Totally Forgotten Moves

Thursday, September 29, 2005

We haven't been attending our belly dancing class for 5 consecutive sessions, and boy i tell you, bones were crackling everywhere. We didn't have our usual stuff, everything was pretty new, including the use of veil. There were times I had to stop to catch my breath, really! Using the veil is pretty tough, if you don't do it right, you can get entangled...oooppppssss, am i getting OA here?!?



Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Uni Sashimi

I wonder why some japanese restaurants here in Manila couldn't do a better presentation than really looks yucky when you see it, therefore can't stomach it. But since this is one of my favorites, i really didn't mind how it was presented...still yummy =)

a far cry from this, but still...


Blue Version

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Car Show starts tomorrow September 28 at the Mega Trade Hall. Come and see ME!

More or less, this is how my car would look like, a complete make over indeed.


Comfort or Beauty

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Obviously i picked the latter *roll eyes*. Yeah i wore that 3 1/2 heeled boots to a Wedding Coverage today. And now my legs are achy feet sore...never mind, at least I WAS SEXY! Beat


Starbucks is 5 Minutes Away

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh yeah! *dancing* Oh yeah! I don't need to drive miles and miles away to have my favorite fix of coffee. It finally opened last Thursday, and was a full house. This is the nice thing living in our area, though not in a plush subdivision, everything is 5 minutes away.


Isha, Mae & Alex

Isha and her friends spent the afternoon at our house. Among all of her friends, these two cutesie girls are the ones i love so dearly. I've known Alex since she was like 6 and Mae since she was 8. I'm just so happy that these three are reunited. I know Isha is in good company.


Spelling Contest

Friday, September 23, 2005

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Isha won Second Place! Could have been First, if she just remembered everything in the list I made her. But that's ok I am happy and proud of her just the same.

While watching the contest, I was kinda irritated with her Dad coz he was playing video games, while here I was, following every stroke of her hand, wondering if she got it right, even holding my breath until i hear that she got it right...arrrgggghhh!

Funny, we had the same feeling after all, but he just had another way of releasing his tension...weird! Oh well, to each his own!



My Aunt at 85

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Mom with her sister Nanay Loleng

My aunt, the only surviving sister of my Mom, celebrated her 85th birthday today. We paid her a surprise visit. Another day full of fun once again.

feeling birthday girl

intoxicated not, just having a one woman show, haha =)



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ingress will be on the 27th of this month, just a week to go! I wonder if it'll be finished in time. Bryan says yes and i believe him. Suspension lift was already done but they didn't change the mags and tires yet. I'm super excited already, hope to bring home the bacon!

Come and see us at the Mega Trade Hall...Opening will be on the 28th!


A Dream that Should Come True

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It has been my dream to be able to make a layout for myself. I remember buying a book on html codes when i first started blogging, staying until the wee hours of the night trying to understand all the codes but to no avail. I really haven't made one from scratch, shhhh, just between you and me, what i usually do, i go to BLOGSKINS , download all the templates that i like, incorporate it into what i call my "own". I know, i me cheating, but what can i do? that's how far i can go. But i promise you, im coming back with a if =)



Wedding Season Resumes

Sunday, September 18, 2005

We usually don't have wedding coverages in the month of August coz majority of our clients belong to the fil-chinese community. They consider it a ghost month, therefore it's not a lucky month.

So now that it's September, expect all our weekends, work and work. It's a time to improve on my craft, Nelson says that i did, a lot! And honestly i think so too, i take better pictures now.

I am a few thousand pesos richer...wahoo... shopping money =)



Saturday, September 17, 2005

This is where we went for dinner

Nelson and his "date"

"My date"

This seldom happens...usually when we eat out, the nannies go with us. Well i was the nanny this time, preparing the food of my "date". The darling doll didn't ask help from his date even if she was having a hard time with her steak (she doesn't eat crabs).

Our dates enjoyed a lot. They asked when we're gonna have another special day again, to think we haven't even left the restaurant.


A gift from Cuz

Too bad i didn't go to belly class today, i didn't get to wear my new gypsy pants, and didn't get to use the yellow veil given by Cuz


I finally have IT

Friday, September 16, 2005

This was the first thing i looked for when i stepped at Sephora in April, but was heartbroken when i found out they had none. I didn't like buying it here in the Philippines coz the brand that i use didn't carry one. Just to satisfy myself, i ended up buying it here for a mere 300 bucks...don't ask for the brand (lol), i just like looking at it and never mind if i end up not using it at all.


