Beautiful Mailboxes

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I've always fancied mailboxes, the ones I see on the lawns of some beautiful houses on posh subdivisions. I drool whenever I see those Mailboxes, it comes in different styles, different sizes, and oh so beautiful. They will even let you design your own mailbox, isn't that a cool feature? And their warranty is just awesome, they will provide full repair or replacement due to vandalism, defects and damage from others.

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.:: I Didn't See it Coming ::.

I was doing some work in my laptop when suddenly the screen went blank *gasp*! Really, I didn't expect such thing to happen coz it's like 3 months old? I kept receiving a warning from Norton that I had to renew my subscription with them. It's no longer a 1 year subscription that normally goes with every purchase of a computer, mine was 3 months, arrrggghhh! I thought of switching to McAfee's VirusScan Plus, which I used in Joshua's laptop. So I uninstalled Norton so it won't post a conflict with McAfee. Read the rest of the entry HERE .


Melbourne...Let's Go

I have heard so much about Melbourne and I have yet to find a single soul who did not enjoy the place. All I hear are raves and more raves, so I'm including it in my 1000 places to see before I die.

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and it is regarded as the cultural and fashion capital. They have fine restaurants all over the place, and you should see the Yarra River with their famous picturesque walks. There are a lot more great attractions to see. Accommodation in Melbourne is never a problem. You can find Cheap Hotels in Melbourne for as low as 59 AUD. This is a good deal by itself plus you get to see all there is to see in Melbourne.

For all your accommodation needs, you can always find affordable Melbourne Hotels, so that won't be a problem really.

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Getting Help from the Experts

Buying or selling homes is not an easy task, it entails a lot of paper works and if you are not used to it, it could get taxing. You need the help of an expert real estate broker, one who can provide you with their expertise and a good advice. They can help you with your real estate needs, be it selling or buying. They will make things easier for you by providing all the information you need about the real estate. And that's going to be a load off you back.

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.:: dot com ::.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Wahoo! MY OTHER HOME is already up and running. Special thanks goes to KC who installed Wordpress to keep the site running, and for patiently answering all my emails pertaining to the setup.

I'm inviting everyone to pay me a visit and if it's not much kindly include my link in your blogroll too. I'd appreciate it very much really. I'll still be blogging here at blogspot too so don't erase my link ^_^

And to "you" who bought the domain name for me, I thank you! Thanks to your generosity and friendship, I appreciate all the things you did for me.


Bahamas Anyone?

Who says going to the Bahamas is only for the rich and famous? I used to think of it that way, probably because of what I have read in celebrity magazines, that it is one the famous getaways of actors and actresses. Well you don't need to be rich and famous to be able to spend a vacation in the Bahamas. Take advantage of 3rd Night Free Bahamas Cruise & Stay Vacation Package .

Imagine the beautiful Bahamas, the beach, national parks, fishing villages, and reefs, it's paradise. Next time you think of taking a cruise, think of 3rd Night Free Bahamas Cruise & Stay Vacation Package , it's an offer you can't resist!

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A Beautiful House

Who does not dream of owning a beautiful house someday? My idea of a beautiful house is a castle NOT! I'd be happy to have a small house but very functional. I want it to stand in the middle of a well manicured lawn, with a beautiful garden. This is my idea of a luxury home. All the houses for sale are really elegant and beautiful. The site has a virtual tour of each house they sell, and I was like Oh my! I want to own all those beautiful houses.

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Fashion 101

Saturday, July 28, 2007

50 percent of my internet time is spent browsing on Fashion sites. I want to be updated with what's happening in the fashion world. We all know that fashion changes every season. What was in a couple of months back may be out in a couple of days. Belisi women's accessories blog is a one-stop website which tackles every aspect of the word FASHION. Browsing this site makes you learn about what's the latest trend in fashion, from updating your wardrobe with the latest accessories, hot bags, shoes, scarves, neckties, tops and bottoms, colors that suit you, in other words, everything a woman should know when it comes to fashion and more. Just click on the link and find out for yourself, Belisi women's accessories blog says it all!

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.:: The Simpsons ::.

Simpsons The Movie is finally shown in theaters. Ish and Josh have been looking forward to this since the time they watched the movie trailer. They didn't to to their Chi Tutors today, so we can catch the movie. I even missed belly class just to see it. The theater was jampacked with children, and you can hear their loud giggles and laughters. I can even hear my children's laughter from where were seated, they were like 5 seats apart from us. Honestly I really do not enjoy Simpsons humor, it's crap! And you ask why am I allowing my kids to watch it? Well they are enjoying and it gives them a good laugh. And I'm not worried at all, I know my kids ^_^



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Rest & Recreation

Friday, July 27, 2007

If only I could go around the world in 60 days like Jackie Chan in his movie, I'd love that! Each of us dream of visiting other countries, enjoy it's sights, it's culture, and know it's people. In fact I bought the book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die.

One of the places I want to visit is England. And while there, I won't miss a chance to go to Birmingham. Birmingham is the second largest city in Britain. It is in the heart of UK's industrial revolution. You can get there either by air, coach, train or by car. It's very easy to reach this place.

Accomodation is never a problem. There are affordable Hotels in Birmingham starting from GBP 32 a night. With this kind of accomodation, you can probably stay all you want. There are beautiful places to see, from museums to art galleries, they also have parks and nature to enjoy. There are Birmingham Hotels right at the shopping district, and just a stone's throw away.

