The Magic Software

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

There was a point in my life where I'd go to bars just to listen to bands. I'd do it with my friends and we would just enjoy the night even with a beer or two. I haven't been to one lately, and I would like to experience it again. I heard that bands have improved a lot probably because of the help of software instruments. I went ahead and googled what software instruments are and I totally understood what it was by reading this komplete 8 ultimate review. Cool I must say because you don't need to add more instrument, you get it by using the software. No wonder we hear a lot of different sounds yet we only see the basic on stage.


I Wanna Make Some Beer

I am a little adventurous at home especially in the kitchen. I pretty much love to cook for the family. I find new stuff to do, I can reinvent some stuff if I want to, I can do my own version of some food too. One thing I don't really do are drinks. I should be adventurous when it comes to that too. I may have to start by looking into these beer making kits then maybe graduate into doing wine at home. Hhhmmm, let me give this some thought. I think it would be fun doing this.


Hope's 1st Birthday Party

Monday, December 10, 2012

Photobucket We attended a birthday party yesterday and it's truly amazing how parties are nowadays. I've been out of touch from kiddie party scenes since my two kids are already teenagers. Themes are more elaborate and truly beautiful. The performers are different too so are the games. There's not much magic show, well at least at the party I've been to. But I think the trend is like that nowadays. They do puppet shows, not the usual puppets. They have a soft puppet, a human puppet and a hard puppet, something like that. The party was fun because of all those stuff and not to forget the good food too.


I Need This Protection

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How do you discard old gadgets whenever you go for an upgrade? I usually sell mine so that I will have extra money to fund the upgrade. I know of some people who sell theirs too. Did you know that you're giving away important data when you do so? I haven't really given this much thought. All I know is that once I trash everything, it will no longer be retrieved. This will only happen if you completely wipe hard drive. With this, no one has the capacity to retrieve whatever was trashed in your computers. Nice to have this kind of protection, right?


Our "Techy" Kids

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kids are amazing nowadays. Whenever my friends and I gather, we never fail to discuss how awesome our kids are especially when it comes to techy stuff like computers, different kinds of accessories, applications and what nots. We laugh at ourselves depending too much on our kids when it comes to it. I'm sure my daughter can explain to me how this aviom16/o-y1 works. I guess she is familiar with this since she is exposed to stuff like these. I really admire. She has accomplished a lot at her young age. Hope she continues what she is doing and go for her passion, that is radio.


Christmas Edition Chocolates

Photobucket Went to SnR just to get my christmas edition chocolates. Early, right? Of course because I want to have our stock before it runs out. I do this every christmas time. The kids look for it. I don't want to disappoint them. Perfect excuse you say? Haha you got me there. Actually I just want to renew my card which expired in 2011. Haven't been going to that place in a year so I got really excited when I saw SnR just across St. Luke's Global.


Karaoke Time

Monday, November 19, 2012

My kids can sing! They don't sound bad, they don't sound good either. Hahaha, just kidding. They may not sound as good as those singers they admire, but to me they do. I heard both of them sing in the car a couple of days ago and I was like, hhmm it's about time getting them this nady microphones at musicians friend. We'll have karaoke sessions here at home and I think it's going to be lots of fun. I can invite my friends and loved ones. This is also a very good activity for Christmas gatherings, a singing contest perhaps?


Festive Lights of Christmas

Christmas season is favoured by many. Could it be the festive celebrations? Christmas parties perhaps? What about gifts/presents? Dressing up to look good? Decorating your homes with colorful lights be it indoor or outdoor. It can even extend the pool area if you have one. For those ones who do not have any idea where to get lights for their pool, try looking into this jandy led pool light. They have the white ones and the colorful ones too. Pick your choice since it will add more to the festive atmosphere.


My DIY Touch

Photobucket Wild guess, anyone? What am I going to do with that? Believe it or not, it's a Christmas ornament. I'm going to put that to my tree. That's my DIY touch for this year's look. Instead of buying at the department store, I opted to go to Divisoria to buy 4 kinds of flowers and put them together. Will show you in a later post when I am already done with my tree.


