Google Here and There

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Is it really normal that if you don't know anything the first thing you do is "google" it? Is it just me? I am so used to this routine already and I can say that I rely on it too much. It's a good thing I have unlimited data on my mobile and that I didn't have to wait until I get home for some wired internet. Anyway, since I already consider myself as an internet junkie, I usually find anything and everything under the sun whenever I surf. I usually bookmark the page that I feel like it's going to be important for future use, there are also some that are just plain junk. Anyway, for musically inclined people, I usually come across this website. I think they are affordable. I'm not exactly sure since I am not really familiar with it, but if I base it to what I read, then they are. Take a look at this tascam psp520 at Musicians Friend. What do you think of it? I think it's slightly lower when it comes to the price or if not it's competitive.


That's my Paige

 photo mzpaige_zps415e40c7.png I am so lucky to have a friend who spoils me no end. Yes, yes, she gave that to me. She says that that is the brand the "New York Moms" want to be seen using, not just some new york moms but THE New York Moms if you know what I mean. And because I love New York a lot that I want to spend the rest of my life there, then I might as well start living like one haha. Kidding aside I really love it there. If only the husband would allow me, I'm gonna pack my bag and leave right away. Yes, that's how much I want to go back to the US.


My New Collection

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I'm going home in a few days and I feel really sad. I will miss my sisters and friends real bad. I hope I can get to visit them every year but I think that is impossible. Hopefully they get to visit me in the Philippines too. Anyway, I have packed and I have no idea how I have accumulated this items in a month. Now I need to send 2 boxes but it's ok rather than paying too much for excess. You know how it is when they weigh your stuff over at the airport. I think I bought too much home stuff which really occupied space. I wish nothing breaks when I get home, but it's not a problem coz there's this high heat epoxy that I can use. But really I wish nothing like this happens coz I will cry. It's the first time I will be collecting bowls and plates so I am really excited.


Do You Need a Drum Pedal?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Oh! So this iron cobra is a drum pedal. Based on what I read it's a pretty good product. The son of one of my cousins has a drum set, I wonder if he uses this stuff. Well I might as well tell him about it to take advantage of the price it has right now. The product has gained good reviews and I am about to tell everyone about this product. Hmm on second thought I have yet to see it myself so that I will not be blamed in the end. Hopefully my nephew has used it already so that I have a first hand information about the product.


Learning To Play The Piano

Who among you is interested in music? I think a lot these days are getting into it. Well it's a nice passion rather than being idle and doing nothing. I'm not really into it but I am willing to try. I grew up in a family where music is important. My parents would hire a piano teacher who comes every Saturday to teach all of us. Sometimes it's tiring because I was kid at that time and my only concern was my play time. Anyway I'm glad that I was able to read notes and play the piano. Now what does this have to do with this boss amps? Honestly I don't know too. What I know is that this is used by bands or any musician for that matter. Can someone please tell me how this stuff works? I'd gladly appreciate it.


The 30 Day Squat Challenge

 photo image_zpsc4ab0f1 9.jpg I want to do this squat challenge so bad. I don't know if I can though but I will try. I know it's kinda crazy given that I am no longer young. I wonder how I will do it. Starting with 50 squats is already impossible come to think of it, and day 30 requires 250 squats? What the heck did I get myself into!!! Oh my gosh!!!


Stops the Barking

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hmmmm! I think I already found the solution to the problem of my friend regarding her neighbor's dog who keep on barking. I know it's really bothersome because when one starts barking, the rest of the dogs within the perimeter bark too. It can get annoying especially when you are resting. If I were my friend, I would suggest this spray bark collar to my neighbor. This might be the solution to their problem too. Now do I even know how this works? Well according to the description in the internet, it will emit a smell when the dog starts barking and that smell is not a welcome treat to them. Great idea, right?


My Antique Shop Experience

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I went to an antique shop and I was amazed with what I saw. I was initially scouting for bowls or plates, the decorative ones but for some reason I ended up looking at the jewelry section. Now I suddenly remember how I love to look up cheap costume jewelry on the net. I am drawn more to that I think or it's just that I didn't see any nice bowls and plates that are for sale. If I did I would have spent more on two of my favorite stuff. How about you? What do you guys collect when you travel?