If getting to Birmingham is easy, then finding a Hotel in Birmingham is as easy too, since most are located in the City Centre.

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Savings Galore

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Woohoo! Can't help but share with you some good news. It's not only in the malls that discounts and sales are being offered, but on online shopping too. How does this sound? "Chef prepared meals delivered to your door...from freezer to your table in 10 minutes." Sounds great right? And the good news is you can avail of Home Bistro Deals. Yeah they are the ones I'm talking about. And not only that, at, you will be able to find the best deals on a lot of online merchants. We love discounts, deals, coupons to use, and sale items, so let's all together shop at this website!

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.:: My Darling Girl is Sick ::.

2 days ago, Isha requested our driver if he could bring her home right away coz she was not feeling well. She had a headache caused by colds. The moment she got home, she went straight to bed and fell asleep. We just woke her up to have dinner. I asked her if she was going to school the following day, to which she said yes, anyway she didn't have fever, and she had some quizzes to take. Before she left for school, I checked if she was running a fever, which she was not, so I allowed her to go to school. I was surprised to get a call from her that afternoon, that she was already on her way home, she was sent home by the school. Her yaya (nanny) fetched her coz we had the driver with us. They were not able to hail a cab, so they took the public transportation. When I got home, I asked her if she remembered how to take the public transpo (this was her first actually), to which she replied, "nope, I was too sick to remember anything". Haha, good answer! You see there's this running joke in the family about taking public transpo, not that I don't like them to ride the jeepney or commute, in fact I want them to learn taking the jeep or bus.

Anyhoo, she was absent from class today. We got a call from the office confirming if she was indeed sick. This is really weird, this was the 1st time we got a call from them. They've been with that school for 10 years already. On with the story. When we got home from school, finding his sister in his room, Josh gave her a bear hug. Hhhhmmmm, he's sweet, NOT! Do you know why he hugged his sister? He wants to catch the bug, so he won't be able to go to school and just use the internet the whole day. Yes, that's my darling boy!

Ish is quite well already and she'll go to school tomorrow, though she still has colds and cough.


Looking Good

Some of us are not really blessed when it comes to our mid section, especially us women who have given birth countless times. I for one hate to see some bulges in my lower abdomen caused by excess skin and fats. Even though how much I exercise and go on diet, it won't just go away. How can I wear a swimsuit when going to the beach? Or attend parties wearing a tight fit sexy outfit? Tell me, would you be confident enough to wear those, considering that people around you have always something naughty to say, or just stare at you as if saying, hey girl that outfit does not look good on you. Very few people can get away with that, but most really get affected. A lot think that having a flat abdomen will enhance their well-being and self-esteem. Of course I agree. Who would not want that? Having a flat abdomen mean that you can wear anything.

Good thing is that there are procedures being offered for you to achieve a flatter abdomen. Of course we want the best surgeons to do the procedure on us. At Los Angeles tummy tuck, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck can be performed. But before the plastic surgeon does the procedure, he will examine your body first and discuss the appropriate type of tummy tuck he will perform on you that would give you the best results. Surgeons at Beverly Hills tummy tuck help you plan your surgery. They will determine the extent of fat deposits in your abdominal region, then suggest what kind of procedure you have to undergo. It could be a partial abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck if you have lesser fat deposits.

So if you consider having this procedure, head on to California and have a tummy tuck in Los Angeles.

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.:: My Coffee Buddy ::.

This is Richard, a high school classmate and my favorite coffee buddy. He is an engineer by profession, and still single (calling out all females out there ^_^ ) He sent me an sms one time, asking if I can take some shots of him to be submitted to an ad agency. Yes, he was spotted as a potential commercial model. I'm happy to share that he is on the second stage already, he just had his VTR a couple of days back. This guy's really funny, that's why I always look forward to having coffee with him.


Fire Ants

It's the first time I heard about fire ants. Well to me, ants are ants, and I have not really gone out of my way to know each and every specie. Fire ants can cause dangers to people with it's sting, and it can also affect our properties. Fire ants were first found in South America, and did you know that it has scattered and built colonies in the US, Australia, Taiwan, Guandong and the Philippines. Here's a website that will help you understand fire ants more and how it can affect our surroundings. Plus different ways on how to exterminate them, like worm castings as a way to repel fire ants.

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Office Furnitures

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Whoa! Looks like I really need the complete office overhaul after all. And I guess it's not only me, maybe there's a number of us who need to pay special attention to our home offices. To give you an idea on what kind of office furniture you need to put in your office, then just click on the link. If you have limited space and want to convert a part of your house into your home office, then I suggest, please take a look at their modular office furniture, I'm sure you will be able to choose one from their gallery.


.:: Jolie's Lips ::.

I have thin lips, so once in a while I dream of owning Angelina's pouty lips. Since I wanted very much to have pouty lips, I checked this out at Beauty Bar. The first time I applied it to my lips, I felt uneasy, a bit perspiring too because of the sting it gives to the lips. Now you ask if I achieved the pouty look? NOT AT ALL! Have to manually pout, harhar ^_^ But I'm not losing hope, the girl behind the counter said that if I apply it frequently, it just might work! Btw, this is my second purchase for that purpose. The other one I bought at Face Shop, and didn't work too. I guess I need an injection or something.


