mind when you come across Wholesale Clothing? Normally it's buying by bulk right? Did you know that is known to sell Wholesale Clothes, but it definitely lets you buy piece by piece. Yes you read it right, you can purchase a single shirt you find in a pile of Wholesale Shirts. You should check what's in stock, I just did and I found a lot of nice outfits. Now I know where to go if ever I want to go into the clothing business. What's nice about, there is no minimum, whether you buy a single piece or buy by the thousands.


Bouncing on Trampoline

I've been wanting to buy this trampoline eversince I found out that bouncing in one has many health benefits. I read that it has more health benefits compared to different aerobic exercises. It strengthens every part of your body. My Mom used to tell us too that letting a child bounce on the trampoline increases his/her intelligence. I have to read more on this so for now I can't give you the reason why. But eversince I found out about it, I've been letting my kids bounce on the trampoline whenever I see one in the Malls. They actually get excited and I can see that they are having fun. Hmmm, I think it's about time to own one.


Subic Fun

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We went to Subic last Saturday for a wedding coverage. I was excited with the idea already because I was in a photographer's mood. This does not happen all the time as I am too lazy to take shots. I mean for my personal file. Of course I work during the wedding ceremony and reception. But last Saturday was different. I was "trigger" happy. I'm glad I was able to take very good photos. Thanks to the photo memes that I joined, they took out the laziness in me, harhar.


Baldwin Products

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I came across Baldwin products when we were buildig the house where we're staying now. I've been looking for products in the internet a lot. The task of finding the right interior and exterior door hardware, bathroom accessories, and cabinet pulls was assigned to me. While doing my search, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful designs of Baldwin, just the way I like it. But the thing is, it was not available where we are staying right now. But given the choice, I would really pick those beautiful stuff I saw at


Kava Tea

Friday, April 18, 2008

Have you heard about the kava tea? I've read that this tea when taken help reduce stress and increases the overall sense of well-being. The tea's component are grown in a certified organic farm located in the mountain slopes of Hualalai Mountain which is known to produce the most sought after coffee. The kava tea is known to relieve stress, ease tension, relieves anxiety and some pains. Kava is a member of the peppercorn family. Some studies show that the peppercorn family is known to calm the body and the mind. Kava is known to be a safe herbal supplement. You can drink a glass before going to bed so that you can have a good night's rest, a good sleep that you deserve.


Litratong Pinoy Entry

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This week's theme in Litratong Pinoy is square. I didn't have a hard time looking for a square item but I had a hard time deciding which item I should include in this week's theme. Anyways, the photos that you see is what I picked. I've used that as a pencil/pen holder and not as what it is designed to be, a candle holder, or that's what the girl said when I bought it. In the first picture, I decided to use my flash for you to be able to see the real colors. For some drama, I photographed it without a flash, and it turned out pretty. You can read the rest of the entry here.


Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I really can't stand not keeping in touch with my sisters in the USA. I do get worried when I don't get to talk with them. And I get sad too because I really miss them a lot. I don't get to see them often since they come home once every two years or sometimes once every three years. The only way to keep the bonding alive is to talk to them. I used to dread the day I get my billing statement from the phone company. Sometimes I just close my eyes and don't think of the amount anymore. If I continued using my cellphone to call my sisters, I can buy a designer bag in a year. That kept me thinking, oh not the buying a designer bag portion. I mean the amount of money I can save if I try other means. True enough I discovered prepaid phone cards and that's what I use now. I can even afford to call my sisters once a week. If you think that it's some cheap card, you are wrong. The price may be reasonably low, but the quality is not. It's very clear and it's like talking to a person who is just in the other room. My sisters have been using the prepaid phone card too. They find it cheaper, compared to using their cellular phones to call. Good thing there are affordable prepaid phone cards that we can use. It keeps us updated of what's happening in each others lives.


Perfect Tee

Haha, it's like screaming it loud, duh but i'm no PRO. I do it for exercise and I don't have any plans of turning pro, heh like I can. Well, that shirt was a token given to me by our Teacher when she had her dayoff and I was one of those who took over. Now I'm waiting for that episode to be shown. I don't have any idea when so I'd better watch every Saturday. I hope I won't miss it. Hmmm, maybe I can ask Teacher to send me sms, for sure she knows when.


She's Finally Back

My helper arrived at 2:30 in the morning. We just went to bed and I was just starting to doze off. I didn't hear the bell ring, probably because I was too sleepy. It was my son who heard it. "Mom, somebody is at the gate, maybe it's Nanay." Haha, he can smell that it's his Nanay. Manang Lina is the nanny of Josh, and oh how her loves her. He got excited and all and asked if his Nanay can sleep with him. I think he missed his Nanay so much. There was even a time when he asked me if his yaya (nanny) was still coming back. He was worried sick when I kidded that no, she's not coming back anymore. Well all of us are happy that she's back. Of course we missed her, she has been with us for 15 years already.


