The Best of Me

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am a stay-at-home Mom, I guess everyone knows that already. Wait, apparently not everyone because when I saw this classmate from high school, he asked what I did for a living. When I told him that I am taking care of the household, it looked like he got the biggest shock of his life. Hhhmmm, since when is it degrading? Yeah that was the look painted on his face, maybe he expected me to be the CEO of a big company eh? Anyway I wanted to tell him that it is the most rewarding job but I didn't bother. Just by the look on his face, I can judge that I won't be able to get my message across. If he only knew how successful I am in the house being a Mom, a wife and a homemaker. If only he could come and visit and see what's inside my home. If only he knew how particular I was when it comes to everything in my house. I have a feeling that my readers know more about me that him. Oh well. Anyway, being a homemaker I was kinda particular when we built our house. I saw to it that everything I liked was followed, but of course with the approval of our big boss. I made sure that I had a nice bathroom in each and every room in the house. If you want to see the furniture, taps, bath, shower that I installed, you can take a look at Maybe you can get an idea on how you want your bathroom to look like. They come out with new products every time and from there you will know what's the latest when it comes to bathroom furniture and fixture.



Is it Christmas already? Not quite, a few days from now, oh make that three! Do you feel it? I don't, and I don't know why. Probably because there is not much rush going on. I shopped for presents in early November, and I don't think I'm doing any last minute shopping. I guess everything is covered.

I'm just waiting for the spirit to kick in. Hopefully it will anytime soon. This is the first time I am feeling it actually. I guess there's more than enough Christmas adrenalin that needs to be released. Merry Christmas everyone!


Younger Looking

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oooh la la! I just learned about this. I came across it while doing my usual internet rounds. I got interested and read more. According to what I read online, these hgh releasers make our skin look younger and it decreases wrinkles. This is probably the reason why I never stopped reading about it. Yes I am interested. I think when you are in your 40s, you get interested in stuff that will make you look younger.


Wardrobe Upgrade

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I am trying to upgrade my wardrobe. Much as I don't like it because I know I'd be spending a lot, I really can't do anything. Nothing fits me anymore since I gained weight. Really I am not kidding. I gained 23 lbs, now can you expect me to fit in my old size 0 denims? You must be kidding me. Anyway, I'm not really worried about spending that much since I found some women's dresses that are quite affordable. I am really happy about this because it means I can buy more. I really need a complete upgrade because I have been using the same dresses over and over again. It's like I am not changing anymore and it's ewwwwwww.


Merry Christmas

Neighbors want it lighted every night, but nah I'm not gonna do that now. I'd probably start lighting everyday starting on the 15th til the 31st. I don't know how much electricity will be added to my bill so I'll have to wait and see first before I go full blast. I heard that LED lights don't use up too much electricity so we'll see. Anyway, I can say that this is some sort of an attraction in our street. So I don't really blame the neighbors for wanting it lighted every night.


Very Useful

Monday, December 06, 2010

My sister in the US sent her old laptop for my other siblings to use. Now they don't need to go to the internet cafe just to go online or probably do some research. My sister-in-law shared that even her 10-year old daughter needs to research on certain topics using the net. I agree with her. Nowadays internet is really important. Almost all households have computer and internet connection already. Everything can be readily checked and we can even get online life insurance quotes right away. The net has indeed made life a little easier for all of us. I am even getting to be dependent on it, well because I have unlimited internet connection here at home. I am just making the most out of it. It's very helpful because you get almost all the information you need with just a click of a finger. Do you agree with me on this?


How Can I Be so Forgetful?

Went to visit The Rents today. We had a good lunch over at my mother's place and the thing that I loved most today was the good laugh we had while driving down my in-laws place. We were all laughing hard in the car, did I ever tell you that I have two silly kids? Anyway, I was supposed to check the mattress my MIL bought recently. She only has good words for it. She says that she feels very comfortable whenever she lies down and it gives her a sound sleep. I think she bought a memory foam, well based on her description. She actually forgot what it's called and that is also the reason why I want to check it out. Thing is, I forgot to go up. We were too in a hurry to go home because one of the kids isn't feeling well. Oh well there is always next week for me to check it out. We visit The Rents every Sunday anyway.


Christmas Village Upgrade

It's now complete, well at least for this season. It started with just 2 "houses". I can't believe I now have about 14. I just did an improvised snow blanket since they don't sell it here in the Philippines. I know you'd find it odd seeing my Christmas Village covered in snow. I just want to "realize" my dream of experiencing snow, and since it will take a while, I'll just enjoy looking at my village and who knows a cool wind will blow my way and bring me to the real winter wonderland. That would be nice!


Our T&B

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm really happy because I insisted that we buy one of these pedestal sinks. Now I truly appreciate it. My bathroom looks really nice, like the ones you see in 5-star hotels. Sorry for bragging but yeah it does look like one. Just between you and me, I actually got the idea from them. Whenever we go on travels, I take note of the bathroom/toilet. I store it in my memory bank and I look for the same if not the closest items that I see. Now that's the story behind every bathroom in the house.


Gone a Long Way

Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you consider yourself coming from a conservative country? Can you openly talk about all things? We used to really be restricted, but today I can say that we have improved a lot. Now we can talk about natural male enhancement pills openly. No malice at all. Does this mean that we have matured one way or another? I know, like there's something wrong when we talk about this thing. That's what I do not understand, why can't we talk about things without getting malicious or anything? At least we have become intelligent conversationalists, we can openly talk about all things without giving a nasty "meaning" to it. We've gone a long way.


Ortho Case

I thank God that there was no fracture nor dislocation found in the x-ray. I am talking about my sister whom I brought to the hospital. She had a bad fall and her left knee got swollen. She just has to rest it with minimal movement. She'll be now wearing a knee immobilizer for about a week and when the pain doesn't go away she has to continue wearing it for another week. Hopefully all will be well by then because if not she'll undergo mri to check on her ligaments. Lord, please make my sister well, thank you!


Women Talk

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Funny when me and my friends go out. We normally talk about our men and of course our weight. Dang! Is this a clear sign that finally we've "aged"? Anyway, I keep telling them my frustrations about my weight issues. It's like a pendulum. I can never keep it down or keep it balanced at least. One suggested that I go under the knife. I don't think I can do that, yes I chicken out. I am thinking about the non-invasive procedures. While I was browsing on how I go about it, I was redirected to this page that talks about colon cleansers. It was mentioned that it helps lose weight, and it can eliminate acne too, oh those are two of my problems. It's like hitting two birds with a stone. Has someone tried this? I want to know the results. Did it work?


Earning A Degree Online

Now here's a scenario. I see most of this happening today. It's sad but yes it's happening. Someone gets pregnant in the middle of school, of course abortion is out of the question. She waits until she gives birth. And when she does, sometimes it's the end of her dream to finish college. Not everyone is lucky to continue with school. Questions like who's going to take care of the baby, shall I put him on daycare, shall I put him up for adoption pop up. I know this is hard especially if you are just a teenager, barely out of high school and this things come up. Most of you will think that this will be the end of your "education". I am happy to tell you that it's not. Have you heard about distance learning? These are for people who can't be physically present in a classroom set-up and want to finish college. Browse through accredited online degree and find out which schools can bring you the best education.


Christmas Village

I'm starting to build my Christmas Village. I know I won't be able to do much for this year since budget is quite tight. I now have about 6 houses and I am hoping to add to my collection before the year ends. I went to this shop this morning and I saw some beautiful and rare ones, too bad I didn't bring money for that purpose. I was supposed to come back this afternoon but I went to attend PTC, first things first. Anyway I will share with you my collection.


