I Can See You from a Distance

Monday, February 28, 2011

I am enjoying every bit of my time with my sisters in the United States. We seldom talk before because of the high cost of overseas calls. My Mom has her special time with them too and we are so thankful that internet made it possible. What makes it all the more special is the chance to get to see each other even via the web cam. When you avail of the Conference call services you can get to talk and see each other all at the same time. A conference web call can hold up to 100 participants which companies can benefit from. Internet age is so awesome that impossible things 10 years ago is made possible now.


Cheeky Smiley

The husband and I decided to go up to Baguio for it's annual Panagbenga Festival. It was a first for me and I can say that it's a nice experience. We had a pleasant ride from Manila to Baguio and it took us about 4 hours to get there. We stayed at City Travel Hotel (that was the only available hotel that was not booked yet). We didn't have much choice because it was a late decision. The husband can't make up his mind. Anyway, he told me that in the next Panagbenga, we will stay for two days and witness the float parade too. It was just the street dancing that we witnessed.

We were up at 4 am just to have a good spot at the assembly area. We had to be that early because people line up early too otherwise we won't be able to get good photos. We were not able to take photos at the Athletic Bowl due to strict security. We didn't have the all access id issued by the organizers.


A Must at Concerts

When foreign artists come and visit our country, my daughter wants to watch them sing live all the time. Too bad we were not able to buy tickets for the recent Taylor Swift concert. It was sold out right away. Anyway, I made a deal with my kids. If ever they watch a concert, I give them only a certain budget for the tickets. Take it or leave it. I always tell them that we can't afford front row seats. Good thing we have something like these steiner binoculars. Even if they are far away, they get a glimpse of their favorite artist up close. Well that's how life is. If you can't get what you want, adjustments can be made all the time.


What Diet Supplement Do You Take?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Was there a time that you got tired going to the gym? I've been working out since 2005, taking a rest for about a year only. The reason why I asked you this is because there was a point in my life that I wanted to discontinue and didn't believe in fitness. My reason? I was not losing weight. I wanted to see some results right away to the point that I wanted to take diet supplements. I heard that when you have it, you are going to see results right away. I have friends who benefited from taking these supplements, I have friends too that didn't. I think it depends on the composition of the body and the discipline of course.


Addicted to Farmville

I should spend less time playing Farmville. Look what happened! The pain was getting worst that I had to put liniment and wrap it with bandage. I had to do that for 2 days. Did I stop playing? Nope! Those farmville addicts can understand me and can relate why I can't stop playing. Anyway, it got better and I was able to rest for a day. I think I really need to lessen my playing, it eats all of my time. Hopefully I can lessen by an hour a day until such time that I can make playtime just an hour a day. Complete rehabilitation and I'm sure I'm gonna get withdrawal symptoms.


Very Minor It Seems

Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you know the reason why until now I still haven't taken any diet pills? Yeah, I want to lose weight and a lot are recommending different diet pills. But what I am not ready about is the side effects of diet pills. There will always be side effects, very minor as it seems, but am I ready for it? Allow me to name a few side effects, but these side effects I only found online, ok? I really do not know whether this is true or not but when you get to read this, please tell me if it is. Nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, headaches, these are the common side effects of diet pills.


Sweat It Out

If there's one thing that my son took after me, it's probably the love for eating. He is my partner in crime when it comes to foodies. I got him into doing fitness lately and we even go to the gym together. After our workout, we would often agree on how hard it is to sweat it out just to lose some weight. We would even discuss the different ways on how to lose weight like colon cleanse which is always talked about. We would even tell ourselves that we ought to try one time if we feel like nothing is happening. But for now, we will settle for strenuous exercises.


Breeding Cows in Farmville

Farmville is getting to be addicting again, what with the new cow breeding. I used to breed just the horse, but now I started with the cows too. There are secrets that I picked here and there and I am applying it so that I can level up fast. Yes, I take it pretty seriously, LOL. I don't care even if my wrist gets numb or something. For the last couple of days, I've been putting bandage and some linament to help ease the pain. I know I should stop playing and rest even for a day or two, but what can I do, I am enjoying the game with my bestest friends.


Side Effects

Who among you have tried taking diet pills? I have not tried taking one so I really don't know. When I listen to my friends, they give me different feedback. So does it depend on what brand one is taking? What about the side effects? Some say that they get dizzy while others get headaches. This is the only side effects I hear so far. But when you search the internet, you will find more like these oxyelite pro side effects. The side effects do not really make you turn your back on diet pills because most of it are tolerable. Others will not even feel it in the long run.


