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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wow! Is this timely? I just wrote in one of my previous posts about my being a trying hard makeup artist. And look what I salon jobs. Great! I can now apply, oh just kidding. I only I live in America, I would do that. I'd love to put to practice my love to do people's faces. I think I can handle the job, or should I still view makeup tutorials over at youtube. Yeah that's where I get ideas on how to do people's faces. I didn't study to become a pro, but I really want to. There are still a lot to learn I know.

Hopefully there will still be jobs available in case I want to go pro. But for those ones who want to find a job related to the beauty industry, is the place for you. Who knows this will be the start of a new career for you.


I Knit!

I started this knitting project 2nd week of December I think. I'm proud to say that I finished it in just 2 days. I can actually do it in one sitting, but knowing me, I'm such a multi-tasker. Anyways, my daughter was able to wear it already when we went to Tagaytay. It was a bit colder there compared to Manila, so she found this a great opportunity to wear it. I don't know if it helped her get warm, or is it just because of fashion. Whatever it is, I know my daughter is happy that I made her a beanie.


The Makeup Artist in Me

I was requested by my MIL to do the makeup of the bride who is her neighbor. The bride actually worked for us in our 1-hr photo developing some years back. That's the reason why I was excited and very willing...just returning the favor if I may say. I actually didn't have second thoughts when my MIL informed me, in fact I was very excited to do her makeup. This is not the first time my MIL requested me to do someone's makeup. My first "client" was a contestant in a singing contest, and she won first place. Well not because I made her prettier, but because she had a beautiful voice, LOL. I think I am made to do hair and makeup for free. Yep I didn't charge them ^_^. Anyways, can this be the start of a new career? The hubs says NO WAY. With this I will continue to do it for free then! I was not only the makeup artist for that day, I was the unofficial photographer too.


Beautifully Crafted Jewelry

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I want you guys to check out these designer costume jewelry I found online. Goodness it's awesome and very affordable! I found this set of multi stone earrings and pendant which was really beautiful and it's on sale now, at a jaw dropping price. I'm attaching a photo at the end of the post. Now tell me, isn't it beautiful? I'd love to wear them and I'm sure it's gonna be a head turner. Yeah I am very sure of that.

There are a lot of beautiful pieces you can find if you browse their website. I'm sure you will agree with me on that. These are beautifully crafted. You will see that the craftsmanship is not sacrificed at all even if the prices are really very affordable. They wouldn't be in the business this long if they don't have satisfied returning customers. This website is just awesome. Check it out.


Interesting Home Businesses

Monday, December 29, 2008

I am a stay at home Mom right now and I am loving every minute of it. I have time to take care of my growing kids. At first I was not used to the idea since I had been working for some 8 years already. I admit I missed it a lot, but after some time I was very thankful to be staying home. A lot of my friends have convinced me to have a home business since they think that the kids are already grown up. Grown up in the sense that they "need" me less. Actually I have been thinking about having my own home business lately, this way I can help the hubs augment the family income and at the same time I can be there for the family. Good idea, right?


Christmas Eve

We had a very simple Christmas Eve Noche Buena at home. Our noche buena consisted of Chinese Ham, 3 kinds of cheeses, baked macaroni, grapes, french cookies with strawberry jam, a bottle of red wine and some spritzer for the kids. When the kids came down, they were like, is that what we are having only? You see, they were so used seeing plenty of food on the table, well that was like last year and a few years before that. Yeah, I prepared a lot, more than what we can finish. But this time, I only prepared a few since I was really very very tired. I baked 16 loaves of banana bread to be given away. I didn't have enough energy to cook some more for the night's noche buena. I wanted to give my relatives some freshly baked banana bread. I will just make up this coming New Year's Eve. My Mom and the rest of the gang will be spending it with us. This will be a lot of fun, fun in the kitchen too!


Queen of the Kitchen

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm not really into baking and stuff, but lately I want to learn how to bake. I've done cookies, but that's about it. Last night, I tried my hand at making banana pineapple bread, a recipe from my Mom. I enjoyed doing it especially that it turned out ok. Yeah it's my first time to make it and I can say that I was pretty successful. The hubs had it for breakfast, and the verdict? He said it was yummy. Now I am inspired to try my hand at baking other cakes or perhaps some cupcakes which is the favorite of my daughter. But the thing is, I don't have the necessary pans and all. I started looking for one and I found this circulon steel elite really impressive. It's a non-stick bakeware. Now I want to own all the bakeware, and the roaster included since I roast chicken all the time. Oh now I'm getting excited, I love the smell of baked goodies. The kids would be happy I know, and this time it would be wonderful to hear them say, "My Mom bakes well." It would be nice to hear that in addition to the "My Mom cooks good food." Or to borrow my son's dialogue, "I am not fat, I am just well fed."

