The Christmas That Was

Monday, December 26, 2005

"Santa" had to do a last minute trip to the mall just to be able to buy the kids' christmas wish...she even asked for a second choice if ever there was none, coz the game that the lil boy was asking was always out of stock. But "Santa" was lucky that day, was able to find both wish. It was 9 minutes before 12 when the lil boy came downstairs to check on the tree and found his wish card was a sight to behold when he found his wish under the tree...with all innocence, he was jumping with joy, first thanking Santa, then thanking the Lord...he is such a kid at 10 years old...

"Santa" granted my wish too...*jumping with joy*...but mine has green straps

Chistmas Day is usually spent attending family reunions. First stop: in-laws house...I cooked Pancit Molo for them, a specialty I learned from my Mom...Second stop: Auntie Glo's house...cooked lemon butter prawns for them...this year my aunt and uncle from the province spent Christmas with us, coz one of my Dad's sisters arrived from the States(her first time in 20 years)...

seated l-r: Auntie Glo, Auntie Trining, my Mom, Auntie Telly(aunties are dad's sisters) and cousin Aleli. Standing l-r: me, Uncle Ben, Uncle Nonoy (dad's bro), Uncle Sol...this pic was taken the day they (Auntie Telly & Uncle Sol) arrived the Philippines.

Third stop: movie has been our tradition to watch a movie every Christmas Day. This year they opted to watch Mulawin instead of a Vic Sotto film which we usually do...they still like to watch it though, so we might catch it before the MMFF is over...


To All...

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Anything Under the Sun

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's really hard to put things together when you've set aside blogging for a while, there's so much to say and yet so hard to gather all the thoughts, the others even forgotten already. I been reminding myself time and again not to go on hiatus or semi-hiatus for that matter. I guess that will be one of my New Year's Resolution...even if how busy I am, i have to find time and sit in front of the computer even for a line or two =)


Anyhoo, the kids are off from school already and that means less internet time for me (grrrrr). Josh uses my laptop all the time and i'm not used to using the IMac, darn! Today as promised, I brought them to Ace Water Spa, and they had a great time. Lucky us coz we were able to avail of their buy 1 take 1, so the kids get another 4 free hours to be used maybe in a day or two.


I've gotten some of my wishlist for year 2005 (photo finish). My brother-in-law arrived from the States and brought not just one but two knee length boots, it's pretty daughter went gaga over it and intends to wear it Christmas Day. She's fashionable, and whenever i think of buying some stuffs, I ask for her approval or rather I ask her first whether she likes it or not, and if she doesn't, i'm having second thoughts all of a sudden.


I might be able to get my ultimate wish too for year 2005 *keeping fingers crossed*...A GUCCI BAG! Wahoo! I went to the Gucci Shop in Greenbelt this afternoon. Nope, they didn't have the bag i had in mind, but hopefully it will arrive either tomorrow or Thursday, so i need to be at their shop first thing in the morning on Friday...*still keeping fingers crossed*. I had a few choices though but couldn't make up my mind, so the sales clerk suggested that i really have to wait til their Cruise Collection arrives...oh well =)


Today is our last belly dancing session for year 2005...and we're ending it with a blast! Blast, meaning PICTURES!

posing before the camera is a lot of fun...heehee...with Des and Teacher Gladys who have become our friends

We are the ever faithful students of Teacher Gladys, rain or shine =) And this is what we've become now...PRO Belly Dancers(only in pix)...geez...why am I ever so confident...haha

ooopppsss, what happened to the third lady...*points at Cuz* You owe us one GIRL...UNFAIR!

Des, Avi(one of our classmates), Regine Tolentino(studio owner), Cuz, Me, and Teacher Gladys

***the others didn't like to have their pictures taken and some were absent***


Soo Little Time

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Soooo much to do, but soooo little time...yes i've been very busy the past days to the point of neglecting my blog. I've been working on the signature guest book ( a freebie) of our clients, so far i've done two already for the past three days, sleeping at the wee hours of the morning. Nope, dilly dally is not it, it's just that our two weddings coming up have couples based in France and the USA, so they had their pre-nuptial shoot a couple of days back.


I'm not done with Christmas shopping, presents for the adults that is. I'm done with the kids, thank God. I wonder if i'll have the time to do it since December is really a busy month for us. June used to be the marrying month right? but not anymore, for the past 6 years or so that we have been in the wedding biz, December it is.


I've been hitting the road for the past 17 years, and would you believe i haven't driven the whole stretch of North Diversion, not until Friday of last week. Funny how i was able to drive in the States (Maryland to Philidelphia) and not drive either NLEX or the South Super Highway. Anyhoo, i was able to drive the whole stretch on NLEX in a little over an hour at a constant speed of 110 kph, could have been an hour or less, but half of the viaduct allows 1 lane only...darn!


For those of you wondering where Cuz is, she is alive and kicking. It's just that Kuya Rey (husband) was hospitalized for 6 days for severe cough (asthma maybe?) and had his general check-up too. Now her puter has gone kaput...bad timing huh! So i guess that's about it...sorry for the marathon entry...


Marked Down Not

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Would you believe I got all these for only P1,500? Yeah, I'm not kidding! Call me cheap, who cares...but i like it very much. Knowing my love for shoes and bags which I sometimes get to wear once or twice, not bad eh? And besides, this fad won't last long, so i might as well not invest...right decision...yay!


I finally got my Starbucks Planner, wahoo!


Free Movie Premier Tickets

Monday, December 05, 2005

We had a client call today at Rockwell, and our client happened to be one of the sponsors of the movie In Her Shoes, and they gave us free tickets. It was simply a wonderful film, as one critic puts it, it'll make you cry and laugh in equal measure. Yep, i cried and laugh, and was kinda pissed off too. I just don't understand why some id**ts can't keep their mouths shut during the movie that Nelson had to remind them that we were watching a movie. *sigh*


One To Go

Saturday, December 03, 2005

To date, i only have to drink one red cup and i'm gonna have my starbucks planner...yay! But the planner is not as cool as last year's which was really beautiful...but nontheless i still want it. What for? I dunno! Honestly, i wasn't really able to make full use of last year's planner. But this time, i'm thinking of using know, like write all my entries in the blog instead of printing it, that way i have a hard copy in case something happens to blogger or something (i hope not).


Josh is turning 10 on the 15th, and guess what? He told us over dinner that he also wants to hire the "fat guy" (Austin from the Bernie Pasamba Strings). He also wants to have a birthday cake and make 10 01. He's soooo like his Dad in so many ways, or should I say he copies his Dad more than anything else.


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