I'm Proud of my Job

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There was one time I went to attend a batch reunion. I was excited to see everyone. Of course High School is the most fun of all, I know you will agree with me. There was a lot of catching up to do with friends whom I have not seen for ages already. You know how it is when you have not seen each other. First thing you ask is about the job. Someone I know approached me and asked, "Where are you connected now?" I told him that I was a homemaker. His reaction offended me in one way or another. He told me, "What you came from the star section and you don't have a job?" I answered him as candidly as possible because I didn't wanna ruin my day. Being a homemaker is the best job of all. Even if you don't get paid monetarily, its equivalent is way beyond what money can buy. It's a tough job. You need to take care of the kids and the husband, not to mention the house. You have to see to it that all their needs are met as much as possible.

One thing I love being a homemaker is that I get to run my household. I may not be the one cleaning the mess but I am updated which Cleaning Supplies are effective. I am even familiar with the prices. I know which products work or not. I know of different products that will give you value for your money. Who would think that even the Janitorial Supplies I am familiar with? Well I have a quick answer to that. The supplies are quite similar to what I use at home. The difference is just with the quantity, probably it's being sold in bulk if you know what I mean.


Early Ideas for Green Holiday Shopping

It’s not even the official end of summer yet, and already the Christmas decorations are beginning to appear in some of the big box retail locations throughout the United States and worldwide. With much of the global economy still mired in a prolonged recession, retailers are nevertheless optimistic that the 2010 Holiday shopping season will show growth compared with last year. The following is a quick look at some of the early trends emerging amongst retailers who appear to be trying new, eco-friendly tactics to increase market share.

A growing industry in the last decade has been the “green” movement. With an increasing number of home owners and businesses turning to solar energy, and more and more drivers opting for hybrid vehicles, there has also been growth in smaller eco-friendly items like LED light bulbs. Until this point, a major obstacle to more robust growth in sale of these products has been high price points. However improving manufacturing techniques and advances in technology are changing all of these. Home Depot locations are reportedly now selling 40-Watt replacement LED light bulbs for less $20. This is less than half of what consumers were paying just a few months ago.

While Ikea locations and other large big box stores are traditionally notorious energy hogs, a new store planned for Centennial, Colorado (near Denver) will reportedly be powered by geothermal energy. 500 feet underneath the store’s parking garage, over 130 pipes will pump liquid that help assist with the heating and cooling of the store during various times of the year. Depending on the success of this program, similar systems may be installed at other Ikea locations throughout North America. Surely these tactics will appeal to green-conscious consumers across the country.

Not to be left out of the discussion, as drought conditions are forecast for much of the globe over the next 6-12 months, Lowes locations continue to expand their selection of green-friendly water conservation products such as rain barrels. Available in multiple styles and sizes, rain barrels are designed to collect rain runoff collected by the gutter systems of the roofs of homes. The collected water can then be securely stored in the barrel or underground tank for use during the dry summer months. Nothing like says green like keeping your garden lush during a drought without using a single drop of public water.

The green movement appears to be here to stay, and in addition the aforementioned stores, there will likely be a plethora of retailers offering green products that would make great gifts for the environmentalist in every family.


How to Whiten Dark Elbows

I know many of us have this problem. Honestly I really didn't know where I got it. It's probably the constant contact of the elbow in any surface. My kids have this kind of problem too and it gets really disgusting especially if we don't do anything about it. I did a little reading and I want to share it with all of you.

I'll let you in in a little secret ok? Use lemon! They say that lemon has whitening properties. Cut the lemon in half and rub it gently against your elbow. Let it stay for a little while and rinse it off with water. You have to do this religiously though to see results. Remember, you didn't get that dark elbows of yours overnight, so don't expect the cure to be overnight too, get it?

This is just one of the remedies. If ever I find another one that is effective, I'll share it with you. Meanwhile I hope lemon works for you and me.


I Want to Experience Winter

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's been a dream of mine to experience snow. I think majority of us living in tropical places would want to experience it. I promised myself that the next time I go to America, I'll see to it that it's going to be winter time. I wouldn't pass up the opportunity of staying outdoor wearing my snow boots. This would be something new for me so I guess I'd really get excited and will look forward to it. I have a lot of friends who have wonderful winter experiences and I want to go through it too. Hopefully anytime soon, yes I'd really like that to happen.


Time Out With Friends

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My gym buddies and I go out once a month. I'm always looking forward to this time because I love spending time with them. We talk about anything under the sun but mostly we talk about aging. We are all in our 40s and I guess women that age talk about what's the best eye cream among other things. Makeup and surgery are discussed too and we always end up laughing our hearts out. I have funny friends and that's why I love hanging out with them. I feel relaxed.