While browsing their website, I also found these art and cook utensils. Goodness, I want to have it all too. They have a wide range of unique designs and it's really beautiful. It's like state-of-the-art utensils. Who says art and cooking do not go together. I will be inspired to cook more if I have these beautiful yet functional kitchen utensils


Are You Ready to Celebrate?

Who's reading for the Christmas Eve celebration? I am not yet that ready since I need to prepare a lot more stuff for our "noche buena". I didn't prepare much this time, I think we're just having ham, 3 kinds of cheeses, some red wine, baked chicken wings and baked macaroni and grapes. That is not much, considering we had a lot last year. Well I learned my lesson, we don't get to finish everything that we prepared. I haven't finished baking banana pineapple bread to be given away. I've done 6 so far, and need to do 10 more. I will be making it in a little while and hopefully be able to finish it before tomorrow. Good I'm done with shopping, I was out yesterday and the mall was just full. You can barely move. It's been this way all these years, and seems like everyone didn't learn their lesson, me included...bleh.


Travel Insurance

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I never really thought of getting a travel insurance whenever we go out of the country. Maybe I was just not familiar with the benefits I'll get whenever I have one. But now that I know, I must make it a point to get one whenever we travel. It can compensate with whatever hassles I might have when traveling. We are not really sure what's going to happen, but it would be wonderful to think that whatever happens, travel insurance can take care of it.


Is Online Education for You?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Online education is getting popular nowadays. And why not? It gives everyone the opportunity to study, especially the ones belonging to the working class. You know how it is when you are working. You need to be in the office 8 hours everyday, and even if you want to go to a regular class you just can't. But when you are enrolled in an online university, you can access your online course any time of the day using internet connection. If you are interested, you can check out the available courses of this online university, and just to let you know, they have financial aid options for their students. This is a great opportunity, so why don't you check it out.

*This blog post is based on the information given by Blogitive. For more information, please visit


The Birthday Boy

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We had two celebrations for my son's 13th birthday. Initially he wanted to celebrate it at Friday's, but since the olds do not want it there, we opted for a chinese restaurant instead. This was done a day prior to his birthday. We feasted on all his favorite dishes.

We surprised him with a Friday's treat right on his birthday. Of course wish granted for our little big boy. Again, he had all he wanted, including some time at Timezone.

I'm really proud of my son. He's grown up to be a fine young man, a son any mother can wish for. He has his moods, but generally he's a very sweet boy. He says his piece, but he does not sound rude at all. He has his moments though, like any kid would have, but he is not difficult. We love you son!


A Comprehensive List of Diet Pills

Sunday, December 14, 2008

With a lot of diet pills coming out in the market today, what do you think is the best? Honestly I am at a lost, well maybe you know the reason why ^_^. But seriously...I found a list of the best diet pills in the net. It's not just any list, but the reviews are based on the studies conducted by different international organizations and research institutes. I don't know but I feel safer or should I say I'm more confident about products being reviewed by research institutes.


Anything Baseball

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who among you love baseball? I guess everyone does. It's an exciting game, and it's fun to watch too if you are not playing. It would be a wonderful activity for the kids too. As much as possible, we want our kids to indulge in sports. It is a very good exercise, and by playing one can develop sportsmanship. It's a great way to interact with others too. I'd love to have my kids attend a baseball clinic or something. But if there's none, they can always learn by themselves, well at least the basics. There are a lot of baseball equipment for sale, including Baseball Gloves. When I checked on their products a while back, I really got interested with the pitching machine. It's cool, you can practice anytime, and you can really develop your batting skills. I think this is fun. But of course it would be nice if you get proper training too.

There's actually a lot more you can find when you visit There are a lot of potential gift items. Sometimes we run out of ideas of what to give on Christmas. I think this would be a wonderful gift one can ever receive. You know how kids are, they get pretty excited and want to use it right away. This is a nice way to introduce our kids and godchildren to sports. What do you think?