Travel Asia

I am from Asia and I tell you, there's so much to see in this part of the world. I had a wonderful experience when I travelled to Singapore with my husband some few years back. There is just so much to do and we were not able to do all those things in our four day stay there. We've been to almost all their tourist attractions and it was just great. I love everything about Singapore, the food, the shopping, Sentosa, Night Safari, etc. If there are places that I'd like to go back to, Singapore is surely on my list. No worries because there are Cheap Hotels in Singapore that I can always stay at.

There's another place I recommend you go and visit. Not that I saw much of it, but based on the areas I've been to Bangkok is one of the best too. Shopping is to die for. With the 3 days I spent in Bangkok, all I did was shop, it's overwhelming. Oh I love the food there too, though it's a bit hot, I still love it. It was my cousin who invited me to go with her there. She said that she has found Cheap Hotels in Bangkok in the internet. And when I saw the rate, I immediately said yes. It was really very affordable and it's located in the heart of Bangkok. I love my Bangkok experience too.

This is one place that I have not been too. My daughter and I saw one TV special featuring Kuala Lumpur. She got so excited and listed it in her "places to visit". It's in my list too, since I've heard a lot about the place. I'd love to see the Petronas Tower. A friend has just been there and she said it was awesome. She recommended some Cheap Hotels in Kuala Lumpur where we can stay. Hmmm it's time to save some moolah again if I want to visit this beautiful place. How about you? Can you share some wonderful experiences of Asia?


Auto Recycling

This website is for people who are into auto restoration. At midwest auto recycling, you can find used engines and transmissions. They are one of those who have the strongest warranty nation wide. When you buy engines, you are assured that it is started, inspected for compression, leak down tested, oil pressure checked and cleaned, so that no problem will arise. When it comes to transmissions, it is tested as well and test driven. Everything that they sell here is tested, visually inspected and cleaned. No wonder a lot of people keep coming back and they only have good words for this website.


Salad for Lunch

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That's what I had 3 days ago, with a piece of meat to go with it. I didn't have rice, just that. And what do you know, after 5 minutes I went hungry, came down and gulped a glass of milk. I wonder if I can still go back to the days when all I eat for lunch and supper is just a plate of salad. Yeah I did that for 2 straight weeks and I lost weight. Oh I have to get used to it again. For lunch I again had salad with fried chicken on the side. Again I didn't eat rice, but this time I didn't drink milk either, haha success! I wish to do away with the bulging tummy in time for another dance recital. I hope I can do it.

It's actually very easy to prepare a salad. Here I used 2 kinds of lettuce, apples, oranges, black olives and bacon bits. And here's how I made the dressing. Mix together olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add sugar and salt. That's it. You can add ground black pepper to your salad if you wish.


Belly Dancing Update

We finally finished the whole dance routine today. It just needs polishing. I really love this dance routine and I am having fun learning it. At first I thought that dancing with a cane was quite impossible, but hey I was mistaken. It's fun! I wanna learn more dance routines using the cane, but I hope it's as easy too. We actually learned how to use the cane last year, but I didn't enjoy it as much. Maybe because it was more advance than what we are doing right now. Teacher Gladys took a video of our session today but I will post it some other time. I still have to resize it, and I am totally clueless on how to do it for now. I forgot, so please give me a hundred years ^_^ before it appears in this blog. Boo!


The Look

Monday, April 14, 2008

Now this is the new hairstyle I am talking about. I decided to have it cut a little shorter and with bangs this time. I like it, it made me look a little younger. If I'm turning 42 in June, let's just say I look 40 there. Oooppsss, give it to me, this is my blog anyway, hehe. Oh can you not see the additional six pounds I gained? Maybe not, it's hidden under the top thank goodness. I need to put a stop to munching if not I'll grow wider and wider. This is what I hate about sitting in front of the computer on a much longer time, I do get hungry. While the mind is working, the mouth needs to do it's share too, harhar.