Taylor Swift in Manila

Friday, November 19, 2010

Darling Doll needs 3,800 pesos. I read it in her twitter account. I found out that Taylor Swift is finally coming to Manila, thus the need for that amount. I told her to try saving for a cheaper ticket because at the price she is trying to save for is far from the stage already. I just told her to use one of her Dad's binoculars. But she mentioned something about how stinky it is at the area I was suggesting to her. She thought I was asking her to buy the tickets for the general admission. Truth is I just wanted her to buy the lower box B ticket.


What's Your Ideal Weight?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why are women body conscious? You can count with your fingers those ones who are fat and very comfortable with their weight. Most fat women want to lose weight, even those who are not still want to lose weight. I think us women won't stop until we reach our desired weight, a weight where we think we'd look nice. How do we achieve it? Some women resort to diet pills right away. Some go on diet coupled with exercise. How about you? How do you go about it? Do you also get frustrated when nothing is happening to your weight despite the effort? I hope I am not alone in this coz I really get frustrated.


Early Christmas Decorating

It's the time of the year. Just like my Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating is also done early. I'm actually late with my tree already as I should have done it last week of October or at least first week of November the latest. I'm using the same trimmings but plan to change theme again next year. I just saw the balls that I liked this morning and it's a lot cheaper compared to the one I saw yesterday. I'd probably buy it and save it for next year.


Frustration is the Word

Friday, November 12, 2010

Do you realize how frustrating it can get when you are trying to lose weight? That's exactly how I feel. I've been doing aerobics five times a week and it seems that I'm not really losing weight. I have to do something about my appetite. I think that is the culprit. Nope, I am not about to buy apidexin yet as I still don't see the need. But I have taken note of it in case I really need it in the future.


Learn to Invest Wisely

It's only now that I realized why there's so much fuss about gold bars. When I was younger, I would hear my folks talk about gold bars being hoarded by certain people. It's like the money they got all went to this kind of investment. Rumor has it that they really kept a lot of gold bars. Now I understand why these people opted to invest their money in gold. There are a lot of positive reasons why they did. It's one way of preserving their wealth, whether ill gotten or not. It has been considered as a global currency too. Wise men, indeed. I should learn from them, the investing part I mean and not know what I mean especially if you are Pinoys.


Studded...and I Love It

I first saw it on some random girl. Much as I wanted to ask her where she bought it, I didn't. Language barrier if you may ask me, I don't speak Cantonese. Anyway I hopped in every shoe store in a mall with 5 floors but with no luck. Sad, isn't it? I never tried looking for it the next day since I have resigned to the thought that it just came out. I thought it was sold out already. Anyway when I went to another place to buy some nail polish, lo and behold I saw it. Lucky day indeed since I didn't just find that pair but 3 more pairs that I had been eyeing but they didn't have my size. Walking around Hong Kong was all worth it because of the 5 pairs of shoes that I bought. Nope I didn't spend a fortune since everything I got was very affordable, no Louboutins for me.


Scouting for a Car Insurance

Many of us need car insurance. I say many because here in my country insurance is only an option, it's not required. I see the need though and it's very important that is why I am starting to scout for an affordable price from one of these car insurance companies. My eldest daughter wants to learn how to drive and I am asking our driver to teach her. The task will be his, well at least for the basic of driving. I am planning to enroll her at a driving school to let her feel how it is to drive around the metro. I just couldn't sacrifice my car just yet so she will be using the school's car. Good decision, right?


How Much Do I Weigh?

Monday, November 08, 2010

We love to weigh. We weigh to see if we gained or lost. I think I need to change the weighing scale we have at home, it's vintage. I want something digital so that we won't have a hard time trying to figure how much we weigh. I found one that I really like from these digital weight scales which I saw online. Good thing it is affordable. I'm also choosing the one that has the auto on function and one that has a large easy to read LCD display. I bet my little big boy will be happy with my decision since he always has a hard time figuring out how much he weighs.


Bags Discarded! We're Home!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The last time I was here with the family was in 2006. This time there were 8 of us, the in-laws included. This was the first time it happened, we were complete. It made the trip more memorable. We were able to visit Macau too although we didn't spend much time there. We did minimal shopping since the clothes were mostly for winter. Food was superb and we were always full. It's time to shed off all those extra pounds that I put on because of the delish food. Will share more in the coming days.


Going Organic

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've been buying organic products lately. It started with me liking an organic hair color. You see I do root dye once a month and I just can't afford not using an organic one. I am just too scared that I'd wake up one day with my hair all gone. And since I am now into organic stuff, I see to it that most of what I use are all organic. But if it is something that I can't afford, of course I won't use it. Anyway let me tell you about Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. This is certified by the USDA, and their soaps are free of chelating agents, dyes, whiteners and synthetic fragrances. No wonder their products are always out of stock.

They have another product which I really like to have. Since I am fond of scented candles, I want one of their Paddywax. If only I can have all their scents then I would be very happy. Before I forget, let me share with you that these product is eco friendly meaning they are committed to conserving the planet's resources.

I want to try this much talk about Pre De Provence. It's a body care product from France. It's made from the purest botanical essences harvested in Provence. I wonder how effective their shea butter soap is. I want to let my son use it because he's got really sensitive skin.


See You Again!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I met with a cousin-in-law a few days back. We haven't seen her in a long time because she lives in the US. The last time we saw her was at her wedding which she opted to do here. Anyway I was really happy to see her. We reconnected via facebook and it was nice keeping in touch with her once again. She's really a sweet girl. We got one of her thank you cards. She just thanked us for taking time out to have dinner with her. Sweet girl indeed. She plans to have another vacation but prolly in two years time. See you again!


Bags Aren't Packed Yet

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The passports of the kids will be released today. I hope I don't have to go thru the same line and I hope that it will not take me 3 hours just like when we applied 2 weeks ago. I hope too that everything is ok because I can't afford to wait for more working days, I just can't. Why can't we have a more systematic way of getting a passport? If some countries can do it, why can't we? Why do we need to pay for extra fee just to expedite the release? Can they not make it standard that we can get it at the same day we applied? Hope someone from the government hears me and the rest of the filipino people.


Zenni At It's Best

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have you visited Zenni lately? If you still haven't, Check out Zenni's New Site!. Aside from that, they lowered their prices too. Yeah I know, they offer the lowest price when it comes to Rx glasses and yet they still lowered it. It used to be $8 but it has gone down already. Check out ZenniOptical $6.95 Rx Glasses. Awesome, isn't it? There's one more thing. They added a new feature in their website. Presenting! Zenni now has the best tryon: Frame Fit All you need to do is upload your own photo and tada, you will find out instantly if the frame you've chosen fits you! Now do you still need more reasons to go check out their website?


Temporary Blinds

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I know I've said this before. Seriously I really want to shift from curtains to blinds. I haven't really paid much attention to it until I remembered that this was what I wanted a few months back. I started looking around and I was fortunate to have come across these cheap blinds. It's kinda temporary though, but that will do at the moment. It's something I need actually since it will not require tools to install. I know, you think I am kidding, but I am not. This is how these cheap window blinds work. Like I've said it's temporary. All you need to do is peel off the adhesive strips and tada you have instant blinds. Cool isn't it? You can even do it by yourself since it's not complicated as it doesn't need any tools. I didn't know that this was possible until I saw it. Anyway, these cheap blackout blinds really caught my attention. I need it badly since I want to keep sunlight out of my daughter's room. If I do this, I can save up on electricity because it will help reduce the heat in her room. I wonder when I will be able to do this. I hope soon since this is very convenient. There is really no reason to postpone this anymore.


Cookie Day

We had time to bake some cookies. The kids didn't have school. We decided to make 3 batches. First batch was done by Josh, of course with my help since it was his first time. He wanted to use the mixer but I didn't allow it. He has to do it manually so it's going to be a memorable first. It turned out ok, in fact it tasted good. Next batch was done by Ish. I left her to do it by herself since she had baking lessons one summer already. I had to rescue because she didn't do it right. Anyway I reminded her the proper way to do it. It turned out ok too. Then came my batch. I was already tired at this time because I had to help them, plus the fact that I had to prepare dinner. We had baked ribs, french fries, salad with ranch dressing and mushroom soup with barley. Again the family can never thank me enough for preparing such treat.


