Transformers At Trinoma

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally! I was able to go to the new Trinoma Mall last night to watch Transformers. Although we were not able to explore the place really, it was pretty impressive.

Watching Transformers was a welcome break for me. I thought I was gonna sleep (again) in the middle of the movie, you know waking up at 5:00 in morning with no power naps in between is no joke. But I was wide awake and was enjoying the movie from start to finish.

Today I had the liberty of waking up at 9. It's a saturday and there's no school. I'll just spend the rest of the afternoon baking cookies. The family have been craving for my home baked goodies. Til then ok?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Travel Insurance

Many of us reward ourselves with leisure travels at least once a year. It's one way of destressing from a year long work. And many of us too have work which sends us to different places a lot. Now have you considered getting yourself some insurance? It's about time to get yourself covered. We may not know what's gonna happen to us during these travels.

medical travel insurance can cover you for your medical expenses, loss of personal belongings, passport and cash, travel delays and missed departures. They also have a 24-hour medical service. They have travel policies on single trip, annual or multi trips (where you may travel up to 92 days), long stay (up to 12 months) and family travel where you don't get only yourself covered but the rest of the family travelling with you.

Most insurance companies has 60 as the age limit. But medical travel insurance has a coverage for older people up to the age of 79. With the low-cost flights and holiday packages available, a lot of older travellers have taken advantage of going on a holiday to enjoy some warm weather.

With medical travel insurance, you can get an online quote in seconds and you can also purchase it right there and then. You also get covered doing hazardous activities while on vacation at no extra costs. While other insurance companies charge higher premiums for those with medical conditons, this insurance company assesses pre-existing medical conditions to establish if this condition has been under control for the last 12 months. If yes, then they offer travel insurance without any additional costs.

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Pure Chaos

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It started with a bumper to bumper traffic at 6:15 in the morning. Traffic was rerouted to give way to the new condo located within the same vicinity. It's my son's first day of school. For those wondering why only now (schools in the Philippines normally open in June), well the school decided to add another floor in the elementary wing and they started construction in May. Duh! As if adding 1 floor takes only a month to construct. Classes in the elementary levels were moved to June 26 and 27 instead of June 9. Oh well!

Come lunch time. I can't even see and locate my children. They were stuck in "human traffic", no bad connotation here ^_^ ok? 20 minutes of their lunch break was consumed in pure chaos. Ish didn't like the ampalaya con carne (beef slices with bitter gourd) I cooked, she said it was bitter. Duh! Who says ampalaya is sweet *roll eyes*. Josh did not complain, probably he was too hungry, it was already past 1 in the afternoon.

Late afternoon was still pure chaos...double the chaos during lunch break...all levels dismissed at the same time. Can you imagine that...a prospect for stampede.

I hope the school will do something about this, as I saw some school authorities observing.

Now i'm doubly tired's zzzzzzzzzzz for me...good night ya all ^_^


Hot Deals & Free Stuffs

Every consumer wants value for their money. And why not? Times are hard these days, and discount codes are very much appreciated. I for one will consider buying at a shop offerring free stuffs and hot deals.

And here's one site that will give you just that. Are you thinking of getting yourself a new computer? Then make use of Apple Coupons . They have numerous hot deals for you like free ipod Nano and free shipping. Check it out now before it's too late.

And yeah why don't you bookmark discount codes, this site is updated daily with the latest coupons and best deals.

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Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ever since, I really have been conscious about my weight, and who's not? Every time I feel bloated, or feel that I have put on some weight, I immediately resort to going on diet and double my exercise. Yes it's pretty hard maintaining our required weight, what with all the yummy junk food and grease food around. And losing weight is not at all easy. I've seen a lot of people struggle getting back to their original and normal weight.

Here's a site I want to share with you and being a member is absolutely FREE. free calorie counter has all the tools you need to lose weight. Keeping track of the food you eat and the activities you do is one factor to lose those extra poundage. The more you consistently track your food intake, the more chance of losing weight. But sometimes it's just hard or laziness comes in here, to list or keep a record of all these. With free calorie counter, they make sure that you log your meals as quickly and as easily as possible.

