On Fog Machines

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whenever I watch a concert I always ask myself if that smoke thingy is really necessary. Apparently it is as it is one of the stage effects. Looks cool from afar with the lights and all. Have you wondered how much a cool fog machine cost? It's not really much. Well there are expensive ones but what I found online is kinda cheaper but works like the high end one. I haven't seen it for myself though, but that was what the review says and I believe it. These are legit people who did the reviews.


I Did the Right Thing

 photo photo-16_zps5d512649.jpg I exercised my right to suffrage on May 13, 2013. I didn't go early since I figured that the lines will be long. I decided that around lunch would be good, but NO. The line were still long. Anyway we went malling for a while because I know I'd be lazy when I go home. Didn't like the results though and even thought why I voted at all, it was useless. Anyway I am hoping that those ones whom we think won't deliver will surprise us in the Senate.


Fitness for Everyone

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Everyone's getting into the fitness world even my husband. Now I am worrying for the 2 kids, I don't think they like fitness at all. My boy has a weekend activity doing taekwondo, but my girl, ah she's just plain lazy. I keep telling her to start already since she's turning 20 this year. She needs to incorporate it to her life. Anyway, what I am happy about is that the husband has finally decided to enrol in the gym. He needs it real bad I think. I won't be surprised when one day he'll come home telling me, I decided to join yoga. I think this will be good for him since he has been complaining of back pains. Now I have to look into yoga outfits like everythingyoga yoga pants men for him. I know nothing about what men wear, or are they even particular on what they wear? Buying fitness clothes for him is an excuse to get myself too!!! Win-Win situation, right? Weeee!


Cycling Soon?

The husband considers going back to biking. He was into it 4 years ago and he really lost some weight. Now that he put back the weight plus more, he thought of going back to biking. Now if that's the case, I think I will join him. We need something like one of these yakima racks coz 2 bikes won't fit inside the car anymore. I am excited already since a lot are saying that cycling is really one of the best exercise. My wish though is an indoor bike track since I'm so afraid of Mr. Sun.


Friday, May 03, 2013

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-03at80730AM_zpsb711d3c3.pngI had a good time with my cousins Bobet and Cindy. I don't really see them regularly anymore but deep in my heart I know that these 2 girls are special. Our grandmothers are sisters and that makes us 2nd cousins. I knew Bobet while I was growing up, while Cindy already in my teen years. We used to live in the province and Bobet lives in the province too. When my family moved to Manila, that's when I got to know Cindy and got close with her. We're of the same age and interests more or less that's why the 3 of us clicked right away. Hoping to spend all summers with them. Thanks for everything ladies!



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