Bibingka (Rice Cake)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Yay! The hubs drove all the way to Tomas Morato (about 20 minutes away from our house without traffic) just to have my bibingka (rice cake) fix at 9 in the evening. He seldom drives nowadays, well except when he goes biking, he does not have a choice since our driver brings the kids to school. Good thing he didn't get lazy that night, otherwise I would have driven myself which would be a big mistake since I just recuperated from flu. Actually I still had terrible cough and colds that night but minus the fever, so I declared myself well just to have that bibingka fix, haha. It tasted really good, different from all the rice cakes that I've tasted. If you want to have the original Ferino's bibingka, you should look for that signage, unless you want to buy from their franchise.


Reimbursement Services

How do you manage reimbursing your mobile employees their gas allowance? Are you having problems with it? Are you sure that what they are reimbursing is actually what they used your business? I think this is the most common problem most employers encounter nowadays. There are some employees who are not just being honest. But did you know you can avoid this kind of problem? I found out in the internet that this Car Allowance can actually be customizable. A certain program can calculate a fair and accurate reimbursement rate. This would benefit both the employer and the employee. On the employer side, it would mean a lot of savings if they don't administer and and maintain a fleet of vehicles. It would turn out more cheaper if they do reimbursements via another company. It will also reduce risk and liability exposure. We all know that whether or not the car was used for business, if something happens to that car, it would be the liability of the employer. On the employee side, it's going to be tax-free. Yes it's true and the program is designed in accordance to IRS. With this, the employee gets to go home with more pay.


Effective Diet Pills Review

Friday, December 05, 2008

So what do you think is the best diet pills available in the market today? Honestly I don't have any idea, since I am not into it. Yeah it pays to know, who knows I will be needing it in the future, or probably some of my friends need it right now. With so many diet pills coming out in the market today, it's a bit confusing. Good thing there are sites like that list the top 10 best diet pills. You can take a look at the list to keep yourself updated.


I'm No SuperWoman

I'm down with a flu. Being down with a flu doesn't mean that I can't go online, staying in bed is boring after all. I know I am stubborn, and I am to take the much needed rest. Don't worry, even if I went online the whole of yesterday, I took naps in between. Now I feel a little better, except that I seem to bark like a dog every now and then. Darn why did I forget to put Vicks on my sole of my feet? I read somewhere that it helps especially with coughing. Oh I'm gonna try it tonight.


Home Theater Needs

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I remember scouting for home theater seating with my daughter some two years ago. We thought that we could finally put up our home theater. We were excited to go the the malls to take a look at the things we needed to put in the theater room. Then the big announcement came. Nope we can't put up our theater room now because we don't have enough budget for here. Our hearts sank, but it's ok. I understand that we need to prioritize certain things.


Remember Wayfarer?

I remember back in high school when Wayfarer sunglasses were so in. It was like everyone wants to own one. Everywhere you go, you see people wearing it. I had a pair too and I remember it was a black one. I wonder where it is now, so I don't have to purchase again since the Wayfarer sunglasses is back. If I can't find it, then maybe I'll just have to buy a new one, anyway I really need a pair of sunglasses now.


The Big Day for the In-laws

The big day for my in-laws has finally come last Saturday. After 44 years of being together, they were finally wedded in Church. It was a beautiful ceremony, everything was just beautiful and it was a dream come true for my MIL. My SIL and I helped with the preparations. I was assigned to do some things, and the rest she took care of. Part of the program was a surprise dance number from me and my kids. It wasn't really a surprise seeing us dance with my daughter, but for my son everyone was surprised even the couple. It was my son's first time to dance in public. He would dance in the confines of his room with only us watching him. He would watch videos at YouTube and would copy their dance steps. I'm really so proud of my son for being able to dance that well.

I have more photos over at my other BLOG and at my Flickr account.


A Great Christmas Present

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Uh oh, Christmas is just a few weeks away and I haven't done any shopping yet. Poor me! A lot of things (important) came up lately and I just had to help some of my relatives get it over and done with. Finally it's done and I can now take care of my shopping list. Goodness, my kids haven't handed me their list yet, I'm sure there will be lots. Every year it seems like the list is growing, must be added friends huh. Anyway, I have a lot of ideas to give as presents to my godchildren for Christmas and this includes probably NFL Jerseys. I'm sure my nephew will be glad to have it for Christmas. The people here are not big fans of this I think so I may have to scratch the idea. Or maybe I can start introducing them to football or something. What do you think? It would make great presents and the kids would look good in it. I wonder if my son would be happy to get one. He's not actually a fan of football, he's more of a basketball fan, but who knows? I actually find it nice seeing kids wear sports uniforms, football in particular. I love the style, I can wear one too you know. I'm not a hip and cool Mom for nothing, haha.


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