An Overhaul

Seeing all these modern desks, I can't help but think of doing a complete overhaul of our home office, not that it looks bad, but it needs a bit of updating, especially the furnitures. I'd love to change our existing desk to something with a glass top to give the office a modern look. You can click on the link so that you will know what I'm talking about. You'll just love all their tables and desks. They've been given the double A rating by Better Business Bureau.


Cabinets for Easy Storage

When we moved to our new home, we brought with us some "precious" clutters, clutters that we cannot part with. All the cabinets are now filled and there's still a few sitting in the corner. A closet cabinet is what we need right now. And I really need a big big one. Yes, they can make cabinets for the largest room in the house. And it's not just a simple cabinet, it's got style because of it's modern design. It's something that you'd love to have at home.

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.:: Crocs For Him ::.

I accompanied and drove N to Promenade in Greehills to get him a pair of Crocs. Nope he still can't wear shoes and we have a coverage at Makati Shangri-la Hotel later today. It's just not appropriate for him to be wearing his Havaianas, so I suggested that he'll wear Crocs instead. He finds it a bit weird, because of the width, and he said he feels like a dishwasher...hhhhmmm...which gives me an idea, if they made me the official cook, why not make him the official dishwasher! ^_^


Aluminum Cabinets

Had I known I would have installed aluminum cabinets in my kitchen instead of wood. It does not rust or deteriorate when exposed to moisture. They are also resistant to mold, mildew and corrosion. This will just work for me coz I know myself when I start working in my kitchen, or my maids too, we cannot help but splash some water on the cabinets, or sometimes from cooking, we just cannot control a little splashing from our pans. Using them means greater savings in the long run. Try to imagine a red aluminum cabinet with an all stainless steel kitchen appliance. It looks chic right? Darn! Oh never mind, I'll just start saving for it.

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.:: YeeHaa! .::

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm cooking up something for you guys and I'm very excited about it already. No it's not a dish, I'm just not confident enough with my cooking skills to feed all of you ^_^

I'll let you know once it's already up ok? It's still in the setting up stage if I may call it, although I have not heard from them yet. See how excited I am?


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Choosing the Right Tutors

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm very particular when it comes to my children's tutors. What I do is observe them first, listen to them talk, and if i'm satisfied I hire them right away. I especially did this when I got my children reading tutors. Of course I won't be getting someone who can't even pronouce words correctly. But at score you can be assured that their reading tutors are really good. They make reading fun for the kids and they have their way of motivating kids to excel. And by the end of the program, be assured that your children will be better readers, and not only that, they will be able to comprehend what they read.

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.:: The "Face Behind The Blog" .::

Since I have posted a lot of pictures in my blog and the rule states that I should still post a picture, so here's a picture of me that has never been seen before ^_^ Yes that's me unmade, sans make up and all, straight out of bed. A filipina blogger, based in Quezon City, Philippines. Married to a wonderful and loving but sometimes impossible guy named Nelson. I have two beautiful kids, Isha, a bookworm (turning 14) and Josh, a videogame lover (11). I am a SAHM most of the time, but works as an assistant to my hubby, a photographer. We cover weddings mainly. At 41, I still consider myself hip and cool, thus the blog HiPNCooLMoMMa. I'm like the mommy version of Punky Brewster (well i'd like to think of it that way). I'm starting to love being the official cook of the family, it helps drive away boredom. I too joined the bandwagon of being a "postie", it's fulfilling to be earning quite a few moolah by doing sponsored posts. I'm happy being ME!

Thanks for the tag Janice

And here's the instruction to this meme :

1st step - Post a short blog article that includes a photograph (or a series of photos) showing the face behind your blog. If you already showed a photo somewhere on your site (such as in your about page), then make your post more interesting and choose a photo that’s not currently online.

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3rd step - Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.

4th step - If you link back to me here and send an email I’ll be sure to include links back to you.
Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

Some of the blogs that I know which put up picture(s) of me are :

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My Breakfast Nook

Sunday, July 22, 2007

When we were on the planning stage of building our house, I told my husband that I wanted to have either an island or a breakfast nook. Since it was just so impossible to put an island in our small kitchen, we opted for a breakfast nook instead. I have not used the space yet for it's purpose, unless we want to have breakfast standing. We are still saving for the bar stools we intend to put. Knowing my husband, he will not just go for any barstool just for the sake of having one.


.:: My First...and they LOVED it! .::

Remember they made me the official cook? Since then, I have never stopped searching for new recipes to feed them. This is the first time I did Sweet and Sour Fish, and I'm glad they loved it! They usually do not go for tomato based recipes, and I was surprised they all went "it's yummy Mom!" I love cooking for the family coz they really appreciate my inferior cooking skills...don't worry I'm on my way to become a good cook for you guys! Meantime, just enjoy all the experiments ^_^ I do for you.


Finding the Best Deals Online

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Did you know that if I find something I like, I really do not buy it right away? What I normally do, I go around and scout for the same item but at a lower price. I really do not care whether I save a single penny or a few bucks, it's just that I am happy to find a better deal. I am just being a wise shopper.

And when it comes to online shopping, of course I would do the same. Here's a website that lets you Compare Prices Online. Before You Buy. They literally have a lot of quality products and services from over 15,000 online stores, there's Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Target to name a few. And the best part is, you don't need to go to other websites just to be able to compare prices, it is all done here. Isn't this a good deal by itself? It can be a lot easier for online shoppers, and we can be sure that we are getting the best price the web has to offer.

So don't forget, before hitting the buy button, first check and Compare Prices Online. Before You Buy. The savings you can get will go a long way. Let us all be smart shoppers!