Girlie The Body Builder =)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm working on my weight right now. I have a lot of problem areas and I want to turn the flabs into muscles. Aside from my daily aerobics, I lift weights at least once a week. But it's not enough. I want to build muscle fast. What do I do? Do you have any suggestions? Maybe I should add one more day of lifting weights, or probably increase the weights I'm lifting. Gah why am I so lazy when it comes to the floor and weights? All I want to do is dance but I can't really achieve everything just by dancing. Hhhmmm, think, think, think! Maybe I should seek the help of a trainor, maybe I can go into body building. Haha my imagination is way too funny, no way!


Acne Treatment for You and Me

Have you noticed that I have been talking about a particular subject quite a few times within the month? Now does that make me an expert when it comes to the subject? I really do not know the answer to that, but I think in my own little way I have learned. Yes I am talking about acne. I had acne, my son has acne. I think salicylic acid acne was part of both our treatment. I heard it from the doctor quite a few times so I assume he has been using that to treat our pimples/acne. It's effective based on experience, my treatment went well. The son's treatment is also going well. Oh this reminds me to set an appointment with the dermatologist, but before that I need to get it done with the dentist first.


It's What I Want for Christmas

My oh my! I am not even done with Christmas shopping yet. I hope to finish it by next week. I only have a few items left to buy. I went to the mall on a weekday so as expected there were only a few shoppers. This one doesn't happen though if it's near Christmas already. Everyone is in a rush and this is the scene I hate most. I don't want to stand in line for an hour just to be able to pay. So normally I do my Christmas shopping early. Oh I saw this easter gift for mom and I am hoping that I get it for Christmas. You see Easter is not really that big here, so no one is expected to give a present or something. Hopefully the daughter reads this, this is already a clue on what I want for Christmas Ichiko!


I Want a Plaid Shirt

I so wanted this plaid shirt. Forever21 had a 3-day sale and I thought this was part of the sale. I got disappointed because it wasn't. It wasn't really expensive but I don't know why I didn't buy it. Probably because I was expecting to pay it at 20% off. Now it keeps coming back, the image keeps coming back. I want to head out to the shop to buy it. Oh now I remember, I didn't get it too because of the long line at the counter. I won't spend an hour just to pay for a shirt which is not even discounted. Ok Sunday I can't wait for you!


Cabinet Door Project

Up until now I am still fond of reading Home magazines. It's probably because I am not yet satisfied with the interior of our home. I can't do much really because of limited funds, if you know what I mean. I still have 2 kids in school and they are our priority. Anyway, it's a good thing that I was able to make sure that everything we liked was followed when we were building this house where we are staying now. To start off, I made sure that this was the kind of kitchen cabinet doors used. Like I always mentioned, I had a hand at designing my kitchen. I wasn't doing anything but leaf through pages of home magazine just to put together the kitchen design that I want. I also had a hand at all our cabinet doors. I am really very thankful that these details were all followed. Others may think that I was being too much, but then again it's us staying in this house. I bet you'd do the same thing too. It's suppose to be a dream house so make it happen. Do you agree? Ok on with the story. I just want to let you know that I also picked unfinished cabinet doors. Unfinished simply because we had to do the varnish and stuff. We also wanted this particular color and particular finish. Everything turned out the way we wanted.


Acne Treatment

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Since I have talked about acne countless times in this blog, I went ahead and search for acne treatments that work. It can get frustrating having acne even at my age. I know I am not the only one and those ones who still gets acne can identify to how I feel. The search is endless actually. Other treatment works, others don't. I think it depends on the body chemistry for treatments to work. Therefore I can say to each his own. I wish you luck in finding the perfect treatment for your acne.



The daughter is into vintage clothing now and she goes gaga over them. So where do I bring her? I heard that there are vintage clothing in Bambang, so I brought her there. True enough there's this old man who sells 60s and 70s clothes. She was able to find/buy at least 4 pieces. She could have gotten more, but it was too hot in there and she got lazy to go through all of the stocks. She plans to wear them at PFW (Philippine Fashion Week).

Oh just to let you know, I was able to buy a denim dress for P75 which is similar to what Julia Roberts wore in one of the scenes in her movie Eat, Pray and Love. Teehee!

Photo grabbed from Buttons and Bows


Acne at 44, Oh No!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I already had my acne treated twenty years ago. I thought I won't be having it anymore especially with my age now. Goodness I'm in my 40s and still getting acne. It sucks if you only know. Acne is suppose to be for teenagers only, well that's humble opinion but NO, people in their 40s get it too. I think it's called adult acne. I know there are treatments available, but sometimes I get lazy and most of the time I forget. Yeah it's my own doing why I have acne well aside from hormonal imbalance probably.


So You're Getting Married?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We were invited to dinner the other Sunday. One of the husband's nephew arrived from Hong Kong where he is now based. He writes for Time magazine. Anyway during dinner, the other nephew announced that he just got engaged. The ring he gave looked like one of these engagement rings. It was really very pretty and I found the design unique. It looked simple yet very elegant. Of course the bride to be was proud to wear it. They don't have a date set for the wedding yet, but I feel that it's going to be soon. I am now imagining the kind of wedding bands they will be using. For sure it's going to be as beautiful as the engagement ring, if not more beautiful. I wonder if they are going to choose something from these diamond wedding bands collection. When I saw the collection, the first thing that came to mind was getting married again. Hhhhmmm, before you think of anything else, it's gonna be our 25th wedding anniversary soon. How soon is soon? Seven years? Is that soon enough for you? I think yes, time flies fast and before you know it, it's time to renew our vows already.


Passport Renewal

Went to Department of Foreign Affairs to renew the kids' passports. I scheduled our appointment online which was today at 3:30 pm. We were asked to be at the gate at 3:00 pm. I was surprised to see plenty of people, I thought I wouldn't see this much crowd because of the appointment system. Turned out there were 300 more applicants ahead of us. We waited patiently for 3 hours, can you imagine that? Good thing I picked 3:30, which wasn't as hot anymore. The line starts outside the building and you stay there for about 30 minutes. There were kids who got cranky already. Just some tip, don't bring kids if you're not applying passports for them, just leave them with your lovedones because it takes that long to get a passport.


My First Motorcycle Ride

I still vividly remember. I was 12 years old when I had my first motorcycle ride. It was almost midnight, my last day from that place because we were moving the following day. I remember it being awful. I was not even wearing one of these motorcycle helmets. I know I am crazy, it's a good thing I didn't meet an accident at that time, if not I can never forgive myself for being stupid. You know how 12 year olds are, they just do what they think is fun. Yeah I know riding the motorcycle was fun. I wanted to try it very much. I also liked the outfit that went with it. Of course I was excited to learn, and the motorcycle boots, I wanted to own one. Yeah more than the ride it was the outfit. I think the ride was just secondary. I'm crazy right? But then I didn't like it. I got the biggest scare of my life. I wasn't probably ready at that time, it was nauseating that I was screaming my lungs out. The guy probably noticed that I was so scared that he made the ride all the more scary, like he was at some race or something. Really I couldn't forget that night. If I didn't get scared, I'd probably be wearing one of these nolan helmets, since it's required by law to wear something like that when you are in a motorcycle. I had to overcome the fear. I tried riding again, and it was ok, this time I was the only one. It was a different thing, and I'm happy that I've conquered the fear. But honestly, I haven't conquered the fear of riding with someone in a motorcycle just yet.


