The Week That Was

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nope it isn't my first traffic violation...but technically it is, coz finally I was issued a ticket, and he took my driver's license. I have been stopped by traffic aides(MMDA) numerous times for disregarding traffic light, but have always charmed my way out. But last friday on my way to belly class, I was stopped by a policeman for beating the red light. I actually didn't see the light coz traffic was really so heavy (tail to tail) and I was in a hurry to get to the other side (am running late for belly class). He asked for my license, automatically wrote on the ticket and not minding my explanation. If only he didn't have a motorcycle parked, I could have pretended not seeing him, coz there was no way he could ran after me...I know i'm a bad citizen...but who's not? (especially in dealing with law enforcers in the streets manning the traffic...)


Second Grading Exam's finally over for the kids, and that means less stress for all of us. I can now go back to my usual routine. Isha and her friends went to Greenhills to shop and just chill out. Nope, I didn't allow her to go with her friends alone, but with a yaya (nanny) in tow. It's not that i don't trust her, but these are just bunch of 13 year olds.


I don't usually set up my tree this early, but I got bored and had nothing to do, so I asked my angels to put it out. I did not put tivoli lights this time, all the lights got busted and I don't want to replace them for now...I have other things in mind on where to spend the moolah...i'm thinking of getting a huge santa clause that I can hang (santa climbing a rope) in the balcony, and that's gonna be my next project, getting our balcony dressed for christmas.

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After 18 days

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Eeeeewwww...I know, and I admit that these are not glamourous photos...but I promised a few individuals that I would be posting a before and after photo, to be able to see the difference after I used Olay's Total Effects. So that is the result after 18 days of use. In a way it has improved my skin condition, it's not as dull anymore, some lines are gone, marks have faded quite a bit, made my cheeks a lil rosy. As what CUZ had said, it's the other people who would notice really the difference. I couldn't stop grinning while typing this entry as I remember what Cuz said..."uy baka mag foundation ka sa after picture ha" (apply foundation for the "after" shots)...honestly? I had that in mind...harhar...but nah, I didn't do it ;~)



Thursday, October 12, 2006

Since I don't know how to drive my way around Makati (i know how to get to the malls only), I decided to take the LRT and the bus going to Insular Life. I saved on gas, just spent just a few bucks for our fare, saved a lot on travel time coz of the LRT. I haven't taken the LRT in ages and was surprised to see that it is still clean, and that there is a separate train for male and female, which is really good. It was a good ride, except that the aircon wasn't working. The bus ride was ok too, except that we didn't know that there were loading and unloading zones in Makati. Very surprising too that the drivers were really disciplined...they didn't let us ride in the unloading zone, to think we were at the foot of the door and there was no traffic police/aide. We had to walk a block away just to be able to get to the loading zone. It was an unexpected wonderful experience, I didn't get tired at all plus I was given the best JOYRIDE!

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I've started biking 6 kilometers every other day (except when I'm lazy)!


Thank You Skype

Thursday, October 05, 2006

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I've downloaded skype in my laptop more than a year ago but didn't really get to use it until today. I talked with my friend Guigi who's in the states for about an hour (pc to pc), and it's really very clear, it was like she was just next door. That made me go into details how skype really works. I couldn't help but buy 10 euros worth of skype credits to be able to call a landline or a mobile anywhere in the world. I tried it with my sister a couple of minutes back, and know what? We talked for about 27 minutes and i paid like 24 pesos ($0.48), can you believe that? It's the cheapest by far, and it's really very clear compared to using a cellphone which can go choppy at times.

I know a lot of you know about skype already, but to those who haven't downloaded, feel free to do so(click on the logo above), it's really worth it, i tell you! It's the cheapest way of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones who are abroad, and it gets pretty exciting hearing their voice and all.


Fights Aging

Monday, October 02, 2006

Since the time I saw it's commercial on tv, it has never left my mind. But it took another 2 commercial models to convince me that indeed it can work miracles. Upon seeing the new commercial, I sent an sms to CUZ telling her that I'm now more convinced on buying it coz of Pie Calayan's flawless facial skin. I got disappointed again and on the verge of changing my mind when I got a reply from Cuz. "Pie Calayan has really beautiful skin, I don't think she got that from the product." But when I saw a friend last Saturday, and he showed me his face and said...hhhmmm...olay's total effects, I was again convinced that indeed this product can make wonders. So I sent another SMS to Cuz and told her that the product seems to work...I can really see the improvement. And guess what? I got all excited and bought the product first thing in the morning. I hope it holds true to it's promise of:

The power of 7 vitamins and minerals that fights 7 signs of aging.

Total Effects Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex has more power to fight 7 signs of aging. Infused with 7 vitamins and minerals - vitamin C, zinc, titanium, magnesium and VitaNiacin, an exclusive formulation of vitamin B3 (a niacin derivative), vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5.

Total Effects 7X Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex:

1. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
2. Smoothes skin texture - visibly and to the touch.
3. Evens skin tone for younger looking, more balanced color.
4. Improves surface dullness, giving skin a radiant, healthy glow.
5. Minimizes the appearance of pores.
6. Visibly reduces the appearance of blotches and age spots.
7. Soothes dry skin, hydrating with Olay moisture.


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