Blinds for my Windows

I'm thinking of putting blinds instead of curtains at Nelson's office to give it a more businesslike atmosphere, but at the same time give it a homey touch. I'm thinking of using faux wood blinds. It is an economical alternative to wood blinds. It's made from pvc and some man made materials combined with wood particles, so it really looks like real wood. And the best thing is, it is fully washable.


.:: Caregiver ::.

Two weeks ago, N got wounded from our stainless gate. While he was closing the gate, it accidentally scraped his heel. I was not there when it happened, nor was the family driver. So he took the cab to go to the nearest hospital. He had 13 stitches all in all. The doctors advised him to stay put for at least 3 days so the wound will not open up. I've been bathing him since then so as to avoid the wound getting wet. I know I could have used 3M's Tegaderm, but I had a supply of gauze and plasters at home. It took me a long time to dress the wound for the first 3 days, the gauze was just sticking to the wounded area, and I just can't pull it just like that. Now he's ok, the doctors have removed the stitches and the wound has dried up a bit. But I'm still giving him a bath and cleaning the wound, maybe if it has completely dried up, then he can bathe himself already. Last night I was able to give him a pedicure already. Yeah N is ME!


Celeb Gossip...I Like!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Come on, admit it, we are all interested in finding out what's happening in the world of show business. Funny that we do not really know these actors and actresses yet we are interested in their personal lives. I don't know, but it's actually entertainment to me! I feel relaxed watching all those celebrity gossip shows on television and reading from celebrity magazines. And now here's more celebrity rumors. This site is dedicated to bringing you up to date juicy gossips, scandals, rumors, speculations, assumptions and many many more about our favorite hollywood stars. It even allows us to leave comments, rate and vote on the entries. This is just great, it lets us voice out what we think about this and that about celebrities, and with the interaction going around we can even meet and make friends with other fans.

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.::Spark=No Electricity::.

I was about to take a bath when I heard something sparking, then suddenly the lights went off. I heard commotion, inside our house and outside. I immediately wore my top without putting on my bra, gosh I was a lil bit in panic already. I had to grab my son Josh who was also groping in the dark. Ish was fast enough to go downstairs already. Josh was met halfway by his yaya (nanny), I went back to get a flashlight. It turned out, the spark came from the Meralco post. Actually fire started already, good thing the construction workers nearby had presence of mind, that they hopped on a car and hopped to the roof and threw a pail of sand to stop the fire from spreading. Firemen responded right away, but there was no need for them as the fire was put off already. Meralco arrived at 11:30, (incident happened around 8 in the evening) but did nothing. We didn't have electricity until today at about 8 in the evening, and it took them only 30 minutes to fix it. It's just frustrating that this people from Meralco didn't respond right away. It took them 24 hours to fix it, arrrrggghhh! Good thing I didn't have any deadlines to meet, hehe, if not maybe I'd go to the nearby internet shop, harhar.

And you know what? I observed that it was only us who went out of the house empty handed, well 4 of us adults were bringing flashlights, and that was it. The others were bringing with them their bags and some paper bags with personal belongings. Another one was even bringing her laptop with her. And us? golly empty handed. If ever the fire continued we won't be able to save anything but ourselves.

Praise God that the fire did not spread. We were saved from such disaster. God is really good!


Setting Up Your Online Store is Easy

Thursday, July 19, 2007

E-Commerce has been making life easier for us. There’s no need to be physically present but just with a click of a button, voila! transaction is finished. So for those people thinking of having your own business (e-commerce), shopping cart software is a good start. This software supports small to medium sized businesses in getting ready for ecommerce. It can help build up your online store and will help you manage your online store from any computer anywhere in the world. You can even design your own or choose from the custom designs. They offer free tech support, secure hosting, 99.8% guaranteed uptime, free upgrades for life and daily backups.

There are a lot of benefits in putting up your online store. You do not need to pay rent, salary of a shop assistant, and other fees associated in putting up your own business. You can reach a much wider audience , thus can be contacted by people worldwide. You store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So for those ones who are scared of putting up an online store for reasons that they don’t know where to start, shopping cart software will allow you to build your own online store.


Create Your Own

Are you a real estate agent, or probably are you thinking of selling your property? Then you need Real Estate Signs. And did you know that you can create your own sign and not resort to those boring and typical signages offered by your local sign shop? They have design tools online that will help you create your own sign and you can even upload an image. Cool isn't it? The best thing is you don't need to leave your offices or homes just to be able to have it. They also have yard signs, parking signs, street signs and banners. Whatever your signage requirement is, they can accommodate you, remember they let you customize it.

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Do You Love to Cook?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

As i've written in my past entry, I was made the official cook in the family, and I'm starting to like it...really! Good thing I have a beautiful kitchen (imho) which all the more encourages me cook. I have a few sets of cookware given to me by my MIL, but I want to add bernedes cookware to my collection. I want to have their cookware and cooking tools, especially their elegant stainless steel cookware. Check out all their cookware sets, geez I wanna have it all. It could inspire me to cook and come up with new dishes to feed the family.


Another Present!

Another birthday present came my way from a classmate in High School C who is now based in the US. Here's what she said in the card that accompanied the package.

Hi Girlie =)

Nakakatuwa lang kasi basahin and blog mo - it's a fun read.

So now that your birthday is here, I thought of sending you
something - ano pa ba di pangpa-beauty.

