"You Look Young"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wow Mom! you look young(ish)...this is what my son Josh said when I got home. I finally found time to go to the salon for my much needed rebonding. The reason why I had been delaying this rebonding thingy is because I was soooo scared that if I had my hair rebonded, instead of it being straight it would turn out freezy. Why you ask? Because it was also Josh who said that I looked like a witch with my jet black hair and he wanted me to go back to my color which meant bleaching. And did you know that when you have your hair rebonded you're not suppose to wash your hair for 3 days. Yikes...3 days of itch, smell and all. But despite the fact, I wasn't looking forward to wash my hair. You see when I went to Tony & Jackey, they didn't really want to do my hair because of its condition. They didn't want to use their (korean) products but opted for L'oreal Extenso instead, and that means a more expensive one. And they still did not guarantee that I was to have silky straight soft hair. And with their parting words: "After you wash your hair and you find something wrong, don't panic, just give us a call and will fix it for free." What encouraging parting words...so I really didn't look forward to washing my hair. Thank God it turned out ok, i'm back to straight soft hair, and as Josh would put it I look young(ish).


Still Busy

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Twas a very busy week for me. My sister and her husband arrived from the US for a short vacation. I have been tasked to bring them around, meet with our other relatives, some shopping, a trip to the beauty salon, trip to Belo, etc. You know how it is when Pinoys come home, they squeeze everything in their two week stay.

she's the one at the extreme left


We're still on with our fitness thingy...if ever we can't jog or bike, Josh makes it a point to play an hour of badminton. Good thing he's still very much into it, and has maintained his diet too. Way to go Josh!


We attended the birthday celebration of Kuya Rey, of course the day won't be complete without picture(s). Even if he was the celebrant, we asked him to take our photo, (to borrow Edna's words, "pang friendster din yan") haha.

Gina, Rhea, Edna, Me, Cuz

**It's really a problem if you don't have to post all the happenings, you tend to forget everything, or you cannot get yourself to write a decent post, it's like there's so much to share, yet few words come to mind....haaaaayyy!**


Jog Josh Jog!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Summer vacation officially starts today for the kids, though they have to be back 2 more days, 17th for Josh's Reading Diagnostic Test, (he was one among the five picked by the teacher to participate) and the 27th (Josh) 28th (Ish) to get the report card.

Today also marks the start of our fitness thingy. We went all the way to Mall of Asia (MOA) to jog. It's more like jog...walk...jog...walk... It's actually a first for the kids so I don't wanna force them. We only did 3 kilometers and they've survived it, although Ish and the Yaya (nanny) did a short cut, cutting down the 3 km by about 200 meters. I encouraged Josh to finish it (he needs it badly) which he did. We are happy that they love it and we don't need to drag them into doing it.



I Said Popcorn

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Great! Everyone got POPCORN, and I got NOODLES...I wanna watch a MOVIE too YOU know! Crap! Crap! and more CRAP! ggggrrrrrr...end of story!



Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'll be a busy momma nowadays, well only until Friday. It's my kids exam week, yes their finals, and i'm busy helping them out reviewing. School's gonna be until Friday...hurrah! It means:
1. i can go chill out even on weekdays
2. less internet time (i'm using my son's laptop, mine's really jurrasic...i should be doing something about the wifi here, apparently it does not work on d-link, but works on apple which only has one slot)
3. go on regular fitness with the kids this time, maybe jog instead of biking over at MOA every other day
4. watch Gilmore Girls with my daughter
5. play PS2 with my son
6. cook meals for my family (a breather for my angels)
7. bake cookies, lotsa lotsa cookies
8. and the list continues...so I won't run out of blog topics


Mark the Date

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Justice, AnP, Moi and Cuz

Friday, a day set to meet "the AnP". I say "the" because she was the one who inspired me to start blogging in 2004. I remember my friend Y asking me if I was familiar with blogs, and I said WHAT? WHAT'S A BLOG? So Y shared with me AnP's site, and there was no stopping since then. I was excited at the same time nervous about meeting AnP for the first time. I remember telling my friend G in YM that I felt so inferior coz AnP really writes well and she is a very smart lady. I even shared my nervousness with Cuz. Forgive me AnP, but that was how I really felt (**blushing**), not for anything else but I was really intimidated by the way you write and of course your accomplishments too.

But you know what? AnP is one person who will not make you feel inferior. She is very down to earth, can laugh out loud if she wants to, "kulit" is her favorite word. We spent like a lil over 3 hours just laughing, she is really funny. She talked about her family, her life in Germany and many more, not a dull moment with her really.

Later that night, we were joined by Justice (the 100 words per minute lady), so you can just imagine how fun the night was. Thank you so much ladies for the wonderful time we shared and looking forward to be with you again.



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