Cool Stuff for Trade Shows

Friday, December 30, 2011

We used to do bridal fairs a couple of years back. I wish I had discovered these Trade show display cases because this can really be put to good use. I just know that this is what we need. We could have saved more space for the people to freely move, yes our booth was always full. I'm not bragging but yeah we had lots of clients when we first started. It's just sad that the husband does not want to do any of this anymore. I think he got tired and wants to try out other stuff. Being the supportive wife (ahem) that I am, I will try and encourage him to do good in whatever new endeavor he wants to go into.


Officially Sick!

I was already a bit sick when we left for Baguio about 4 days ago. We only stayed there for 2 nights and it made me more sick. I thought my cough and colds would go away coz I was already taking meds for it. But lo and behold it got worse that I don't need to buy firecrackers for the New Year. Ewwww I know but what better way to describe my cough but that :D

Anyway, we enjoyed our Baguio trip. It was stress-free. I'd love to do this yearly in fact we already agreed that we'd do it every after Christmas. We don't really get to travel that much as a family so this is pretty much a welcome treat.


We Love Music

Monday, December 05, 2011

I was just talking about how I loved music when I was younger and that I think my kids took that after me. Both of them have made known their desire to learn an instrument or two. They already started and I am just waiting for the next instrument they want to learn. I think I see the daughter more interested in the Yamaha Drums while my boy is pretty much into strings. But I can also see that he wants to play the drums. I wish the husband played even one instrument. It would be a wonderful bonding time with all of us playing an instrument each.


Golf Course GPS

GPS goes to the golf course. Isn't that cool? If you want to have one, maybe you can get hold of the golf gps finder which I heard is one of the best. GPS in itself is already cool and I can't get over the fact that it can be used in a golf game. Wow! Talking about accuracy and all. This will probably give you the edge over other players if you have one. I wonder if every player has this one and if it's even an must have. Sorry I don't know the answer to that since none of us play golf. You can probably tell me, right?


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