Sunday, April 29, 2007

One Day Blog Silence


A Night With Bloggers

I received a text message from Nao that there's an EB organized by AnnaManila at the ISSI Bldg., UP Diliman. I immediately sent an sms to my bff asking if she'd like to come with me, and she agreed. So after my belly dancing class, off we went to UP. It was a night of fun, having to spend time with other bloggers. I'm sharing with you photos from that EB. (click photos to enlarge)

l-r: BA, Moi, Marie, Dine, (Boy Dapa & Marghil) Myrna, Nao, Erlyn, Jamie & Erica


Toning The Trouble-Spots

Friday, April 27, 2007

One night I was watching the video taken by N of our Belly Dance Performance. I noticed that while doing the shoulder shimmy, my "loose arm flesh" (triceps) was also doing a shimmy to my disgust. Right away N suggested that I do something about it. Yesterday he bought me a 3lb. weights so I can start doing what I need to do. Luckily I have found some help in the net. Click HERE. I think this is pretty easy, if I can do it, YOU can also do it. Let's check on each other's progress, okie?


Do You Need To Remind Me?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Joshua's yaya (nanny) is on a 2-week vacation. He attempted to sleep by himself on the 1st night but to no avail. He ended up sleeping at 5 in the morning. So we asked him if he wanted to sleep in our room. For a week now, he has been sleeping with us.

We always have a little chitchat before bed talking about this online game that he has been playing. Frustrated that I couldn't even understand what he's talking about, I decided to try it. He gave me a few tips on how to go about it, explained further the dos and don'ts. He even assured me that I'm gonna enjoy the game.

Here are some of our conversations every night:

Me: Are you sure Josh that I can go about it (the game)?
Josh: Of course Mom! And yeah if someone goes to you saying, need bf or need gf, IGNORE them...and besides you're already MARRIED.


Me: Hey Josh...what are runes? (i have not finished the tutorials of the game) Can you tell me where to get it? Can you also tell me where to get some food, etc.
Josh: Sorry Mom, I can't teach you much, you see I'm not a born teacher, and besides I know you can figure it yourself.


Josh: Mom, I can't sleep, I'm bothered by Dad's snoring.
Me: Tap him on the shoulder, and when he moves he'll stop snoring.
Josh: *waiting*
Dad: *snores*
Josh: *taps his shoulder*
Me: I said tap Josh not shake!
Josh: Mom, the tapping did it, he stopped snoring!

~the following night ~
Josh: Dad's not snoring, finally we have some PEACE AND QUIET nor now.
Me: Do you think Dad'd not annoyed by our noise?
Josh: I don't think he hears us...see he's still asleep.


Me: Can you move a little occupy so much space.
Josh: What can I do, I have ABs and MUSCLES.
Me: *gasp* ABs and MUSCLES? Do you know what you are talking about?
Josh: boys can dream too, you know.
Josh: *touching dad's tummy* Mom, I can feel dad's ABs, open close quotation.


*These are some of the many funny conversations we have every night, sometimes it takes us an hour before hitting the sack.*


I Did It!

Monday, April 16, 2007

This is the second time I missed watching a Pacman fight on tv, but I tell you it was worth it. We woke up at 5 in the morning to get ready for the Tour of the Fireflies. I don't normally eat breakfast but this time I did. I followed N's advise of having cereals, milk and banana. I dressed up to my improvised bike outfit (I can't find a jersey that fits to a T), put on my helmet and off to Tiendesitas, the starting point. It was overwhelming to see thousands of bikers, all joining for a good cause.

We took off a little after 8, everyone as excited as me. We cruised thru C5 all the way to Ayala Ave. We got stuck in the corner of Makati Ave., creating a little traffic to the annoyance of the commuters. Cars started blowing horns, this time to the annoyance of the bikers, and to answer to all those honking, bikers started going was fun =) It turned out there was a water station halfway thru Makati Ave. and Paseo de Roxas. There was just too many bikers to fit the stretch between those streets.

Then we continued cruising, passing thru Buendia all the way to Roxas Blvd. Pitstop was suppose to be at Quirino grandstand, but the trees in Roxas Blvd. was just inviting thus the major pitstop (more like 20 mins). Then we went past Luneta, all the way to Quiapo (gosh I had a hard time, crossing the bridge, it was uphill you know) then passing the whole stretch of Espana. There was another water station, so we stopped for like 10 mins. again. Then proceeded passing E. Rodriguez, turned right at Gilmore. From Gilmore, we went straight to Ortigas Extension. I was really happy when I saw Greenhills, coz it means that we were getting nearer to Tiendesitas, but lo and behold, the group turned left to Santolan. I was thinking hmmmm maybe we'll take Edsa, indeed we took Edsa, but instead we turned left going all the way to Araneta Center for a turnover ceremony of the newsletter. There I found out that we were about 5,000. From Araneta, we passed by a street which I was not really very familiar with, all the way to Green Meadows. I felt kinda tired and was feeling all the heat when we were nearing Tiendesitas. I shifted my gear coz it was uphill again and was on a relaxed mode. The biker on my right thought that I was giving up and he told me Ma'am we're almost there, it was very encouraging. Upon reaching the gate in Tiendesitas, we were welcomed by a firetruck, sprinkling water on all the bikers. YES! I DID IT! And I'm GOING to DO it AGAIN!

