Hard to Believe

Monday, August 20, 2012

I am still in shock and up until now I still can't believe it. I don't think it will ever sink in. I talking about the death of someone I know. My heart goes out to the young family he has left behind. I can't imagine it happening to me that's why I am so thankful for God's protection over my family. I know God has a perfect plan for the family he has left behind and that it was really bound to happened. I just hope that he has termlife insurance, it helps one way or another. There are a lot of unexpected expenses when it comes to this situation, at least the amount can be of great help. I just like to tell the family that we will just be here for them, anytime, any day.


Happy 95th Birthday!

Photobucket We had a big celebration in honor of my father-in-law's 95th birthday. The party's theme was Vintage Glam and that was the best look we can come up with. The party was well attended just like the other parties we hold for him. We thank everyone for being a part of his 95th birthday. Looking forward to see you all again on his 100th birthday celebration.


Riding School

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Horseback riding is becoming quite popular. During the summer some kids opt for horseback riding lessons to keep them busy. I'm not really sure if we have a lot of riding schools here but I'm pretty sure that I saw one. For parents who are in need of riding accessories, you can find breeches at TheEquestrianCorner.com. You can check it out and who knows everything you need can be found in that website. Horseback riding is fun, we tried it while we were on vacation. I was waiting for the kids to ask me if they can learn, but it never happened. Probably they were into other stuff at that time.


The 95th Celebration

My father-in-law is celebrating his 95th birthday in 2 weeks. We are already preparing for a celebration that is why we have been busy lately. We already have a theme and there are a few things that need to be ironed out. My sister-in-law is thinking of putting a fountain in one part of the ballroom and when I heard about it, I did a little research and found the best campania fountains suitable for the occasion. I need to show her the website which I haven't done yet. I don't know why I am so pre-occupied this days that I don't know what to do first. I keep forgetting a lot of things and I need to be constantly reminded. Gosh I think I need to take some vitamin supplement for that.


Tarzan...Do you Remember?

Photobucket The hubs went with me one time to Divisoria. He wanted to buy sets of cloth to be made into a suit. Part of his agenda was to buy hangers too. In other words we went our separate ways because I too had a different agenda. When we met in the agreed place, he was happily showing me a few pieces of Tarzan. To those ones who do not know what Tarzan is, it's a bubble gum quite popular when we were kids. Oh don't ask me when was that, but just to give you an idea, kids this generation do not know what it is anymore. Hehe, I gave it away but not as old as you think. Anyway, on my next trip to Divisoria I bought him 18 packs. Crazy, right? Well I just want to make him happy, as simple as that.


Blue Lane

If you happen to cruise in a highway, you will notice that there are two blue lines in one of the lanes. This is called the motorcycle lane. It was implemented a few months back due to a lot of vehicular accidents. Now I'm glad that they have added a new one and this is with regards to helmets. This time there is a prescribed one and if you don't fall in the requirements you wouldn't be given a seal of approval. I was curiouos even though I don't own a motorcycle, I went ahead and looked for what was prescribed. Through the course of my search I stumbled upon these hjc helmets sale and indeed covers all that is required. So for those people who are still on the look for a sturdy one, go ahead and check it out. Helmets are important because it protects the most important part. As they say never take it for granted.



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