An Idea in Mind

Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh now I remember! Yes we actually have a Banner stand. I don't need to buy a new one or even borrow. I wonder if the husband remembers where he stored them. He actually used it during one of the bridal fairs we used to join. He has to find it by hook or by crook because I will be needing it very soon. A special occasion is coming up and that banner stand will come in handy. I have a cute idea I need to share and this will make the celebrant cherish her special day more.


Good Luck!

I started on this thing two weeks ago. Yes I was serious back then, but I don't know what happened. I was religious for 4 days and after that, it got crazy. We were invited to a simple birthday dinner, then we had a holiday somewhere where it required to eat much, just kidding. I was just justifying what I did. So there, first try was not a success. Today, I started with it again and hopefully I will be able to do so until day 14. Good luck to me.


The Electronic Age

I'm thinking of a wonderful project. I have lots of photos that I need to scan, back from my childhood days up the present. I want to convert this photos to electronic ones so that if anything happens to it, I have a copy. I also plan to make an online album so I can share it with my friends and loved ones. I guess I need a scanner software for this. It will not be limited to photos only but I can actually convert it to a business. Double purpose, eh. Most companies will be needing this, and I'll probably start offering my services to small companies. I think it will be a welcome idea to them, converting paper files to electronic files.


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