These are the perks we get by being a member. A Food Diary on Web where with just a click, you can track all that you've eaten, a growing food database where they suggest the healthy foods you should partake, we get our own food database where we can list our own foods and recipes. We get support and motivation from people just like us trying to lose weight since they have a message board where we can learn from others, get encouragement, and who knows make friends.

Let's altogether sign up now...remember you don't need a credit card nor a single cent to be a member, it's absolutely FREE!

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The Carrot Story

Since chop suey is one of Isha's favorites, I thought of cooking it for lunch today. As I was preparing the vegetables, I thought of giving the carrots some kick by turning it into something beautiful. Making it into a flower shape is what I had in mind. Following what I saw in the cooking programs I watch on tv, I began slicing and before I knew it, blood started gushing out my pointing finger. Yes, the knife hit my finger. It was painful alright, but that didn't stop me from making a "beautiful" meal for my family.


Custom Made Cushions

I have always dreamt of living in a house with a beautiful garden, a well manicured lawn with all the beautiful flowers in bloom. I'd like to have a patio or market umbrella installed overlooking the garden where I can hear the birds chirp, and watch our dogs play. My idea is something that you can find at Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions. I just love this site, style and comfort comes first to them. Here you get to choose the fabric you want, in highest quality and durability with protection against fading and staining. This is awesome indeed. All their cushions are made for indoor and outdoor. Since it's custom made, they can make you cushions in the size you want to fit your indoor or outdoor furnitures. If you have a favorite furniture set that is worn out, you've come to the right place. They can make your furniture set come to life with their wide array of fabrics to choose from. This is the reason why I want all things in my house custom made. Coz normally, I couldn't find all my specifications in the items I see at the malls or shops. When you have things customized, you will be guaranteed that all the things you want is in that item.

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A Different Kind of Picture Frame

Monday, June 25, 2007

I must admit that eversince digital and phone cameras invaded our household, I had less and less photos printed. Basically the reason for this is because I can always upload the files on my laptop and view it over and over again.

But what about those people who don't have laptops? Easy! We now have Digital Picture Frames sold in the market. And what is a digital picture frame? It is literally a picture frame but lets you view each and every photo your've taken, and not only that you can also view the video clip you've taken with sound. And how does it work? You take photos, then transfer the memory card into your Digital Picture Frame and with just a click of the remote control you can view the files in your favorite slide show. It has the standard five-in-one card reader that supports CF/XD/MS/SD/MMC cards. In addition, it also has a usb connection for maximum compatibility. There is no complex setup required. Just plug your 9 volts adapter (comes with the frame) to your digital picture frame and you will be able to share photos with families and friends.

Oh, just to let you know, Digital Picture Frames come in different sizes. They have it in 7, 8, 9 and 10 inches. And when you order a 9 or 10 inch digital picture frame, they give you a 128 mb memory card for free. Grab that chance now, they ship worldwide you know.

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Too Tired

My oh my! I'm very very sleepy! I woke up at 5 in the morning to take care of some things at home. I tried getting back to sleep but I couldn't. I promised myself to sleep early, but here I am still blogging. I don't want to pass up the opportunity to write a sponsored post for Smorty (my blog got approved on the same day I signed up, woohoo). Haha, what paid posts can do ^_^

ok, time to hit the sack folks, it's gonna be a great day again tomorrow!


A Glass A Day

Sunday, June 24, 2007

They say that drinking a glass of red wine everyday has it's health benefits. Research say that having red wine help protect us from certain cancer and heart disease, and it can have a positive effect on our cholesterol levels and blood pressure. But remember to drink in moderation, meaning women can have 1 glass and men can have 2 glasses in a day. Red wine raises good cholesterol and prevents bad cholesterol from forming. Red wine is rich in anti oxidants that is why they say it's good for the heart.

Coming from a family with history of heart ailment and hypertension, I cannot help but be bestfriends with red wine. As much as possible I try to drink red wine everyday. Occassionaly my husband and I go to this restaurant in Podium and just chill out by having wine and cheese.

But did you know that wines should be stored properly? To begin with, you should have Wine Racks at home. This is the best and easiest way to store a wine. When choosing Wine Racks you have to remember to choose one that will store your wines properly. Consider it a great investment especially if you enjoy and appreciate wines. Good Wine Racks can keep your wines stored for years, provided you know the others things to take into consideration when storing wines.