Hope you like it and like
the results. It's made & formulated
by Dr. Murad ( in the
Beverly Hills area.

Happy Birthday! Keep up the fun read blog of yours
(even though
it can be a lot of work).


Thank you so much! I have not used it yet, just don't have the time to go check the site for instructions on how and when to apply, hopefully today ^_^ Good thing they have it here, I think I saw it somewhere, in Rustans maybe.

Hydrating Toner
for normal/combination and dry/sensitive skin
Tone to hold moisture and softness. This classic toner rebalances and rehydrates skin while neutralizing surface impurities.

Additional features and benefits:
• Witch hazel tightens pores without drying
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• Lecithin helps lock in moisture and restores suppleness

Day Reform Treatment®
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This revolutionary treatment also repairs skin, reversing the damage caused by environmental elements incurred during the day.

Additional features and benefits:
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Essential-C® Night Moisture
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Repair by night to look younger by morning. Our patented Skin Repair System increases elasticity by encouraging collagen synthesis. Antioxidant vitamin C neutralizes damaging free radicals while shea butter hydrates instantly to make skin silky smooth.
U.S. Patent 5,972,999

Additional features and benefits:
• Plant derived lipids help to bind water to the skin for maximum hydration
• Shea butter, an emollient derived from the karite nut, has exceptional skin soothing properties
• Vitamin A encourages cell renewal
• Ascorbyl palmitate, derived from vitamin C, is used to prevent further free radical damage
• Vitamin E and grape seed extract provide powerful antioxidant protection
• Extracts of grapefruit, orange, geranium and lavender soothe dry skin

Cellular Replenishing Serum
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Infuse instant moisture. This weightless gel with ceramides and botanical extracts works with your moisturizer to hold water to the skin, plumping up fine lines and delivering added suppleness and resiliency.

Additional features and benefits:
• Hyaluronic acid and lecithin protect to improve skin's barrier function
• Glycolipids, plant derived ceramides, allow the skin to retain vital moisture
• Chamomile and arnica soothe and soften skin

Soothing Skin and Lip Therapy
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Soothe away dryness. This healing salve brings immediate relief to dry, chapped lips or minor skin irritations by sealing in long lasting moisture and gently smoothing and exfoliating

Additional features and benefits:
• Petroleum and Vitamin E condition and help relieve chapped, cracked skin or lips
• Handlin protects skin or lips from the damaging effects of environmental exposure
• BHA's gently exfoliate to smooth and revitalize

*this is not a sponsored post*


Can You Tell the Difference?

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Be A Smart Shopper

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Van Racks

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We usually go out of town during public holidays, and normally we bring our van because of it's convenience, and it can sit up to 15 persons. Plus the fact that it is spacious, which is really needed for long drives. Nelson and I both decided to have a van rack installed for more convenience. So aside from the luggage compartment, you can make use of the rack. With the van rack installed, you won't be limited into buying some things just because it does not fit in the compartment anymore.


Singing Walking in the Rain

When I left the house this afternoon to go to Divisoria, it was bright and sunny. Although i knew that it had been raining in the afternoons the past few days, I was just plain lazy to bring an umbrella. I don't usually bring anything when I take the jeepney (public transportation). I just put my money in my pocket and now I can also afford to bring my cellphone with me coz I own a low end celly. You know how it is when taking the jeep, there are hungry wolves (read: thieves) around. Anyways, when I was about to alight the jeep, the rain just poured...bummer! I had to wait inside the jeep, for the rain to stop, but it did not. I just decided to get down anyway not minding if I get wet, anyway there are a lot selling umbrellas in the sidewalk. Yeah I bought one for 50 pesos (less than $1).

I was able to buy some cloths for my Mom and for myself too. I just can't resist this black beautiful embroidered silk taffeta. I'm having it made to a little black dress. I also rewarded myself with a pretty floral top, just because I got wet in the rain, harhar. Lame excuse right? I know, I promised myself not to buy anything but this pink top is just calling me. I don't wanna dream of it over and over again ^_^


Vacation Properties

If your thinking of going somewhere else for a grand vacation, why not consider staying in Condo Hotels. You get all the amenities a hotel offer but with the comfort and convenience of a condo. It has health clubs, pools and spas, daily maid service, business centers, gourmet restaurants and shopping you can enjoy. It’s like staying in a 5 star hotel.

Or if you have a condo unit that is not put to use, why not convert it to vacation properties and have it listed in their website, with that you can earn extra income, and who knows from that extra income you can again acquire another property.


Protect Yourself for a Dollar

Monday, July 16, 2007

I know you say this is too good to be true...but check it our first. term life insurance really protects you and your children or loved ones for that matter for just $1 for the 1st month of coverage. The nice thing about it is it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. They don't conduct medical exams but lets you answer a few health question with a yes and no. This company has been in the business since 1951 and have insured more than 2.5 million people already.


