Unsecured Loans

Friday, May 30, 2008

I used to work for a bank when I was still single. But when I got married, hubby suggested that I resign from work to start our own business. We started with something small, but there came a point in time that we needed more capital because the business was growing. We saw a lot of opportunities that we didn't want to let go of it. We thought that it was the best time to expand, and take advantage of the growing demand. But like most small business owners, money is not always available. It's just not enough to support an expansion. It's kinda sad that you are not able to pursue your dreams because of monetary inadequacies. Right? Wrong! There are Small Business Loans we can avail of. Some are even unsecured, meaning you will be able to avail of a loan or a credit line even without collateral. And you can apply for as much as 250 thousand dollars. This would be a great help because this money can help a business go a long way.

At afsloansonline.com, you will have great chances getting an approval since they submit loan applications to lenders who are willing to lend. They also have consultants to help you out with filling up the application, so that nothing will go wrong and you get automatic approval right away. Before I forget to mention, they don't charge upfront fees. Take advantage of the offer now, and you will be on your way to expanding your business.


Cardio Exercise


Hubby is health conscious, he wants us to be physically fit just like him. While he goes biking everyday, I on the other hand go belly dancing twice a week. He feels that it's not enough exercise. The little boy is another story. He can't wake up that early to go with his Dad, not to bike but to walk/jog. We thought of a way so that all of us can exercise at least everyday including my girl. So we bought this treadmill with a free bike/stepper that came along with the package. So far so good for me, but sometimes it gets a little boring. I thought of putting a telly so that at least when we start walking/jogging on the treadmill it does not get boring. It worked, the lil boy didn't notice that he was already walking for 45 minutes.



Cleaner Air

Sunday, May 25, 2008

When the kids were younger, they had all sorts of allergies. I even had to resort to having an air purifier at home. It was actually suggested by a friend of mine because her kids had allergies too. It was effective, ever since I had it at home the allergies were minimized. Had the situation worsened, I don't have any other choice but to maintain it. But this time I want an Austin Air air purifiers. I like the specifications. It can both be for allergen relief and chemical sensitivities. Sometimes we do not know what causes the allergies.


Knit All I Want

This is my 3rd knitting project, yep all of them unfinished. Blame it on the beautiful colors of yarn which I keep buying whenever I see one. Blame it on the needles too, because I have 3 pairs. But I am the one to be blamed truly, because I get bored easily looking at the same color whenever I knit, plus the same knitting stitches. This blue one has the same stitches too, but its purl and knit combined in one row, and it looks different. All these I learned online. I didn't get somebody to teach me to knit personally. It came from the intructional videos I watch every now and then. At first it was quite difficult because I was totally new to it. Now I can knit and watch a little television at the same time. I can even talk while knitting. Daughter Ish asked me, "Mom how can you talk with someone and knit at the same time?"


Could Have Been a Florida Vacation

Visiting Orlando, Florida is still in the places to visit list of my daughter. We thought it was going to be crossed out sometime in March when she went to the United States for a vacation. I've looked for Orlando vacations actually because originally they planned to go there. They've seen the theme parks at California and they would want to try out the ones in Florida. Both of them have not gone to Florida, so we thought it would be a great idea. Last minute, her companion changed her mind. She wanted to go to California once again. They just stayed there for 11 days, too short I may say, but what is important they enjoyed every bit of their vacation.



Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wahoo! I am taking a break from flower photography, not that I don't like it anymore. Once in a while, it's exciting to take pictures of other subjects. Thanks to Litratong Pinoy which has a weekly theme and I tell you, it's challenging. This week's theme is water. If you want to take a peek at the different interpretations, just visit LP's website.


Travel Guide

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If everything pushes through, I will be consulting this travel guide. I actually don't know when, but I just wish that it's going to be before the opening of school, otherwise I won't be able to join. Honestly I've looked around already because I am excited. Boy oh boy it all the more added to my excitement. I just wish it pushes through. I haven't been out of the country for a year already.


