Bring It Anywhere

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Since I am a stay at home MoMMa, I have to find some things to do coz I just hate being idle. So for some months now, doing crochet projects is the "in" thing in our household. Two of my "angels" are helping me finish a bed cover that I found really beautiful in that book. The nice thing about it is you can bring it with you anywhere you go. I have the liberty to do it when stuck in traffic (that is if somebody is driving for me), while waiting for my kids to come out from school (when no driver is available, I bring my kids to school, stay there for something like 6 hrs. or more, gasoline is expensive, and parking is gold, so I don't want to go home), on long if you see one who's doing crochet, could be me!

*Enuf with blogging, continue working on you project!*


Just Can't Give It Up

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I purposely didn't attend belly class for the whole summer. My reason? Please don't laugh, ok? There were enrollees ages 12-14, and I couldn't catch up with their pace, it's just too much for me...and the school had a recital, so most of the hours were spent rehearsing, I got tired doing the same routine over and over again. Now you ask why I didn't join the recital? Don't want the audience to laugh at me and say...hey look! There's a dancing old MoMMa...hahaha...imagine a 40 year old lady dancing with the, my, oh my!

Anyhoo, classes just started, so I'm back dancing, not with the teens this time, but with the MoMMas. Oh it just feels good. Now I have every reason to finish my belly outfits.


Meme: 10 Random Weird Facts About Me

Friday, June 23, 2006

A tag from Rose DesRochers, a published poet and a freelance writer.

1. I unconsciously curl/twist my foot when I'm in bed.
2. I feel uncomfortable sleeping in night gowns (lingeries).
3. I feel comfortable doing the "indian sit" even in restaurants (except fine dining)
4. At 40, I shouldn't be dressing up like how I dress up now. (is that weird?)
5. I don't like to be kissed by N. (he said that!)
6. I enjoy eating rice when it has olive oil and soy sauce on it.
7. I hate cooking rice, coz I can't get the perfect ratio. (rice and water)
8. I keep on buying clothes, bags, shoes, but never get to use all...I just enjoy looking at them.
9. I hate squeezing calamansi (native lemon). i just don't like the smell that stays in my fingers.(thanks for reminding me cuz)
10. I have 2 dogs but I don't like it if they start licking me.

**Whew! I spent countless hours thinking about these weird facts about me...all the while I thought I was normal heh...**


Please Fill Me Up

Thursday, June 22, 2006

When I saw the picture of this huge book shelf(design) over the internet, I immediately fell in love with it. Without thinking, I asked our carpenter to do one for me, and he did. Now comes the problem, I couldn't even fill half of it...darn!

To fill up the empty spaces, I decided to put the Starbucks Mug Collection of N (sorry, I forgot to take a photo). And yeah, I still have a few books and magazines to put in there...we haven't transfered all our stuffs.

Too bad, we have given away the kids' textbooks...hehe...but come to think of it, it could be a temporary filler, right? Oh my gosh...i'm getting to be a TRYING HARD COPY CAT!


Great Way To Bond

Monday, June 19, 2006

Two saturdays ago, we went with N to the University of the Philippines grounds for a pre-nuptial shoot of one of our clients. Isha found the gardens beautiful right away. We roamed for a bit and took some photos.

Even if she heard eerie stories about the place from her classmates, she still agreed to go with me for some bonding, just lying under a tree reading a book, having chips and soda on the side, oooppppsss and not to forget the foodie that the vendors sell on the sidewalk. Don't worry, a lot say that it's safe to eat the food being sold by the vendors at the UP grounds.

So when are we doing it Ish? Cuz you might like to join us, i'm sure Queenie and Kisses would love to =) How about Keren?


A Special Day

Sunday, June 18, 2006

They say life begins at 40, intially, I wanted to hold a BIG birthday celebration, changed my mind, wanted to travel instead to Hongkong, changed my mind again, this time I wanted a dangling (3-layered south sea pearl), fickle minded as I am, I again changed my mind. This one's gonna be final, I WANT A NEW LAPTOP for myself. My old one is still working, but I feel that any moment from now it's gonna go kaput! It's been with me since 2001 and it looks old and dilapidated, that you don't wanna lay hands on it(what a great excuse for buying a new one..heh..) oh's my birthday!

Anyways, I spent my special day over at my parents' house and also to celebrate Father's Day. We had a wonderful time together over lunch, then I got a call from my sisters in the US, just to greet me. My special day ends at 5:30 in the afternoon, as I don't wanna remember the next hours that followed. (Cuz, you know the reason)

A gift from N...he remembered that I wanted this so much when we went to buy his bike, so he got it for my birthday. We already went biking with his dog Diego, and guess where we went? Off to starbucks, which is a lil over 2 kms. from our place. It's a good exercise and at the same time we saved on gas, yay!

A very nice present from CUZ and Kuya Rey...two days before my birthday, they went to take a look at our new house. when we were inside the master's bedroom, Cuz was looking for my full length mirror, and when I told her that I didn't have any, that's how she got the idea on what to give me. A million thanks to you both...mwaaah

Isha feels sorry that once again she's bankrupt, so this is what she got me. A pretty notebook, take a look on what's written on the cover, cool. (click on the image) It doesn't matter my daughter, it's the thought that counts.

Yeah am not kidding, Josh gave me moolah (10k), "buy anything you like Mom", yep my lil boy is rich (even richer than the At first I thought he was kidding, but naaaahh. I haven't thought of what to buy yet, and when I asked him for some suggestions, he said a RING (lucky girlfriend). What a generous boy he is, he says he's gonna give me 50k on my 50th birthday =)

With or without the big celebration, I feel BIG TIME, a lot of people love me!