Stuff Worth Keeping

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I need some boxes to put away some of my stuff. There are just some that I can't let go so I am keeping them. I thought of storing them in a box but where is the strapping tape? This is what I don't like here at home sometimes. I can't seem to find the stuff that I need. People here are somewhat forgetful. They are so fond of keeping stuff yet they forget where they placed it. Arrrggghh! Do you sometimes experience this or Am I the only one?


Guitar for Her, Violin for Him

I wish my daughter continued learning the guitar. I guess it's just not her thing because if it was she will usually shine. Same goes with my son who attempted to learn to play the violin too. Again like his sister, it was not his thing. Anyway, it's just a Mom's dream to see her kids play any musical instrument and I know you will agree with me. To those Moms whose kids are into guitars, you might want to check these guitar picks at music 123. I just came across it while doing my usual internet stuff and I suddenly remembered when my kids were still small.


Citrus and Mint...Heavenly

Photobucket Is this scent discontinued already? I want it so bad. I already asked my sister to buy it for me, hopefully she'll be able to find 10 bottles. Wish us luck!


Christmas Countdown

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's 75 days before Christmas! Oh how time flies. It's time to decorate the house again, or is it too early? I think I need to start putting out all my Christmas stuff including the lights. Will do an inventory so that I can buy all the things that I lack before I start decorating. I know for sure that I will need to add lights. It's a good thing that there are still led light bulb in stock otherwise I would have panicked. I want our house outlined by led lights just like the past years. It's a welcome treat for the neighbours to see it. I'm glad I can bring joy to them even during the Christmas season only.


Will Paris Be Next?

Photobucket The husband and I celebrated our 20th year wedding anniversary recently. He surprised me with a trip to Hong Kong. Of course I was happy, after all Hong Kong to me is my happy place. I always get excited as if it was a first time. Anyway, my SIL gave us money to dine at this michelin star french restaurant. It was awesome. It was pricey but all worth it. It's not like you get to dine there everyday so we gave it a go, it was our 20th year anniversary after all.


Something To Remember Me By

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There was a time when I was into jewellery. I think that was when I started working. I wasn't obliged by my parents to help them, so I had the liberty to spend my earnings. I didn't spen them all on things that I want, there were times that I would give my parents some money too or get them a present or two. That was my way of thanking them for sending me to school. When I buy jewellery for myself, I would also include 14k gold chains for my Mom. Up until now I still see her wear it. I'm glad I was able to give her that, at least she had a remembrance from what I was earning while working.


Watch Them Soon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My friend is so proud of his son. Well I would be too considering he's only about 6 years old. She shares with us a video of her son once in a while. The boy can hit the drums really well. I am proud of him too coz I've seen him grow. Sometimes I can't help but shed a tear coz I am really appreciating what the little boy is doing. I'm thinking of getting him one of these practice pads for drummers to hone his talent further. I think that will be put to good use considering that their group is quite serious about their band.


It's a Delight!

Photobucket Wee! One of our fave fastfood restaurant is here! I'm talking about Hainanese Delights. We first tasted it in Baguio in one of our regular Christmas vacations. Then we started secretly wishing for it to have in Manila. Yes, they have it in Manila now and it's in Mega Mall. We get to eat there every Sunday right after the church service. Life is good!


The Best Aroma

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I never really got myself into cigars even if I was exposed to the idea a few years back. Yes I have tried it but never really got into it. I love the smell, who doesn't, right? Anyway, I am no expert when it comes to cigars but I come across some articles about it once in a while. I read that there's this brand that makes aromatic cigars. I think they have a special chemical composition that contributes to the aroma. If you want to try, you can buy acid cigars online. They say it is one of the best since a lot have been trying to imitate it.


Hard to Believe

Monday, August 20, 2012

I am still in shock and up until now I still can't believe it. I don't think it will ever sink in. I talking about the death of someone I know. My heart goes out to the young family he has left behind. I can't imagine it happening to me that's why I am so thankful for God's protection over my family. I know God has a perfect plan for the family he has left behind and that it was really bound to happened. I just hope that he has termlife insurance, it helps one way or another. There are a lot of unexpected expenses when it comes to this situation, at least the amount can be of great help. I just like to tell the family that we will just be here for them, anytime, any day.