Parents-Teachers Conference

I attended the scheduled PTC in school last Saturday. I was able to talk with the teachers of Isha. Generally, they say that they didn't have problems (academically) with my daughter, thank God. Some said that she was talkative in class therefore loses her concentration. I specifically like her Chi Teacher. She was like a mother to my daughter ( i guess all teachers should be this way, but sad to say they're not ). She explained to me why my daughter got a low score in one of the tests. She wanted to talk to me in the presence of my daughter so she could very well explain to Ish too that when her attention is being called, it's not because she wants to humiliate her in front of her classmates, but to correct her mistakes and admit that she committed it. I hope that everything will turn out good for Ish after the long talk we had with her teachers. At least now I'm aware of what she has been doing in school. Because most of the time, our children do not really tell us 100% of what has transpired in school. Good thing there's PTC every much as possible I don't want to miss any of it, so I'd be aware of my children's standing in class, not that they are hard to manange ^_^


Burn Fat Quickly

Have you heard about the latest diet pills of the stars? If not, here it is: Ephedra, it's an amazing fat burner with metabolism boosting abilities to help you lose weight. It is a combination of Guarana, bitter orange and Garcinia and when blended can reduce weight by increasing your metabolism, therefore it will burn energy more rapidly but without cravings for food. More and more hollywood celebrities are taking it now because of it's amazing results.


Trade DVDs, CDs, Books & Games

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Have you been wanting to watch a movie, listen to music, read a book or play a game, but you don't have it? It sucks big time right? Especially if you spent some time looking for it in a local shop. Well fret no more because you might just find it at This website allows you to trade the stuff you have to get the stuff you want. This will allow you to save money too because you will be able to trade things that is no longer in use. The things that you had gotten rid of might be needed by another. So everyone benefits by becoming a member.

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The nice thing about this website is they backup every switch made by both the sender and the receiver, so protection is ensured. Sign up now, and be able to get the chance to watch or read hard to find titles.


Why Use Radar Detectors

There are just people born fast car drivers, and I think I am one of them ^_^ I remember going over the speed limit on our way home to Philly from Maryland. My sister's one of them too, so I guess I just have to ask her to buy radar detectors. This is also good for people who tend to accelerate every now and then without noticing it, especially if you go driving on long stretches. This is also one way of avoiding getting a ticket for overspeeding. Don't worry this is legal, but don't forget to turn it off too when you are in a place where radar detectors are banned.


Been Busy

I've been busy since Thursday, N had a client call in Makati and since he can't drive, he asked our driver to bring him there. And that means I am the official chauffeur of the kids. If only there was an internet cafe near the school, then I would have done my usual thing.

Friday was spent following up some papers at the Bureau of Internal Revenue, not much work really but traffic sucks. Had to go to post office too to claim a present from my high school classmate (more of this in another entry), then had to hurry home coz I had to take some glamour shots of my high school classmate for a prospective project. Then there's belly dancing. OMG i'm one superwoman ^_^


Sunny Florida

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Imagine a wonderful climate with the sun shining whole year round - that is Florida. That's one place in the United States I would have wanted to visit two years ago, but didn't have the chance. It's in my daughter's must visit list too. She has in mind the theme parks and white sandy beaches and all the wonderful places Florida has to offer.

As early as now, i'm already scouting for a place to stay, good I came across Orlando vacation home rental. Here you can choose whether to stay in pool homes, condos, and townhomes. The whole family will enjoy and still bond because it's like being in your own homes, but in a different location.


On it's 3rd Year

Wow! It's been 3 years! 3 wonderful years of sharing myself with you guys. I'm happy that even after 3 years, I'm still actively blogging. Those "lurkers" who has tried to malign me using my blog entries has not succeeded in putting me down. As I've said time and again, it's only me and only me who knows who I am talking about. I forgive you but it's not easy to forget what you did. God bless you.

On another note, I've been happy with the turn out of this blog. I have gained a lot of online friends, some I've met and the rest I want to meet in the future. Your comments and suggestions have been an inspiration to me, but more than that the beautiful friendship that you offered I really really appreciate.

I hope you won't get tired visiting my blog, even if you see a lot of sponsored posts ^_^ These sponsored posts I have put a lot of thought whether to accept or not, coz I don't wanna turn away my friends and readers. Be assured that whatever sponsored posts I have written will both benefit you and me ^_^

Again I thank you all, and hope to get to see more of you in the future...leave me some love on my comment box, I'd love to hear from all of you.


Sporty Yet Fashionable

A lot if not all people nowadays are into a fitnes regimen. And why not? We want to keep our bodies healthy and fit. And what better way to do this is indulging in different kinds of sports.

I myself is into biking and badminton. This is my way of relaxation and bonding with my family and friends. Being the hip and cool momma that I am, of course I want to always look fashionable even in my sports outfit. I carefully pick the clothes that I wear whenever I go biking or play badminton and if possible I want to wear something that matches, from top to bottom.

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Discount Coupons from Merchants A-Z

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Funny how my heart leaps whenever I see the word DISCOUNT, SALE, and COUPONS. I guess everybody feels the same way too whenever we see that word. Initial reaction would be to check it out right away to find some great deals.

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Ooops, before I forget, using is free for all to use, there is no registration and personal information required. Happy Shopping!

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I'm A Rockin' Girl Blogger

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Janice gave this to me as a present - "Rockin' Girl Blogger. She is pretty new to blogging but has made lots of online friends already. She is a mother to two cute boys Zach and Amos. Janice is from Singapore, visit her and leave some hugs for his cute lil boys. Thanks so much for this belated birthday present if I may call yourself ROCK Janice!

And here's what she said:

"HipnCoolMomma - Hip n Cool Momma She is an awesome mommy, from her blog title you would have figure it out. She can dance very well & brings lunch to her children everyday in school. WOOwwwWWWOOOOW ...."

