A Hospital Scene

Monday, November 21, 2011

I recently watched this series on television (sorry the title escapes me at the moment)and there's this scene that caught my attention. It was actually a hospital scene and I couldn't help but wonder if we have it. I have not been too many hospitals here but with the 2 hospitals that we often go to, I have not seen them use computer carts. I find it cool and this is probably the reason why I particularly remember that scene. It's so convenient too, with just a few clicks everything can be recorded and retrieved. Anyway, I will let you guys know if we have it here already or vice versa.


Lucky Me!

I love it when F21 goes on sale. This one was not announced though. I didn't have any idea that they were having it. I just happened to meet with N at Megamall and I couldn't let the opportunity of checking F21 pass. I wasn't planning on buying either but how can you resist a double 50% off, right? Yes some items were sold at 50% plus another 50% off when you pay at the counter. Not only that items sold at 50% off get another item, so it's buy 1 take 1. Oh sheeesh, am I making sense? Anyway I got that skirt and a swimwear top for a little over P200 only. What a great deal! I wish they had more items that was on sale though. I know I am asking for too much :P


The Smell of Coffee Wakes Me Up

I used to go to Starbucks a lot for my coffee, but then I realized that it leaves a hole in my pocket. That's when I decide to purchase my own coffee maker. I am happy to say that I am one of the proud owners of these krups coffee makers. It's so easy to use and I can say it's durable too. I had mine for more than 5 years now and it's working just fine. I can say too that it will last another 5 years and even beyond. This is something to look forward to, imagine waking up in the mornings to a house that smells good coffee, simply the best!


The Everyday Scrub

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wow! I see a lot of nurses everyday, not! Relax, it's just that I see a lot of people wearing nursing scrubs. It's no longer confined to nurses this days. I don't have anything against it and I can't blame the spa people for deciding to use those scrubs too, it's comfortable. I myself have used it for sleeping instead of the traditional jammies, like I said it's comfy. So there, that's probably the reason why not only nurses sport the scrubs nowadays. One more thing, have you noticed that it comes in different colors already? Boring white is now out of the question.



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