My Men

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ok this is odd. I never really knew that men could be so particular about their underwear too. I thought it was just us, women. Or I guess I am just the one who thinks that they are not. You can't blame me because the man I married is not really particular and he leaves it up to me to purchase his underwear and all the things he needs actually. Oh I just remembered, I didn't buy his jockstraps because I don't have any idea what size I should get for him. Just a bit of information, they used to call jockstraps supporter. The husband needed it when he was still going to the gym. I think it's very important for men to be wearing this because it gives support and protection too. I wonder if my son would request me to buy such thing. For now not yet, because he is not into physical activities, no sports for him. But I'd like him to go into one so that he will lose weight. Last night we were talking and he mentioned that he wants to lose weight. I think I will enroll him in some package that will help him lose weight. Anyway going back to our topic, I can't imagine the husband wearing mens thongs, or any man for that matter. Again I thought women only wear thongs. Arrrggghh I should expose myself more, I'm so square! Or I should learn more about men and their whims. Agree?


My Louboutin

It's a pre-owned Christian Louboutin and yes I own it. I bought it from a thrift shop (ok i'm making it sound "sosyal"), your guess is right it's from ukay-ukay in Bambang! I'm lucky, right? Or are you just jealous? No I am not ashamed, I admit I can't afford a brand new Louboutin but it's nothing like I'm gonna die if I don't have one. I wasn't really planning on buying, but I saw it, in mint condition and I couldn't resist. So there, I'm a second hand owner of a Christian Louboutin, and yes it's authentic. I am a lucky girl, just be happy for me, OK?

And I had another purchase, yeah thrifted too...


So Who's Into Cigars?

Monday, October 11, 2010

There was a time when part of our work was to cover people who were into cigars. We would take photos of them in events sponsored by cigar makers. I just don't remember if they had fuente cigars at that time. It was too long ago to remember. We were just newly weds at that time and we are on our 18 year of marriage already. The husband got into it too, prolly he was convinced to shift from cigarettes to cigars. I was able to taste it too but really never got into it. The husband has stopped since then too. I think he would have tasted fuente if he didn't quit right away.


Learn From the Experts

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gold is getting popular nowadays. Seems like everyone wants to invest in gold. I think it's a good idea since this has been going on for centuries already. To some, this is one way of preserving their wealth. Since everyone seems to be interested, I would suggest that you seek information from United States Gold Bureau especially if this is your first time. Don't be fooled a scammers out there. You know how it is in this internet age, you can easily be the target of swindlers so be careful. So if in case you decide to purchase a gold bar for a start, the United States Gold Bureau can help you out with this. They have the most accommodating experts who has been in this business for so long. They can be the best people who can give you the advice you need when it comes to your investment.


Divisoria Experience

Monday, October 04, 2010

I didn't like to leave the house after lunch today because the rain poured all of a sudden. You probably know by now that I don't like my feet getting wet. Anyway, when it stopped I put on my sneakers (just to be sure if it rains again) and left. The sun was again up, and at this point I was very happy. I went on to buy the stuff that I needed and when I was almost done, the rain started to fall. My oh my! I didn't have a choice but to walk under the rain. Never again will I do this! The smell was terrible, I almost fainted. I almost fainted too when I looked at my feet, there was mud all over, I even had it on my socks. I can imagine all the dirt and the bacteria getting into my skin. This will be the last time. If ever I'm caught in the rain again, I will have to wait for it to stop!


Get Rid of Toxins

Saturday, October 02, 2010

I haven't really thought of colon cleansing, probably because it is not big over here. But seeing the benefits it can give, I am now getting interested in it. Probably not for myself but more for a family member who gets constipated all the time. One of the reasons why a person gets constipated is the fact that the openings are slowly blocked by fecal matter which can turn into toxins. You know what toxin buildup can do to your health. But before anything else since this is new to me, I will have to read on colon cleanser reviews so that I would know which ones are effective and which ones are claiming to be effective but are not.

Oh, I can't stop myself from including weight loss as part of its benefits, teehee!


One of my BFFs

I met with my HS (1st year) bestfriend today. She is now based in Davao and I only saw her once after we parted ways in HS. We were classmates for only a year but I have grown to love her dearly. Thanks to Facebook that I was able to locate her. Good thing she had a scheduled trip to Manila to attend a conference so we grabbed the opportunity to see each other. She has not changed a bit. I remember her the same way, the same Mini. She still laughs a lot and listens a lot too, yeah I did the talking mostly. It's just sad that we are miles apart, but even though we are, the friendship remains and hasn't changed, the connection is still there.

But because I talked a lot, I forgot to take pictures. Arrrgggh, getting old!


The Aquarium

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We used to have a big aquarium at home. The husband took care of it until he found another hobby. I don't exactly remember why he gave up on it. I used to sit in front of that aquarium just watching the fish swim. There was a time that I got so attached with this fish because I saw it grow from just a small one to a really massive one. I couldn't accept that it died on New Year's Eve. Up until today I don't understand why it died. Our aquarium was well maintained complete with an Aquarium Water Pump and all the accessories that was needed. I think this is also one of the reason why the husband gave up, he too was devastated over that fish.

Now my brother maintains the aquarium. He has some nice collection of fish in different colors. One of my favorites is the flowerhorn. I just love looking at it whenever I am at my Mom's house. I am amused with the shape of its head and those chinese looking characters in its body. I will never get tired looking at it, I even see my nieces and nephew stare at it. Mom said that it relaxes her too when she stays in front of the aquarium.


Go Only to a Reputable Dealer

I wish I had lots of money right now. Don't we all wish that? Hopefully this is just a phase as I do not want to be materialistic at all. But do you want to know why I want to have the money? I have a valid reason. This is the best time to invest in gold bar. Many people have been doing so already and many of them have gained from their investment already. A lot of people are saying that at this time, gold is really the best and the safest investment. I totally agree with them. I have a first hand experience with someone who invested in gold and up to this day he is still earning from his investment. I want to be like him, very wise in his decision. But according to him, one should be careful with their dealings. There are a lot of legitimate scammers our there and they are just waiting to people to victimize. Let us be wise to decipher those trusted ones. Money is hard to come by so we need to be careful.


Missing Aerobics Much

Been sick for a week, not that I was down really but I chose to rest because of my severe coughing. Over fatigue perhaps, my body needs to rest. I am not used being at home from 6-8 pm M-F and I was going crazy. There was a time I was tempted to go, but my helpers persuaded me not to. They too know that I really need all the rest I can get. Anyway I can't wait to go back on Monday. Good thing Mondays are light days since the instructor will be doing retro dance, light and easy movements. I don't think I'd get a relapse with retro/latin.


Dry Clean is Too Expensive

I showed that F21 dress to the daughter and she immediately liked it. Since she already knows that size S would fit her, we immediately proceeded to the cashier to pay. When we got home, she told me that the dress was made of silk. I know it was so silly of me not to have noticed. Had I known, I wouldn't have suggested that she buys it since we will be having problem with the washing. We all know that you do not hand wash silk fabric. Of course I won't be spending much money to have it dry cleaned every time she uses it. It would turn out the dry cleaning service would be more than the worth of the dress which is not really practical. There should be a way, dry cleaning wasn't available during the olden time and I'm sure there was silk available already. Ok, google, google! Tada I found a remedy. I have not tried it yet as I am still recuperating from an illness. Gosh I make it sound like it's terminal. No people, it's just a simple cough coupled with colds. Oh, I'll let you know about the remedy once I'm done with it. Hopefully it works!


Good News for my Friend

Friday, September 24, 2010

I came across this article about accutane and I found it a little bit disturbing. You see I have a friend who is suffering from Crohn's Disease and I immediately thought of her when I read the article. I'm not really sure if she took this so called Vitamin A to treat her acne because according to the article I read, when you take accutane it can either result to Crohn's Disease, inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis. I don't know if many people are aware of this. Anyway I am going to talk to my friend sometime this week or probably next week and I am going to ask her about this. If indeed she took it, then I can probably tell her about other people who suffered the same and are now filing legal action for product liability claim. She can always file Accutane Lawsuit. I believe she's going to have a strong case, and many of those who filed were able to get their claims already and it helped them cover medical bills due to the illness.


