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Friday, October 31, 2008

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Patch Cables

Ask me about cables...I know nothing. But when you have kids, you are forced to learn about 101 different things. Sometimes it sinks in, but most often it does not. It's not my line probably so I have a hard time remembering it. All I know is that we use CAT5e for computer network here at home. It was suggested by the technician who came over to set it up. Now if you are wondering where you can buy those, just visit blackbox.com. There are different kinds of cables according to your needs.


Horse Riding Equipment

I'm not into horses and stuff but I know a lot of you are. So let me just share with you where you can find only the finest and top quality english saddles. This website offers only the best when it comes to your horse riding needs. Best of all, their prices are competitive. They have the best value compared to other websites who are in the same thing. It's a one stop shop where you can find only the best from around the world.


Beanie for My Niece

I'm doing a beanie for my niece. Well just trying my hand at it. Can I say that I've already graduated making scarves? I don't think so, I've done 3 so far, and I want to do more. Scarves are easy to make but then I want to explore knitting more. Hopefully the beanie would turn out nice so I'll be inspired to knit more.


My Vegas Experience

Who among you are dreaming of going to Las Vegas? I think everyone I know wants to go there. We enjoyed our stay there and can't help talking about Vegas vacations. Our stay there was very memorable too. We stayed in a posh hotel and it was just awesome. It was there too that we got to watch the O Show. I was pretty amazed by their performance, each move was like jaw dropping. A lot of oooohhhs and ahhhhhsss, perfect show in other words. What we enjoyed most was the night scene. We walked the streets admiring all the beautiful lights coming from the hotels and all. It was really an awesome experience.


With My MuscleMen

The hubs was the official photographer of the just concluded Philippine Fashion Week. I was with him all the time and tried my hand at taking photographs of models doing the catwalk. I didn't know that it would be a lot of fun. When I go to fashion shows, I don't bring a camera with me. I just want to watch and appreciate all the beautiful clothes. But this time the hubs insisted that I shoot. Why not give it a try? If I don't like it and would enjoy watching rather than take pictures, I would be camera less the next day. But surprisingly I enjoyed both. I was able to shoot all week except for the last night. I know it sucks, but I had more important things to attend to.

Oh the picture that you see above? That's me with the intimidating looking "musclemen" aka bouncers of the show. I don't know but I found it a great photo OP. Oh well, to each his own...I'm happy and had fun posing with the boys.


Theme Parks in Florida

Kids don't seem getting tired of having Disney vacations. Whenever there's Disney in the countries that we go to, they would always say, Mom don't forget to put Disney in the itinerary. We haven't seen Disney World yet and I won't be surprised if one day my kids would tell me, Mom can we visit Disney World? Just between you and me, of course I want to go to Orlando, Florida too coz I want to see Disney World. It's not only for kids, it's for all ages. Aside from Disney World, there's Universal and Sea World. I am now imagining what great time it will be when we get to spend our vacation there. It's free to dream you know.


Liwanag : Litratong Pinoy

Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Trendy Boots

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I don't know why a lot of people don't go for UGG Australia. But it's pretty! I love it, like this particular design I picked. I find it unique, the color, the shape and all. I'd love to have this in our boots collection. You may find it funny since we live in the tropics. But hey, it gets cold here too, but not for a long time. It's actually more on fashion that's why you catch a lot of people wearing it here. I'm sure my daughter would like it...basically because of the color. And yeah, she loves wearing boots.


Good Bye

Hey look what happened to my Nike Shox! I used that when I did hiphop abs the first time. I bought that shoes years ago, I cannot even recall when, but man it's old. I haven't been using it for a long time. I think the last time I wore it was like a year ago when I was into walking with my son. It became brittle I think because of poor storage. They say too that when you stop using it, that normally happens the next time. Gah I didn't learn my lesson. That happened to me sometime ago and in the mall at that. I was forced to buy a new pair of sandals.


Great Navigation

Friday, October 17, 2008

I caught my daughter one time bragging about the GPS she was able to use when she was in the US last summer. She only had good words for it and she was excited relating that experience to her brother. Yeah it was her first time to see that thing, or maybe she saw it before already but was too young to take notice. I asked her all about it since I have not seen nor held one before. Based on her story, it made me hope that one day our country can have one of those. I normally get lost when I travel (I don't go out that often you know). It would be a great help if we have it.


Posh yet Affordable Car Seats

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I was browsing a mommy blog (I forgot the url of the blog, since I am fond of bloghopping) a few weeks ago, and I got curious over one of her wish lists. She was talking so much about this car seat that she wants to have, only to find out that it was one of the Britax car seats. Curiosity got into me again, so I went to their website to check. Hhmm, now I know the reason why she wants to have one. I went over the specifications of this car seat that caught my attention and I was impressed. Honestly, with the two kids I have, I never used a car seat. First it was not a law here in our country to use car seats when travelling with babies in the car. I know I placed my babies at risk, I should have known better. And not only that, babies are more comfortable lying in a car seat. And it's not a joke carrying the baby in your arms the whole duration of the trip. Good thing nothing happened to my babies during those times, and I thank God for it. Anyway, going back to the car seat, I saw in their website that it is approved for aircraft use. Again this is new to me. I've been travelling at least once a year and there was never a time I saw a Mommy carrying a car seat. This is actually a wonderful idea, it will give both the Mom and the baby the rest they need while travelling.


HipHop Abs

Woohoo! I was able to convince someone to do the hiphop abs with me. It's a lot more fun to exercise with someone. We don't easily get tired, and the most important thing, we encouraged each other to finish the 30-minute dance workout. This is my second time, hopefully I can make it as part of my daily routine, or should it be every other day since I belly dance. I might overdo it, and I don't want to have a reason to pig out since I have been more consistent in my workout lately.