Finance Your Business

Nothing should keep you from expanding your business. Easier said than done right? I think it should be the case especially if the business is booming and there are a lot of opportunities available. You can always avail of a Small Business Loan. Nah, it's not really hard to avail of it. You can even apply for Small Business Loans even if you don't have collateral. I am not kidding, I just want to share with you this wonderful news. This does not come too often so if I were you grab it now. Let someone do the Small Business Financing for you. You can get the approval in just a day or two. Take advantage of the offer and let that business of yours grow.


USB Flash Drives

I find it really useful bringing with me a usb flash drive. In case I need to copy or store something from someone else's computer, it comes in very handy. I don't need cds or dvds or I don't even need to bring my laptop, all I have to do is attach it to the usb slot and start copying. Very useful isn't it?

This can be a great giveaway for corporate events. Aside from the fact that it's really useful, it can also help promote your company by having your company logo printed on the flash drive. Oh, that gives you an idea on what to give away this Christmas to your favorite clients. I would be very happy if I'd receive one.


Monkeys in Action

We had fun last Sunday when we went to La Mesa Eco Park. It was a first for me and my daughter to go there. N frequents this place since this is where he brings his clients for a pre-nup shoot. The place is lovely, I love it. I had fun with my camera really. But the batteries died on me. Oh I'm complaining again, how can a battery not die with more than 400 shots. Yeah I was trigger happy that afternoon. Had so much energy to walk, climb the trail, and shoot. Well if you really love the things that you do, you don't get tired easily. This is equivalent to shopping, err window shopping I mean, but honestly I find strolling in the mall tiresome, haha because I can't shop that is. Boo!


Win a MacBook Air

Friday, May 16, 2008

Does anyone of you want to win a MacBook Air? This is your chance to own one by joining the Secondbrain Macbook Air contest. Just register your account on or before the beta launch which is at the end of May. But you need to add some valuable content though and invite some friends. The member who has the best combination of collection, content and network will win. This isn't hard to do right? Networking is really in nowadays and I've gained a lot of friends already. It wouldn't hurt gaining more friends and getting a chance to win a MacBook Air. I am already excited since it's my dream to own a MacBook Air. In fact I have been asking my husband who is an avid Apple fan how much it is to own the most coveted laptop on earth. And since I cannot afford it at the moment, I am happy that I came across this cool contest. I immediately signed up and you can now view my profile. Oh before I forget, I must tell you about the other prizes. For 1st and 2nd runners-up, you get to win X-Box 360 console and iPod Nano respectively. You will also get the chance to win a $50 gift card from Amazon if you collection is chosen. Great prizes indeed. Hurry and sign up now.


Not Feeling Well

Ish is not feeling well today. I think she got super exhausted with the rehearsals that started Monday. Now she has colds. I didn't feel ok on Wednesday because of exhaustion too but I drank a glass of fresh lemonade. She is not a big fan of lemonades and I didn't think that she was not feeling well that day. She was ok, she was even ok on the day of the recital. Today she didn't go with us to the movies. I didn't have a single idea that she didn't feel well. I thought she was just sleepy. But when we got home, her colds was terrible. I guess those rehearsals took a toll on her. Poor darling doll. She really worked hard to perfect their routine and I am happy that they performed well. Their group was well applauded. We are really very happy that she has gone a long way with her belly dance moves. I can say that she has improved a lot after a year of dancing. Way to go my darling girl.


Importance of Car Insurance

Just a few weeks back, I really saw the benefit of having a car insurance. You see our driver accidentally bumped a car in front of him. It could not have happened if the other driver didn't stop all of a sudden on a green light. Even if it was not our driver's fault, the law says that whoever bumps into a car on the rear is always at fault. It's good that we had car insurance. Instead of shouldering the expenses caused by the accident, we just paid a small amount. If not for the insurance, we could have spent close to 20k for the repair. It's really important to have your cars insured. You don't know when accidents happen. Even if you are a responsible driver, there are drivers out there who are just reckless.


Not Today

Because of the weather (it was showering), we were not able to go to La Mesa Dam for an afternoon of photography. We were so psyched up already and very excited but then the weather didn't cooperate. I don't think I can go under the rain after having strenous rehearsals which started Monday. Hubby is happy that his daughter is showing some interests in photography. She wants to go into macro and dof. She has been asking a lot of questions lately so hubby decided to give us a free (lol) photography tutorial. Can't wait til Saturday to go out. Hope the weather cooperates this time. I miss shooting outdoors.


