Painting...on Canvas

Monday, February 27, 2006

While at National Bookstore on Saturday, our intention was to buy materials for Isha's Scrap Book. I don't know what came to me at that particular moment, I started looking for acrylics, brushes and a canvas. I had been intending to try my hand at painting at one point in my life. It may have been the empty walls in our new house that prompted me to push through with it. This would be my first time using acrylic, so I don't have any idea what to put on the canvas. Isha had finished one project already, and wants to try again, this time she has her empty walls of her room in mind.

This was given to me by CUZ. Times are hard now, you are not safe even in the confines of your own home. Since carrying a gun is not an option for an ordinary citizen like me, with PGMA's proclamation, I hope I won't find myself in jail if found in my possession.


The Ilocos Experience

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello people! Nope I didn't go on a semi hiatus mode if you're wondering. We just spent 4 days up north coz we had a wedding coverage there. I'm sharing with you lotsnlots of pictures (yay! i'm assistant became my personal photographer...heehee)

Before proceeding to Ilocos Norte, we stopped by Vigan to check on the pieces we loved the last time we were there. Lucky us, yes it was still there. See that wood carved post/pedestal (dunno what it's called) in the last picture? That was one of the pieces we loved and yes we were able to bring it home. It's an 8 feet kamagong wood intricately carved.

I didn't know that this church in Paoay was included in UNESCO's WORLD HERITAGE list. It's just amazing how this church was built. No steel bars but just bricks upon bricks.

Please pardon me if I've posted sooo much pictures of myself...hehe...this seldom happens...I'm always behind the's nice to be the subject once in a know =)

This is where we stayed, and we plan to bring the kids next's really beautiful!


My Friend is Having A...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Angie is one of my best friends in college. I was her Matron of Honor on her wedding day and I am the godmother of her daughter Abby. I bumped into her in Greenbelt this afternoon and she told me the wonderful news. After 8 years, she is pregnant again...hope it's a boy this time Friend! I am really overjoyed, coz I know you've been wanting this. Take Care Ange!

***Shoutout to Yvonne!***


3 Red Roses

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

N has never stopped giving me flowers every Vee Day! Yay! This is really, he thought of giving me just a single stem so he can accompany it with CASH! Does it look like there's $$$ sign written on my forehead? LOL...But the romantic side of him gave way, so I got 3 red roses (read: I LOVE YOU)! Darn it! LOL...

Instead of the two of us going on a date, we decided to bring the kids with us. We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Red Crab. Josh enjoyed big time, crabs being one of his favorites. Isha enjoyed her foodie too...initially she wanted to have steak but I suggested she order Beef Tapa Romano instead, and she found it delicious.

Just a thought...Why is it that now you are married, husbands always think of the traffic caused by Vee Day? They always want to celebrate Vee Day either a day ahead, or during lunch and not dinner...hmmmm...but during courtship or boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, traffic is not really mentioned? Even if it takes forever to reach the place where you want to celebrate...Oh well...


Happy Hearts Day


Happy Birthday Dad and Mom

Dad is celebrating his 78th Birthday today and Mom will be celebrating her 81st birthday on the 16th.



Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kids finally had their investiture in scouting. Since they joined Scouting this year, this has been their most awaited moment, that is wearing the type A uniform, lol. Kidding aside, it's really a big deal for them, now they feel that they are indeed scouts. Josh even didn't like to take off his uniform and still wanted to wear it the next day =)

Isha had to borrow her type A uniform from a schoolmate, coz she didn't like to buy anymore since she doesn't have any plans of wearing it in high school. She loves the scout uniform worn by high school students. Josh on the other hand had no choice but to wear a long shorts. We didn't have the time to have it repaired since it was given on Friday only. That's usually our problem with Josh, because he is heavy (read:fat) for his age, we can't find just the right shorts/shirts for him, everything is usually long =)


What is a Good Marriage?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Today I was asked by my MIL to look after my FIL who is currently confined at St. Luke's Medical Center. Before leaving the house, I grabbed this book (The Little Book of Big Questions) from the shelf, so i'll have something to do.

And here's one big question I came across...WHAT IS A GOOD MARRIAGE?

Married couples know they've met their soul mate in marriage if...

- one is absolutely right on an issue and then lets the matter drop. *We've come to a point when even if we know that one of us is right on a certain issue, we don't rub it in. The important thing is how to resolve the issue.

- they still laugh at each other's jokes. *Even when we are already settled in bed, the moment we remember each other's joke, we still end up laughing, sometimes to the point of getting stomach ache.

- they'd rather spend Saturday afternoons together than apart. *Oh this part I still have to work on.

- they show each other the common courtesies offered to complete strangers. *People have this tendency to be uberly familiar with each other thru the years that they've been together and forgeting about respect. I am happy that we are not one of them.

- they can argue until they're blue in the face and still eat pizza together before bedtime. *This I've learned from N, I used to be really proud.

- they feel free to point out each other's faults and help each other improve. *With us, it's a matter of how we say things, but never let the faults pass.

- they can sense when something's bothering the other without a spoken word. *We are already familiar with each other's actions...action speaks louder than words.

- they can talk about any topic without the other leaving the room. *Well you can always pretend to be kidding aside, respect to each other comes in's one of the common courtesies being offered to strangers, right?

- one is always willing to give up something for the other - and the other won't allow it. *We don't think of ourselves anymore.

- they not only look forward to staying young together but look forward to growing old together. *Growing old together is always part of our conversation.

**Wow this is great...the one thing I have to work on doesn't really weigh that much, maybe because we are practically together 24/7.**


Welcome To The Family

Thursday, February 02, 2006

We are growing...YAY...SMILEY, a 6 month old shih tzu has finally arrived...and we are so happy to have him in our household.


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