Happy 95th Birthday!

Photobucket We had a big celebration in honor of my father-in-law's 95th birthday. The party's theme was Vintage Glam and that was the best look we can come up with. The party was well attended just like the other parties we hold for him. We thank everyone for being a part of his 95th birthday. Looking forward to see you all again on his 100th birthday celebration.


Riding School

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Horseback riding is becoming quite popular. During the summer some kids opt for horseback riding lessons to keep them busy. I'm not really sure if we have a lot of riding schools here but I'm pretty sure that I saw one. For parents who are in need of riding accessories, you can find breeches at You can check it out and who knows everything you need can be found in that website. Horseback riding is fun, we tried it while we were on vacation. I was waiting for the kids to ask me if they can learn, but it never happened. Probably they were into other stuff at that time.


The 95th Celebration

My father-in-law is celebrating his 95th birthday in 2 weeks. We are already preparing for a celebration that is why we have been busy lately. We already have a theme and there are a few things that need to be ironed out. My sister-in-law is thinking of putting a fountain in one part of the ballroom and when I heard about it, I did a little research and found the best campania fountains suitable for the occasion. I need to show her the website which I haven't done yet. I don't know why I am so pre-occupied this days that I don't know what to do first. I keep forgetting a lot of things and I need to be constantly reminded. Gosh I think I need to take some vitamin supplement for that.


Tarzan...Do you Remember?

Photobucket The hubs went with me one time to Divisoria. He wanted to buy sets of cloth to be made into a suit. Part of his agenda was to buy hangers too. In other words we went our separate ways because I too had a different agenda. When we met in the agreed place, he was happily showing me a few pieces of Tarzan. To those ones who do not know what Tarzan is, it's a bubble gum quite popular when we were kids. Oh don't ask me when was that, but just to give you an idea, kids this generation do not know what it is anymore. Hehe, I gave it away but not as old as you think. Anyway, on my next trip to Divisoria I bought him 18 packs. Crazy, right? Well I just want to make him happy, as simple as that.


Blue Lane

If you happen to cruise in a highway, you will notice that there are two blue lines in one of the lanes. This is called the motorcycle lane. It was implemented a few months back due to a lot of vehicular accidents. Now I'm glad that they have added a new one and this is with regards to helmets. This time there is a prescribed one and if you don't fall in the requirements you wouldn't be given a seal of approval. I was curiouos even though I don't own a motorcycle, I went ahead and looked for what was prescribed. Through the course of my search I stumbled upon these hjc helmets sale and indeed covers all that is required. So for those people who are still on the look for a sturdy one, go ahead and check it out. Helmets are important because it protects the most important part. As they say never take it for granted.


The Collector

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I remember seeing in Facebook a post regarding the various cellphones my friend had since he started using one. Amazing how he was able to keep all of them. I didn't keep mine instead I sell it when it's time to upgrade. I also heard that he uses it from time to time. Good for him that he is able to find batteries for his cellphone. I think he found a site that sells batteries for different models, old and new. He did mention that he was able to find lg phone batteries, I actually do not know why he singled it out, but yeah. Anyone of you who are in need of cellphone batteries for your old and new models, you know where to go.


Mildly Hot

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photobucket This is my new favorite. I know I am fat and I am not supposed to have it at all but what can I do? It really tastes oh so yummy. Thing is it's very hard to find. It's not like any other chips that you can find at every grocery. This reminds me to stock on my new snacks so I can have it anytime I want. Hello fatso!


Music Needs

Monday, July 09, 2012

I just want to share with you what I found in the internet. I was actually browsing some stuff that the kids might need when they go back to learning a musical instrument. They have not given up their love for it. It's just that they don't have the time to do it now because of some conflict with their class schedule. Anyway, if you are looking for some base speaker cabinet, why don't you consider aguilar sl112. I heard it's quite popular and it's recommended by some music teachers.