3 more things about Me

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Got tagged by DES . Here are 3 more random facts about me that you don't know yet (maybe)

1. I don't like my feet getting wet in the i usually wear my sneakers when it rains.

2. Whenever we cross flooded areas, i hold my breath. It just scares me to death.

3. I dilute my shampoo with water coz if not i'll get dandruff.



Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Now you know what's next if you had a stressful week...SHOPPING! I'm one happy Momma! I really didn't plan this at all, but since Greenhills was on the way (we had to pick up the door knobs we ordered), i took the opportunity to go shopping...wait, actually i just had to drop by the shop where i bought LEIGH's software to get the missing 12 letter it is Leigh =) CJLCABKKCIBI, PGCEGNFIJLHM and DDDCKFOETGNG (just choose whatever works, you can also find that in the keygen i told you about)...since there was plenty of time left before Nelson picks me up, i did some side trip at the "tiangge". I bought 2 beautiful bohemian skirts, i know i'm kinda behind in owning one already, again it's the stingy side of me...yes, there were a lot of that kind when i was in the States, but gosh they were all sooooo expensive. I also bought a gypsy pants for my belly class. Yeeehaaa!

It really feels so good having bought something beautiful...or shopping for that matter...i swear, the last time i went shopping was in the month of MAY...4 months...NOT BAD EH!


I Miss Bloghopping

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More than anything else, it's the bloghopping that i missed so much...yeah, call me nosey, like i care =) but really! It's like i'm not complete without it. Even if i was online practically 24/7, i just couldn't find myself diverting from work. Work that i wasn't able to finish....arrrghhhh!!! Pfffft goes my $$$, i'm not gonna receive anything for this month. Blame it to a lot of sign ups (consumed 3/4 of my time) plus the fact that i had been working (photography) on weekends and again with the never ending trips to home depots on weekdays.


When my lil boy wants something, he goes to me and shows me his test papers, and he goes: Mom, are you happy with the results? And i know what's next =) This is his new style in case he wants me to buy something for him. Cute isn't it? When he was younger, he used to plant kisses on me when he wants something. So i guess he's just embarrassed doing it now that he is older so he finds a new way!


Nelson and I have been considering getting a trainor (shooting) for Trisha. She is really interested, and while she's at it, i think this is the best time to have her trained. So boys....beware...she can be a sharp shooter, OK?


I'm Neglected

Thursday, September 08, 2005

If only my blog could talk, maybe i would be hearing scoldings left and right. Yeah, i've kinda neglected it for a week or so. It's been pretty hectic.

First, the structural of the house is almost done. We are already in the finishing stage. That means never ending trips to home depots.

Second, i've finally registered with the "Work From Home" thingy. Boy i tell you, it's not as easy as it sounds. It entails a lot of hard work and patience. I'm still at the familiarization stage, so work is kinda slow. I don't think i can complete even 1 assignment i have for the month, considering i've already borrowed my daughter's laptop =) No, i'm not moonlighting, it's just that it's faster working with 2 computers, haha!

Lastly, i have to help my kids with school work. And i'm just so proud that all our efforts with school work is not in vain. We already got their report cards. Trisha didn't do good to be in the honor roll in English (i know she can do better, she's quite distracted already, must be puppy love? duh! but was Outstanding in Chinese. Josh on the other hand did well in English (Superior), lacked .1 to be in the Outstanding in Chinese.*sigh*


The only time i have for myself is in my belly dancing class =) I really see to it that i spare time for that. Teacher Nilda is asking us to bring a veil for the next session. Whoa! we are getting better! Hoorah!

my "classmates"



Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yehey! Wahoo! Yipee! Yes i'm one happy Momma...

Gerbie, my new baby can now go up and down the stairs...i don't need to carry him! Actually he didn't have a hard time learning to go up, but going down is really an agony for him...if only you could see his face, you'd have no second thoughts of picking him up and bringing him down. But no, he has to learn! I'll be teaching him the basics of obedience (french commands, duh). I dunno if i can do it, but i'll try.


My problem with yahoo messenger is gone! yes i don't get kicked out anymore everytime i close a dialogue box. I downloaded the upgrade for voice even though i have it's beta version, waaaaahhhhh, i'm one lucky Momma, no need to sign in again and again!


Our belly dancing teacher said that WE'VE IMPROVED! At least all the hard work didn't go down the drain. I'm more inspired to dance now! Hmmmm....which reminds me...i gotta go! Tata for now, need to practice the moves i wasn't able to execute well!


I got a postcard from blogger turned friend Herda. Thank you so much. It's a different kind of joy getting snailmail from you!


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