Quick Dry

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I wish they knew that there is such a thing as outdoor foam seats. This foam dries up pretty fast and is suitable for outdoor use. Can you imagine sitting on a chair outside not knowing that it got wet in the rain? That sucks real bad. Someone please introduce foam boat seating so that no incidents like this happen anymore. Good thing I came across this stuff so that next time it happens, then I have a suggestion to make. I won't think twice suggesting it so that no one will be victimize.


On Looking Good

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's best to look pretty every time! That's the way it should be but you know sometimes laziness kicks in. I just don't feel like "dressing up". Dressing up to me is being presentable regardless of where you are and what state you are in. Do you think this is possible? If it's not to you, then you should start working on it. It's one way of feeling good. Do you agree that even in your sleep you still have to look good? What if in the middle of the night there is an emergency or something? It helps if you're "dressed" like probably in a men's scrubs? I am saying this because there was a time that I made scrubs my jammies. It's very comfortable, keeps me warm in an a/c room. I think nowadays scrubs are not confined to hospital settings alone, it can be seen anywhere, right?


New Stuff Here and There

This post may seem odd when you are a regular in this blog. Well one way or another I have to write down stuff which I think may interest some of the people who might come across my blog. Bits and pieces of everything, who knows it can help, right? Add to that the things I learn too when I write about something I come across in the web. To be honest, this is actually the first time I came across these hygienic levers. Prior to this, I know nothing about it. I see it, alright but when you ask me what it's called I can't answer you. Well at least now I know what that thing is called. You see it on the floor a lot since it is used to stabilize objects, machines in particular. I gathered that there are different types, now it all depends on your requirement.


The Cable Car Ride

Photobucket Finally on my 3rd visit to Singapore I was able to take the cable car. Honestly I got a bit scared especially when I started seeing the the expression painted on the faces of my kids. I saw terror in her eyes specially. She was holding on for dear life, I'm glad she survived the ride and was able to take the cable car again back to Vivo City but this was another story. It was more scary on our way back, seemed like the car wasn't stable at all. I think it was due to the winds. It gets windy in the early evenings, right? Anyway, I think they still enjoyed the view or let's just put it this way, that's one list off their bucket list if there is any.



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