Finally... E Cig for Him

Friday, July 29, 2011

After 30 years the husband finally quit smoking! It was actually through my initiative, but boy did I have a hard time. I have asked him countless times, he'd quit but only for a day or two. Then I saw this counter where they sell e cig. I noticed that every time I pass by that area, there are always lots of people. I got curious, so I checked. Little did I know that this would be the start of it. I bought him his first e cig and there was no turning back. What I am expecting from him now is to lower the number of milligrams in the "juice". Hopefully it'll be 0 in no time.


Scorching Heat

I heard that summer in the US is really terrible this time. They are experiencing heat wave. Everybody is complaining, I read it in status updates in Facebook, in Twitter and even when I talk with my siblings. It must really be hot, and nobody likes scorching heat, right? I asked them if their Ductless Air conditoners are working fine and they said yes. I guess it must really be that hot. Now they are all looking forward to winter. Well this means only one thing, they'd choose winter over heat wave. Poor people in America. But you know what's funny? Kids seem to enjoy the heat. None of them are complaining in fact they are still out there doing their own thing and enjoying summer. And maybe when they feel the heat, they would come rushing inside their houses and turn on the mini split air conditioner they have. It gives some relief I tell you. This is the reason why I have ductless air conditioner which has an Energy Star Approval installed in each room. I think it's a must for every household living in the tropics...well only if one can afford to buy it and of course to pay for the electricity. But I have rules when it comes to the use of it. I only allow them to use when it's really very hot, otherwise I tell them to just settle using the electric fan. But at nights we really turn it on so that everyone will be well rested. Hhmm, this gives me an idea, why not buy one that has inverter next time so that electric consumption will be lessened. With this, maybe I can extend the use of the a/c. It's nice to start the day when you feel that you have slept really well.


3d This Time

It was nail decals the other time, now it's 3d stickers. Yeah I am fond of dressing up my nails. You seldom see me without it. Thank God my nails don't get yellowish or something, it's probably because I mostly use imported polishes (no pun intended). We just started on a project, we will be buying new colors each week so that it wouldn't cause a hole in the pocket. I'd rather buy my own than spend P80 on top of the regular price for a maniped when you choose to use imported nail polish. Then we are going to build our colors, yipee! If you only know the joy we have whenever we look at our growing collection.


Not Just Eyewear

Thursday, July 28, 2011

When my kids were in elementary, I made a friend with one of Moms in school. You see I used to frequent the school a lot especially on lunch breaks because I bring them freshly cooked food every time. Apparently, this Mom I made friends with does the same. We became close and eventually became very good friends. She is an optometrist by profession and her clinic is just near the school. I used to spend a lot of time in her clinic while waiting for the kids to be dismissed. It was there that I was introduced to Oakley products. I was exposed to their eyewear collection more, truth be told. I wasn't really aware that they had more stuff like these oakley bags. You see I am not really a mall person and if ever I go to the malls I go straight to the shops where I am suppose to buy the things that I need. I seldom go around because it's kinda tiring if you know what I mean. Anyway, going back to their bag collection, they do have a large array of bags. I think every bag that we need, they have it in their collection. I had a nice time browsing through their collection. At least I know what brand to buy whenever I need a specialty bag. I do have one in mind already at its the carry on roller bag. I think I'll be needing it for travels. It's the perfect size actually. Then I'm gonna try and save up for the medium and large ones. And there's a large collection of oakley backpacks to choose from too. I wonder if my boy would prefer using backpacks this time. I think he should since he'll be in college soon. I see a lot of college students use backpacks whenever I bring my eldest daughter to school. When we spot a really nice one, my daughter and I would really wonder what brand it is. Then we'd secretly wish to have it in our bag collection...not that we have too many. But yeah, girls just can't get enough bags and shoes too for that matter. I just don't know with other girls who are not into it, but I'm pretty sure they are into something else. But seriously, why can't girls have enough bags and shoes? Is it really that insatiable? And there's one more silly it hereditary? I think my daughter inherited such a trait (trait?) nah, I think it's more of liking from me.


The Perfect Gift for Mom

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ladies are not really known as gadgets people. That does not hold true now. I would like to think that it's equal. Women love gadgets as much as men do. Whatever gadget my husband has, I have it too, or at least I know how to operate it. I'm no longer ignorant on its operation and all, gone are those days! Anyway, the reason I am mentioning this is to give you an idea on what to get your Mom on Mother's Day. I'd vote for electronics. I know she will be happy getting one. Now I remember seeing this infomercial about a really old lady enjoying her gadget. It's the joy on her face that is really priceless.


The Game of Golf

I barely understand golf so I really don't quite get why a lot of people are into golf nowadays. They say it's very interesting and very fulfilling. I think that part I can understand simply because I see it in peoples' faces every time they're done with the game. There was a point that I read about the game since I heard it can get interesting and really relaxing. I gathered that a golf putter set can help make or break the game. It is very important to have the best set since it is designed to give the player an advantage. I wonder which putter is really the best. I think I need to ask the help of a professional golfer so that I would really know which are the popular ones.


DIY: Nail Decals

Photobucket Perfect! I finally know how to do it properly after the first try. I no longer have to go to the nail salon just to have it done. Yes, I am still the undisputed queen of DIY stuff. I am not ashamed to tell you that in fact if I tell you how much I save on stuff that I can do myself, then you'd probably do the same. No it does not cause stress, in fact DIY stuff is a stress-buster for me. It gives me satisfaction that I am able to do things on my own.


Then Importance of Ankle Support

I am almost injured! My moves are very restricted now and I don't like it. I should have listened to my friends when they suggested wearing something for support when I first started with my fitness routine. Now I know what to do. Lessons are really learned the hard way. Anyway, my son wants to learn basketball. He started last summer. I was happy when he told me he wanted to learn. I want my son to have his own fitness routine, something to keep him in shape. Now that he has chosen this sport, I will let him wear ankle support basketball. I don't want him to hurt his ankles. I've seen a lot of boys hurt their ankles and I think this is the number one injury when you play basketball because it involves a lot of jumping. But be very careful though when you choose what support to wear, pick one that fits comfortably, one that will not restrict your movements when you start playing.


Stainless for your Kitchen

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

How often do you plan home projects? Do you wait until the stuff in your house get destroyed? I won't be surprised if you do because I am like that, I wait 'til stuff gets broken before replacing it. Anyway, if you are on a kitchen project, I want you to take a look at these stainless steel kitchen sinks. Are you aware that most people use stainless already? I am using stainless steel kitchen sink and you can barely notice the scratches. It looks very simple in my kitchen which I really like. I want an elaborate yet very simple kitchen. I know you find me silly for saying this, but yeah you can make it that way, trust me.


Nail Decal

I am into nail decals nowadays. At first I found it hard to put but I managed doing my right. I almost gave up, but then it looked nice on my nails so I kept trying until I made it right. Now I have perfect nailart, but I still want freehand nailart. Yeah I will do it once in a while or probably do it alternately.


GPS To Help Us Around

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I noticed that small vans are not being used by couriers anymore. Normally motorcycles deliver the packages I order online. Is this one of the reasons why you see motorcycles everywhere? I think it is one of the most convenient transport we have. Aside from that, it does not use much gasoline either. I wonder if they use motorcycle gps to bring them around. It's hard getting lost in the metro because you will not be able to reach your quota for the day. Everyone is not really familiar with the streets especially if you are new in this kind of job.


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