Text Alert

Friday, November 27, 2009

I actually want the school where I send my kids to have a text alert system. A lot will benefit with this thing especially when it comes to important announcements. Sometimes it's just so hard to get through the school's phone lines and it becomes frustrating. Important announcements like class being cancelled should reach all persons concerned at the right time. But in our case it does not. There are occasions that we have brought the kids to school already only to find out that classes were suspended. If only we had this text alert system, then none of this should be happening.


A Tux for Him

"Hey Dad! I need you to take my photo...it's for my profile pic in Facebook." That's my son talking. And he wants to have his picture taken in coat and tie which he wore only once and does not fit him anymore. He's even talking about getting a new tuxedo. Eversince, this little big guy of mine is so into formal clothing. Whenever we go to formal occasions, it's always a coat and a tie for him. Probably because he can see that formal clothing really suits him and he looks good in it.


My Perfect Companion

You are my perfect companion in my campaign to work on my abs. It's been a problem for more than a decade already. I keep promising that I'd start working on it, but after a few days, I get lazy. And look what I have become, 17 pounds heavier. I look good despite the weight gain, but it all went to the wrong places if you know what I mean. Nobody wants a bulging stomach and I just hate the fact that I have it. I have to work double time if I want it a little flat, not super flat, but just a little flatter.


Time to Say Goodbye

I really need to buy a new laptop. My two year old laptop died on me and I just can't afford the cost of repair. It's not really reasonable since you can buy this new laptop with the price they are requesting me to pay. I was like NO WAY, I will just buy a new one. There's this ruby red laptop that I am eyeing and I am totally in love with it. I am still saving money for it and hopefully I will be able to purchase it early next year. It's hard not having a computer of your own. It's like you are always at someone else's mercy. And I just hate that feeling.


Electric Fireplace

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cool! Guess what I saw online? There is an ongoing sale of electric fireplace until the end of November. Honestly I didn't know that there is such thing. Pardon me, I live in the tropics so there's really not much I know about fireplaces. The ones I see are the traditional ones if you know what I mean. But really these electric fireplaces are cool. If you have a small place, they have a small fireplace for you. Come and look at the prices, I tell you it's very affordable. You gotta hurry too because the sale will only be until the end of November. You still have a few days left.


Gray Sandals

Isn't it pretty? Oh forget about the foot, it's the footwear I am talking about. I saw that on our way to Church one Sunday. But I first went to attend the Sunday Service before going down to purchase it. And you know what's good about it? It's dirt cheap. Got it only for about Two hundred fifty pesos, and that's roughly a little above five dollars. I've actually learned my lesson. I'm no longer buying expensive footwear, it gets destroyed over time especially if you don't get to wear it often.


Unique Floor Tiles

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who among you are building your dream homes? Or probably renovating? Can I suggest something? I just can't keep my mouth shut on these floor tiles I saw online. There are a lot of nice choices be it ceramic, metal, porcelain, glass and natural stone. You'd be inspired by the patterns and colors that you will see. You will definitely be able to choose after going thru all their tile products. See for yourself, so that you'd understand what I mean.


Fight Wrinkles

It's inevitable, problems beset us. But I guess it's how you face your problems that is important. Oftentimes you hear your friends tell you not to be so consumed with your problems or else wrinkles will appear. I've been told about that wrinkle thingy a lot of times already and I am readying myself with the use of an anti-wrinkle cream. I can't deny that huge problems really consume me. There are times I can help it but there are just times that I can't. I am just human after all, so others say.


Thanksgiving: Kids

There is an ongoing meme over at facebook and I decided to join it. I will be reposting it here in my blog so my other friends who are not in facebook yet can read about the things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for the joy my kids bring. They are the apple of my eye and they are my bundle of joy. I can't imagine what life will be without them. They just bring me so much joy and I truly appreciate it. They make life worth living.


Male Stuff

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've been hearing the word spring plungers but have not really bothered to know what it looks like or what it's for. You can't blame me for not being interested in guy stuff once in a while. Like would a girl normally be? I know that is not a fair reason, but then again it pays to know a little more, whether it's male or female stuff. I know you would agree with me on this.