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I Survived Days 1&2

Oh yes! I survived 2 days with only 1 helper at home. I was able to feed my family. Well it's just the cooking that I need to do though. But planning the menu is never fun. It's a headache in fact. I all the more appreciate having my angels at home, I can always be relaxed and assured that we have something on the table. I used to complain whenever we eat the same food almost weekly. Now I understand, it's pretty hard especially if you have limited recipes.


Seiko Watches

While I was growing up, Seiko was the only brand I knew when it comes to watches. And why not? Everyone was wearing it. Every person I knew owned a Seiko watch and everyone in the family was wearing it too. They have been in the watch business for the past 120 years, in fact Seiko was the first to produce a wristwatch in Japan and they were the first to create a quartz watch. They also have been the official timekeeper at many international sporting events.

Up until now, they are still one of the leading makers when it comes to watches. You can still see a lot of people wearing their watches. Years and years of research and their pursuit to develop a perfect timepiece has brought them to where they are now.

Their watches come in different styles and different functions. Seiko Men' s Chronograph Watch # SND253 SND253P-BR with Seiko Black Rubber Band is one of my favourites. It comes in 2 straps, stainless steel bracelet and black rubber bracelet. It has a rotary compass reading on bezel, stainless steel case, black dial, chronograph function, and has scratch resistant mineral crystal, not to forget its water resistant up to 100 meters. The good news is, it is on sale, you save 63% when you buy now. It's indeed value for your money. So what are you doing now, I know you are interested in getting a new watch for yourself. Go ahead click the link and enjoy your purchase.

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New Color, New Header, No Helper

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Due to toxic/crazy schedules, it took time before I can change my header. I promised myself to change my header at least every month. If you noticed, I haven't done that for more than two months now. Thank goodness I had the time to do it before my 2 angels went on vacation to attend their town fiesta. They will be back this 3rd of July. Meanwhile, I'll be the official cook of this house, i'll be the official yaya (nanny) of my two kids, and I too will be going to school everyday, not to study but to bring them lunch and accompany them to their chinese tutors after class. Gosh, will I have time to blog? Or will I still be awake to blog? This current job will require me to wake up at 5 in the morning...that means I need to stay in bed trying to get some sleep at 10 in the evening. Oh no!


Reading Tutors

I put my kids to school at a very young age. Isha started school at 2 yrs. 6 mos. while Josh started at 1 year 8 months. It was more like a play school actually, just for them to learn how to socialize with other kids, and to prepare them for big school. They were taught the basics, like recognizing letters and their sounds, numbers, and colors.

It is a joy for us parents to see our children improve in this aspect. And what better way for us to all the more see our children progress in their reading is getting them Reading Tutors. They will not only be able to recognize the letters from the alphabet but also identify letter sounds and be able to read basic words. Reading Tutors will make sure that that your kids will become better readers. They use and interactive approach to help your children develop basic reading skills.

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Vanity Tag

Friday, June 22, 2007

I've been tag by MommyBa to write about my sense of vanity. Just like the rest , I also took the test. I can't believe I'm 47% vain only, but yeah come to think of it, I don't think I'm really vain.

You Are 47% Vain

You're a little vain, but more than anything you have a healthy amount of confidence.
Thinking the world of yourself is great. Just don't think less of those who aren't as pretty as you!

My 7 Beauty/Vanity/Fashion sense Facts:

1. Latest are my lashes. As much as possible I want to have a "betty boop" look. If I'm already late for my appointment, I bring my curlash and mascara, work on my lashes at stop lights.

2. I prefer to use Mineral Makeup eversince I discovered it. The brand I like is Young Blood for reasons that it is available here in Manila. But I still use Lancome for eye color, coz I only have a few choices of mineral eyeshadows.

3. I hate bad hair days. Since I do a lot of DIYs, I do my own hot oil treatment at least twice a month. Aside from the hair repair system (shampoo, conditioner) I use, I put leave on conditioner (Infusium). If you see my hair pulled in a bun/pony, it's bad hair day ^_^

4. I always look at the mirror and check on my tummy. If I feel bloated, I do suck/blow, a technique I learned from belly class.