I Want to Spend Time in the Beach

One time I was watching Discovery Travel and Living and I was like wow! They did a feature on the beaches of Kauai. I was salivating while watching, coz I really love the beach. I would drop whatever I am into, in case somebody asks me to go with them to the beach. After watching the show, I immediately went online and googled about the place. I found some really very good and affordable Kauai vacation rentals. Honestly, I would rather stay in vacation houses rather than stay in a hotel. I don't want to lose the homey atmosphere. It relaxes me more. Plus having your own privacy is heavenly. Well this is me, I may like this kind of setup but others don't. Well there are a lot of choices for everyone actually. Just read Hawaii Vacation Info and decide from there. I'm sure you will be able to pick one or two. If you are not satisfied and would want to know more, then I suggest you have to read this Kauai Travel Blog. You will learn a lot about the place and why people love going back again and again.


House Plans

Before we put up this house where we are living in right now, I had a lot of House Plans on hand. These Home Plans have been very helpful. I do have an idea in my mind on how I want our house to look like, but I did not exactly know how to execute it. With the help of these house plans, we were able to come up with what we really like. Building a house is harder than I thought. So what we did, we tried to incorporate about 3 house plans to come up with the house we have now. Funny that I remember now, I did take a look at some Log home plans, haha as if it is feasible to have that in a place where we are staying right now. Maybe in the future, when we finally buy our dream lot located in a much cooler place. Then maybe, the dream log house I saw will be built in the near future. How about that?


DIY Once Again

I know, I know, here I go again. But what can I do, I want to save some moolah. If I can do it why not. right? Well I'm talking about applying cellophane on my hair. You see I still own the most abused hair, even if I had a haircut recently which was really short. In order for the hairstyle to look good, I need either to blow dry it or iron. So now you know why I own the most abused hair. In order to avoid further damage and to bring back the shine it once had, I cellophaned my hair. Haha, is this even the right term? Now it looks a little better. A friend advised me to do it at least once a week until such time that it looks healthy already. Arrrgghhh, I hope it does not take me a year ;-p


Credit Card for Everyone

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I really think that credit card is very important. It will always help us when we are short on cash especially if it's for emergency purposes. Sadly, not everyone can have credit cards especially if you have a less than perfect credit standing. Wait, I think that was before. Today is a totally different story. There are bad credit credit cards available in the market. So for those ones who can't apply for a credit card because of poor credit history, here is your chance to own one now. And not only that, applying for this kind of credit card can help you improve your credit standing.


Google Reader

I love my google reader, but sometimes I don't. I love it when I am too busy to visit my favorite blogs and I just read it from there. I don't love it because I am not able to leave some "love" on the blogs that I frequent. Of course I still want to visit your blogs per se but sometimes my time does not allow it especially if I have pending jobs and of course my life as a Mom. Sometimes I wish I had more than 24 hours to do just everything. To my friends who think that I don't visit your blogs, don't worry I am still updated, it's just that I do it in my reader.


Travel Health Insurance

I do believe that everybody who travels should have travel health insurance. We do not know when we're gonna be ill. I hope we are not forgetting that our personal insurance might not cover the bills especially if we get sick abroad. Another thing to be considered is the cost of getting professional medical help in other countries. We do not know how much it would cost, but most probably it would cost more. It's better to be prepared for those things rather than suffer the consequences.


Sonography Schools

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The need for a sonography technician is becoming higher. I've read in the internet that the demand for sonography tech will rise in the coming years because patients seek for safer treatment options and this is an alternative for radiology treatments. There are even school grants being offered. And since the demand is becoming higher each year, compensation gets competitive. An average sonographer can earn $40,000-$50,000 a year. If you are interested in becoming a sonographer, check out the sonography schools near your area(there are also online colleges and you can check out their online degree programs. You can be one in two years.


Litratong Pinoy Entry


I just want to share with you my week's entry at Litratong Pinoy. The theme is actually "tatlo ang sulok ko" (i have 3 sides - triangle) for this week. I know my entry is funny, but the thing is, I couldn't find any single thing with a shape of a triangle in the house, neither can I find anything in my photo files. Since I really do not want to miss taking part, I found some ways and you can now see it in the picture. It can also be submitted in last week's theme which was "bilog" (circle). Oh well, being resourceful helps, see I was able to come up with an entry. The same goes with life. Not everything is handed on a silver platter. We need to work hard to be able to achieve something.


Best Prices

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Have you checked the deal of the day from I just did and I was like, wow such huge discount. Imagine the price item was cut down to almost 50 percent. At first I couldn't believe it, but when I browsed on more items, indeed they offer up to 50 percent off. If you are into electronics, computers, cameras, software and a lot more, then you will always find a best buy at Who knows the items you have been dreaming of are offered at 50 percent off. Not only that, you will find that most items qualify for free shipping.