90th Birthday Celebration

Thank God I was well enough to attend my Aunt's 90th birthday celebration at the Manila Hotel. Nanay Loleng as I fondly call her, is the only surviving sister of my Mom. They are 5 years apart in age which makes Mom 85. Both of them are very healthy and not taking any medication for maintenance. I wish I can be as healthy as them when I'm old and gray.

There was more than enough yummy food for everyone. It was like a mini reunion on the side of my Mom although not everyone came. Happy 90th Birthday Nanay! May you stay strong and healthy and may our Lord God bless you even more!

*first pic: Nanay with my Mom
*second pic: with my cousin Marie, and me in magenta dress


Home Projects

Monday, September 20, 2010

We moved to our second home in 2006. Would you believe until now my walls are still bare? The husband won't allow me to hang "paintings" other than works of famous artists, well at least locally. Thing is we can't afford to buy one right now even if these are local artists we a talking about. It's beyond our budget.

Anyway, I'd like to show him this Wall Fountains and hoping he'd say yes. As you all know, I love the sea and it gives me comfort hearing the splashing waves. It would be really nice if I can bring it indoor, and right at my house. Water Fountains will do too since it gives the same calming effect. Whenever I am at a mall, I normally stop and admire the beauty of a water fountain. And I secretly wish that I will be able to bring home one someday. I don't know but I keep on forgetting about it. I think I need to pay attention to the house and start doing small projects so that in time all my dreams for the house will come true.

I will have to start somewhere like probably check on these Slate Wall Fountains since like I said my walls are empty. This will be a good start of a project. I need to prioritize our spending and set aside some money for house projects.


A Gel Fireplace

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I bet it starts to get colder in the US. Now I worry about my sister because she mentioned that her fireplace is busted. I haven't talked with her for about a week, and the last time we talked I forgot to ask about it. She needs it I know, more so the kids. I don't know if she knows about these Gel Fireplaces. I gotta mention this to her when we talk. Hopefully I don't forget. I think she'd like it. I know her, she's very practical. She'd like the fact that it's portable too. She can transfer it from one place to another.

I will also mention that they have Outdoor Gel Fireplaces. Honestly this is the first time I heard about such thing. Pardon me but I live in a tropical place so there's no way we use such stuff. I couldn't be bothered for all you know. Anyway I think she would be interested in it too since they are fond of staying outdoors. I haven't really seen her place yet but based on the photos I saw, she really has a beautiful backyard. She can always entertain her guests there too.

I know she's going to ask me about Gel Fuel. Since this is basically new to me, I did a little reading on what this is. It's actually pure alcohol, its non-toxic and it's environmentally friendly. It's doesn't give off unpleasant odor too. I think my other sister would like this too, I am not just sure if she needs a fireplace.


A Little Sick

Finally I'm sick. It has decided to take a toll on me. I felt it for a week, but I went on with my activities. Now I have colds and cough, water therapy didn't do the trick so I will be taking my meds. I will continue with the water though since it is still required to have at least 8 glasses a day.

Though sick, I still managed to bring the son to school at 6:30 in the morning and fetched him at 12 noon. I'm going to bring him later to his violin class too. You asking about the driver? Mr. N asked he could drive him to Vigan, so yeah long drive to Vigan it is.


My Dream House

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some of you may know this already because I have been mentioning it here in my blog. I wrote about it too, a couple of times I guess. Anyway I am talking about the kind of bathroom I want. It actually started when we got fond of checking in at hotels. The first thing I'd notice when we get to see our room is the bathroom. Since then it has been at the back of my mind that if we build a house again I'd make sure that I have a bathroom that would look like this bathroom suite. I keep telling that to myself until we built the house we are staying in right now. I really made sure that the bathrooms are nice, something like what you see in the pages of a home magazine. It doesn't really need to be expensive. It's a matter of knowing how to put things together so it would look good. Prior to building the house, I was already scanning a number of home magazines so that I'll have an idea how I want the house to look. I was particular with my kitchen too as I will be spending a lot of time there. Good thing my specifications were followed and I can say that I am really happy with this house.


I'm Disappointed with our Samsung TV

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Initially he wanted a Sony, but we insisted that he gets the Samsung. It turned out that we made the wrong decision. We should have followed what he liked in the first place. Now he is blaming us to what happened to his television. We bought it in February of this year and we have called the service center twice already. I think it's a glitch on the part of Samsung. I wish we had tv insurance so that it will still be covered after the warranty. It's no joke to have the television set repaired. Oh this reminds me to call their office and follow up on the request for replacement. I hope our request will be granted.


When is My Turn?

It was Queenie's photoshoot last Friday. Today we had a photoshoot again, this time with a professional model. It was done for the 2 designer friends of the husband and at the same time for his portfolio. I didn't get to watch today's photoshooot coz I was a bit tired and fell asleep. I saw the photos though, and boy I was jealous. We have a studio downstairs and yet I don't have that much photos. I know I am lazy when it comes to those stuff, but I want it too. Hhhhmmm, when will I have the time? Shall I call a makeup artist and a stylist too? Haha I'm just kidding, I think I can do it on my own. Lets see!

*That was taken 6 months ago...I need a new one =)


No Acne Scars for Me

I had acne when I was in my early 20s. My face looked sore, and I am not kidding. My acne were huge and it was very noticeable. It was kind of embarrassing because I was a front liner in one of the banks here in the Philippines. My clients would suggest names of dermatologists where I can go to, some even prescribe me meds, topical and oral. Of course I had to consult with a derma first before taking anything. He prescribed me with oral and topical medicines which I religiously took. He also gave me an acne scar cream to which I'm very thankful, because right to this very day, you will not think that once upon a time my face was invaded by acne.


Smooth and Without Blemish

I'm sick and tired of these breakouts. When will it ever stop popping out? I thought I was over it already since I had lots of them when I was younger. I even had myself treated by a dermatologist. My oh my, what a love affair I have with hormones and acne. I just hope that it will leave me for good, as I've said I am sick and tired of it already. I want to have clear skin for once. I want to look flawless like those actresses I see on television. I really envy their skin, so nice and smooth and without blemish.


Friends Came Over

Honestly I am not confident with my cooking yet. This is the reason why I don't like to invite friends over for lunch or dinner. I only cook for the family and thank God they appreciate my cooking. Anyway N requested if I can cook for his friends who came over for a photo shoot. He asked me to make salad, pumpkin soup, pasta with shrimp and asparagus in parsley and garlic and baby back ribs. So I did, I woke up early to go to the wet market so that I can get all the ingredients fresh. I started cooking at around 8 am and I was done by 12. I'm glad they liked what I prepared for them.


Can We Delay It?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I know I'm vain, I'm like my Mom. Let's just say that I know how to take care of myself, who else would anyway, right? Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm finding ways to delay aging. I'm in constant search for products like the best eye wrinkle cream. I think it's the fine lines around the eye that gives away the age. Don't get me wrong, I am not obsessed or anything in fact it's ok with me if I can't afford those. There's what you call aging gracefully, you know.


Stop Stuffing Food in your Mouth!

Oh my goodness! I keep on complaining that I don't lose the extra weight, and sometimes I still add a pound or two. Yes I do some aerobic exercises but it doesn't solve the problem. I keep on forgetting how to suppress appetite, which I think should go hand in hand with my daily cardio exercise. See I don't have any reason to complain as I don't really have the discipline. I really should find ways and means to suppress this big appetite of mine. Any suggestions people? I'd really appreciate it.


