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Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's your take on nuphedra? I actually know nothing about it until I read this nuphedra review. According to the review it has helped a lot of people lose weight already. To date it is the most consistent diet pill when it comes to sales. Most people who have used it only have nice things to say about this diet pill. I also heard that most people who have used this never tried using other products. One piece of advise though, before considering using this product, please consult your doctors first.


Tiananmen Square

I was excited to see Tiananmen Square, not for anything else but I remembered this being controversial back in 1989. I know most of you have heard about the protest that began on the 14th of April.

Our tour guide Mae never mentioned about the protest, but instead she said that Tiananmen Square is the biggest square in the world. I know, no one really wants to remember that incident where over 2000 people died.

Tiananmen Square is located in the heart of Beijing. I was really amazed to see lots and lots of people, mostly Chinese. I then asked our tour guide how come I see a lot of Chinese people. She then mentioned that majority of them come from the provinces, and it's everyone's dream is to go to Beijing. Ah no wonder, they are tourists in their own land.


Online Insurance Quote

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love the internet! Admit it or not, it can make life a little easier to many of us. When you need something, chances are you will be able to find it when you surf the net, insurance quote included. There is actually no need to travel to go to offices and inquire about stuff. Almost everything can now be done using the internet. I like it because it does not only allow us to save money, but to save on time as well. Both are really important.


iPhone Accessories I'd Love to Have

I found a lot of iphone accessories that I need. I haven't really enjoyed my iPhone that much because I didn't have all the accessories that I needed. For one, I cannot even use it to listen to music while I'm in the car. I need to buy this accessory that would allow me to listen and at the same time charge my iPhone. Oh there's also one accessory I found which I think the whole family will enjoy. It's the headphone splitter and I'm gonna buy one. Now the problem is, whose iPod or iPhone should we use?


Lunch at Tagaytay City

Josh doing the LOL!

We went to Tagaytay on Good Friday to have lunch. Surprisingly there was not much traffic along South Super Highway. I was not expecting traffic to be this light because compared to the previous years where there was really much traffic. Good thing my SIL made reservations, if not we would be able to have lunch maybe at half past two. Yeah there were a lot of people waiting outside the restaurant when we got there. Much as we wanted to spend more time and talk over lunch, we couldn't afford to do that in consideration with the others who were waiting outside. It was a good trip though it would have been nicer if we were able to drop by Java Jazz, our favorite coffee shop.


Micro SD for Mobile Phones

Sunday, April 12, 2009

If not for the micro sd that I have, I would have ran out of beautiful photos. I am talking about our China trip. Good thing I brought with my mobile phone, so I was a bit relaxed. It could very well work as an alternative when I ran out of memory in my digital camera. What I love about having a bigger external phone memory is that I can store music and numerous photos. I don't want to be limited, so I am really very happy that some companies have come up with sd cards. Amazing what technology can do to make life more enjoyable.


My Kind of Fitness

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am interested in this Kettlebell workout I found online. Imagine you only spend 20 minutes three times a week, that makes just an hour a week of workout. Now I want to do their 6 week body transformation program. As I mentioned in my other blogs, I gained something like 10 pounds when I quit smoking some three months ago. I really need to keep my body fit. I am not getting any younger. I want to maintain the kind of body I have, not much for aesthetic side but health wise though. I think this is the kind of program I need since I get easily bored doing long fitness routines. It looks cool and fun to me.


4th Good Friday Thing

On with the Good Friday tradition. I nearly forgot about it, well honestly I forgot about it. Good thing Cuz didn't. She sent me sms to remind me about this tradition. This is the 4th already. We have new members...Ish my daughter and Queenie, Cuz's daughter. This time Nelson and Diego(our dog) did not join us. What a bummer! Anyways, we still enjoyed and will look forward to the next good friday thing.


Online Insurance Quote

I just love that almost everything is readily available online. It's actually more convenient and time saving. Not only that, it actually saves us money too. Now there is no need to go out of the house just to get insurance quotes. There is an online auto insurance quote available whenever you need one. For me it's more convenient that you get information instantly. With this, you can compare prices easily and decide right away which one suits your needs.


Sleep Number Beds

Honestly it's my first time to come across this sleep number bed. At first I was like...what? I really didn't have any idea what it was. Beds have numbers now? Haha, why am I ignorant at times? Anyways, now that I know about it, it makes me want to have one. Not that I am not comfortable with the bed that we have at home, I just want to try and experience what other people are saying about how comfortable it is to lie down and sleep on a sleep number bed.


Still Waiting

How do you like my nail art? I saw this design in one of my nail art magazines. I just copied the design and did my best so it would look like the one in the magazine. I think I did quite well, but it's still a little messy. Hopefully when the set of nail polish I ordered from ebay arrives, I will be able to do more justice to the designs I copy. I am so excited already. Can't wait to change the design on my nails now, after all it's been what? two weeks?

Can't wait to get hold of all these nail polish. I won't change brushes now when I do my nail art, because each of the tube comes with this special brush that is easier to manage.


Free Shipping Offer

Are you familiar with Let me tell you that almost everything you need is already there. I frequent this website a lot and I found out that it's not just computers and electronics they sell, they also sell shoes, apparel, toys, etc. I want you to take a look at their sale items. It's really very affordable, plus they don't charge anything for shipping. In other words, shipping is free. Not all online shops can do this, so take advantage of it.


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