5. I like wearing expensive jeans, the fit is just perfect.

6. I sweat a lot, and when I do, it shows. It leaves a disgusting sight especially in the underarm area. So I surfed the net for products that help control excessive underarm sweating. I asked my sister in the US to buy it for me. The brand is Maxim. Just be careful when putting it, it's too strong and can be harsh, can give you rashes and dark underarms. I seldom use it now.

7. I used to practice smiling in front of the mirror or have my photos taken at different angles, different smiles. Now I know my perfect angle, the angle that I look beautiful, the angle that makes my nose look taller, the perfect opening of the eyes to make it sexy or something.

Now tell me, that vanity test I took is...(go figure)

I'd like to know your secrets too, so I'm tagging:

1. Cuz the certified sweet and vain lady

2. Justice

3. Chesca

4. Francine

5. Leena

6. Shireen

7. Tina (KK)


Wedding Favors that's Unique

We've been in the wedding business for quite sometime now but I have yet to see these beautiful unique wedding favors. These are NOT the typical wedding giveaways that you receive from couples. You see, sometimes there are couples who do not put much effort in scouting for their wedding giveaways, perhaps because of budget constraints, or they just don't have any idea on what to give. I abhor seeing wedding giveaways which gives you the idea "just for the sake of having a wedding favor". Tendency when you receive these kinds of giveaways, it goes straight to the bin. Money wasted in other words.

So for people who plan to get married soon, check out these unique wedding favors. These are not the types that goes straight to the trash bin. These are useable wedding giveaways. Your guests will enjoy it, and you will see the smile on their faces once they get it. Your unique wedding favors will be the talk of the town. People who have heard about it will never forget to praise you for coming up with the idea of having it as your wedding giveaway.

Be wise in choosing your wedding favors. Think about how you kept yourself from buying something you really really liked because you had to save for the wedding. You don't like to see your money put to waste, right? Go check out these unique wedding favors now. Everything is laid down to you, just a click or two, voila you now have your wedding giveaways. It saves you not only money but time spent on going to bridal specialty shops.

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Working Hand

Thursday, June 21, 2007

click for a larger image

Who says working hands can't get pretty?

Isha has been bugging me to retouch the henna tattoo she had on her back. I've been asking a lot of people where I can buy henna, some didn't know and one said that it can be bought near the indian temple at UN Avenue. But I am too lazy to go there, then I remembered that henna is also used for dyeing hair. So I went to the nearest HBC and bought. I really don't know if the one intended for the hair will work on body art. I tried it yesterday, but the henna didn't give a stain. Maybe I mixed it the wrong way, I dunno, the instruction said for me to mix it with water, so I did. Maybe the henna color was too light (mahogany) so I thought of mixing two colors, black and mahoganny. I surfed the net for some tips on how to mix henna and came up with this. Lemon, honey and henna powder. It was sticky compared to the one I mixed yesterday. Hopefully this will stain, so I can enjoy my henna design which I copied from the internet. How do you like my nail art? Pardon me, but I had enough time (read: nothing to do), so I thought of getting my hand pretty by doing the henna and nail goes my DIY powers again ^_^


Summer Activities

Eversince, I have always thought of things to do for the summer for my kids. I don't want them to be idle on this vacation months from school. I enrol them to fun activities like arts, sports, dancing or whatever they have in mind.

Having our children participate in Summer Camps is one of the best way for them to spend summer. They will not only enjoy the experience but at the same time learn from them. As parents, it is always our ultimate goal to give the best of what is offered to our children. We want them to spend their summer fruitfully.

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Another Tag

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thanks for the tag Eden.

4 Jobs I've had:
Receptionist at a Publishing House
Money Counter
Bank Teller
Secretary to the VP

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over:
The Sound of Music
Pretty Woman
Sleepless in Seattle
Jerry Maguire

4 Places I've Lived:
General Santos City
Cotabato City
Quezon City

4 TV Shows/Channels I Like to Watch:
Desperate Housewives
Gilmore Girls
ETC Channel
Travel and Living Channel

4 Places I've Been on Vacation:
Hong Kong

4 of my Favorite Food:
Veggies that my Mom cooks (i look forward to that every weekend)
Any kind of Pasta
French Fries
Any Japanese Food

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
Right here at home, but I'd love to visit Canada, China, Greece, and Japan someday.