A Sporty/Elegant Watch

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It was just recently when I came to know about this particular watch. My husband and I were looking for a watch for our son as a belated graduation gift from his grandfather. While surfing the net for some models of certain brands that we liked, we came across this Hublot watch. I was quite impressed at how it looked like. It was kinda sporty but then there was a certain elegance in the watch. Honestly I love the look of it. The creator of this watch is Carlo Crocco, and he comes from a family of watchmakers. I really admire his designs, maybe because I am a sporty type. His designs can actually be worn both on formal or casual occasions. I also took the opportunity to look for a chrono watch since I am a big fan of that. I don't know why, but I just love the look of it. I actually own one already, but I really loved what I saw. Hublot's chrono selection was just awesome. There's this particular chrono watch that I really love and I haven't seen one as beautiful as what I saw. I wish I can afford to buy one right now, but as it is I need to save up for it. I don't really mind spending for an expensive watch since I find it an investment. It's diamond studded that's why I say it's an investment. For now, I will just include it on my wish list. It's like a reminder that I need to work a little harder if I really want to own it.


Enjoy the Outdoors

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I wish we had enough space for a patio at home. I really wanted to have one because I've seen a lot of beautiful patio furniture. Plus of course I really love the outdoors. Too bad as of the moment, the place where we are staying at does not have one. Maybe when we build our dream vacation house, I will make it a point that I will have a space to admire the outdoors. It's fun and relaxing just staying outside, enjoying maybe the sunset, watch birds chirp, listen to the wind blowing on the trees, ah what a lovely setting. I'd love something like that when we're old and gray, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Most Visited Country in the World

Hubby has been to France already but he has not really seen much. He only spent two days in Paris because he had to be back to Manila for yet another wedding coverage. He actually had a wedding coverage in Spain, and that's the reason why he was able to see Paris. He stayed in one of the Paris Hôtels, and contrary to what many people believe, it's quite affordable he says. He promised to bring us all there and this time we just have to explore France more. I'd love to be able to visit Bordeaux. I want to enjoy the best tasting wine. I know I am uber excited since I already looked for places to stay. There are a lot of choices of Bordeaux Hôtels to choose from. While in France, of course we wouldn't miss visiting the oldest city which is Marseilles. Again here are some Marseilles Hôtels where we could stay. We might consider putting Toulouse in our itinerary and where else is the best place to stay? Of course only at these selected Toulouse Hôtels.

We could have another option too. Maybe we can rent some car and drive around France. I don't think it would be hard since France has a well developed system of highway. Most freeway links are toll roads, and for me it means only one thing. The roads are just smoother, hassle free and well maintained. Oh I shouldn't forget about renting only small cars, roads in France seem narrow. That's what I see in the movies. I also love the idea that there are plenty of hotels for road travellers. That means it's not that hard to be looking for accommodations even while travelling on road.


Mother's Day

I'd like to thank all those who remembered to greet me on Mother's Day. Thanks to the Mother's Day greetings you left on my blog, for the e-cards, and for the SMS. I really appreciate it. I was soooo happy that a lot remembered me.

Josh wanted to give me some wool and yarn. Haha, he can see that I am soooo much into knitting. But I am surprised that he said wool. I don't have any idea where he got that from. Did he google knitting? I doubt. I never mentioned to him about wool and stuff.

I went to visit my Mom too. We had some bonding time just lying beside each other. We couldn't stop laughing (the famous FERRER witchy-ish laugh). Then she suddenly touched my face and said, "Ang ganda ng skin mo." (you have beautiful skin). Told her that it's the effect of Obagi. I told her that I'm gonna stop sooner or later because it's expensive. She told me not to, and that I should take care of myself. That's my Mother...vain...lol.