Off My Bucket List

I have a lot off my bucket list. First, I wanted to experience fall and see all the beautiful colors. There wasn't much left since I arrived past the height of the season but still I am grateful I was able to see it. I had my picture taken under the yellow leaves of the tree. I want you guys to see it but for some reason I can't upload my photo in my photobucket account. I will just attach it when I head back to my country. I was so excited to see it that even from the plane I was looking out the window all the time. It was not pretty up there especially those trees that don't have leaves anymore but nevertheless it's another experience I won't forget.


My Youtube Adventure

Saturday, November 02, 2013

I was on youtube for a couple of hours and guess where it lead me? I know it's a bit cray cray but I want to buy this novation ableton launchpad. I've seen how they use it and I find it interesting, not to mention relaxing too. I want to learn how to use it, who knows I might be able to make my own arrangement of my favourite tune. I think my daughter can also make use of it since she is a dj. Good thing they have one for iPad already.


A Wonderful Product

 photo tressemegold_zpsdecc856e.png This product is really nice. My sister thought I'd like it since I had been ordering a lot of TRESemme products. Anyway I have stopped using it not because it did harm to my hair. It's just that I have keratin treatment and it requires sulfate-free products. I'm not really sure if it's sulfate free so I stopped. I want my keratin treated hair to last a lifetime.


I'm Glad it's Just a Minor Repair

Friday, September 13, 2013

One of our tenants vacated the apartment recently. I think they were able to buy a house already. I'm sad because we're losing them as they pay very well but I am happy at the same time because they have their own house already. It's every family's dream to have a house of their own. We will be making a few minor repairs and I am thinking of using bifen it to get rid of termites if there is any. Speaking of termites, I might use it too here at home. I see some signs so I need to put some so it won't spread, some quick fix you know.


Adult Beginner Ballet at Plana Forma

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-13at64630AM_zps7538fad7.png We had our second sesh last Saturday and I am still loving it. It's fun I tell you. We always associate ballet with kids, I don't blame you because we often see those little cute girls in their tutus during recitals and all. Ballet for adult is more like a fitness thing to me. It helps maintain good posture too, but in my case it teaches me to have good and proper posture. This is the reason why I love doing it. And yeah, talk about grace and poise too!


Take Good Care of Your Health

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The husband is scheduled to have his executive checkup soon. I wonder if he will submit himself this time. We forced him the last time. Good thing he did if not we won't be able to discover that he had a problem with his cholesterol. You know what's next to happen once your cholesterol is hight. You can avoid it though by getting atorvastatin from That's the med that was prescribed to the husband. I remember my own dad taking that medicine too. I know a lot of people who take that med, I guess it's a lifestyle thing, love for good food. It's ok to love good food but it should be coupled with fitness so whatever the intake is, you burn it and at the same time get rid of toxins too. But then again not all are into fitness.


I Think I Really Love Games

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-31at105019AM_zpsc9d38301.png I am soooo glad I have not reached this state yes. But the way I'm playing I think I'm getting there in no time. Noooo, I don't like it, I wanna be rehabilitated soon. Games I play shouldn't be stressful in fact it should be played to destress. But why is it that lately games are made to be stressful? Is it us who's making it stressful because we want to finish it right away? Or is it the frustration that we can't get past a level? I've promised myself not to get deep into games but why am I doing this again?


Score a Deal

Monday, July 29, 2013

One day we're gonna go jamming over at my cousin's house. Right now we're just doing it at home, the console type. We have the drums, the guitar and I always end up as the vocalist. Not that I don't know how to play, it's just that the kids always want to be on the drums and the guitar. I think it would be exciting if it's gonna be for real. I'm not sure if my daughter is still interested in learning the drums. Oh speaking of drums I wonder if my cousin knows about this cheap dw 9000 double pedal at musicians friend. I understand that it is on sale right now. I bet she'll be excited since us Moms really look for good deals all the time. I think that's one of our characteristics. We are able to score awesome items because we are so patient in looking for one. How about you?


Hooray for SALE

 photo aeshorts_zpsd4078956.png I've been eyeing this shorts at the American Eagle Store for some six months now. You know why I wasn't able to buy it? It's darn too expensive here. You know what I did? I waited for it to go on sale at their website and would you believe I got it for only P650.00. I am so happy that it was on the sale section otherwise I won't be able to buy it really. I got a good deal, I think I paid 25% of the amount only. Hooray for the word SALE!