Tag - Blogivitis

A tag from Healthfreakmommy. Here how it goes. List 10 things why you think you have been infected by "blogivitis" and the effect it has on you.

I've been blogging since July 2004, I should be dead by now if this type of "sickness" kills.

1. Checking on my blog numerous times a day, that is if time permits. I get excited reading all the comments left on haloscan.

2. Have our pictures taken left and right, as N always say "Pose! so you can put it in your blog." See even N is infected.

3. I can be awake until 2 in the morning, tweaking on html codes just to make the look of my blog the way I want it. I bought an html book when I first started blogging.

4. I'm always thinking about what my next header will be. For some of you, you might have noticed that I keep changing my headers. Because of that I can now get by with Adobe Photoshop.

5. I can take late lunch or late dinner if i'm too engrossed with writing, especially sponsored posts.

6. There was a point in my life that all I talk about is blogging.

7. My eyes turn big whenever I see things related to blogging.

Oh man! this is all I can come up with. I'm not tagging anyone specifically, but if you feel like doing this tag, go ahead, grab it...then let me know so I can go visit your blog and see if you too guys are infected too ^_^


My 1st Pay Check

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

click on the image for a larger photo

I have been checking on our mailbox every now and then since the day I found out that the check for my sponsored posts was already mailed. This was June 1. And when I hear the doorbell ring, I run to the window to check if it was the mailman. N has been teasing me already, telling me that my mail was included in the parcels that got burned at NAIA I guess last week.

Lo and behold, the check arrived on the day of my birthday. Woohoo ReviewMe is celebrating with me. Thank you so much for your "gift". N was the one who got all excited, he huffed and he puffed all the way to the 3rd floor just to hand me the check.


41 Wonderful Years

Monday, June 18, 2007

I am a fulfilled woman. The Lord has been very gracious to me. He has blessed me with many wonderful things. I have a loving husband who understands me at my worst. I have 2 beautiful children who make me smile all the time, they are my bundle of joy. I have a mom who never cease to pray for us her children. I have my sisters and brother who love me endlessly (though all of us are married, the bond is still there). I have wonderful friends who love and understand me. I have my angels at home who make it easier for me to manage my household. I have a car that can take me anywhere I want. These are just a few of how the Lord has blessed my life, and with that I am ever so thankful.

Dinner at Teriyaki Boy with the family

Lunch at Sugi with CUZ

Birthday Cake from my darling Daughter Isha


Getting Help

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Drug addiction is very rampant nowadays. We have seen crimes committed left and right, drug addicts being suspects. Taking prohibited drugs is harmful, not only to oneself but to the society as well.

It's not easy to quit taking prohibited drugs. It's a vice and you and I know that we need help staying away from it. If you want family relationships restored, friendships restored and getting back to the wonderful you, then getting help from drug rehab is one of the solutions. They have programs that will help you kick off the bad habits. Not only that, they have programs for alcoholics too. First things first, acknowledge that you need help. This is the only way to a new YOU.

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Bits and Pieces

Finally after a year, I was able to fix my drawer. Not that it's really messy, but I found a way to accommodate my overflowing tees. The secret is in folding ^_^

We were already out of the shop in Hong Kong when Ish mentioned to me that the sales person was wearing this shirt. I just had to go back, I have to have it by hook or by crook...I'm addicted to blogging, isn't it obvious?

Got an early birthday present from one of my best friends in college who is now based in San Francisco. Thanks friend!

To my ever loving husband, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOU! Same goes to all Dads out there!


Excellent Math Tutors

Not all students love Math, and I think only 30 percent of the student's population at least at the school were my children go to love Math. I myself during my school days hated Math. The good news is we have Math Tutors around. With them they can make Math a lot of fun. Our children will be able to forget that Math is hard and complicated.

I believe that having Math Tutors for your children will be of great help especially if they start as early as 4 years old. Having a good background in Math will help them understand even the hardest and most complicated problems they will encounter when they are in the higher levels.

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Perfect least for ME!