Taking Care of More Important Things

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dang! I am so caught up with playing this game on FB that I keep forgetting more important things. My oh my, my oh bad, I think I am close to getting the carpal tunnel syndrome too. If I don't stop right at this moment, I know I am getting it. Ok, this is already a sign that I should be taking care of things forgotten, like the Custom Labels I was planning to get for my beaded bracelet business. I know I mentioned it here a couple of months back and here I am, still nothing. Good thing I already have a design in mind and I will be able to get Label Quotes right away. It's that easy nowadays. Gone are the days that you will have to wait ages before you can accomplish anything. Today, with just a snap of a finger you will be able to come up wit something and it's just great!


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom celebrated her 86th birthday. I can't believe she is already 86. I thank the Lord that He has blessed her with long life, good health and strength, that in itself is a very wonderful birthday gift. Mom is an inspiration to many especially when it comes to taking care of herself. A lot would make her an example, even I would tell that I want to be like Mom when I grow old, still knows how to take care of herself. She always smells good too and ever presentable. Others may think she is vain, but to me she only knows how to take care of herself. Happy birthday dearest Mother! May you all the more be blessed by our Heavenly Father.


Blackberry User

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I miss my old blackberry. It's not working properly but I don't want it repaired because it's an old model. I wonder if I am going to own this blackberry in the future. I am actually satisfied with it especially the keyboard. It's very easy to key in letters and it's just like typing. Hhmmm, since I have two lines I can make my other unit a blackberry. Time to save up for it. The daughter likes it too I think. Maybe we can share or something. But I think it's better if we get each a unit. It does not necessarily have to be the most expensive one, a simple one will do.


Wishing for Another Road Trip

I wonder when we can go on a road trip again. The last time we were on one was about a year ago. It's almost summer here and you know how it is when this time arrives. Everyone wants to go on a road trip. I just wish we have roadside assistance as good as the ones in the United States. Sad to say though it's far from what the US have. If your car breaks down in the outskirts, say a little prayer because chances are you are not going to be rescued by some good samaritans. Well I can't really blame them, this is due to the fact that anything can happen, good and bad.


Natrol Acai Berry

My friend introduced me to this. She has really lost weight not just from the Acai Berry but from watching her food intake too. You see you should not depend on what you take alone, part of it is deprivation of food, I call it deprivation because I am not eating as much as I want. Anyway, I asked my sister in the US to buy it for me and it finally arrived. I've been on it for a week already and I've seen some results. Not the weight loss though but I noticed that when I do my fitness routine, I sweat more. I don't easily get tired too. I think this thing really works on me. True to what it says, I think it really helps rev up metabolism and calorie burning. I am so happy because I don't need to order from them once I get to use up the 2 bottles they sent. Healthy Options sells them, wahoo!


My Groovy Mom

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mom was really very happy when I gave her a headset. They have been enjoying using skype with my sisters in the United States. They used to talk only once or twice a month because it's kinda expensive to call overseas. Thanks to internet connection, they are now able to talk more often. I wonder if Plantronics headset is better than what I gave Mom. Mom really needs it because she has hearing problem. She can barely hear my sisters when they talk. Funny when she first used the headset that I gave her. She couldn't adjust her voice and it was too loud that my SIL is afraid the neighbors might hear what they are talking about. I told Mom to just adjust her voice whenever she is using the headset that I gave her. I will have to check on them tomorrow and see if Mom was able to adjust her speaking voice already.


I'm Looking for Work

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I admit, until now I still search the internet for possible jobs. I've been jobless for 16 years now (it's by choice) and I think it's about time to look for a job. The kids have grown already and I think they can take care of themselves with minimal supervision. I wish I can take on one of these columbus jobs but it is just impossible. I need to migrate or something just to take on the job. If only it were not far, then I'd grab on the opportunity. I want to go back to working so I can earn my own keep.


It's Sew Time

I'll try my hand at making simple skirts again. I've done circle skirts for my belly dancing costumes in the past and I can say I did well. Anyway, I went to Divisoria the other day and found that cloth. I couldn't resist buying it coz I so wanted to make it into a skirt. So there! I bought it, but the forgetful me didn't buy elastic band (garter). Went to the mall yesterday and once again I forgot. It's time to eat some brain food.



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