Dream Truck

The husband still mentions that he really likes to have this F150 truck. He's already got a Nissan but still his love for this f150 is still there. We almost got one, but for some reason it didn't push through. I even started looking for seat covers for ford f150 so that by the time it arrives all we need to do is put it on. Excited much, right? Who wouldn't? Have you seen how beautiful an f150? We can't' wait to make it more beautiful by dressing it up.


Nothing Like Mine

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I started loving tees again. I forgot about it for a long while because I was into girlie blouses or boyish shirts. I don't know what got into me that now I am crazy about tshirts. Whenever I am at the mall, I usually check out new ones. Sometimes I don't find anything. It's frustrating because I can't give in to my current passion, not that I want to buy a lot. It's probably time to go for custom tshirts. What I like about it is that I am the only one who has it since it's customized. I need not worry about getting across someone wearing the same kind. Sometimes it gets embarrassing not because you see a person wearing the same tee as you, but it's more like the side comments that is irritating. I don't know if you've experienced that.


Camp Out

Still spending time at the hospital. Kids call it camping out since I don't get to sleep at home. Hopefully everything goes well with God's grace. It's been more than 2 weeks. First week was really hard since we didn't get a private nurse. It was an all-nighter of sorts. I'm glad I survived it. Second week was not bad. The private nurse was a big help. He actually did all the "dirty work". We still wake up in the middle of the night if we sense something is wrong. I dunno but it's automatic on my part. I can't stand hearing him cough without me doing anything. I'm soooo glad that I have the compassion for sick people. Thank you Lord for giving me that.


Quick Dry

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I wish they knew that there is such a thing as outdoor foam seats. This foam dries up pretty fast and is suitable for outdoor use. Can you imagine sitting on a chair outside not knowing that it got wet in the rain? That sucks real bad. Someone please introduce foam boat seating so that no incidents like this happen anymore. Good thing I came across this stuff so that next time it happens, then I have a suggestion to make. I won't think twice suggesting it so that no one will be victimize.


On Looking Good

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's best to look pretty every time! That's the way it should be but you know sometimes laziness kicks in. I just don't feel like "dressing up". Dressing up to me is being presentable regardless of where you are and what state you are in. Do you think this is possible? If it's not to you, then you should start working on it. It's one way of feeling good. Do you agree that even in your sleep you still have to look good? What if in the middle of the night there is an emergency or something? It helps if you're "dressed" like probably in a men's scrubs? I am saying this because there was a time that I made scrubs my jammies. It's very comfortable, keeps me warm in an a/c room. I think nowadays scrubs are not confined to hospital settings alone, it can be seen anywhere, right?


New Stuff Here and There

This post may seem odd when you are a regular in this blog. Well one way or another I have to write down stuff which I think may interest some of the people who might come across my blog. Bits and pieces of everything, who knows it can help, right? Add to that the things I learn too when I write about something I come across in the web. To be honest, this is actually the first time I came across these hygienic levers. Prior to this, I know nothing about it. I see it, alright but when you ask me what it's called I can't answer you. Well at least now I know what that thing is called. You see it on the floor a lot since it is used to stabilize objects, machines in particular. I gathered that there are different types, now it all depends on your requirement.


The Cable Car Ride

Photobucket Finally on my 3rd visit to Singapore I was able to take the cable car. Honestly I got a bit scared especially when I started seeing the the expression painted on the faces of my kids. I saw terror in her eyes specially. She was holding on for dear life, I'm glad she survived the ride and was able to take the cable car again back to Vivo City but this was another story. It was more scary on our way back, seemed like the car wasn't stable at all. I think it was due to the winds. It gets windy in the early evenings, right? Anyway, I think they still enjoyed the view or let's just put it this way, that's one list off their bucket list if there is any.


When You Don't Know What to Say

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sometimes we just don't know what to say. Words aren't enough to express what we truly feel. Do you sometimes feel that? I do and I am glad that I am not the only one. In times like this, what do you normally do? I have some suggestions, and one of it is getting something from for sympathy basket ideas. I think it would make a person feel a little better or being loved after some terrible news. I know it sounds a little weird but let's face it. I would be happy getting something like that or at least it would make me feel better even for a short time. Our agenda here is to temporarily take away the sadness even if it's just for a little while.