At that time she started reading my blog, my "angels" (helpers) were on vacation, and all I talked about was care of the family...feed the family...and bring lunch to school everyday...but not anymore now, although I still cook their foodie for lunch, it's my "angel" who brings it to school. I just go occasionally if requested by the kids ^_^

There isn't any rule on how many people I can give this award to. So here it goes:

Cuz (Marie) - my cousin definitely ROCKS! Would you believe she is a granny to two? Nobody believes that really coz when you see her, she's like vavavoooom...especially now that she's back to belly dancing. She's my BFF!

Francesca (Amy) - this lady is soooo funny, and witty. I already met her and Michel (the husband), they're a great couple, no dull moments with them. If she's funny in her blog, triple that in person, she never runs out of stories to tell.

Shireen - a new found friend, I really admire this lady, in between taking care of her two beautiful kids Alycia and Sher, she still finds time to cook for the family, not just any food but healthy foods...she uses organic stuffs...she's really a health freak momma, goes jogging every morning, no wonder with 2 kids she is still a size 0.

Shern's Mom (Leena) - a new found friend too, mother to cute baby Shern, wife to a race car driver. She can't get enough of shoes, in a day she can like shop for 3 or more pairs =) Oh, and she has a twin sister who is equally beautiful (hehe of course they are twins). Leena can be your personal shopper...she knows where to find this and that.

KC (Krisa) - another new found friend, she says she does not know how to apply make up, but she has a page that I checked out one time, and she looked like she was professionally done. She has this habit of buying domain names and would you believe just today she bought 4? She owns like about 16 domain names isn't it? oooppps, before I forget, she is a geek...check out her site and find out more about her.


I am Weight Conscious

Aren't we all weight conscious? Here's some good news for us. Here we can find different kinds of weighing scales for our different weighing requirements. They offer scales to handle weights from fractions of a gram to hundreds of pounds. These are realiable and economical and affordable weighing scales, and if you buy it in the US, they offer a lifetime warranty.

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Yay! Finally

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh yes! BFF finally joined belly class today. I'm happy that she decided to continue dancing after 6 months. Way to go cuz! I'm overjoyed that we shall see each other at least twice a week. Let's shimmy together...all right?


Book Your Trips Online

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Transformer...Philippine Version

Monday, July 09, 2007

Click for a larger file

We saw this thing running on the road on our way to my Mom's house last Saturday. And it was quite fast, like a go cart. I asked our driver to follow it coz I wanted to take a picture of it. I gave the camera to my husband coz he was seated in front of the van. So there...transformer in motion...isn't it a cutie? Proudly Pinoy Made.


HiP Apparels

I really feel great whenever I come across a site in the web that sells beautiful stuffs. What happens is that I never stop visiting their site. I just visit to check if there is something new, like pretty tops and cool bottoms. I also look for new accessories. The good news is you can make use of dELiA*s coupons if you wanna purchase anything there. By using this you get 15% off your order and they will ship it for free on 25 and up purchases. Take advantage of the offer now, it's about time that you get yourself some pretty tops!

There are a lot more available. Check it out!

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Arrrgh! It Hurts!

It's good to be back dancing again. I didn't attend class after the BellyFest...a lot of things came up. And guess what greeted me? All isolations! It's pretty hard doing it. Imagine doing the shimmy combined with hip roll, figure 8 and reverse, maya and reverse, camel and reverse. But it's really good for toning. Teacher asked us to do our assignment at home, meaning spend time doing it until it's perfect, i guess close to perfect will do ^_^

Now my mid section hurts...and the good news? I did the isolation the correct way, teehee!


The Importance of Having a Tutor

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Have you ever thought of getting your children an innovative tutor? I did, in fact when my kids started school, I hired a tutor for them. An innovative tutor will not only help them with their studies, but it will help them establish good study habits. They use a hands on approach to tutoring. They are there to help our children succeed, by making learning a lot of fun (an innovative way of teaching). Score has been providing kids with a fun way to catch up, keep up and get ahead in their studies.

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You Like?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I got this idea from one of my daily reads JennyL. When I visited her blog one time, she made one of her digiscraps her wallpaper and I found it really cool. I even left a message that one day I will do the same. I tried changing my wallpaper the other day and it came out good...yeah a screaming hipncoolmomma on a 15.4 in monitor ^_^


Drug Rehab

I really get too concerned whenever I hear or read the word drugs. I often associate it with addiction. It's sad to see more and more people getting too dependent on drugs. This should be a concern not only for the government but for us individuals too.

Here's a drug treatment I recommend. The people behind this rehabilitation center know, because they were once addicted. They deeply care about drug addicts because for once in their lives, someone made an effort to care about them.

They have a different approach in drug treatment. They do not use drugs to treat drugs, instead it focuses on cleansing the body, a healthy diet, and fitness. They believe that all these will help drug addicts develop mental and physical skills and will help them forget and overcome drug addition.

For detoxification, they make use of vitamins, minerals, exercise and sweating to rid the body of drug residues, unlike other treatments that uses certain drugs. They also offer sauna-detox, which has recently become a popular tool in detoxification. A sauna what? you say. Yes, a person can get all the chemicals out of his body faster when they sweat, thus sauna.

If you know of anybody who is into drugs, you can share with them this drug treatment. Let us all unite in getting people drug free. If we care about our children and our children's children, now is the time to act.