all tired after the ride


Tour for a Cause

Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Sweet, let's join Tour of the Fireflies" N was telling me one night. It's fun, it's an experience, and there's even a 4 yr. old boy who joined last year. Since it's fun and all, I immediately said YES. Then I went to google it...WHAT? 50 km? around Metro Manila? (I know, I should have asked for the details before saying YES) And I go, sweet I don't think I can, it's a 50 km tour, I don't think my body can handle it. And he goes "kaya mo yan (you can do it), you have enough cardio exercise, there's your belly dancing and you've been playing badminton lately".

Well, who can say NO to that. I'm really excited, I'm all geared up to do it. It's a once in a lifetime experience, and yeah if my body decides to quit halfway, then I can always take my bike and ride the truck =)



Playing Badminton with Josh

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Josh has been playing every afternoon for an hour at the 4th floor (supposedly our badminton court, but still unfinished). I even joined them one afternoon coz I heard their voices and they were having so much fun. I really didn't intend to play that afternoon. But seeing them having a great time, I joined them, too lazy to change into the correct footwear. Too scared to play in my havaianas, I played barefoot (yeah call me cheapskate or something). The result? I had blisters...hmmmp I didn't like to destroy my havaianas you know :)

Seeing how Josh enjoyed, I invited him to go play at the court he is making it a regular thing. I'm just waiting for him to tell me that he again wants to be trained (we enrolled him in 2004 but only finished half of the training as we were scheduled to have a vacation).

See how my darling boy's soooooo serious about his fitness program...will he lose weight?


Me: what is it babe?
Josh: oh never mind Mom...i heard you sigh (which I did), maybe I asks too many questions.

It has always been this way (not the sigh part), whenever we're in the car, Josh talks non-stop. Occasionally he's being joined by his sister Ish. They sound like tweeting birds. I used to tell them, hey I can't concentrate on my driving, can you please lower your voice or just give me some peace and quiet til we reach the place?


Josh: what's a virgin Mom?
Me: person who didn't have sex yet (I assumed he knows about the sex part)
Josh: oh so that makes me a virgin, and I guess i'm gonna be a virgin forever.
Me: and why do you say that?
Josh: because I don't want to have annoying kids, just like me! he figured he can get annoying sometimes huh =)


How I Spent My Week

Monday, April 09, 2007

We normally spend Holy Week at's all you can sleep time (without feeling guilty, without feeling like a bum), anyone can be LAZY, anyone can stay LATE at night each doing his/her own thing.

1. I was able to cook pasta (Tomato, Cream & Cheese and Puttanesca Sauces) and they loved it.
2. I thought I finished the series Gilmore Girls. The season 7 dvd contained only 10 episodes...bummer!
3. Watched Memoirs of Geisha (don't have anything to do)
4. Had dinner at my in-laws, brought my version of chicken inasal for them to taste, and cooked garlic rice to go with the chicken.
5. Had our usual Good Friday Coffee Night at starbucks with the gang.
6. Attended Easter Service, then had Easter lunch over at my parents' house.
7. Was suppose to watch a movie to culminate the week, but lazy bones still =(


MIL's 65th Birthday Party

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Double Ouch!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

After a hard day's work (wedding coverage), I was treated by N to a foot spa. I miss having my feet done, although I don't look forward to it coz i'm tickled pink whenever someone else touches my feet. It's just that I needed it badly, the skin is dry and flaky and needs a buff. How I wish the procedure is relaxing, but really it's not, aside from the fact that it tickles, it hurts too. The attendant says I have sensitive skin.


The kids requested if I can make them some cookies I did. I made them 3 batches of oatmeal-choco chip cookies, and a batch of chewy chocolate cookies. Josh even helped...made some gingerbread man shapes, and he enjoyed a lot. He can't even wait for it to be baked, while shaping them, some goes to his mouth too, and he says it's yummy. Isha does the same too...when I tried it, true enough it was as yummy as the baked ones. And yeah, i burned my thumb, I don't know how it happened, im usually careful when I take out the cookie sheets from the oven, but still. Oh well...want some cookies?


We Were There

Sunday, April 01, 2007

We attended The Philippine Blog Awards earlier to represent FrancescainFrance who was one of the finalists in the Special Awards category (Best OFW Blog). It was a successful event, though I expected see and meet more bloggers. I was happy to have met ApplesH who was part of the registration team. I saw Toni and her hubby who's seated right in front of us, Toni bagging the Best Home and Living Blog category...congratulations! Funny how Toni was excluded in the announcement of the finalist in that category, and that her husband had to point out to the emcees the screenshot being flashed on the stage (imho, even if her blog was not listed in the script, those emcees should have known since they were bloggers themselves, one even mentioned that she went through all the blogs of the finalists last night).

Congratulations to all the winners...and to Francesca, even if you did not bag the award, you are still a our hearts. We love you!


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