Quit Playing Games...Not

Gaming is our thing! I think everyone else in this house is into it, except the head of the family. I don't know but that is how we spend our spare time. There are times that we get too engrossed and can't be bothered but I know it's kinda wrong. I am doing something about it though and hopefully the rest will follow. I am just glad that we have gaming computers, even if we quit playing it can still benefit us. I am talking about the speed and the graphics...nothing beats! But I don't think someone can quit though, minimize perhaps. Yeah, someone has to since it's gonna be the opening of classes soon!


My Treasure Box

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I seriously want to have it. If only I can have it as a Mother's Day present then I'd be glad. I first found about it in the net. It's pretty cool, somewhat mind boggling. It's a challenge actually because you can't just open it just like that. I am talking about a puzzle box. I want to convert it to a jewelry box actually wherein I am the only one who can open it. It would make a wonderful present too. I wonder if my friends would appreciate it if I give them one. I think they will, will ask them to convert it to treasure boxes too. Cool idea, right?


Home Bound...Not Yet

We both want to go home already but as it is we still don't have clearance from the doctor. Praise God my darling doll's condition has improved a lot. Her platelet is now increasing and we are waiting for it to normalize. I really pity her coz both her arms have IV. Having one is hard already, so I can't imagine how hard it is to have both. I love her for conquering her fears and I also love the fact that she cooperates. We are both hoping that we will be sent home soon, hopefully any time soon. We've been here since Monday, that makes 6 days in the hospital already. Nope, I am not complaining in fact I am happy that we were able to bring her right away before any complications occurred.


He Broke His Back

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My father-in-law has a problem with his back, I think he broke it or something. We have always been reminding him to be careful because at 95 his bones are brittle. He is hard headed at times and I can understand why. He's used to hard life and being "lazy" is just not in his bones. Now he is wearing back braces and he is somewhat used to it already. I remember the first few days where he's really argue with us because he feels uncomfortable with it. Now we don't need to remind him to wear it. It gets to be automatic whenever he wakes up. Hopefully he doesn't get to wear it that long.


A Perfect Tan Hopefully

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's summer time once again and there's just one thing I desire whenever this time of the year comes. I want to get a real nice tan. I've been trying since time immemorial but I couldn't get the exact tan that I want. The closest thing that is happening is myself turning red, burning red in fact. Now I have every reason to try this tanning machine, who knows this will be the solution to me wanting to get a tan. I need to try on new stuff every now and then and not just confine myself to things that I have tried doing already. Life is short, try everything as long as you can afford it. Make the most out of your life, do things that will make you happy. I've been trying to do this, so life to me is always bliss.


My DJ Daughter

About 3 months ago, I wrote about my daughter getting accepted as a student jock in one of the fm radio stations here in the metro. She has been training since then and has boarded a couple of times already. She bought her own headset because to her a headset is a must have so she can hear quite well the conversations they are having. I wonder what she needs next. Good thing I came across apogee over the internet and I think they have everything she'll be needing when it comes to recording and all. I can feel that she's quite serious about her chosen field because she wants to learn more and more. I too will do everything to support whatever she goes into and that's the best help I can give her.


Excited! A Skirt or a Dress?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teacher Mo said not to miss the session this coming Thursday. It's actually 2 things, one is the exam and the other is learning to do the bodice. I am excited since she mentioned that this is the heart and soul of pattern making. This is what I have been waiting for and it's going to happen in two days. Nope I am not looking forward to the exam, I feel like I am already too old to remember anything. Don't get me wrong, it's not a waste studying pattern making, it's just that I need the guide for now. I know I will be able to remember everything once my notebook is out. Give me time...more time in fact and I will make you a skirt or a dress. Pick your choice!!!


So What's Yours?

I envy those people who are into collecting stuff, whatever it may be. I wanna have a passion of my own too. I already have in mind what to collect and I haven't started yet. I will probably start the very minute I go out of the country. Mine is just a simple passion, it does not necessarily have to be antique, a beautiful and unique one will do. Anyway, for those ones who have a passion for coins, I wanna share with you the site on where to buy silver coins. You can check it out anytime since this is an online site. I know a lot of people who are into this kind of passion, and I can understand why they want this so much. It's actually an investment more than a passion or should I say this kind of passion is turning to be an investment. Any which way, to me this is one of the perfect passion to have.