Accomodations in Germany

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hubby said that if ever we go to Europe, we shouldn't miss Germany. I read that the best month to go there is between May and September. Hmmm May, perfect, kids are on vacation during this month. According to some friends who have been to Germany, it's a must to see the place. Germany is rich in culture, and full of historic sites. It would be a great opportunity for the kids to learn part of world's history.
There are a lot of popular sites to visit in Germany. I'd love to see the castles, the Black Forest which is home to my favorite black forest cake, I wouldn't want to miss the Bavarian Alps too. Ah there's just too many to see in Germany. Each city has something wonderful to offer. Whether your in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, etc., there is always something special. I found out too on my readings that these are the recommended hotels where you can stay while in Germany. Check out Berlin Hotels, Köln Hotels, Frankfurt Hotels and Munich Hotels. It's affordable and the location is right in the heart of the city.


Drug Treatment Center

Friday, May 09, 2008

I've witnessed many lives wasted because of drugs. I pity them and my heart cries out to them. They are lost, and all they need right now is more love and understanding. Our tendency is to get very angry with them especially if they brought shame to the family. I am talking about family members getting hooked to drugs. Getting angry is not a solution for someone to stop taking drugs. He should be enrolled in a program at a drug treatment center. Here he will be given a treatment program and will be assisted by the staff to complete it. The staff at the center would know how to handle drug dependents since they have been there themselves. It's really very important that the staff are gentle, patient and understanding with the patients.


The Value of Gold

Seems like many are drawn to silver nowadays. But I am still loyal to gold. Value-wise gold is still the best. Have you heard the price of gold going down? The value of other precious metals has gone down but never gold. Gold is really a nice investment. It is one way of preserving one's wealth. I know of a few people who really invest in gold bars, and they have made money already. Never will I forget what my father-in-law has said. Investing in gold is way better than putting your money elsewhere. I believe it's true, because if you decide to dispose of the gold nowadays, chances are your investment will return to you a hundred fold.


Winning Lottery Number

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I really envy the one who is holding the Wining lottery number. Well amongst all who bought tickets, luck was on his side. There is an online lottery where you can join and have the chance to bring home their big time prizes. Really I'm not kidding. Check out what prizes the holders of the Wining lottery numbers brought home. By spending a bit of money, he was able to win a car. One even won a dream vacation. Just pick out your Lottery numbers and get the chance to win one of their prizes. See you need not leave the comforts of your home to purchase a ticket. You can do it online now. Who knows today can be your lucky day.


Beach is Fun

We promised the kids to bring them to the beach before school starts. It could have been Bora, but then some things came up, like Isha's vacation to the US in early April. Oh that means we no longer have the extra moolah to spend supposedly for the Bora trip. Anyways just to hold true to the promise, we brought them to Subic. The water was clean but the shore is not long enough. Maybe I was just used to the long stretch of white sand at Bora. Enuf complaining. We had fun actually. This is only the 2nd time that the kids have been to the beach. They don't actually remember their first time coz they were like 2 and 4 at that time. All they remember is this - they don't like to step on the sand coz they find it dirty, hehe.


SocialSpark is Live!

Have you heard about the latest offering from Izea? It's called SocialSpark. This is the newest marketplace for advertisers and bloggers. SocialSpark has gone live and if you haven't signed up yet, go ahead and make the move now. For bloggers, this will give you the opportunity to earn some money. We all know that times are getting harder and harder each day and we can barely get both ends meet. SocialSpark can help us in this area. I am a living testimony of this get paid to blog thingie. I am able to help my husband with the finances here at home plus I am able to buy the things that I love, I mean expensive things ^_^. Not that I am not well provided for, but it's gives me a different kind of high being able to buy things for myself. Another thing is, aside from the monetary part, I also learn a lot from doing doing advertising for certain services and products. It makes me aware of the different new things around me. And now with SocialSpark, I get to interact with bloggers from all over the world. I really love this feature. I am able to add new friends who have the same interests as mine. Who knows this new friendship can blossom into something deeper than just adding in your network. I want to be friends with people from all parts of the globe. Please check my profile, and I would appreciate it if you will add me to your friends' list. SocialSpark is exciting isn't it? Don't forget, if you still haven't signed up, this is your chance to do it now. Sign up and start earning!

