Am I Ready to Go?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Because of all the wonderful things I've read about this riviera maya honeymoon destination, I am intrigued. It's like I want to pack our bags and head straight there. I really need time to relax now, away from all these frenzy. I am a bit tired and I need to recharge. I know, I'm quite ambitious for choosing that destination, but who knows. The place is just enticing. Just thinking about the long stretch of white sand beach, overflowing drinks, beach beds where I can stare at the ocean all day long, good food, and of course spending it with the man you love...aahh, this is life. Now you can see why this place is called the perfect honeymoon destination. oh it's not just for honeymooners, but for everyone who is in love, and for those ones too who has fallen out of love. This may be the chance to renew and think about everything.


10 PM Curfew

It's time for change! Well for me at least. I'm gonna start off by improving on my sleeping habits. If you know me well, I'm a true blue night owl, a nocturnal. Not that I am wide awake at night or something, but I can stay awake until 3 in the morning. Not anymore! One day I just decided to just sleep at 10, or should I say, I should stop what ever I'm doing (surfing the net) by 10 pm. It's been 3 weeks I think and I like it. I don't feel tired in the mornings. I feel that I am well rested although for now I am still not getting the 8 hour sleep that I want. It's because I wake up at 5 am to tend to my daughter. I only have one helper now, and if I won't help her get ready for school, she's going to be late for class. I don't take naps too, coz I will find it hard to sleep early. I hope I get all the benefits of getting enough sleep, health and beauty wise.


What's Your Take on This?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm at a loss when it comes to diet pills. With a lot of diet pills in the market today, I don't know anymore which ones really work. Plus the fact that I am not yet into it since I don't need it for now. But I have been reading reviews so that if anyone asks for my opinion, I can share my two cents worth. Well at least I can have a take or something like that. Well anyway, I read that Fenterdren lets you lose weight pretty quick. I think Fenterdren is included in the top 10 in all effective diet pill listings. Hhmm, I'll take note of that so when the time comes that I'll need it, I don't have to look anywhere.


The Budding Writer

<== Look how excited she is. Who wouldn't be? She won in the contest she joined for Disney Channel Asia. It's for Camp Rock, what's next? The requirement is 200 words and I think that is easy for her since she has been into writing and stuff. I have read her short stories and she has the potential to be one damn good writer one day, and that's proof enough for me, her winning!

You can read her winning entry here. Oh there are photos there too.


Christian Books and More

My Dad used to read bible stories to us during our family altar. I was exposed to a lot of bible characters at a young age. I miss that, I mean the family altar. I remember being excited and I always looked forward to the stories. I wish I did that to my kids since I brought with me one of the Christian books we have at home. The one that my Dad used to read us stories. I think I was only about 4 when my Dad bought that book. I do regret now that I wasn't able to introduce family altar to my kids, but it's not too late. I can introduce them to Christian books since they both love to read.


Elegant Invites

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I want you to take at look at these wedding invitations. When I saw it, I was like, oh no I should have gotten these kinds of invitations. Ours was far different from what you'll see in the website. And do you like to know why? I got married like 16 years ago. The invitations during that time was a lot different I think. I really love the invitations I saw, might use it for upcoming celebrations...say my daughter's wedding...nah she is still too young for me to be thinking about it.


Party Momma

Saturday, January 03, 2009

While watching some makeup tutorials at youtube, I came across this vid that demonstrates how a faux hawk hairdo is done. I've been doing it to myself for 2 days now, one with curls and today it was tied in a bun. I went to collect rent today and "wore" my faux hawk bun. When the tenant saw me, she said something like this. "Galing ka ng party?" (Did you just come from a party?) I didn't know what to say and what to think as I was caught offguard. But I was more than amused than mad. This is actually the first time they see my "fixed". When I go collect the rental money monthly, I usually wear plain street clothes, in other words, I didn't have the "salon look", LOL. But today aside from the fact that I fixed my hair, I wore falsies too!


Not About to Say Goodbye

Since I have been wearing 3-4 inch high heels lately, I might already be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Why do I say that? Plantar Fasciitis is a painful foot condition in the heel and arch area, and normally I feel it in the morning when I wake up. Now I need to do something about it because I am not about to give up wearing my heels. I feel sexy in them. Good thing I came across a website that have products I can wear at night. It will give relief to the pain since it gently flexes the foot and the toes. I think I'm gonna let my sisters buy it for me.


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