Meet Dr. Lark

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have you heard about Dr. Lark? A lot of people are raving about her. She has written about 13 best selling books on women's health. She is widely known on the internet, and has appeared in several television shows. She was even featured in magazines and newspapers. I came across her website a little while back and what a great mission she has. Her mission is to provide women with safe and effective therapies to enhance health and well-being.

While browsing her website, I got interested in her all natural line of cosmetics. The cosmetics are blended for women my age group. I mean 40 and over. When applied, it takes away a number of years, making you look years younger. I love that. I'm one person who can't do without cosmetics. I just love putting on makeup. I guess I will have to try this cosmetic line. It's simply made for me.


My Version of Pumpkin Soup

I wish I knew how to make pumpkin soup when the kids were still small. Wearing eyeglasses could have been avoided. I started doing it only a few months ago and they love it. Every now and then they request me to make this soup for them. I don't use pumpkin though but squash. If you ask me the difference between the two, I'm sorry but I don't know. What I know is that they are different varieties of a winter squash, I think ^_^ .

Here's how I did it. I boiled the squash with garlic and onions. You are supposed to use chicken broth, but if you don't have one, Knorr Chicken Cubes will do. I blended it to become puree. Put back in the pan, if you need more stock, you can use the water where you boiled the squash from. Add cream, basil, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. That's it!


Stainless Steel Sinks

Friday, October 10, 2008

When we built this house we are staying in right now, I really made sure that all my specifications will all be followed when it comes to the kitchen...after all who do you think reigns there? I did close supervision, from construction to finishing. I always had the final say. Good thing the architect and the workers knew what I wanted right away, so I wasn't really that stressed. But there's one thing though, had I known about these kitchen sinks, I would have gotten one of these. I actually have double sink, a stainless one too, but I want the undermount one. That's not what I have right now. Much as I want it, I don't think I can. It will be a waste of money, since nothing is wrong with my countertop just yet. We don't need any renovation too, since this house is just 2 years old. I guess I will just have to settle with what we have. But for those ones who are in the process of building their dream houses, go take a look at the sleek and gorgeous stainless steel sinks. Take a look at the different shapes, I'm sure it will go with the design of your kitchen. Oh did I mention that stainless steel sinks are very affordable?


Derma...Here I Come!

Goodness! I'm past the age when one can have so many zits, but look I still get them. I have two huge (when I say huge, it's really huge) pimples right now and it looks ugly. I thought it won't swell since I put some medicine, but it has gotten bigger. This needs a trip to the dermatologist and have it injected. I normally do that when it starts to swell. I think it's hormonal...like once a month a few days before my period. I hate it, but what can I do? Well, have it injected. I wish I have time to go tomorrow, or I should find time to go to the doctor. Yeah, in Greenhills...then shopping here I come! Nah, just kidding. Need to save moolah for a project.


Don't Miss Vegas

Have you been to Vegas? I was fortunate to be brought there when we went to the States in 2005. I didn't get to see a lot coz we stayed for 2 nights only. But still I enjoyed. I don't think I'll ever get tired going back again and again, and if ever we will have a scheduled trip to the US again, I will make sure Vegas would be in the itinerary. There's no problem looking for hotels las vegas, because I have bookmarked the website that offers great deals. You wouldn't believe it because you are expecting to see more...this is Vegas we are talking about, but no, great and irresistible deals indeed.


Designer Stuff

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Have you seen the latest Oscar de la Renta collection? Boy oh boy is it pretty. I really love this guy, and he's got a great collection. I just wish one day I will be able to wear even just one of his collections. If you are interested to see what's the latest in his collection and some other designers too, why don't you take a look at marissacollections.com. They do international shipping. You'd love what you see in there, I promise.



After more than 4 years, finally the ortho took off her braces. Am I happy with the result? Of course I am. She can now qualify for a toothpaste ad ^_^. She really looks pretty in her "perfect" set of teeth. To celebrate, her Dad took us out. Haha, since when did it require a celebration? To us it's yes, especially to her Dad. He is pretty proud of his daughter. I am too.

Note: she does not own the dog, it was just borrowed from one pet owner strolling in Serendra. You see a lot of them there. Both the owner and the dog are friendly.


Credit Card Choices

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wow! This is nice, actually I love the idea of new credit card blog. Whoever put this up, kudos to you. They gave a rundown based on credit card satisfaction study. With too much banks offering credit cards, it's hard to decide which one to get. But with a study like this, it becomes easier. It will give you an idea on what these credit card has to offer. What I love about it is I don't need to go to each credit card's websites individually. It's all listed in one website, which is awesome!


On Weight Loss

I've been told time and again to read reviews of weight loss pills before trying to decide on which one to use. Not that I need to use one at the moment, but my friends hear me talk about it all the time. Yeah I'm being conscious lately, well who wants to put on weight, right? Honestly, as much as possible I don't want to resort to taking those pills but who knows once I get frustrated, I'll end up taking one. At least I know of a website that does reviews of all these popular brands. I will have an idea on what is effective and what is a just the product of media hype.


Search is Over


The hubs took us to dinner at Abe in Serendra. Food was good but I didn't get to enjoy it. I had my braces adjusted (wire changed for the 4th stage, new rubber/elastics) today. It hurts pretty bad, so I'm in a diet now, darn it! And since we were already in the area, I took the opportunity to drop by Aldo. I saw in one magazine the shoes similar to that one (Blahnik) I posted, and it's by Aldo. Too bad they don't have it in my size. I ended up buying at Charles and Keith instead. I bought one for Ish too, the wedding requires silver shoes.



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