The Guitarist We Know

Saturday, July 27, 2013

We have a friend in church who plays the guitar very well in fact he teaches too. Since my son has expressed his desire to learn the guitar, I might as well ask him to teach Josh. My kids are friends with this person and I think he will be the perfect guitar teacher. He used to be part of a band but I don't think they reached the point of playing professionally. Hhhmm, an idea came to mind. Why don't I join my kids, good idea? I've always been fascinated, anyway. I can ask him about a lot of things concerning music, instruments, attachments, etc. I don't have any idea what this classic pocket pod at guitar center does, so maybe I can ask him too. Ahhh, one of the perks of having different personalities for a friend, you learn a lot from them.


Letterhead Ideas

Did you know that a letterhead says a lot about your company/business? Whenever I receive a business letter, I tend to look at the letterhead first or should I say I am more drawn to it at first glance more than the content of the letter. I know it's a case to case basis depending on what letters you expect in the mail. Anyway, I want to share with you a local letterhead printing shop that can help you make your own letterhead. It offers tips on layout and design. If you don't have any idea on how to do your letterhead, then maybe they can help you. Oh, they sample kits too so you'll have an idea how it would look like. This is between you and me, you can get ideas out of this sample kits, haha.


I Now Have a KitchenAid

Friday, July 26, 2013

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-15at101810AM_zps3ef3bd9f.pngOh yeah! Oh yeah! It finally arrived. Two months wait is sweet! Now I can't imagine baking without my stand mixer. Why didn't not even think of buying it before? Haha as if I don't know the reason why. Truth is, we couldn't afford it at that time. We had more important things to take care of. Not having it wasn't a hindrance since we were still able to make cookies and cakes. So what makes me think that I can't imagine my life without it? Yeah I know I am silly, more than you'll ever know!


Improve Your PC Performance

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My son is no longer happy with the performance of this computer. I wonder if he does defragmentation every month. I think this is recommended to be done once a month if you like your computer to be at par all the time. Here's a site called disk defragmenter if you don't know how to go about it. I need to ask my son if he knows it and if not then he has to check out the site too. Don't ask me, like you I also don't know.


Home Improvement Projects

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We are blessed having to live next to a hardware so to speak. I have not really experienced frustration when I needed a few things badly but don't have it. I am fond of home improvement projects and I heard that when you are fond of it you gotta have u bolts on hand. For those of you who doesn't know what a u bolt is, its a bolt shaped like the letter U. Haha I know it is obvious, duh. There are a number of uses depending on the size. It's just a matter of determining which bolt is applicable.


Lemon Water in the Mornings

Saturday, June 01, 2013

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-01at92015AM_zpse262abbe.png I've started drinking lukewarm lemon water in the morning. I thought I couldn't take it. Just thinking about it makes me squirm. I tried anyway and it wasn't as bad. On the first day, I asked my helper to put lots and lots of ice so it wouldn't be hard drinking it without sugar. I was wrong there, I should be drinking it lukewarm. I'm sure by now you already know the benefits of drinking lukewarm lemon water in the morning, if not why don't you google it.


Stain Free

I get disgusted seeing stains on screws and stuff. Sometimes we can't help it even though what we're buying is supposedly stainless. Until now I still can't fathom why this is so. Why do we still get stains? Anyway, do you know that ceramics are the in thing now? Here take a look at this alumina ceramics. Isn't it cool? This time we can do away with those dirty looking stains that is just disgusting. I wish I knew about this thing sooner.


On Fog Machines

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whenever I watch a concert I always ask myself if that smoke thingy is really necessary. Apparently it is as it is one of the stage effects. Looks cool from afar with the lights and all. Have you wondered how much a cool fog machine cost? It's not really much. Well there are expensive ones but what I found online is kinda cheaper but works like the high end one. I haven't seen it for myself though, but that was what the review says and I believe it. These are legit people who did the reviews.


I Did the Right Thing

 photo photo-16_zps5d512649.jpg I exercised my right to suffrage on May 13, 2013. I didn't go early since I figured that the lines will be long. I decided that around lunch would be good, but NO. The line were still long. Anyway we went malling for a while because I know I'd be lazy when I go home. Didn't like the results though and even thought why I voted at all, it was useless. Anyway I am hoping that those ones whom we think won't deliver will surprise us in the Senate.