A Fabulous Find

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It was my daughter who first discovered this jeans at Forever21. She found it real cheap at less than five hundred bucks. It instantly became her fave jeans having to wear it week after week. I had a chance to go to the shop yesterday, and I ended up buying a pair too. I found 2 more pairs that were reasonably priced and bought them. I bought 3 pairs for a little over two thousand bucks and I'm happy with my purchase. Oh, there's one more thing I am happy about, I no longer wear a size 28 jeans, I'm down to 26, well at least with the Forever21 brand.


I'm Proud of my SUV

Friday, August 27, 2010

My car turns a lot of heads when it's out on the streets. I think it's the graffiti that was placed that makes it look cute and attractive. I'm proud to say that you will never see anything like it on the streets. You can find a lot of the same model roaming the streets of the metro but nothing like my car. I do not claim the credits since I was not the one who dress it up. It was actually the husband because he entered it in a car show. There were a lot of nice cars there too, and mine never failed to attract attention. There was also one thing that attracted my attention while I was at the car show. I love the chrome rims that I saw there. I don't really know why the husband did not choose that kind of rim for my car. Maybe he thinks that it does not really go with the look. But if I were to choose, I'd probably pick one of those I've seen online. It's really looks cool and the style is one of a kind. But yes I admit, it does not fit my small SUV. If I had a sedan, then probably the husband would suggest it.


I Wish I Had More Gold Coins

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I guess some of you would want to invest on something but is too scared because of the ongoing crisis we have. I would feel the same too. It's very hard to part with the money you have earned and saved through the years only to invest it in the wrong product.

Did you know that gold coins has been recognized to be a very good investment product throughout history? It has attracted millions of people from all over the world and has never failed to attract more people even to this time. If you are familiar with the price of gold, there was never a time that it went down just like other investment products. It's price has either remained the same or has increased. This is the reason why people invest in gold. I'd do the same if I had money to put in. I know what power gold can give, it can save us from difficult financial situations in one way or another.


Validity of the Green Passport

Monday, August 23, 2010

All four of us are holders of the green Philippine Passports (non-machine readable passport). The kids' passports are already expired and I am renewing it. Now I heard from someone that the validity of the green passport is an issue. Some say that there are countries that will not honor it. I went to the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) website to check on it's validity. And this is what I got. "All green passports (non-machine readable passports) will be valid until the stated date of expiry." If this is the case, no country should turn away green passport holders when trying to enter their country. This was made clear by DFA by issuing that statement I quoted.

I went ahead and applied online for the kids' passport renewal. They are scheduled to go to DFA on October 13 yet and it's only August 23rd now. Whoa is that how much Filipinos want to travel outside the country? It will take 10 days if you opt for the rush renewal and 20 days if you go for the regular one. Of course if you choose rush, there is an additional fee on top of the regular processing fee which is not really that big.

If Malaysia can issue passports within the day, why can't our government do the same? Can someone please tell me?


Home Lighting - Decorate With Indoor Pendant Lighting

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do you notice first when you enter a room? Is it the color of the wall, the painting, the rug, the furniture? Someone told me that you don't really get to appreciate all those I've mentioned if the room is poorly lit. Home Lighting plays a major role in making the room beautiful. Ever since I heard that, it's the first thing I take notice whenever I enter the room. It makes or breaks the ambiance if I may say. No wonder the husband became very particular with the lighting when we were constructing the house where we are staying in right now. He did the layout and picked the Light Fixtures too. I can't complain because he knows what he was doing. I can't call him an expert when it comes to lighting yet, but yeah he did good. We've been complimented a lot of times especially with his choice of Indoor Lighting. He'd always remind me of his work, it was like telling me see I did well. I know is all I could answer. He thinks that I have no faith in him when it comes to lighting because I was insisting to have it done by someone else. Good thing he insisted to take care of it, at least we were able to save by not paying on someone else's service.


Online Shopping for the Busy Bee

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who among you love online shopping? Ever since the internet came up with online shopping it has been popular amongst everyone, me included. I think it's the convenience that made it possible. Think of the traffic just to get you to the mall. Think about the gas spent, what about the parking, what about the line in the cashier? These are some of the reasons why consumers/shoppers want to go online shopping instead of going to the mall. Now I am going to talk about why I love online shopping. I've turned into a wise shopper. How did that happen? I learned to be one when I got married. There's a budget to speak of so I do price comparison shopping before purchasing. Every centavo counts when you are working on a budget. This is one advantage I like about online shopping and it does not take me all day to compare the prices so to speak. Time is very important to me and with online shopping I can always narrow down my selections because I normally go to the specific product name that I am looking for. I think by now you see the picture why people love to shop online. If you are a busy Mom like me, a Mom with her hands always full, a Mom that can't find time to go to the mall, then this is for us, everything at our convenience. Kudos to the one who thought of online shopping.


