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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm really happy because I insisted that we buy one of these pedestal sinks. Now I truly appreciate it. My bathroom looks really nice, like the ones you see in 5-star hotels. Sorry for bragging but yeah it does look like one. Just between you and me, I actually got the idea from them. Whenever we go on travels, I take note of the bathroom/toilet. I store it in my memory bank and I look for the same if not the closest items that I see. Now that's the story behind every bathroom in the house.


Gone a Long Way

Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you consider yourself coming from a conservative country? Can you openly talk about all things? We used to really be restricted, but today I can say that we have improved a lot. Now we can talk about natural male enhancement pills openly. No malice at all. Does this mean that we have matured one way or another? I know, like there's something wrong when we talk about this thing. That's what I do not understand, why can't we talk about things without getting malicious or anything? At least we have become intelligent conversationalists, we can openly talk about all things without giving a nasty "meaning" to it. We've gone a long way.


Ortho Case

I thank God that there was no fracture nor dislocation found in the x-ray. I am talking about my sister whom I brought to the hospital. She had a bad fall and her left knee got swollen. She just has to rest it with minimal movement. She'll be now wearing a knee immobilizer for about a week and when the pain doesn't go away she has to continue wearing it for another week. Hopefully all will be well by then because if not she'll undergo mri to check on her ligaments. Lord, please make my sister well, thank you!


Women Talk

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Funny when me and my friends go out. We normally talk about our men and of course our weight. Dang! Is this a clear sign that finally we've "aged"? Anyway, I keep telling them my frustrations about my weight issues. It's like a pendulum. I can never keep it down or keep it balanced at least. One suggested that I go under the knife. I don't think I can do that, yes I chicken out. I am thinking about the non-invasive procedures. While I was browsing on how I go about it, I was redirected to this page that talks about colon cleansers. It was mentioned that it helps lose weight, and it can eliminate acne too, oh those are two of my problems. It's like hitting two birds with a stone. Has someone tried this? I want to know the results. Did it work?


Earning A Degree Online

Now here's a scenario. I see most of this happening today. It's sad but yes it's happening. Someone gets pregnant in the middle of school, of course abortion is out of the question. She waits until she gives birth. And when she does, sometimes it's the end of her dream to finish college. Not everyone is lucky to continue with school. Questions like who's going to take care of the baby, shall I put him on daycare, shall I put him up for adoption pop up. I know this is hard especially if you are just a teenager, barely out of high school and this things come up. Most of you will think that this will be the end of your "education". I am happy to tell you that it's not. Have you heard about distance learning? These are for people who can't be physically present in a classroom set-up and want to finish college. Browse through accredited online degree and find out which schools can bring you the best education.


Christmas Village

I'm starting to build my Christmas Village. I know I won't be able to do much for this year since budget is quite tight. I now have about 6 houses and I am hoping to add to my collection before the year ends. I went to this shop this morning and I saw some beautiful and rare ones, too bad I didn't bring money for that purpose. I was supposed to come back this afternoon but I went to attend PTC, first things first. Anyway I will share with you my collection.


Taylor Swift in Manila

Friday, November 19, 2010

Darling Doll needs 3,800 pesos. I read it in her twitter account. I found out that Taylor Swift is finally coming to Manila, thus the need for that amount. I told her to try saving for a cheaper ticket because at the price she is trying to save for is far from the stage already. I just told her to use one of her Dad's binoculars. But she mentioned something about how stinky it is at the area I was suggesting to her. She thought I was asking her to buy the tickets for the general admission. Truth is I just wanted her to buy the lower box B ticket.


What's Your Ideal Weight?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why are women body conscious? You can count with your fingers those ones who are fat and very comfortable with their weight. Most fat women want to lose weight, even those who are not still want to lose weight. I think us women won't stop until we reach our desired weight, a weight where we think we'd look nice. How do we achieve it? Some women resort to diet pills right away. Some go on diet coupled with exercise. How about you? How do you go about it? Do you also get frustrated when nothing is happening to your weight despite the effort? I hope I am not alone in this coz I really get frustrated.


Early Christmas Decorating

It's the time of the year. Just like my Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating is also done early. I'm actually late with my tree already as I should have done it last week of October or at least first week of November the latest. I'm using the same trimmings but plan to change theme again next year. I just saw the balls that I liked this morning and it's a lot cheaper compared to the one I saw yesterday. I'd probably buy it and save it for next year.


Frustration is the Word

Friday, November 12, 2010

Do you realize how frustrating it can get when you are trying to lose weight? That's exactly how I feel. I've been doing aerobics five times a week and it seems that I'm not really losing weight. I have to do something about my appetite. I think that is the culprit. Nope, I am not about to buy apidexin yet as I still don't see the need. But I have taken note of it in case I really need it in the future.


Learn to Invest Wisely

It's only now that I realized why there's so much fuss about gold bars. When I was younger, I would hear my folks talk about gold bars being hoarded by certain people. It's like the money they got all went to this kind of investment. Rumor has it that they really kept a lot of gold bars. Now I understand why these people opted to invest their money in gold. There are a lot of positive reasons why they did. It's one way of preserving their wealth, whether ill gotten or not. It has been considered as a global currency too. Wise men, indeed. I should learn from them, the investing part I mean and not the...you know what I mean especially if you are Pinoys.


Studded...and I Love It

I first saw it on some random girl. Much as I wanted to ask her where she bought it, I didn't. Language barrier if you may ask me, I don't speak Cantonese. Anyway I hopped in every shoe store in a mall with 5 floors but with no luck. Sad, isn't it? I never tried looking for it the next day since I have resigned to the thought that it just came out. I thought it was sold out already. Anyway when I went to another place to buy some nail polish, lo and behold I saw it. Lucky day indeed since I didn't just find that pair but 3 more pairs that I had been eyeing but they didn't have my size. Walking around Hong Kong was all worth it because of the 5 pairs of shoes that I bought. Nope I didn't spend a fortune since everything I got was very affordable, no Louboutins for me.


Scouting for a Car Insurance

Many of us need car insurance. I say many because here in my country insurance is only an option, it's not required. I see the need though and it's very important that is why I am starting to scout for an affordable price from one of these car insurance companies. My eldest daughter wants to learn how to drive and I am asking our driver to teach her. The task will be his, well at least for the basic of driving. I am planning to enroll her at a driving school to let her feel how it is to drive around the metro. I just couldn't sacrifice my car just yet so she will be using the school's car. Good decision, right?


How Much Do I Weigh?

Monday, November 08, 2010

We love to weigh. We weigh to see if we gained or lost. I think I need to change the weighing scale we have at home, it's vintage. I want something digital so that we won't have a hard time trying to figure how much we weigh. I found one that I really like from these digital weight scales which I saw online. Good thing it is affordable. I'm also choosing the one that has the auto on function and one that has a large easy to read LCD display. I bet my little big boy will be happy with my decision since he always has a hard time figuring out how much he weighs.


Bags Discarded! We're Home!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The last time I was here with the family was in 2006. This time there were 8 of us, the in-laws included. This was the first time it happened, we were complete. It made the trip more memorable. We were able to visit Macau too although we didn't spend much time there. We did minimal shopping since the clothes were mostly for winter. Food was superb and we were always full. It's time to shed off all those extra pounds that I put on because of the delish food. Will share more in the coming days.



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