Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's really sad knowing someone who don't see eye to eye with their siblings, coz I for one value and treasure my family and can't imagine doing such a thing. Sibling #1 has a business and has hired the services of sibling #2 for some 3 years until sibling #1 decided that he no longer needs the services of sibling #2. When that happened, sibling #2 immediately went into the same business as sibling #1 despite the fact that sibling #1 made it clear before he started working for him that he can't go into the same business if he wants the relationship maintained.

It's like this...can you imagine yourself doing this?

"I once was hired by my sister to work in her beauty parlor as one of the manicurists...until she decided that she no longer needs my services. What I did was to put up a beauty parlor within the same vicinity (read: fronting) as my sister's."

Oh where, oh where has ETHICS gone? I can't imagine doing this to one of my siblings, can you? Yeah I know that there isn't any law that states no sibling can go into the same business as the other. But I know for a fact that I'll hurt my brother/sister, and I'm not about to give up my relationship with them for some MONEY!

SAD indeed, but this is really happening.



Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've been helping varnish some of our furnitures and I've already finished my shoe's DIY time for us and it's really fulfilling...but seems like some people are not happy about it, I dunno or maybe they are just plain NOSY! One time, some id**t came to my helper asking...

I: anong ginagawa nyo dyan? (what are you doing there?)
H: nagbabarnis ho (applying varnish)
I: pati amo mo? (even your employer?)
H: oo (yes)
I: e bakit pa sila nagbabarnis, e ang yaman nila (why are they doing it, they're rich)
H: kaya nga sila mayaman eh, kasi kung kaya nila, ginagawa nila, di na sila kumukuha ng tao (that's the reason why they are rich, they don't hire people if they think they can do it themselves)**rolls eyes*

Then it happens again, this time with N...

I: bakit kelangan kayo pa ang nagbabarnis, e ang yaman nyo? (why do you need to do the varnishing, you're rich?)
N: Hangaan nyo ako, mayaman na nagtatrabaho pa ng mga ganung bagay (you people should admire me, I'm rich and yet I'm still doing those things) **rolls eyes non-stop**
I: dumbfounded... **walks away**

Even if you don't want to answer them that way, you do so because of uncollected comments...I wonder why they CAN'T just mind their own business...good thing they didn't come up to me, otherwise it would have been a different story. That's the reason why I don't look at them eye to eye, and staying out of their way, I might say something that I might regret later coz those are just some of the instances, and there's a lot more. You PEOPLE! Get a life okie? That's what you get for staying on the streets the whole something worthwhile and not just talk about people's lives behind their backs...


Can you imagine at midnight my son Josh craves for chips and soda? Since I don't keep chips at home (remember we are putting him on a diet), N was forced to go to a nearby sari-sari store (convenient store) to satisfy the cravings of his's picnic time! The next night, he wanted again to have a picnic, this time Pizza. Nope we didn't go out in the middle of the night, we just ordered using the telephone, and in 30 minutes it's picnic time once again...aaaahhhh THIS IS LIFE! I wonder what's next...with this thing going on, he's gonna get back the unwanted 5 lbs. he lost =(


The 1000 wpm Lady

Friday, April 21, 2006

If you can type 100 words/min, well SHE can talk not a hundred but a thousand words per minute...yeah, really! and she's in town. We met her for dinner at Via Mare in Greenbelt, Makati...and guess what all 4 hours were not enough, the waiter did his last call already, they started to clear away the tables and we were still there, talking and laughing to our hearts'desire. Too bad it has to end...oh well... Justice, we can always do this whenever you're in town...good thing you are already based in Singapore and not in faraway Germany =)


It's Baking Time

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nah, not me...but my daughter ISHA. I enrolled her at HENY SISON CULINARY SCHOOL's Children's Baking Workshop under Chef Jill Sandique. It's a 3-day baking workshop and so far she has been enjoying and having a great time, plus the cookies they made are really YUMMY! I've reserved a slot for their Kids in the Kitchen with Mom (April 29) and I'm looking forward to this perfect bonding time with my daughter. It's a tribute to Mothers on Mother's Day.

***shoutout to CUZ...they have limited slots...join us!***


It's Easter!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Grow Taller

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I learned from a friend that there's this chinese doctor in Binondo that makes kids grow taller. So one afternoon I brought Isha there. In one wall of the room, you can find a lot of horizontal lines with names in them, yep he measures you before you go through the process to see if indeed you've grown taller. Anyways, he makes you lie flat on your stomach and puts some oil and starts massaging the back, hips and half the butt, then goes down at the back of the knees. I watched him do it to the two girls and he was precise, same strokes, same count. This would be done every quarter until they turn 18, yeah it's a long time but who knows...every Moms in the world dream of having tall and slender kids. I can't wait for Josh to turn 12 so he too can have a chance to grow more taller.

He recommends that you put this oil (eucalyptus maybe coz it smells like one) on the sole of your feet before taking a bath and before going to bed.


I mentioned to one of my friends about this, and she goes "hhhmmmm di yan totoo" (that is not true at all). But in the end, she asked where the place was and that she's bringing her 2 kids there...yeah not true at all....hhhmmmmppppp!


Our Little Misses

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The girls wanted to spend time with each other, so we arranged a special bonding for them at Promenade in Greenhills. They played for quite a bit at Timezone, bought some books and notepads at Fully Booked and finally joined us at Coffee Bean. Everyone had a grand time, especially the Moms.heh.


Baguio Trip

Saturday, April 08, 2006

We went up north again, but this time to Baguio, and with the kids. It was a breather for everyone, a temporary escape from the heat in Manila. A few days away from Holy Week, but seems like everyone's there. Isha even commented "Hey Mom, look! There's a lot of people walking, just like in NYC...and the houses on the hill, just like in Daly City!" I guess Isha is missing USA, it's been a year already. I'm sharing with you a video of the kids...the usual horseback thingy whenever you are in Baguio =)

Haha! Listen to my daughter...she says "no fair", but look at her, she fixed her hair and all...way to go girl...hehe =)

And of course, no Kamagong (Ebony) wood escapes N's sight. We purchased this pieces:

it's from a one piece kamagong wood, made into a foldable chair, a gift from my MIL to my 2 kids

another foldable thingy, a stool this time...also a one piece wood...Filipinos are really great and talented, just imagine all the three pieces, each made from one trunk, intertwined...


Exercise Stuff

Monday, April 03, 2006

Here's one of our routines in our belly dancing (using celly) courtesy of Cuz

It wasn't exactly pandemonium, but there's like 15 of us dancing in our last belly class. Yeah I miss my space, but then again, having a lot is more fun. We went back to basic, which took something like 10 minutes per dance turned out to be more of an exercise thingy which I appreciated.

I've been working out in the gym religiously for two weeks now. And it feels good getting back in shape. I don't feel as lazy anymore, and believe it or not, I look forward to spending time in the gym...tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. My only rest day is Wednesday and Sunday. I'm thinking of using up Wednesdays too since the gym is also offerring belly dancing classes...i've to check it out tomorrow though for a free trial...Here's to a "coca cola" body! *i wish*...bwaaaahhh


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