Certified Nursing Assistants

Did you know that there are online schools that offer cna courses? You can be a certified nursing assistant in a little over a year if you join the cna training offered by these schools. It requires you to finish just 50 hours of classroom instruction and 100 hours of clinical practice and you are on your way to earning more than $20,000 a year. Great! There are a lot of people jobless this days and this is a great way to start earning again. Enrol in cna schools now and you are on your way to becoming a certified nursing assistant.


Adult Diapers

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When my Dad was still alive, my Mom made him use diapers. You see he was kinda bedridden already because of his sickness. My Mom would always change the brand of his diapers because she was not satisfied with the ones he was using. Finally she was able to find the Adult Diapers she was looking for and from then on she never changed brands. It never caused soreness nor rashes, and it was absorbent she says. My dad never felt uncomfortable in it and he can sleep the night through. You see it is very important to find the best diaper, as there are a lot of things to take in consideration. Wearing a diaper is not comfortable enough, what more if you don't find the best one.


Flyff US

My son does not like to play Flyff Philippines. He had a bad experience with one of the players who said something my son didn't even understand at first. One time he came to me asking what "ungas" meant. One of the players said that word to him after being killed accidentally. I don't understand why other players get annoyed when they are killed, gosh it's part of the game you know. So when I told my son that "ungas" means bastard or something, he really felt bad. For a few days he didn't play Flyff. He decided to download flyff US and now he's enjoying. He says it's totally different playing with the people there. He understands what everyone else is saying and the people playing in that version have more class. Whatever he means with that. I'm glad that he quit playing the Pinoy version, so he won't be able to pick up bad words.


Compare Insurance Online

Monday, April 07, 2008

We're thinking of having one of our properties insured. I wish there is a website here in my country that lets you compare home insurance prices this way. They also have a quick guide oh how to go about buying the home insurance. You save a lot of time and effort doing all these online. Imagine the time wasted when you call an insurance company. Normally it takes a couple of minutes before you reach the right person to talk to. But when you do it online, it only takes you about 2 minutes. You just need to fill out an online questionnaire and after hitting the finish button, someone will get in touch with you.


Promotional Pens

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Whenever I see stuffs given away by companies, I usually pick advertising pens. I don't know but I'm quite fascinated with these cute pens with the company logo on it. Normally the colors they pick are really cute, like hot pink, neon green and the logos are just as colorful. I used to have a collection of it just for display, but lately I've been using all the pens that I get. This item is really a hit, so if I were you, instead of giving useless stuffs as your company giveaway, choose a pen. Give something useful, not something that goes directly to the bin.


Midnight Snack

This is one of our favorite things to do...having midnight snack. I have a stock of the Keror Sparkling Wine in different flavors. Well I have only one left already and it's time to buy some more. My kids discovered this non-alcoholic drink last December when we had our Noche Buena over at my in-laws place. Both of them finished the whole bottle. At first I thought there was even a little percent of alcohol because my son was quite hyper when he finished half of the bottle. Haha, turned out he was only excited. Now they are asking me when we are going to have one again...oh maybe tonight ^_^.


Affordable Paris Accommodations

Friday, April 04, 2008

Her aunt promised to bring Ish to Paris. Yeah I know she is very lucky. They were suppose to go this summer but some things came up. Good thing plans changed because if not, things would be done last minute. It's nice to travel when everything is planned. If their plans pushed through, I know they will be staying in some hotel which will really charge high. Good enough it didn't materialize. Now I can suggest a few things to them. I will show them this website where they can book their stay. Maybe it would be nice if they can stay at this Paris bed and breakfast which is managed by a local. Wow this would mean a more personalized service. I heard too that the best tourist guides are the locals. Now if you are not comfortable staying in quite a smaller place, here is a list of Paris Hotels. The prices are quite affordable in my opinion. Oh you better be the one to take a look at the list so you can pick which Hotel Paris suits you and your budget.


Live TV

Show us what you got! This is your chance to showcase your talent on live tv. Cool isn't it? Not too many are given the chance to have a 15-minute fame. Now is your chance to be seen on a live show. You will be able to interact with your viewers live, and if your viewers love the idea you have put up, then you can start building your fan base. I was able to watch some live broadcast, and I tell you, they are good. Some are hilarious. You get to pick shows with different topics, and all of them are really talented, and they're like PROs too. Go see for yourself, then maybe later on try your luck on the camera, who knows you'll get famous anytime soon.


Litratong Pinoy

Thursday, April 03, 2008

That is my entry to the Litratong Pinoy's circle theme for this week. LP is open to all Pinoy Photographers (Pro and Amateur) here and abroad. The start was an overwhelming success, and I'd like to congratulate Thess for putting up this photo meme.