Skipping Aerobics

I don't feel well. This is the reason why I don't like to miss my fitness routine. I really feel bad. I guess it's because I don't drink water the way I drink when I do aerobics. I don't perspire that much too. Imagine the toxins trapped inside my body for about 5 days because I missed aerobics for 3 days plus the weekend. I guess I am not used skipping it anymore. It has become part of my system and if ever I don't get to attend, I feel like there is something wrong, there is a heaviness I can't explain, and there's laziness too. I gotta move this b*tt and start doing it everyday.


Hard to Get Rid of Stomach Fat

Are you preggers? Oh I thought you were pregnant. These are two sentences being told when they glance at my mid section. I know I have a big tummy, and indeed I looked like I was about 4 months pregnant. It's so hard to get rid of stomach fat and you really have to work at it. A simple diet won't do. Exercise alone won't do too. It should be combined I guess, but to some they want something else. It can probably do the job like what most women claim. Sometimes I am thinking of going into it myself since I am really frustrated that I still have the stomach of a pregnant woman, this time not at 4 months but probably 3. I think my aerobics helped!


Cream for my Adult Acne

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adult acne! That's what I have for obvious reasons that I am no longer a teenager. I had 2 on my chin and it's ugly! Good thing my son had his supply of acne cream so I placed some. It dried up after two days and it's almost invisible now. I think I need to go see my dermatologist for some facial. I haven't done it in about 4 months. How I wish I can have facials once a month which is ideal, if you want to have good skin. Since I can't do that, I have to religiously put her prescribed toner and cream in order for my skin to look supple one way or another.


Snack on Walnuts...It's Healthy

My sisters sent us food stuff from the US c/o their friend Ching. When I saw the pack of walnuts, I was really very happy. Did you know that walnuts are very good source of protein? Not only that, it is also an anti-oxidant. It also lowers LDL cholesterol. Hhhmm, this is good for the husband who is taking meds for high cholesterol. Hope that by snacking on this, it will lower. People eating walnuts reduce the risk of having heart disease. There are a lot of health benefits that's why I snack on them too. Never mind that it doesn't taste like all the yummy nuts.


Protect Your Wealth

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My father-in-law is making sense. He's been telling us time and again that if ever we decide to invest our money, it's wise to put it in gold. He's been telling us too that its price continues to climb. True enough, in my existence I have yet to witness the price of gold go down, it either remains the same or goes up. If ever we decide, I will tell the husband to look for rare gold coins since this helps in preserving the value of the investment. Another reason why one should invest in gold is the value. Its value has never been zero. Now you can start collecting, even just for the fun of it. You can start with just one coin, and before you know it, it's not just your collection but your investment already.


My Kind of Sink

Friday, September 10, 2010

I first saw it in one of the restaurants we frequent. I told myself that when we build a new house I will make sure that one of these glass sinks will have a space in my household. True enough my wish was granted. Everyone who visits the house would always praise my bathroom specifically the sink. I'm happy that for once the husband listened to me when I brought up the topic of the sink. I think he likes it too because I need not tell him twice. He said yes immediately. I am really proud to say that my bathroom looks like the bathrooms of a 5-star hotel, yeah seriously!


Holiday Equals More Sleep

I was so looking forward to this day. Today is a special holiday and that means uninterrupted sleep. Nope I am not sleep deprived, it's just that I miss sleeping in. I always have to wake up at 5:15 in the morning in order to wake up my son who should be preparing for school around that time. Then I have a hard time going back to sleep. I normally get headaches when I do because I need to wake up again this time to wake up my daughter. So today is pretty precious. I got to sleep in but not at the time that I planned to wake up. I woke up 2 hours ahead of the planned time. Not bad, even if I slept at 3 in the morning. I guess I'm not really made to sleep in anymore, does this go with age?


Busted Water Heater

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I woke up today with a water heater problem. It was working well yesterday and I don't know what went wrong. It's frustrating and at the same time scary. It can cause fire you know. It's time to call a skilled plumber so he can tell me what the problem is and at the same time offer the best solution for it. I hope he doesn't recommend replacement though because I am not ready for it. But then again if it needs to be replaced then I can't do anything but follow.

Anyway while I was searching the net for some remedies to my problem, I came across Orlando water heater. This gave me the idea that I can go tankless. If the plumber recommends that I replace the busted heater, then I think I'd like to go tankless. I heard too that it requires lesser energy and of course the space too. I need all the space I can get. I want to have something like this Ft Lauderdale Water Heater which has an energy star rating. Both you and I know what it brings. It determines what heater is the most efficient for my house.

Oh for those who are living in Florida, did you know that you can be eligible for rebates or tax credits provided you select a water heater like probably this Water Heater Miami that is highly rated. I just read this too and thought I'd share it. And here's another one. Delivery of water heater can be done 24/7 and can be installed at your most convenient time 24/7 too. Emergency service is also available. Oh how I wish we have that kind of service here.


I Love Mondays!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Before I really didn't like Mondays but ever since we had a new instructor at the gym I started loving Mondays. Mondays is retro, pure dance. A combination of hip hop, latin and jazz. And I am very familiar with the music too because he got it from the 80s. It makes exercise fun. I don't know but I think I'm really made for dancing. I can't stand running in the treadmill, I don't like using those equipments either but with dancing I can do it 2 hours non-stop. Yeah!


My Precious Gold Coin

Thursday, September 02, 2010

One day my FIL came to the house showing us some gold coins. I think he had four on his palm. Then he started telling us how he got hold of those gold coins. I'm sorry but I don't exactly remember his story. I think it used to be a US coin and he was able to save it. He said that it was 24k solid gold and you know what? He handed me and the hubby a gold coin each. At first I couldn't believe that he was giving it to me. I know he values those coins too much for it to be disposed just like that. Then he told me to give it to the kids when they are a bit older. I'm keeping it right now and plan to show it to the kids. I hope they value it as much as how their grandfather has valued it. My FIL mentioned too that if we have extra money and want to invest on something, gold will be a very wise decision. If you look at it's history, I mean in terms of prices, you will notice that there wasn't a time that the price have dropped. It either remains the same or goes up.


Things to Buy from A-Z

When we visited the US in 2005, we planned to go to a lot of places. Thank God friends and relatives were willing to take us around. We were able to cover all the places on the list. Yeah we made a list of all the places we wanted to visit including circuit city because a friend of mine asked me to buy something for her. She found the item there and when she found out that we had a scheduled trip, she requested if I can get it for her. Of course I have to say yes, she is a very close friend of mine. Anyway I was able to get it and I was lucky that day because they were on sale. I found myself getting something for the family as well. I love the word SALE, don't you?


Fitness Update

I was alarmed with my weight gain. I used to be just 96 lbs. and standing about 5'3". Suddenly I became 121 lbs. without noticing it. I was too preoccupied with my problems at that time and I found solace in food. I know I can be stupid at times but really what's a comfort food for anyway?

I'm happy though that at least I have not allowed myself to become obese by going to the gym. I do it M-F for about 2 hours each visit. First hour would be aerobics and the second hour would be dancing. I've been doing this for about 9 months now and there's not much weight loss. I don't know if I want to be disappointed or not, but on the brighter side, I got myself to do a fitness routine which is very important to one's health, yeah weight loss or no weight loss.


Who's the Fairest?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I love the look of my bathroom. I actually made sure that it would look like something out of the pages of a home magazine. I also admired the bathrooms in the hotels that we go to. In a hotel room, the first thing that I check is the bathroom. I know I have an obsession for bathrooms, I don't know but I just want mine beautiful. When we were constructing our house, I made sure that I picked from these bathroom mirrors. Of course I didn't want to go for mirrors that would give me "distorted" images. Believe it or not but there are mirrors that are like that, I mean poor quality. Good thing the vanity mirrors I picked for each room were all nice and of good quality. My daughter particularly liked hers. It is a very simple beveled one. Again I got the idea from one hotel we went to. See, I'm really very observant. I do take note of all the details that I see. How about you, do you do the same thing that I do? If you don't have time to go around and check the latest, you can check on these bathroom vanity wall mirrors I found online. Seriously I find a lot of nice stuff online, I'm an internet junkie, you know!


