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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Is it really normal that if you don't know anything the first thing you do is "google" it? Is it just me? I am so used to this routine already and I can say that I rely on it too much. It's a good thing I have unlimited data on my mobile and that I didn't have to wait until I get home for some wired internet. Anyway, since I already consider myself as an internet junkie, I usually find anything and everything under the sun whenever I surf. I usually bookmark the page that I feel like it's going to be important for future use, there are also some that are just plain junk. Anyway, for musically inclined people, I usually come across this website. I think they are affordable. I'm not exactly sure since I am not really familiar with it, but if I base it to what I read, then they are. Take a look at this tascam psp520 at Musicians Friend. What do you think of it? I think it's slightly lower when it comes to the price or if not it's competitive.


That's my Paige

 photo mzpaige_zps415e40c7.png I am so lucky to have a friend who spoils me no end. Yes, yes, she gave that to me. She says that that is the brand the "New York Moms" want to be seen using, not just some new york moms but THE New York Moms if you know what I mean. And because I love New York a lot that I want to spend the rest of my life there, then I might as well start living like one haha. Kidding aside I really love it there. If only the husband would allow me, I'm gonna pack my bag and leave right away. Yes, that's how much I want to go back to the US.


My New Collection

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I'm going home in a few days and I feel really sad. I will miss my sisters and friends real bad. I hope I can get to visit them every year but I think that is impossible. Hopefully they get to visit me in the Philippines too. Anyway, I have packed and I have no idea how I have accumulated this items in a month. Now I need to send 2 boxes but it's ok rather than paying too much for excess. You know how it is when they weigh your stuff over at the airport. I think I bought too much home stuff which really occupied space. I wish nothing breaks when I get home, but it's not a problem coz there's this high heat epoxy that I can use. But really I wish nothing like this happens coz I will cry. It's the first time I will be collecting bowls and plates so I am really excited.


Do You Need a Drum Pedal?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Oh! So this iron cobra is a drum pedal. Based on what I read it's a pretty good product. The son of one of my cousins has a drum set, I wonder if he uses this stuff. Well I might as well tell him about it to take advantage of the price it has right now. The product has gained good reviews and I am about to tell everyone about this product. Hmm on second thought I have yet to see it myself so that I will not be blamed in the end. Hopefully my nephew has used it already so that I have a first hand information about the product.


Learning To Play The Piano

Who among you is interested in music? I think a lot these days are getting into it. Well it's a nice passion rather than being idle and doing nothing. I'm not really into it but I am willing to try. I grew up in a family where music is important. My parents would hire a piano teacher who comes every Saturday to teach all of us. Sometimes it's tiring because I was kid at that time and my only concern was my play time. Anyway I'm glad that I was able to read notes and play the piano. Now what does this have to do with this boss amps? Honestly I don't know too. What I know is that this is used by bands or any musician for that matter. Can someone please tell me how this stuff works? I'd gladly appreciate it.


The 30 Day Squat Challenge

 photo image_zpsc4ab0f1 9.jpg I want to do this squat challenge so bad. I don't know if I can though but I will try. I know it's kinda crazy given that I am no longer young. I wonder how I will do it. Starting with 50 squats is already impossible come to think of it, and day 30 requires 250 squats? What the heck did I get myself into!!! Oh my gosh!!!


Stops the Barking

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hmmmm! I think I already found the solution to the problem of my friend regarding her neighbor's dog who keep on barking. I know it's really bothersome because when one starts barking, the rest of the dogs within the perimeter bark too. It can get annoying especially when you are resting. If I were my friend, I would suggest this spray bark collar to my neighbor. This might be the solution to their problem too. Now do I even know how this works? Well according to the description in the internet, it will emit a smell when the dog starts barking and that smell is not a welcome treat to them. Great idea, right?


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