Longer Hair...I Wish!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The last time I had my hair past the bra line was I think 4 years ago. I can't seem to grow it to that length anymore. Before it even reaches the bra line, I go for a pixie cut. Crazy right? I know I can be silly at times but it makes me happy. And since I can't get to grow it in the length that I want, I decided to purchase hair extensions, 100% human hair. Freaky says my daughter coz she imagines it being someone else's hair. Add to that I told her that the owner of the hair is dead. Now she won't even touch it, much less wear it.


How Much Do You Spend?

Friday, August 13, 2010

How many times do you do grocery shopping in a month? I do mine twice a month. I used to do it on a monthly basis but it seems like nothing lasts for a month nowadays. I remember my first years of raising a family, spending a certain amount in groceries would give me 8 bags full, but that certain amount now can only allow me to shop for a bag full. Prices have gone up. I refuse to look at the prices sometimes because if I do I will end up buying nothing. Do you guys memorize the prices of the usual stuff you are buying? Good thing the receipt printer gives a very clear printout of the stuff that I buy so more or less I have an idea of the prices and how much budget to set aside for grocery shopping. I wonder if your groceries eat a big chunk in your budget too?


What Gold Can Do

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you believe that gold is one of the best investment product? Why do I say this? Well gold is used to preserve one's wealth and this has been going on for centuries already. This is probably the reason why a lot of people now invest in gold coins. I remember a few years back, a friend of mine came to me bringing with her gold. She wanted to pawn it since she was low on cash and she needed money. For what reason she never mentioned really. I was able to help her, handed her more than what she expected. She said that she even got more money than when she paid for the actual price of gold at the time she purchased it. I can say that it's somewhat a lifesaver too, you can always sell it or pawn it.


Sharon Live

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I got the chance to watch Sharon Cuneta sing live in her concert last Saturday. I was invited by Ate Marie to go with her coz she was given 3 choice seat tickets. Sharon lost weight I think but she is still on the heavy side. She promise to shed more pounds and I think she is committed to do so. The show was entertaining and guests included Ogie Alcaside, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Kuh Ledesma, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Pokwang, Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo. Speaking of Sarah...oh wait I think I will just write about her in another entry, not that she is a favorite, I just notice something when she sings =)


Need Help on Mortgage?

Monday, August 09, 2010

Here is a scenario. You are looking into buying a house. You finally find the house of your dream. You don't have all the money to purchase it. You love the house so much that you don't want to let go of the opportunity of buying it. Now what comes to your mind first? I need to find a mortgage lender who can help me out with my problem. Where do you go? Go to someone who has expertise in dealing with this situation. Good thing this is now available via the internet. What do you need to do? You need to find a website that offers home loans. Just make sure that the one you find is an expert in this field. You don't want to end up messing with your transaction. Remember, this is your dream house. You want to own it. If there's no other way to purchase it, there is always a solution for that. For those living in Austin, you can ask assistance from Austin mortgage lender. They can be the solution to your dream. They have a pool of agents who can help you out with this matter. They even have a mortgage advice for people who will be homeowners for the first time. The information you will need won't take long as they really act fast since they are experts on this already. Good luck to all homeowners. May you find the house of your dreams.


Protect Your Income

Monday, August 02, 2010

It took a lot of convincing before I made an appointment with the insurance broker. Well that scenario happened some five years ago. I really didn't believe in any form of insurance and that explains why it took time before I finally said yes to the broker. That's not the case right now since I am now reaping the fruits of that meeting. Nope nobody died in the family. As you are aware of, there are now many forms for insurance. It used to be only life many many years ago, but now, name it there is some sort of insurance for everything including income protection. You guys should seriously think about this. This would really be of big help in case something happens to you that will not allow you to work. They cover like 75 percent of your income so life goes on. Can you imagine yourself penniless after something happens? What is it going to be like when you can no longer work because of some disability? Have you ever though about this? If only this is being offered here in our country, then I know a lot of people will be getting this type of insurance.


Volume Rebonding

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ish and I decided to have our hair rebonded. Mine really depends on what the hairstylist will say. If he gives the go signal that I can have my hair rebonded, then I'd gladly do it, if not I won't insist. We went to Tony and Jackey at NS Amoranto and they suggested it's better if we go for volume rebonding. Their reason, the length of our hair would be better off if they do volume rebond so that it doesn't fly away. We opted for L'oreal instead of the korean medicine since we feel that we own the most abused hair. We'd like to be careful so that no further damage will happen. So far so good. I still don't know the outcome since I haven't shampooed my hair. You see when you have your hair rebonded, you are not allowed to wet your hair for two days so that the effect would be nice. I really don't know what will happen if you do.

I'll post a picture soon, I couldn't do it now since I look like a mess without washing my hair.



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