Friday, June 15, 2007

I promised myself before I left for Hong Kong that I'd be looking for an electronic eyelash curler. I've been wanting to have this since I can't remember when. It's just too much of a hassle for me to be heating my curlash with a blow dryer. So when I found this in one of the shops there, I was just too happy to have it. This product won the bronze award at the Invention Convention. So when I got home, I immediately used it to my dismay. It wouldn't really curl my lashes, my heart sank. I started reading the manual that went with it. It said that it is most effective if you use it after putting mascara...ahhhh no wonder. Now I'm a happy girl err woman!

Another great find was Maybelline's Lash Stylist. Instead of a brush wand, Lash stylist had a comb wand. This works well for me at least. These are just two of the products I'd like to share with you and I swear it works perfectly!


Earning the PPP Way

I signed up with PayPerPost a couple of months back but I just didn't have that much time to take their opportunities, plus the fact that I really do not know whether they are true to their promise to pay bloggers. But since others have testified that indeed they were paid, I said to myself why not.

I am a stay-at-home mom and one of the best way to earn is taking the opportunities they offer. I have read a lot of success stories from bloggers and I am encouraged to do the same. They have earned more than they expected, some were able to buy computers, some have even used the money they earned from PayPerPost to travel. So if they can do it, so can I. This is a very good opportunity for us to have additional income, since times are hard. Not only that, with the ads on blogs we write, we also get to share some fantastic sites, and who knows, with the ads we write on our blogs, we will be able to help people in some way or another.

So for those ones who have not signed up, what are you waiting for. Here's one of the best ways to earn. All you have to do is have ads on blogs. Easy, isn't it? And by the way, they pay not only through PayPal, they send you a check if PayPal is not available in your country.


Taggie Season

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seems like everyone is tagging everyone these days. This time I was tagged by Francine. I met her last year when Francesca and Michel were in town. We had lunch at Itallianis, Glorietta. She is now in France, check out her blog.

1. Are you smiling?
Yes I am, I just remembered something we laughed about a couple of hours ago.

2. When was the last time you met someone new? And who?
Lilibeth - I actually met her about two months ago in my belly dancing class, we became pretty close just recently because of the rehearsals.

3. Do you drink wine?
Yes, I do, but occasionally. I should have at least a glass of red wine every night, but nah thank you, it's gonna drain our pockets.

4. Tell us when was the last time you were annoyed & why?
June 7 to be exact. The organizer of the Belly Fest decided to change the agreed amount to be paid for the recital, of course it went higher!

5. Did you ever say bad words like f*** etc.? When was the last time you did?
Yes, I don't remember when.

6. Do you have any friends who are famous?
Acquaintances maybe, but friends, none that I can think of.

7. Last thing you do before going to sleep?

8. What is your favorite facial moisturizer? using it now?
I don't use a moisturizer, i've super oily skin.

9. Besides your computer, what is your favorite gadget?
Digital camera, Ipod, CellPhone, DVD Player

10. How many divisions does your parent’s house have?
I think 9.

11. Did you ever get drunk, to the extent you throw-up? How many times?
YES, only once. I really intented to get drunk when we went to Boracay one time, and yes it was a success, I couldn't walk by myself anymore, and yes I barfed.

12. Describe your dream bedroom, size, color of the wallpaper & furnitures, etc.
A big and spacious one where there is a receiving area, like the ones you see at hotels. I don't go for wallpapers, i'd love to paint it mauve. I'd like to have a super king sized 4 poster bed made of mahoganny.

13. Your most favorite part of your house?
Kitchen and bedroom.

14.How many hours you spend on computer everyday?
Gosh maybe 12, i dunno, it's like this is all i do.

15. For swimwear, one-piece or two-piece?

16. What gift (materially) you want to receive on your next birthday?
Mineral make-up.

17. If you can afford, what luxury car you want to own ?
A Hummer2.

18. The last time you bought underwear?
A month ago.

20. Where did you met your bf/gf/spouse now?
Wedding of a friend.

21. Do you believe that there are instances that cheating is forgivable?

22. What is the most expensive piece of clothing you have? How much it cost?
True Religion Jeans, I think it's $240.

23. Do you own a boat?

24.Your most favorite viand. (Just one)
Serve me crabs, i'd be smiling ear to ear.