Friday, June 16, 2006

Summer vacation is finally over for the kids...and they are back to school now. Isha is already in first year high, and Josh is in 5th grade. And when there's school, there's military rule...nope make it martial rule...that's a bit harsh...Mom's Rules...yeah it's my rules...they can't use the net, can't watch the telly(negotiable), can't read any other books except their text books, can't play video games, need to go to bed early...that's basically is that hard to follow?

I've set these rules since they started school. So far I don't have problems dealing with them when it comes to these, i've explained well that it's for their own good. Now they are always looking forward to's TGIF for them...everything they can do coz it's FRIDAY!


Getting My Confidence Back

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yes Vina I had color correction at Bench Fix over at The Podium. They had to bleach(argh!) my hair to take out the black color, and now I no longer look like a witch.

For more than a year now I've been using this product, it's a moisturizing leave in treatment for dry hair. I usually put it after bath. And St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner Moisture Treatment. If not for these two products, I would have gone bald, yes I have the most abused hair. In a span of 3 weeks, I had hair color, I had my curls removed using the same chemical (for perming), did some remedies to the former hair color coz I found it too light which resulted to a disaster, did SOS to repair it resulting to a "witchy look". Then comes the color correction. I was really praying hard and asked God to grant me that wish (I really had this fear that I'd go bald) as a birthday present. The stylist who did my color correction was really amazed considering what I have gone through. Thank you St. Ives...yes I had been doing it on a regular basis (read:everyday). I read in the net that this product was discontinued, but you can still find it in the shelves here in the Philippines. Thank you Infusium 23, this can be bought in Greenhills and Glorietta.

Since my hair was bleached, the stylist at Fix recommended that I use L'oreal Power Color Care Shampoo, an SOS Repair System for very sensitised coloured and pre-lightened hair. For conditioner, I will be using L'oreal Vitamino Color Gel Masque, as it repairs coloured hair and restores shine. I can't iron my hair for two weeks, I have to wait for 2 months before I can have in the meantime, the solution for bad hair day is...A PONY!


A Must Have

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I was raised to believe that each household should have a sewing machine. My mom had one and it was really put to soooo much use. I remember during my wedding, I made all of my giveaways with the help of my mom's singer sewing machine...nothing like the picture above but the tradional one. I made facial tissue holders, I did it at nights(had a daytime job) while Mom did it in the mornings. I also remember my first encounter with a sewing machine and that was eons ago in elementary. I made my very first house dress followed by a jammie set. Yep I was able to manage and it was really quite fun doing it.

I have a lot of projects in mind since we are moving to our new house. Am planning to sew curtains, make some cushion cases, and even try to make a coronet for my daughter. And I thank the internet for free projects. Seems like my hands will be full this coming months and I'm looking forward to it. Wish me luck guys!

Forgive me for ranting yet again. I'm totally hurt and pissed off by this lady (a general's wife), a mom of our client today. She thinks she's big time that she can talk just like that. In the years that we have been in this business, this is the first time that we encountered such boastful lady and she thinks that she can get away with it just because she is the general's wife...we are making a letter to the couple just to let them know of their mother's disgusting behavior. I could have answered her right there, but I, professional as I am, gave considerations to the bride, so as not to ruin her special night. We could have walked out you know!


Jet Black=Witch

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Did some DIY thingy again, this time with my hair...i've done hair coloring, hair spa and all but this time I wasn't successful. I used hair treatment with color (i've 2 shades which I used to mix, and had no problems with it really), but not this time...waaaaahhhh I look like a "voodoo doll" (nope i'm not posting a picture, use your imagination...heh). So off I went to a drugstore to purchase some hair color, I opted for a black one, coz I was just too scared that if I get a lighter shade, nothing will happen and i'd still look like a voodoo doll.

Anyhoo, I applied the black color, shampooed my hair, put some hair treatment, rinsed, and blow dried. My son Josh was busy playing online games so he was clueless on what was going on. When he turned his back to ask something from me...all he said was "MOM, you look like a WITCH! Nobody is really used to seeing me sporting a jet black hair, and I myself feel that yeah, I can be part of the Adam's Family and indeed I look like a WITCH!


Bonding At Rockwell

Monday, June 05, 2006

Classes will start in a week, so we decided to set a time for the kids to bond. We brought them to Rockwell to watch a movie, accompanied by their yayas (nanny). Of course the Moms had a different agenda (i guess you know by now what it is *heh*). After the movie, the kids saw this picture card kiosk, and they wanted to seal this bonding time with a picture. Initially, I wanted to use my digicam, but then my memory stick doesn't seem to work with their card reader, so I ended up making this artwork instead.

Of course the Moms wouldn't be left behind...who says only them can get away with that pose...huh????


Biking with Diego

Friday, June 02, 2006

N bought a bike specifically for his dog Diego. The dog isn't contented with just walking, and N has a hard time catching up when Diego starts to run, thus the bike. I tried it with Gerbie (pug), but it just didn't work. The first thing Gerbie did was to pee on the tires...GREAT! just plain great! And when we started moving, he runs ahead, not minding if he goes left or right, that I have to stop every so often, too scared that I might run over him. But with Diego, everything went's like he's soooo used to it. I'll just have to train Gerbie and Smiley to always walk at my left side, following my pace and not theirs, a pretty tough job I guess, but practice makes perfect.


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