Special Gifts

Monday, April 02, 2012

Lately I always run out of ideas on what to give to friends and loved ones. Did this ever happen to you guys? I find it hard giving a present to someone who I think has everything already. What I normally do on occasions like this is doing DIY stuff. I think of something that I think they will appreciate the make it. But then again I run out of ideas. This made me go online and find something for friends which resulted to me finding this site that sells gifts for your friends anniversary. I found a lot of nice stuff which I have not thought of giving to friends. At last, finding gifts to friends and family is no longer a headache.



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My kids are musically inclined. How come they can't get to master an instrument? My youngest wanted to learn violin, and I did send him to a music school. My eldest wanted to learn guitar, sent her to school too. They are able to play a piece or two but after that they lose interest. Are they distracted or what keeps them from learning? I remember the time when my eldest told me her desire to study guitar. Of course I got excited. I grew up learning an instrument so I want my kids to be the same way too. Anyway, I started asking around for a very good guitar. They all seemed to have a general answer. Why don't you check parker guitars. So I did! Too bad it wasn't available at the country where I'm staying so I got another brand. I am still hoping that they will continue with the desire to learn music. My youngest has expressed his desire to learn the keyboards, so we'll see.


Let's Draw Something

Photobucket My newest game! I have not even reached the 1M score in Temple Run and here I go with another game. It's ok, I am enjoying it. It gets frustrating sometimes because it's hard to draw with your thumb on a screen as small as the iPhone or the iPod. Anyway, I asked a friend to buy me those stylus available at amazon and hopefully it gets here before I find a new game.


Website I Call My Own

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I started blogging in 2005. No, I was not paying for hosting. At that time I knew nothing about it. I had it hosted for free. There came a time though that I wanted my own domain name. I wasn't contented with the free hosted one, not because it's free but like I said I wanted to own it. I realized too that it was very affordable to get paid hosting which has a lot more advantages. It's a good thing I found the best best web hosting company. They were very accommodating with all the questions that I had for them. You see I am clueless with such stuff that I didn't know about it. I asked help from them about migrating my old posts and they gladly assisted me. Whenever I have questions, they are always on the rescue which I really appreciate. All issues on my website were fixed right away. I am really satisfied with their service. This is very important because you need support once in a while especially if you are not familiar with how website works. Now I am very happy with the decision I made a couple of years back. I can definitely say that I am earning more.


Box It Up

Monday, March 05, 2012

Are you moving any time soon? If you are, then let me share with you my experience on moving. I will never do the same mistake again. I didn't hire a mover, we did it on our own. We didn't even have the proper boxes for all the stuff. I know, call me el cheapo and I wouldn't disagree. I have learned my lesson though and I promise never to do the same mistake again. If ever we will move again, I'll make sure that I will order Cheap Moving Boxes for all the stuff that need to be boxed. Yes, there are affordable moving boxes that are available. Don't be like me, I skipped buying boxes thinking it was expensive. I never thought that it could be this cheap. Had I known, I could have avoided breaking a lot of stuff during the move. Not only that, I was forced to fix the house right away because of the things I see everywhere. Can you imagine the stress that I went through. I could have stored some stuff in these boxes for moving and probably put it out later when everything is in proper place. It would have been a very organized move. It helps a lot when it's an organize one because moving itself is already a headache, how much more if it wasn't done properly, right? Like I said, I learned my lesson already. Next time I will not have second thoughts of buying those boxes, anyway I can still use it after the move. It's going to be worth it especially if it's put to good use.


The VLC Player

What multimedia player are you using? Have you come across vlc 2.0 player? Someone shared this with me and I am taking a look at it. I need a player that will everything from MP3 to Blu-ray. I heard it's powerful and fast. I might consider using it if that's the case. I don't like to wait long for stuff to load, I guess nobody wants that. Anyway I learned too that it works well with all the 4 major browsers, 2 of which I am currently using. We'll see if I will like it, but I guess there is no reason not to like it especially if it was given a thumbs up from all the people that have used it.


