Gold: A Wise Investment

Friday, April 30, 2010

Let me ask you a question, just a hypothetical one. If you receive a sum of money unexpectedly, how would you invest it? Hhmm, I know most of us haven't thought about that question. Did it ever come to mind that it's a wise decision to buy gold bullion? If you ask me, yes I would tell you that it's a wise decision. If you follow the gold price, never in it's history it went down. The price is always going up. What does this mean? For me it's a good investment. It preserves the wealth and the purchasing power. Gold has been an investment since the ancient times and up until now there's still a lot of people who prefer to invest in gold.


E-Cigarettes for Him

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I haven't been smoking cigs for year now. It was a struggle, a hard one. You know how it is when you've been smoking for 17 years, it's so hard to quit. I thank God that I was able to do it. Now it's the husband who's talking about quitting smoking too. Well he has not been successful since he has been talking about it for months already. Now I am looking into letting him use e-cigarettes instead. He's going to get the same satisfaction, the same taste so why not. I think I'm going to push it since I really hate the smell of cigarettes now, as in totally. It gives me a headache.


He Gets My Vote

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am going to vote for him. I am definite about it. Honestly it's my first time to vote in our District so I am really clueless on who to vote locally. I registered with the Comelec in September of last year, and when I checked online I was not in the database. I was suppose to go and check with the office just to find out where my polling place is. Thanks to Mr. Alex Herrera, I don't need to do it already. Yeah, he gets my vote!


The Wait is Over, well Almost!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The sisters are arriving tomorrow from the USA. I am very excited. When my sisters decided to come home more than a month ago, my other sister jokingly made a bet. I took her seriously though in the first two weeks. Would you care to know what she wants to bet on? It's our weight. Apparently both of us have weight problems. We are overweight beyond our height and age. She came up with a solution, thus the bet. Who ever wins will be treated to Red Crab, the number 1 restaurant that serves crabs here in the Philippines. Ok so on with the bet. We were both good on the first two weeks, but gave up on the third week. I wonder if she ever thought of resorting to
supplements. I gave it some thought, but then again I have to do more readings on it. I need to talk to someone who's used it and probably consult my doctor first. Yeah this is the best thing to do before going into something, especially if it's health related.

*I don't think I'll win, I gained back the pounds I lost and there's no way I can lose, they are arriving tomorrow remember?


Roadtrip: Anvaya Cove

MIL celebrates her 68th birthday with a series of roadtrip. Anvaya Cove was the first leg. We left Manila a bit late already because the kids had to do finish some requirements in school. It took us a little over 2 hours to get to Subic. We had lunch at Teriyaki Boy first before proceeding to Anvaya Cove. It's a second for me and the hubs at Anvaya, and the first for the kids. Like us, they enjoyed so much. It was fun swimming in the beach, and it was nice lounging around the pool too. Nope, no tan lines for us since we got to the place pretty late, the sun was not harsh enough to produce tan lines in our bodies. Good if I may say since it's not really good to stay under the sun. Yeah I know, going to the beach is not complete without those tan lines/sunburn. Probably next time then, but no, we are scared to get skin CA.

*more stories to come - we did 3 legs.


Am I Old or What?

I didn't expect it to happen. I stopped my fitness thingy for a year and now that I am back I am no longer used to it. I now have this joint pain. I wonder where I got it from. For now I am pointing to aerobics as the culprit, but I don't know really. Probably I am just getting old(er) but I don't know. I don't like to stop with my fitness thing now, I feel good doing it and I look forward to it everytime. I do it five times a week, but if I had a choice I'd be glad to do it everyday.


