Medical Malpractice

Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you believe that doctors can make mistakes? Maybe at that time when you needed their services it was farthest from your mind. All you are concerned about is getting well. We always rely on their services and they get our full trust once in a while. Little did we know that they are human and prone to commit mistakes. If that dreaded thing happens, you can always seek the help of a Bronx medical malpractice lawyer. Yeah there is such a thing as medical malpractice, and there is such a thing as lawyers who can help you out with this. Everyone should be held accountable for every wrong deed.


Poor Kid

My son is sick. He had fever last week on Sunday but was well already on Tuesday. I sent him to school on Wednesday just to make sure that no relapse is happening. Everything was alright until Friday night. He had fever again. I brought him to his pedia on Saturday, and some tests were done namely urinalysis and blood. This is to find out if he has Dengue. I'm a bit worried needless to say. Sometimes I am ashamed of myself to worry too much. It's as if I don't have a big God who is a great healer. I am going to get the results today, and am praying that it's nothing serious.


Weight Gain Problem

Monday, October 19, 2009

I know some of my friends are already tired listening to my weight gain stories. Some don't understand coz they don't really see it according to them. But to me, 15 lbs. is 15 lbs. Yep that's how much I've gained in a couple of months. People close to me say it's alarming. Mom notices the weight gain everytime I go visit her. Really I am bothered now, so let me just look at this weight loss product, who knows it might come in handy when I feel like I really need to do something about it aside from the exercise thingy.


My Cafe World

How can I stop FBing when there is yet another new game that I am addicted to. I know you know what I am talking about since most of us are hooked in these cool FB games. First, pet society, then came restaurant city, farmtown, farmville and now cafe world. What's next? I don't know, but this time I will not promise not to play coz I always end up eating my words. I am not complaining though, coz these games kept my mind from thinking of unthinkable things that is happening in my life. These games are still a blessing you know.


Feeling Winter

Monday, October 05, 2009

We are already in the BER months and it's gonna be cold soon. It's also during this months that I love to go up to Baguio. And it is also during this months that I can wear boots, haha. Oh there's one thing I enjoy too, staying by the outdoor fireplaces. I love the heat fireplaces provide and I find it kinda romantic too staying by a fireplace. Huh, am I dreaming? I wish I can do it this year again, but I don't know really. Things are just not the way they are right now, so I really doubt if this will push thru. Keeping my fingers crossed though.


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