Let's Have Tea

I've mentioned time and again that I am fond of having tea especially before going to bed. I don't know but my system is looking for it. It probably gives me a good night's sleep whenever I sip my favorite tea. I had a wonderful tea experience when we traveled to China about two years ago. I was introduced to different kinds of flavors and what good we get out of it. I all the more had passion for tea. If only we had afternoon tea like how other countries have it, I would really be glad. It's wonderful spending time with friends over a cup of tea and some mince pies. I've tried this combination and I love it. I like it with biscuits too. How I wish I can invite friends over for tea or something. But we are not just used to it like the English. This is one thing I promised myself, when me and my daughter have the chance to visit England, for sure we would love to experience "afternoon tea". Oh before I forget, ever since I got fond of having tea, I am starting to collect teapots. I still don't have Christmas teapots and I'd like to have one. Hint! Hint! Now you know what to give me for Christmas, do you?


My Baby is Now a Lady

In about a year she'll be celebrating her 18th birthday. I can't believe that she's now 17 and in college. It seemed like only yesterday that I gave birth to her. I still vividly remember her growing up years, she used to wear my high heels when she was still a toddler probably about 2 years old. She was also fond of singing, holding an invisible mic. Oh time flies too fast. I'm happy that I got to spend time with her during these formative years.


I'm Proud of my Job

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There was one time I went to attend a batch reunion. I was excited to see everyone. Of course High School is the most fun of all, I know you will agree with me. There was a lot of catching up to do with friends whom I have not seen for ages already. You know how it is when you have not seen each other. First thing you ask is about the job. Someone I know approached me and asked, "Where are you connected now?" I told him that I was a homemaker. His reaction offended me in one way or another. He told me, "What you came from the star section and you don't have a job?" I answered him as candidly as possible because I didn't wanna ruin my day. Being a homemaker is the best job of all. Even if you don't get paid monetarily, its equivalent is way beyond what money can buy. It's a tough job. You need to take care of the kids and the husband, not to mention the house. You have to see to it that all their needs are met as much as possible.

One thing I love being a homemaker is that I get to run my household. I may not be the one cleaning the mess but I am updated which Cleaning Supplies are effective. I am even familiar with the prices. I know which products work or not. I know of different products that will give you value for your money. Who would think that even the Janitorial Supplies I am familiar with? Well I have a quick answer to that. The supplies are quite similar to what I use at home. The difference is just with the quantity, probably it's being sold in bulk if you know what I mean.


Early Ideas for Green Holiday Shopping

It’s not even the official end of summer yet, and already the Christmas decorations are beginning to appear in some of the big box retail locations throughout the United States and worldwide. With much of the global economy still mired in a prolonged recession, retailers are nevertheless optimistic that the 2010 Holiday shopping season will show growth compared with last year. The following is a quick look at some of the early trends emerging amongst retailers who appear to be trying new, eco-friendly tactics to increase market share.

A growing industry in the last decade has been the “green” movement. With an increasing number of home owners and businesses turning to solar energy, and more and more drivers opting for hybrid vehicles, there has also been growth in smaller eco-friendly items like LED light bulbs. Until this point, a major obstacle to more robust growth in sale of these products has been high price points. However improving manufacturing techniques and advances in technology are changing all of these. Home Depot locations are reportedly now selling 40-Watt replacement LED light bulbs for less $20. This is less than half of what consumers were paying just a few months ago.

While Ikea locations and other large big box stores are traditionally notorious energy hogs, a new store planned for Centennial, Colorado (near Denver) will reportedly be powered by geothermal energy. 500 feet underneath the store’s parking garage, over 130 pipes will pump liquid that help assist with the heating and cooling of the store during various times of the year. Depending on the success of this program, similar systems may be installed at other Ikea locations throughout North America. Surely these tactics will appeal to green-conscious consumers across the country.

Not to be left out of the discussion, as drought conditions are forecast for much of the globe over the next 6-12 months, Lowes locations continue to expand their selection of green-friendly water conservation products such as rain barrels. Available in multiple styles and sizes, rain barrels are designed to collect rain runoff collected by the gutter systems of the roofs of homes. The collected water can then be securely stored in the barrel or underground tank for use during the dry summer months. Nothing like says green like keeping your garden lush during a drought without using a single drop of public water.

The green movement appears to be here to stay, and in addition the aforementioned stores, there will likely be a plethora of retailers offering green products that would make great gifts for the environmentalist in every family.


How to Whiten Dark Elbows

I know many of us have this problem. Honestly I really didn't know where I got it. It's probably the constant contact of the elbow in any surface. My kids have this kind of problem too and it gets really disgusting especially if we don't do anything about it. I did a little reading and I want to share it with all of you.

I'll let you in in a little secret ok? Use lemon! They say that lemon has whitening properties. Cut the lemon in half and rub it gently against your elbow. Let it stay for a little while and rinse it off with water. You have to do this religiously though to see results. Remember, you didn't get that dark elbows of yours overnight, so don't expect the cure to be overnight too, get it?

This is just one of the remedies. If ever I find another one that is effective, I'll share it with you. Meanwhile I hope lemon works for you and me.


I Want to Experience Winter

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's been a dream of mine to experience snow. I think majority of us living in tropical places would want to experience it. I promised myself that the next time I go to America, I'll see to it that it's going to be winter time. I wouldn't pass up the opportunity of staying outdoor wearing my snow boots. This would be something new for me so I guess I'd really get excited and will look forward to it. I have a lot of friends who have wonderful winter experiences and I want to go through it too. Hopefully anytime soon, yes I'd really like that to happen.


Time Out With Friends

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My gym buddies and I go out once a month. I'm always looking forward to this time because I love spending time with them. We talk about anything under the sun but mostly we talk about aging. We are all in our 40s and I guess women that age talk about what's the best eye cream among other things. Makeup and surgery are discussed too and we always end up laughing our hearts out. I have funny friends and that's why I love hanging out with them. I feel relaxed.


A Fabulous Find

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It was my daughter who first discovered this jeans at Forever21. She found it real cheap at less than five hundred bucks. It instantly became her fave jeans having to wear it week after week. I had a chance to go to the shop yesterday, and I ended up buying a pair too. I found 2 more pairs that were reasonably priced and bought them. I bought 3 pairs for a little over two thousand bucks and I'm happy with my purchase. Oh, there's one more thing I am happy about, I no longer wear a size 28 jeans, I'm down to 26, well at least with the Forever21 brand.


I'm Proud of my SUV

Friday, August 27, 2010

My car turns a lot of heads when it's out on the streets. I think it's the graffiti that was placed that makes it look cute and attractive. I'm proud to say that you will never see anything like it on the streets. You can find a lot of the same model roaming the streets of the metro but nothing like my car. I do not claim the credits since I was not the one who dress it up. It was actually the husband because he entered it in a car show. There were a lot of nice cars there too, and mine never failed to attract attention. There was also one thing that attracted my attention while I was at the car show. I love the chrome rims that I saw there. I don't really know why the husband did not choose that kind of rim for my car. Maybe he thinks that it does not really go with the look. But if I were to choose, I'd probably pick one of those I've seen online. It's really looks cool and the style is one of a kind. But yes I admit, it does not fit my small SUV. If I had a sedan, then probably the husband would suggest it.


I Wish I Had More Gold Coins

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I guess some of you would want to invest on something but is too scared because of the ongoing crisis we have. I would feel the same too. It's very hard to part with the money you have earned and saved through the years only to invest it in the wrong product.