That entry reminded me to once again go back to biking, but not in the hot streets of MOA but just in the confines of our house. Whether indoor or outdoor, I just need to ride it once again since I've gained 6 lbs. already. And if I'm not gonna do something about that, oh I don't wanna think about it.


Online Billiards

Have you played online pool already? I really really want to try it. I used to play billiards/pool a lot when I was younger. We would frequent billiard halls just to be able to play. I even bought my own stick, yeah that's how addicted I was. Now that I seldom go out, maybe I can try out online billiard. The game is for everyone since the software can be downloaded in different languages. This is a great way to meet people from across the globe too. Once the software is downloaded, you will be able to play billiards, snooker or pool. Cool isn't it? Come on, I know you want to play online billiards.


Emerald Shape

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My oh my! I love the different shapes of diamonds I saw. My all time favorite is still the emerald cut. I don't know why I love this shape so much, probably because of its unusual shape for a diamond. We are so used seeing those round ones. I hope I'll be able to own a ring and a pendant of that shape to match the earrings that I have. Haha, N should have asked me what shape I wanted when he proposed, and I could have shown him the engagement rings I found in the website. Oh I still have my chance. With just a few years to go, we will be celebrating our 25th year together. This is my chance to pick from among the diamond rings posted in the website. They have cool and unique designs, or probably I can design my own ring which they allow. Ha, he still has time to save for the ring that I really want.


Train to be a Pharmacy Technician

Look at this... a pharmacy technician salary is somewhere around $9-$12 an hour...not bad huh, and I read too that the demand is really high. I also read that they pay higher if the pharmacy technician has a certificate, meaning he/she has to go to a school that offers a short course on being a pharmacy tech. It is very important that pharmacy technicians are properly trained, after all we rely on them for all the prescribed medicines we purchase.


Nail Art

I found the time yesterday to do my nails, both fingers and toes. I was also able to some nail art, well stickers actually, the one I bought from Face Shop. Honestly I like doing nail art from scratch, meaning I do my own design. The stickers just looked dull on my nails. Or maybe it's a matter of getting used to the color? With my own design, I can play with different colors, which really makes it attractive. Oh well, maybe I will do it alternately, next would be my own design. Haha, the nailart on my toenail looked like fungus or something, it's funny.


Web Hosting

Have you heard about SeverPronto? I've heard that this is the one being used by big companies such as MSN, etc. I went through their packages and I was really impressed. When you sign up with them, you get your own server, and this is the one that will really give you 99.99 percent uptime. A 200 GB bandwidth, what can you say to that? Now what are you waiting for, go check them out.


TGI Friday's


TGI Friday's is one of the favorite restaurants of my kids, and it has become my favorite also. Though it's kinda pricey, the food is really good. Fried Mozarella is the kids ultimate favorite, but they were not able to have it when we went there last Sunday coz they run out. I've been trying to learn, err I will try my hand at making those fried mozarella when I have the time, Ish is always requesting me to make it. I on the other hand love their fries, it's yummy and I can eat a whole plate of it. We usually order extra because my kids love it too. Oh don't forget to order Mocha Mud Pie, it's N's favorite and it's really yummy.


Fashion Design

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I wonder what fashion jobs my favorite designers had before they became big. I bet after they graduated from these fashion schools, they were able to find a job right away, probably assistants to more famous fashion designers. Here they will be able to hone their talents more before becoming big in their fashion careers. There are actually a lot of good fashion designers behind famous brands, and some of them are just fresh out of the fashion schools they attended. Now I remember one of my favorite tv shows, Project Runway. I wonder which fashion schools those competitors went to. They are darn good!


I Want to Study Web Design

I'd like to go into it training, web design and development in particular. I don't know but ever since I got into blogging, I developed a special interest in web design. I really envy people who are good at web designing and it is my ultimate dream to be one someday. I found this online technical school that offers just that. But I think I am too old to go back to school? But then again come to think of it, nobody's too old to go to school. Hhhmm, let me check the other tech schools.


Ultrasound Tech School

Are you considering a career in the medical field? Well you can be an ultrasound technologist which I heard is in demand right now, and it pays really well. There are numerous medical conditions which require ultrasound thus the demand. Working for about 40 hours a week can give you a salary of $4000 according to reports, not bad huh. If you want a career in this field, it is very easy to find an ultrasound tech school that you can go to. Just go through their list and look for an ultrasound technician school near your place.


Teacher's Day Off

Do you know who this guy err gay err whatevah is? He is Pecto, one of the hosts of the show Day Off at QTV. Well we taught him some belly dancing moves because he will replace our teacher just for one session. Their show gave our teacher a day off. This guy is really funny, he's got funny bones. He was not hard to teach either, maybe a born dancer too?


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