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Thanks...from the bottom of my Heart

Friday, July 06, 2007

I received this very beautiful present from an online friend all the way from Singapore. I've known her (online) the very first time when I started blogging. I sooo liked the templates she did that I just had to e-mail her and thank her. It's the very first template I used. She was kind to have responded to that email and since then we became friends. We exchange emails once in a while, and she never fails to share all the beautiful photos of her and the family especially her lil one. Too bad I didn't know her yet when I went to visit Singapore in 2004. We were there in February and I started blogging in July of the same year. Hopefully I will get to see her sometime as I love Singapore. Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship and the trust GIRL! And thanks a lot for remembering me on my special day, I really really appreciate it. Take care of yourself, hugs and kisses to you and the lil one.


Creating Your Own Online Store

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I've long been pondering on creating my own online store, in fact I have stocks (clothes and accessories) ready to be sold. I just don't have the time to go through the process of setting it up.

I came across this site on the web shopping cart software. This will help me a great deal in putting up my own online store. It is web based and best of all no installation required. It has a thousand features and very easy to use, with full customisable designs.

Getting the shopping cart software is very affordable. Their features and designs will allow you to build an online store for only a small amount of investment. They go beyond just selling their software. Technical support and customer service is availble 24/7 to help you succeed.

So if you are thinking of setting up your online store, use the shopping cart software for ease and convenience. Ecommerce software is the leading provider of hosted shopping cart software. It offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online.

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Tag: A *LOVE* Link

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This is *love* tag indeed, it can add to our PR rankings. Thanks Chinnee for tagging me, I badly need it - the love link ^_^ I've started reading Chinnee's blog I guess for about 2 weeks now. She is a mom to a pretty 3 yr old girl named Qiqi. I just love the layouts(digiscrapping) she does for her daughter. Check her out and enjoy reading!

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Termites Guide

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Did you know that termites can cause serious damage to your homes? It's all because termites prefer to feed on wood and soil. So before it's too late, learn how to do termite inspections. This should be done annually even if you think your house is not infested by termites. It's usually better to have termite inspections done by a professional. But if you think you can do it yourself, this site termite inspections can be of great help, they have it all laid out for you. Don't waste time, do it now before it's too late.

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He Says I'm a SuperMom

Monday, July 02, 2007

Nelson's all praises, he says i'm a super mom! Having to wake up at 5 in the morning, assist the kids as they prepare for school, bring them to school, come home to prepare food for lunch, bring lunch to school, come home to cook dinner, be at school by 4 in the afternoon to fetch them and bring them to their chinese tutor. Well, that has been my life for 10 days now. I thought I couldn't manage just by the thought of it, I thought i'm gonna lose some weight, but heck no! in fact I think I've added a pound or two, I thought I wouldn't have time to blog, but here I am posting at least every other day ^_^ I think it's just proper time management, and how you look at things. I did not do all these with a heavy heart, but of course I'm counting the days until my "angels" arrive, and it seems like eternity already, harhar!

The joys of being a mother...

I think I know the reason why I am enjoying right now despite not having my 2 yayas (nanny) with me. I don't really know how to cook (filipino dishes), yeah sue me...and I will bribe you with pasta dishes and cookies. Those are my two specialties. But I tried my best really with the aid of a cookbook (3 different ones) and the internet and of course my Mom. I was able to whip some "gourmet" treats to feed the family. I call it treats because I cook only on special occassions like Christmas and New Year. My kids including N enjoyed everything I prepared for them, I got never ending "Mom, it really really tastes good! Can you cook it again next week?" Of course hearing all these, I couldn't help but feel elated! Yes, I'm flying high! ... and will be flying low soon...the bottomline, they want me to be the official cook in this house! Bwaaaaaahhhhhh.... ^_^


Get Paid To Blog

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Isn't it a wonderful idea to get paid to blog? This can mean additional income for the family or for yourself. It's very easy to advertise on blogs. You just write your opinion about people's products, services and websites on your blog.

You can earn $ for every opinion post you do. blog advertising lets you select the subjects that interest you. You can even post in multiple blogs to earn more, and you can get paid weekly.

blog advertising connect advertisers to bloggers. It helps you make money from your blogs. The wonderful thing is, setting up and maintaining an account is absolutely FREE. Signing up is as easy as 123. All you need to do is submit your blog, which must be older than 3 months. It takes them up to 72 hours to have your blogs approved, that is if you pass their requirements, my blog was approved in 24 hours. What I like about blog advertising is that I don't ran out of opportunities to take everytime I login to my account. This is a great way to blog for money.

So do you also want to get paid for blogging? Do blog advertising now.


Broadway Shows

One thing I missed when I went to New York some 2 years back was watch a show on broadway. Seeing a good show on Broadway could have been a good experience. I was dying to watch Phantom of the Opera. Nelson was able to watch it a few years back and he has never ending stories to tell, which made me want to watch it really.

Did you know that most broadway show tickets are sold out months in advance? It sucks finding out that tickets to your favorite Lion King has already been sold out, right? Hmmm, don't worry, can get you tickets at a price. They specialize in finding tickets for all Broadway Hits. They guarantee the authenticity of every ticket listed on their website. Not only that, if the show gets cancelled, they will refund you the full amount. Tickets are sent to you via FedEx so you may track the status of your order. Oh, I almost forgot, they can get you tickets not only for New York Broadway shows, but also for major cities like LA, Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston and anywhere else Broadway Shows travel.

So if you can't get tickets to a Broadway show you'd like to watch, always remember Broadway can get it for you, 100 percent.

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