Live Chat

I always see this live chat thingy in websites who offer services. It's more or less their support group. Silly you might think but I've been dreaming to have my own live chat in my website. It's instant communication with my readers. I might give this live chat software a try, probably get their basic package. I just want to talk to the people who visit my website, interact with them, who knows this might be the start of a new friendship.


BF Clothes

Friday, November 20, 2009

When I saw the shorts (almost the same as what I'm wearing) in the display window of Zara, I immediately remembered my son's old navy shorts given to him by my sister. Nope he didn't get to wear it in fact the tag was still there when I decided to wear it. Then I went thru Ish's locker and found that plaid top. I think that was given by a uncle when he visited the Philippines. Anyway I got the inspiration to wear my so called "boyfriend" clothes when I saw the display. It doesn't really look bad after all. Next time I will be experimenting with the top. I already have an idea what to wear with the shorts next time.



Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Mom, I want something for Christmas," said my darling boy one night. I held my breath for a while because I know that when this boy of mine asks, it's pretty expensive. True enough he is asking for an HDTV, but my consolation is he's gonna share in the payment. He's been asking too about Bluray dvd players. Apparently this is new to him and I think he heard about it from an online gaming friend. I'd love to have one too, so I think it's going to be okay if one day he will ask for that.


Weight Loss Needed

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am nearly desperate. I can't do anything with my weight gain. It seems like I'm gaining weight each day. The last time I weighed, I was like 15 lbs. heavier. And guess what? I'm 2 pounds heavier again. I am getting desperate. Nearly looking into using this quick weight loss pill. What do you think? I am quite envious about the weight loss by some friends, I am not just sure if they've been using the same pill. But really, I don't know what to do with this weight gain anymore. Am I depressed or something?


Combination of Colors

I can't believe it! I'm so late in putting up the tree compared to last year. I had it set up early October. I had a not so purple tree last year, and this year I decided to do a combination of colors for the ornaments. I combined red, purple, silver, and fuchsia. What do you think of the combination? Last year's was quite simple though, but this year it's quite colorful.


Panda Eyes

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Let me ask you, until when can you hide those panda eyes? For a while, concealers would work, but it will come to a point that you can no longer hide it. Did you know that dark eye circle don't easily go away? It's not like having puffy eyes which can be remedied right away. But don't worry because I read somewhere that there are creams and treatments that get rid of dark eye circles. If you don't want to end up looking like a panda which is really embarrassing, start looking up remedies for it.


Affordable Eyeglasses

Monday, November 02, 2009

I recently bought eyeglasses for my son Josh. It was time to part with his old one. Had I known that there are available $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses, I should have ordered one for him. Where else can you find an 8 dollar prescription glasses, tell me! Oh it's not too late yet, did I tell you that I also wear eyeglasses? Everyone else in the family wears one. I should ask my daughter Ish to check these Holiday Fun Eyeglasses, I'm sure she'll be able to pick one for herself. Oh I totally forgot she now wears contact lenses, but from time to time she still wears glasses. She once told me that she no longer wishes to wear eyeglasses, but I reminded her that she needs to rest her eyes once in a while. She has to take a look at these New Arrivals too. Who knows she might come back to wearing glasses permanently.


Who Else is Sick?

Is it the time of the year? Seems like everyone else is getting sick. First my son, then daughter has cough and colds now. If not for the flu shots, maybe daughter Ish would have ended having flu. Should I say blame it on the weather? We've been having unpredictable weather lately. It gets cold in the evenings, then it gets really really hot when the sun is out. Then in between there is rain. My SIL and FIL were hospitalized too, in fact FIL is still there. I'm praying for God's healing touch for my FIL. Nothing is impossible since our Lord is a great healer.


It's Dead!

My laptop is dead and some important files and photos died with it. I know I didn't learn my lesson. This is not the first time it happened. I don't know but sometimes I just get lazy getting things done. It's not hard getting online backup come to think of it, but why? Why did I wait for it to happen the second time? I don't understand too, maybe I took things for granted, like it's not going to happen again. I don't know but I will be real silly if I don't do it this time.



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