The Lines Gave It Away

Monday, April 19, 2010

I was in the mood to put on makeup today. I was excited to try on the Urban Decay Primer Potion that Krisa sent me. Oh I love it! It held the eye color pretty well, and the blending was amazing. After I was done with the hair and makeup, I had my photo taken. It was something like a photoshoot for a magazine, haha who am I kidding. It was the hubs who took the shots. He downloaded what he took in between shots to check on the lighting. Lo and behold, I need to use the best anti aging supplement. I saw lines, very visible at that. I can't hide my age anymore, those lines are giving me away, golly! Really, I have to look into this anti aging thingy, it's best to start early you know.

The photoshoot is for my twitter account. Yeah I'm vain...not all the time though.


Not So Typical Sunday

Typical is that we attended the church service. I was glad we did. We were challenged to give, not just give because we are obliged to do so. It's not in the amount really but did you know that God is more concerned with how you feel about giving?

Typical is that we had lunch over at Mom's. As usual food was superb, nothing fancy but very filling. I had my veggie fix which I look forward to every Sunday we have lunch at Mom's. I missed Mom, we didn't visit her for two weeks since we were out on vacation. I miss the laughs and I am looking forward to never ending laughs when my sisters from the US get here. I wish I can stay with them during the duration of their stay, but, but I have a family to take care of. I'll just go and visit whenever I can.

Not so typical because instead of having dinner at the in-laws we ate at Thousand Cranes at Trinoma. Kuya A arrived from the US and the family treated him out for dinner. Another not so typical is the fact that we watched a movie (LFS) after dinner. Kick-Ass was fun, someone let out a scared shout (epic fail) in one of the scenes which I really didn't understand because nothing was scary about the movie. Probably too excited and got the house down.


Decorating your child’s room in an airplane theme

Friday, April 16, 2010

My son is crazy about airplanes, he has been since he was two. I am always looking for activities that he can experience different types of planes.
Last year I took him to the local air show where he saw planes from world war II, he saw a bomber plane that was used to bomb Berlin and a bunch of transport planes, and he even saw some modern planes. But I think his favorite was the fighter planes that looked like they had shark teeth painted on the front near the propeller. He had such a great time that I vowed to make the air show a yearly event at minimum.
When it came time to redo his bedroom, I got the idea to make over the room in an airplane theme while he was at his grandma’s house for a week. I found these great airplane ceiling fans that I knew he would love. I finally settled on a fan that is called a warbird ceiling fan. It looked almost exactly like the front of the same fighter plane that my son had really liked at the air show.
The next item I chose was an awesome bed that looked like the red baron fighter plane, which is actually a biplane. I topped the bed off with an airplane spread and sheet set and called it good.
For the walls I decided to get creative. I started with a base of sky blue which I painted white clouds. Then I used this really cool stencil of a little airplane and strategically placed them around the room.
For the capper I found some airplane mobiles to hang from the ceiling to match the Airplane Ceiling Fan , oh and I also found a floor rug (we have hardwood floors) that is blue with clouds and about 6 planes flying around on it.
When he got back home he was on a cloud and I had an ear to ear grin. He hugged me for a really long time and told me that I was the coolest dad in the world. I only hope that when he reaches the teen years that he remembers this day.


Job Opportunity

Monday, April 12, 2010

I've been a stay-at-home Mom for 6 years now. I don't regret it at all although there were times that I wished I was working. Well those were the days when I felt low and wanted to take this job. I nearly took on the opportunity but then I wanted to spend more time with the kids, in their growing up years. No regrets as I have said, because I have seen them grow and I was there for them during their highs and lows. No amount of money can pay the love and support I have given them.


Knitting Project: Leaf Pattern

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Like I mentioned, the sisters from the US are arriving. In order to save on shipping cost, I'm working on this scarf (and many more hopefully) to give to one of them. I've done two already for my niece and again hoping to do another one. Lace patterns are kinda hard to make in the sense that I need to look at the pattern all the time. I'm not that young to be able to memorize it :P Probably if knitting was my life, then I'd be able to do that. I'm still thankful that I am able to get through some of the patterns to think I only learned how to knit watching youtube vids, tutorials of sorts.


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