Did you know that gold coins has been recognized to be a very good investment product throughout history? It has attracted millions of people from all over the world and has never failed to attract more people even to this time. If you are familiar with the price of gold, there was never a time that it went down just like other investment products. It's price has either remained the same or has increased. This is the reason why people invest in gold. I'd do the same if I had money to put in. I know what power gold can give, it can save us from difficult financial situations in one way or another.


Validity of the Green Passport

Monday, August 23, 2010

All four of us are holders of the green Philippine Passports (non-machine readable passport). The kids' passports are already expired and I am renewing it. Now I heard from someone that the validity of the green passport is an issue. Some say that there are countries that will not honor it. I went to the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) website to check on it's validity. And this is what I got. "All green passports (non-machine readable passports) will be valid until the stated date of expiry." If this is the case, no country should turn away green passport holders when trying to enter their country. This was made clear by DFA by issuing that statement I quoted.

I went ahead and applied online for the kids' passport renewal. They are scheduled to go to DFA on October 13 yet and it's only August 23rd now. Whoa is that how much Filipinos want to travel outside the country? It will take 10 days if you opt for the rush renewal and 20 days if you go for the regular one. Of course if you choose rush, there is an additional fee on top of the regular processing fee which is not really that big.

If Malaysia can issue passports within the day, why can't our government do the same? Can someone please tell me?


Home Lighting - Decorate With Indoor Pendant Lighting

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do you notice first when you enter a room? Is it the color of the wall, the painting, the rug, the furniture? Someone told me that you don't really get to appreciate all those I've mentioned if the room is poorly lit. Home Lighting plays a major role in making the room beautiful. Ever since I heard that, it's the first thing I take notice whenever I enter the room. It makes or breaks the ambiance if I may say. No wonder the husband became very particular with the lighting when we were constructing the house where we are staying in right now. He did the layout and picked the Light Fixtures too. I can't complain because he knows what he was doing. I can't call him an expert when it comes to lighting yet, but yeah he did good. We've been complimented a lot of times especially with his choice of Indoor Lighting. He'd always remind me of his work, it was like telling me see I did well. I know is all I could answer. He thinks that I have no faith in him when it comes to lighting because I was insisting to have it done by someone else. Good thing he insisted to take care of it, at least we were able to save by not paying on someone else's service.


Online Shopping for the Busy Bee

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who among you love online shopping? Ever since the internet came up with online shopping it has been popular amongst everyone, me included. I think it's the convenience that made it possible. Think of the traffic just to get you to the mall. Think about the gas spent, what about the parking, what about the line in the cashier? These are some of the reasons why consumers/shoppers want to go online shopping instead of going to the mall. Now I am going to talk about why I love online shopping. I've turned into a wise shopper. How did that happen? I learned to be one when I got married. There's a budget to speak of so I do price comparison shopping before purchasing. Every centavo counts when you are working on a budget. This is one advantage I like about online shopping and it does not take me all day to compare the prices so to speak. Time is very important to me and with online shopping I can always narrow down my selections because I normally go to the specific product name that I am looking for. I think by now you see the picture why people love to shop online. If you are a busy Mom like me, a Mom with her hands always full, a Mom that can't find time to go to the mall, then this is for us, everything at our convenience. Kudos to the one who thought of online shopping.


Longer Hair...I Wish!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The last time I had my hair past the bra line was I think 4 years ago. I can't seem to grow it to that length anymore. Before it even reaches the bra line, I go for a pixie cut. Crazy right? I know I can be silly at times but it makes me happy. And since I can't get to grow it in the length that I want, I decided to purchase hair extensions, 100% human hair. Freaky says my daughter coz she imagines it being someone else's hair. Add to that I told her that the owner of the hair is dead. Now she won't even touch it, much less wear it.


How Much Do You Spend?

Friday, August 13, 2010

How many times do you do grocery shopping in a month? I do mine twice a month. I used to do it on a monthly basis but it seems like nothing lasts for a month nowadays. I remember my first years of raising a family, spending a certain amount in groceries would give me 8 bags full, but that certain amount now can only allow me to shop for a bag full. Prices have gone up. I refuse to look at the prices sometimes because if I do I will end up buying nothing. Do you guys memorize the prices of the usual stuff you are buying? Good thing the receipt printer gives a very clear printout of the stuff that I buy so more or less I have an idea of the prices and how much budget to set aside for grocery shopping. I wonder if your groceries eat a big chunk in your budget too?


What Gold Can Do

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you believe that gold is one of the best investment product? Why do I say this? Well gold is used to preserve one's wealth and this has been going on for centuries already. This is probably the reason why a lot of people now invest in gold coins. I remember a few years back, a friend of mine came to me bringing with her gold. She wanted to pawn it since she was low on cash and she needed money. For what reason she never mentioned really. I was able to help her, handed her more than what she expected. She said that she even got more money than when she paid for the actual price of gold at the time she purchased it. I can say that it's somewhat a lifesaver too, you can always sell it or pawn it.


Sharon Live

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I got the chance to watch Sharon Cuneta sing live in her concert last Saturday. I was invited by Ate Marie to go with her coz she was given 3 choice seat tickets. Sharon lost weight I think but she is still on the heavy side. She promise to shed more pounds and I think she is committed to do so. The show was entertaining and guests included Ogie Alcaside, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Kuh Ledesma, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Pokwang, Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo. Speaking of Sarah...oh wait I think I will just write about her in another entry, not that she is a favorite, I just notice something when she sings =)


Need Help on Mortgage?

Monday, August 09, 2010

Here is a scenario. You are looking into buying a house. You finally find the house of your dream. You don't have all the money to purchase it. You love the house so much that you don't want to let go of the opportunity of buying it. Now what comes to your mind first? I need to find a mortgage lender who can help me out with my problem. Where do you go? Go to someone who has expertise in dealing with this situation. Good thing this is now available via the internet. What do you need to do? You need to find a website that offers home loans. Just make sure that the one you find is an expert in this field. You don't want to end up messing with your transaction. Remember, this is your dream house. You want to own it. If there's no other way to purchase it, there is always a solution for that. For those living in Austin, you can ask assistance from Austin mortgage lender. They can be the solution to your dream. They have a pool of agents who can help you out with this matter. They even have a mortgage advice for people who will be homeowners for the first time. The information you will need won't take long as they really act fast since they are experts on this already. Good luck to all homeowners. May you find the house of your dreams.


Protect Your Income

Monday, August 02, 2010

It took a lot of convincing before I made an appointment with the insurance broker. Well that scenario happened some five years ago. I really didn't believe in any form of insurance and that explains why it took time before I finally said yes to the broker. That's not the case right now since I am now reaping the fruits of that meeting. Nope nobody died in the family. As you are aware of, there are now many forms for insurance. It used to be only life many many years ago, but now, name it there is some sort of insurance for everything including income protection. You guys should seriously think about this. This would really be of big help in case something happens to you that will not allow you to work. They cover like 75 percent of your income so life goes on. Can you imagine yourself penniless after something happens? What is it going to be like when you can no longer work because of some disability? Have you ever though about this? If only this is being offered here in our country, then I know a lot of people will be getting this type of insurance.


Volume Rebonding

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ish and I decided to have our hair rebonded. Mine really depends on what the hairstylist will say. If he gives the go signal that I can have my hair rebonded, then I'd gladly do it, if not I won't insist. We went to Tony and Jackey at NS Amoranto and they suggested it's better if we go for volume rebonding. Their reason, the length of our hair would be better off if they do volume rebond so that it doesn't fly away. We opted for L'oreal instead of the korean medicine since we feel that we own the most abused hair. We'd like to be careful so that no further damage will happen. So far so good. I still don't know the outcome since I haven't shampooed my hair. You see when you have your hair rebonded, you are not allowed to wet your hair for two days so that the effect would be nice. I really don't know what will happen if you do.

I'll post a picture soon, I couldn't do it now since I look like a mess without washing my hair.


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