25. When was the last time you made love?
The other day.

26. If ever, you’ll be given the chance to run for a position, what would it be?
Politics, never!

27. Ever joined a beauty & brain contest? Specify.

28. If you have to answer the unforgettable final question of Lara Quigaman, (Ms. International 2005) what will be your answer. “What do you say to the people of the world who have typecasted Filipinos as nannies?”
So? Do you have a problem with that?

29. Any particular thing you want to buy for your father/husband/bf this father’s day?
A bike outfit for hubby ^_^

Tagging ends here, harhar, there are a lot of tags going on already ^_^


Hats for all Seasons

Living in the Philippines though a tropical country, you don't really see women wearing hats. I've always been fascinated seeing women in movies going to churches and funerals wearing hats, not just the typical hat but fashionable ones. The hats that you see worn by Queens.

When I saw Custom Hats online, my fascination for hats turned into wanting. Wanting to be able to wear one of their Custom Hats. And why not? The designer Evetta, who has been designing hats for the last 15 years and is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology has received a lot of citations. Her hat designs were already featured in the New York Times and other papers. She has been featured on television including Europes Shop the World fashion show with David Emanuel, a noted couturier of international importance (House of Emanuel). And for you to be featured on such, you must be of the same calibre.

Custom Hats are hats only of the highest quality. And what's exciting is they ship their hats around the world. Imagine yourself wearing a hat with styles consistent with the hottest fashion trends, wouldn't you look fabulous? Do you want your hat to match your clothing? Pick your choice, they have hats in all shapes and sizes and comes in different colors too.

Let me just tell you, when you see the hat that you fell in love with but is sold out, don't worry, you just have to contact them, and they can make one exactly like what you saw.

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Field Trip

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Since it was a holiday on Monday, Ish thought of visiting museums. N planned to go to the San Agustin and Casa Manila Museums. Too bad such museums are closed on a Monday (we were not aware of that). We then proceeded to Fort Santiago (the first for the kids and our angels) and learned something more about our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Josh really didn't enjoy that much again because of the smell. It was very clean and well maintained, but I don't know why the smell. Josh said Fort Santiago stinks and smells like manure. Probably because of the horses (calesa). Pasig River added to the stinky smell too, but overall it's still one of the best tourist attractions we have here in the Philippines.

After Fort Santiago, we went all the way to Mall of Asia to buy some additional school stuffs for Ish, we also had dinner there. Too bad we were not able to see the fireworks coz we were in the middle of dinner. I can say that this is a different kind of bonding for us, a first "cultural awareness" bonding for the whole family.


Belly Fest 2007

Belly Fest 2007 was a success! It was held last June 9, 2007 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater at Ateneo. It was really fun being part of the show. We were there as early as 3 in the afternoon to do a dance at the fairgrounds. The show proper started at 7 in the evening, lasted til i guess before 12. Nope we didn't get to do the curtain call, we were really starving. Good thing the restaurants within the area close late so we were able to grab a bite. N enjoyed the show a lot and was able to get pretty good pictures.



Thursday, June 07, 2007

Who among us are afraid to grow old or even look old for that matter? I bet everyone raises a hand saying me! Of course we all want to look eternally young, ageless! So what do we do? Some resort to surgery, some go to dermatologists, the others use skin care products.

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Things To Look Forward To

I've been busy the past weeks, getting ready for the Belly Fest 2007. It's been a toxic week, practices that last 6 hours a day, finishing our belly tops to be used for the fest, doing some sponsored posts, doing tags, taking care of the needs of the family etc. I didn't know how I was able to manage doing all these things, am I superwoman or what?

Anyhoo, Belly Fest will be this coming saturday, June 9 at 7 pm at the Henry Irwin Lee Theater, Ateneo de Manila, Loyola Heights, QC. And if you're not doing anything, I invite you to watch it. I guess tickets are available at the entrance.

Now I will be able to visit your blogs regularly and leave comments. I miss doing this really and if only I have extra time to do it, you wouldn't miss seeing me in your blogs. I will also have time to do more sponsored posts and earn more moolah.

I have a few more pictures to share from our Hong Kong trip. And I also look forward to have my picture taken with these guys...this time for real.


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