*This is a paid post.


Purity Ring

One afternoon my daughter showed me this site in her iPhone, "Mom, this is what I want you and Dad to give me on my 15th birthday". And what is that? "It's a purity ring Mom." And what is a purity ring? "It's a ring you wear with a promise that you're not gonna do it." I was really rejoicing upon hearing it. Who wouldn't be, I mean it came from her and that means she is aware that she's not suppose to do it until she gets married. That was actually a load off my back because nowadays it's kinda hard to communicate with kids. And here is my daughter at age 14 already aware of the pressures surrounding her. Honestly I was quite surprised when she told me this, suprised in the sense that at quite an early age she already thought of it. I pray that she will continue being what she is now, aware of her role as a christian.

More on purity rings at purityrings.com.

*Note: That is the ring I want to get her.*


This is It!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I've done some progress already, now it's close to 1 foot in length almost the same length when I decided to redo the stockinette stitch. I wish I can knit continuously but then I have some other things to do. I can't knit the whole day although I wish I could. Maybe I can finish a scarf in just a day if I don't do other things. What if I make it alternated, like knit today, then crochet the next day, then blog on the next day. Nah, I don't think that will work. I actually knit and crochet in between blogging or bloghopping. Then there's cooking to take care of, my my, 24 hours is just not enough.


I Need an Upgrade Pronto!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Now this is what I need, a laptop memory upgrade. Attaching my external hard drive to the USB slot can get pretty tiring if I do it every now and then. I want something built-in this time. No wonder the speed on my computer is slowing down, too much files and uploads since I am lazy to transfer it to the external hard drive. This will be my next project, and I hope this will not be set aside for another project.


Memory Upgrade

I am fond of saving different downloads and other stuff I find in the internet. I'm sure everyone else is like that. It seems like even though we got a big memory, we can't get enough. It's time to have a memory upgrade. This is the cheapest solution to memory issues. Instead of getting yourself a new computer why don't you consider an upgrade instead?


From the Top


I'll have to do that all over again. It turned out that is not the right stitch (stockinette) for a scarf. Thanks to Jen for solving my problem about the curly thingie on the sides. Now I'm doing the garter stitch, all knit and no purls. Kinda boring but I'm making a scarf. It would look really funny wearing a scarf that looks like a sock. My sisters would laugh at me. I've knitted about a foot already and for me that is a long way already. But then, I wanna get it right, so I had to start from the top once again. I'm tired to post a picture of the new one (garter stitch) right now, err I'm tired of taking a pic of it I should say. I love knitting, it takes my stress away, and it's a breather from blogging and doing you know what ^_^


Lasik for the Kids

I've been contemplating on Lasik, well not for myself, I don't need it yet but for my 2 kids. They have been wearing eyeglasses since they were young. I know wearing eyeglasses is such a bother, this is the reason why you seldom see me wearing eyeglasses. We've actually discussed it already and we think they are too young to have it just yet. Maybe when they are about 18, this is the time we will have them undergo lasik. And I think someone has to be 18 to be able to undergo this procedure, although I heard of some younger than 18 who already had lasik.


The Guest Room

Our guest room does not have a television set yet. I am planning to put one so that if ever our guests wouldn't be bored if they just stay in the room. Of course they would want to watch probably some news or watch their favorite TV show. For now there is no space at the foot of the bed so I'm thinking of having a tv wall mount. I think that would look better and will be a bit functional. The room is not that big, so I need all the space in there. I have an extra TV, since we bought a new one late last year. Maybe for now that will do.


Sad? nah it's Orchestrated!

Thursday, May 01, 2008



This is my entry in this week's theme (sad) over at Litratong Pinoy. I thought of taking pictures of my nieces. I asked them both to act sad. The older one got it, giving me a sad look, I didn't even instruct her how to pose, I just told her to give me a sad look. Well done Hannah, you can be an actress. While the little one gave me a big grin when I told her to look sad. At 2, I don't think she knows the meaning of the word sad. I was just watching her play, kept my mouth shut, had my camera ready and bang! I was able to capture the sad eyes.



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