Fitness for Everyone

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Everyone's getting into the fitness world even my husband. Now I am worrying for the 2 kids, I don't think they like fitness at all. My boy has a weekend activity doing taekwondo, but my girl, ah she's just plain lazy. I keep telling her to start already since she's turning 20 this year. She needs to incorporate it to her life. Anyway, what I am happy about is that the husband has finally decided to enrol in the gym. He needs it real bad I think. I won't be surprised when one day he'll come home telling me, I decided to join yoga. I think this will be good for him since he has been complaining of back pains. Now I have to look into yoga outfits like everythingyoga yoga pants men for him. I know nothing about what men wear, or are they even particular on what they wear? Buying fitness clothes for him is an excuse to get myself too!!! Win-Win situation, right? Weeee!


Cycling Soon?

The husband considers going back to biking. He was into it 4 years ago and he really lost some weight. Now that he put back the weight plus more, he thought of going back to biking. Now if that's the case, I think I will join him. We need something like one of these yakima racks coz 2 bikes won't fit inside the car anymore. I am excited already since a lot are saying that cycling is really one of the best exercise. My wish though is an indoor bike track since I'm so afraid of Mr. Sun.


Friday, May 03, 2013

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-03at80730AM_zpsb711d3c3.pngI had a good time with my cousins Bobet and Cindy. I don't really see them regularly anymore but deep in my heart I know that these 2 girls are special. Our grandmothers are sisters and that makes us 2nd cousins. I knew Bobet while I was growing up, while Cindy already in my teen years. We used to live in the province and Bobet lives in the province too. When my family moved to Manila, that's when I got to know Cindy and got close with her. We're of the same age and interests more or less that's why the 3 of us clicked right away. Hoping to spend all summers with them. Thanks for everything ladies!


Can't Wait

Thursday, April 11, 2013

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go...NOT! Haha I am just excited for my upcoming US trip. The husband got me a ticket already and I can't wait. I've been wanting to be with my sisters again in the US. We will have all the time to go around since I am not bringing my kids with me. The first time in the US was wonderful but I was kinda restricted coz I brought with me my then young kids, they were 11 and 9 at that time and was too dependent on me. Didn't have a nanny with me so that was a bit hard. This is the reason why I am looking forward to this trip, I will be able to go see more places, do more shopping, etc.


Hearing Protection

Whenever I watch a concert I always want to be seated up front. Thing is it gets really noisy once the band starts playing. It's no longer music to the ear, it's deafening. No wonder some of the band members I see wear earplugs. At first I didn't get it, but when I found this article online that we have to protect our hearing now I understand. Even the musicians need it or I should say more so especially when they are practicing. Hopefully more and more musicians are wearing one as I've gathered that there are different styles to suit their needs.


What is the Best Cigar Brand?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm no expert when it comes to cigar. But I am not ignorant either because once in my life I have tasted it. It happened many years ago when the husband and I frequented this place because of work. We covered people who were into cigar and met regularly at that place. They would talk endlessly about flavors and stuff and it got me interested to try one. I'm not really familiar with these cigar brands, but I was able to taste that certain brand that they say was one of the best. To tell you honestly, I didn't really like it but like they always say it's a matter of getting used to the taste in order to appreciate it. Well I didn't reach that point.


Club Balai Isabel

 photo photo-15_zps405b32e2.jpg Isn't that pretty? We were treated by my MIL to an overnight stay at Club Balai Isabel. It was nice, yeah it was nice. Saw Enchong Dee up close but since he was not a favourite of mine, I treated him like someone ordinary, not an actor. I wanted to have my photo taken with Kim and Xian but the camera was rolling at that time I was in the area. Didn't like to wait til the wee hours of the morning just to have my photo taken with them, no freaking way. MIL was lucky because she was at the right place at the right time. She was able to have her photo taken with Kim.


Please Snow in December

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As early as now I am already planning my US trip. Much as I want to leave any moment, the husband is not allowing me. He wants me to leave sometime in November. I think I like this time of the year to leave too since it has been a dream of mine to experience snow. Hopefully it will snow during the early week of December. They told me not to buy stuff for the winter including a snowboard jacket because they will just lend me. I actually agree with them since I will get to wear it only once since I live in the tropics. I am already very excited and looking forward to this trip. I hope this dream will come true for me.