The Famous Run

Photobucket Familiar? It should be, it's the coolest game app nowadays and seems like everyone is playing it. It's a bit frustrating that I can't even get a score of 500k, yeah I am a loser, please don't rub it in my face. I don't know why I can't get my mojo back when it comes to vid games and all, I don't play like how I used to 10 years back. I guess you already know the answer to that, right?


Bingo...the game, not a Name.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I miss playing bingo. We used to play it a lot when we were kids. This is usually being played during family reunions. I remember playing it with our neighbors too and there was never a dull moment. I wonder if offers the same kind of high when you actually play the game. I haven't really tried playing bingo online so I need to read more about it. Does it work the same was as the bingo game I know? I know there is a slight change, but one thing for sure, it's still gonna be a lot of fun. I need to study how this thing works because if ever it's going to be my first time. Add to that the number of years that I have not played. I know some of you do not understand my excitement. But if you get the chance to play, I'm pretty sure that you'll turn up happy just like me. It's a lot of fun and it gets exciting especially when the prize is "big". Now let's visit and find out more on how to go about it. The game is being offered for free and it's online. This is going to be different compared to the traditional bingo game that we know of, Let us all enjoy and have a good time.


Growing Bag Collection

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bags! Bags! Why can't girls have enough bags? One never gets contented having one or two. Does it really have to be that many? Funny how I question myself about love for bags, lol. Well, I'm a girl after all. Guys do have their own, too so they are not to question us girls, right? Anyway, have you guys heard about western handbags? I came across it online and I found it beautiful and unique. The designs are awesome in fact there's this bag that I am eyeing to have. I still don't have that kind of style in my collection. Shhhhhh, don't tell the husband that I am planning to have one, or else it will give him a reason to spend too.


Our Kindle

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photobucket Wee! It finally arrived! I asked my cousin to get me and my daughter a Kindle. We are lucky because we had a relative who was scheduled to come home from the US. With this we were able to save a lot. I am still not using it that often, but I will. I need to find time and rehabilitate myself from plaing farmville so that I can do more.


Safety First

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How particular can you get when it comes to stuff at home? I am not really very particular with everything, but when it comes to stuff that may cause damage to our house, then I have to pick what is best. I have this tendency to do a bit of research just to make sure that it is safe to use. I'm sure that a lot of people are like me. I'd like to believe that the same goes when someone introduces an item in the market. They think about safety all the time. This is the reason why some business industries use teflon hose. For one, I gathered that it will never corrode thus contamination is far from happening. I believe that there are other more reasons why companies shift to the use of teflon.


Gardening...Please be Good

Thursday, February 09, 2012

I love nature, green makes me smile! I grew up in a family who loves nature, plants in particular. The garden in my parents' house is still maintained and it has been more than 30 years. The whole family loves gardening. I remember taking turns with my sibling caring for our plants. We each had our assignment to do. I think our love for plants came from our Dad. He loves gardening a lot and he is a green thumb. My other elder sister took after him. She used to maintain a garden store in the US and it was doing pretty well. Now she does backyard gardening and you will be impressed when you see her garden. She just knows how to fix it. I will need to take a lesson or two from her so that I will be successful in my gardening too. I don't know, but I don't think I am a green thumb. Plants die on me, probably the condition at home too because we don't really have a backyard to begin with. I just do potted gardening. It's a good thing everything is readily available in the world wide web and I found this gardening tips which I can make use when I again attempt to do it.


Snuggie for my Princess

It finally arrived! I asked my sisters to get it for me because no one is selling it here. I know, and I understand that. You might wonder why my daughter likes it. She feels cold all the time. She wears a hoodie when she goes to sleep, weird, right? But that's how she is. Anyway she'll be using that snuggie whenever we go on road trips. Just between you and me, I caught her wearing it while watching telly on a full blast a/c :P


Perfect Tee

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I am a jeans and tee person and I am telling you now that I really love it. You won't see me wear dresses that often, but I try my best to shift once in a while. I don't know if I look good when I wear dresses and skirts, but I try to look pretty. I am most comfortable though when I wear a t-shirt. I don't have a particular brand but I see to it that what I buy is the durable one. I am also fond of wearing statement tees like this distro t-shirt I found online. It's a head turner all by itself. I think this is part of the kaos clothing line being sold online. I want to get one for myself, but I don't really know if they ship internationally. I still have to go through their faq to be able to get answers to my questions.