Yoga Cushion

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Did I mention that I have given up on yoga? But lately I have been thinking of trying it again. I am experiencing aches all over and someone suggested that I try yoga. It's a good thing that yoga is being offered at the gym that I go to. The last time I went, everyone was on their mats. I haven't really seen someone using a zabuton meditation cushion or any meditation cushion for that matter. Maybe I attended the basic session or probably the people there are not familiar with this cushion yet. If ever I will be the first one to use it and hopefully others will see the need for it.


Rose de Mai

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at74210AM_zps38ca81cb.png Can someone give that to me please? I've been looking for this parfum by Victoria's Secret the day I laid hands on it. I just love the smell and it perfectly fits me. I can say that he smell is heavenly and I am in love with it. Too bad it was already discontinued, for what reason I really don't know. It was not even a special edition scent, so I don't know. Hopefully someone informs VS that it is an in demand scent. Meanwhile am I willing to settle for another brand? I don't know yet since I haven't really looked around.


Guitar Summer

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

School is almost over. Time indeed flies too fast. I need to think of ways to keep the kids busy. I don't have problems with my eldest daughter since she will be having her OJT which is a school requirement. I'm not saying that I'm having problems with my second, it's just that I don't want him to concentrate on video games the whole summer. It's a good thing he has expressed his desire to go into music. He did violin lessons in the past, now I want him to try guitar. He doesn't have a guitar to use at the moment so I am looking at this rickenbacker guitar. It's got good reviews so I might consider this brand. I am already excited, I hope my son is excited too. Can't wait to hear him play.


Web to Print Software

Friday, January 25, 2013

Each of us think of what kind of business to put up just to augment the family income. Times are getting harder and harder and sometimes it is just not enough. We just can't rely on the salary anymore and we need to think of other ways just to have a little more. I've been visible in the net lately and I have come across this interesting business. It's the web to print technology at With just their software, we can start our own printing business. It can even be done in the confines of our house, well at least for a start. When it grows bigger and bigger, then we need to think big too, like probably getting an office somewhere. Oh it's not even necessary I think. This is the kind of business I like, it's simple.


Separation Anxiety

 photo ScreenShot2013-01-25at21022AM_zpsaeba4bc8.png

Waaaaaahhhh! The daughter will be traveling without a relative! Separation anxiety is what I am feeling right now. My stomach has been churning too. This shouldn't be happening, she'll be 20 in the coming months. You can't blame me, we are attached to each other. I can't help but feel lonely, my darling doll is no longer a baby and she can travel without us already!!!! Anyway, she'll be in Bangkok for 10 days for the dCatch2013 program. She just left today for Bangkok and we are already talking about dCatch2014 in Japan. Waaaahhhhhh!


Background Checks

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh what the net can do...sometimes it is unimaginable. Sometimes I like the idea, sometimes I don't. The thing that I don't like is that I rely on the net too much and I get paralysed when I can't go online. I think I need to adapt to this kind of setting and get used to it. We are in the internet age and we can get almost everything in just one click. A lot of stuff are shortened and we save on time and money. All kinds of business benefit from this. Most things are made simple and can be accessed right away. No more long waiting periods. Take for example the hiring of employees, did you know that background check pre employment at easybackgrounds can be done? Why go through all the pains of doing it yourself when there is someone who uses advanced technology to do it? This will be a great help in getting the right people to work for you.


Be Careful

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I abhor crazy people on the streets, there are a lot of them. I get mad because even if you take extra care while driving there are just crazy drivers out there who involve you in accidents. I also get mad at some motorcycle riders who are not disciplined. I am so glad when our government came up with a motorcycle lane and you can't find them everywhere now. No offence meant but some riders eat up all lanes that you can't overtake other cars. It's ok if they observe speed and all, but there are some who don't. Anyway I am hoping that riders have heard of this bluetooth motorcycle helmet too because I still see some riders using their mobile phones while on the road. I can't stand looking at them because sometimes I anticipate horrible things happening to them as a result of this stupid act.


Family Bonding

Photobucket We plan to do this once a month, you know just spending time with each other over ice cream, smoothie, coffee or tea. We do a lot of movies but then again it isn't enough. We need plenty of time to bond with our family if we want to have a loving and solid family. A little money won't really leave a hole in the pocket or even it if did I'd still do it. Spending time with the family are wonderful memories to look back to when we are old and gray.


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