Always Available When You Need it Most

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ever since the husband shifted to e-cig, I always see him looking for rechargeable batteries. I know it's a small thing, but the frequency of his search does not go unnoticed. He even discusses it with me and asks for opinion. I don't know if in your household you use a lot of batteries. In mine I don't want to run out coz it's really frustrating especially if you need it so bad and you don't have a spare one. I've learned my lesson and actually started using rechargeable. It's always within reach if needed.


Shopping Fund

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh my...this is there reason why I hate going to fashion websites. I always end up salivating on something. Grrrrr...hopefully it won't give me sleepless nights. Haha I can over react sometimes, but that is the most exciting part. Anyway I'm starting to put up a fund for stuff that I like. I will be needing a container to put whatever savings I have for that particular thing that I want. Well it can be an emergency fund too whenever needed. What do you say to this? Ok, let's get started. I saw this easy spirit sandals online and there's this item that I want to have. It sounds silly if I'll be putting up a fund for that, after all it's very affordable. I will find something else to salivate...oh the B bag that I badly want. I know it's gonna take a lifetime to save up for it, but why not, right?


Beautiful Eyes

Photobucket I was contemplating on having eyelash extension for a while now. I finally did it last week and I like it. It felt heavy on the first few hours, but I got used to it right away. What I'm not used to until now is the fact that I need to be careful when washing my face, otherwise it's going to fall off. Recommended touch up is every two weeks. I need to be more careful if I don't want to go on weekly touch ups which will really be pricey.


I Have a History

Friday, January 20, 2012

I've been reading a lot of stuff lately and I normally do it online. I'm glad that almost everything is readily available with just a few clicks. Health related topics is one of my favorite articles to read. Ok I admit, I am scared of so many things especially when it comes to my well-being and that of my family. Health wise, one can really never be healthy. This is just my opinion so don't kill me, ok? One way or another we find something wrong with our system. It's probably due to our food intake. It's fun to eat so there is a tendency to overlook the kind of food we eat. My family has a history of hypertension so I am definitely a candidate of a rising blood pressure. Now I am looking into this l-arginine for blood pressure , I might consider making this part of my diet. I want to lower the risk of a heart attack or a stroke at least if I can't completely eliminate it. It's prevention on my part. I still have kids to raise and I can afford to die soon. I know I sound crazy but what the heck, I am just taking care of myself. You know what I am happy about now? I learned that prices have reduced tremendously, and this means only one thing, a lot of people can benefit from this.


I Want a Body Pillow!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I want a body pillow so bad. People, you hear me? I want that for my birthday. If someone is generous enough to give it to me even if it's not yet my birthday, then I'd be glad. I just sooooooo want it. Now I am imagining having a good night's rest with this pillow. This is going to be my lullaby since it cradles you in comfort from head to toe. I don't mind paying for it too coz I can't wait 'til my birthday!


Next Project

PhotobucketI just got my Mac Mini and this will be my next project. I need to start saving up for it. Time to think twice about all those unnecessary spendings so that I will be able to purchase this in no time. Now I'm starting to think about the time when I started having an online job, it was awesome. Offers keep coming and in figures I never imagined. Those times are long gone but I still earn online. The difference is that before I can purchase whatever I want in more or less 5 writing jobs, but now it takes a hundred years before I can do so.


Here I Go Again

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is wrong with me? Why do I want to upgrade my mobile phone every so often? Are you the same way too? Sometimes I hate myself, sometimes I don't because when I think of it this is my only indulgence. Anyway here is the htc desire hd I saw online and I really like it. I have a friend who owns one and she says it's simply the best. Now it makes me want to change my current unit, what do you think?


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