Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My kids are musically inclined. How come they can't get to master an instrument? My youngest wanted to learn violin, and I did send him to a music school. My eldest wanted to learn guitar, sent her to school too. They are able to play a piece or two but after that they lose interest. Are they distracted or what keeps them from learning? I remember the time when my eldest told me her desire to study guitar. Of course I got excited. I grew up learning an instrument so I want my kids to be the same way too. Anyway, I started asking around for a very good guitar. They all seemed to have a general answer. Why don't you check parker guitars. So I did! Too bad it wasn't available at the country where I'm staying so I got another brand. I am still hoping that they will continue with the desire to learn music. My youngest has expressed his desire to learn the keyboards, so we'll see.


Let's Draw Something

Photobucket My newest game! I have not even reached the 1M score in Temple Run and here I go with another game. It's ok, I am enjoying it. It gets frustrating sometimes because it's hard to draw with your thumb on a screen as small as the iPhone or the iPod. Anyway, I asked a friend to buy me those stylus available at amazon and hopefully it gets here before I find a new game.


Website I Call My Own

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I started blogging in 2005. No, I was not paying for hosting. At that time I knew nothing about it. I had it hosted for free. There came a time though that I wanted my own domain name. I wasn't contented with the free hosted one, not because it's free but like I said I wanted to own it. I realized too that it was very affordable to get paid hosting which has a lot more advantages. It's a good thing I found the best best web hosting company. They were very accommodating with all the questions that I had for them. You see I am clueless with such stuff that I didn't know about it. I asked help from them about migrating my old posts and they gladly assisted me. Whenever I have questions, they are always on the rescue which I really appreciate. All issues on my website were fixed right away. I am really satisfied with their service. This is very important because you need support once in a while especially if you are not familiar with how website works. Now I am very happy with the decision I made a couple of years back. I can definitely say that I am earning more.


Box It Up

Monday, March 05, 2012

Are you moving any time soon? If you are, then let me share with you my experience on moving. I will never do the same mistake again. I didn't hire a mover, we did it on our own. We didn't even have the proper boxes for all the stuff. I know, call me el cheapo and I wouldn't disagree. I have learned my lesson though and I promise never to do the same mistake again. If ever we will move again, I'll make sure that I will order Cheap Moving Boxes for all the stuff that need to be boxed. Yes, there are affordable moving boxes that are available. Don't be like me, I skipped buying boxes thinking it was expensive. I never thought that it could be this cheap. Had I known, I could have avoided breaking a lot of stuff during the move. Not only that, I was forced to fix the house right away because of the things I see everywhere. Can you imagine the stress that I went through. I could have stored some stuff in these boxes for moving and probably put it out later when everything is in proper place. It would have been a very organized move. It helps a lot when it's an organize one because moving itself is already a headache, how much more if it wasn't done properly, right? Like I said, I learned my lesson already. Next time I will not have second thoughts of buying those boxes, anyway I can still use it after the move. It's going to be worth it especially if it's put to good use.


The VLC Player

What multimedia player are you using? Have you come across vlc 2.0 player? Someone shared this with me and I am taking a look at it. I need a player that will everything from MP3 to Blu-ray. I heard it's powerful and fast. I might consider using it if that's the case. I don't like to wait long for stuff to load, I guess nobody wants that. Anyway I learned too that it works well with all the 4 major browsers, 2 of which I am currently using. We'll see if I will like it, but I guess there is no reason not to like it especially if it was given a thumbs up from all the people that have used it.


The Famous Run

Photobucket Familiar? It should be, it's the coolest game app nowadays and seems like everyone is playing it. It's a bit frustrating that I can't even get a score of 500k, yeah I am a loser, please don't rub it in my face. I don't know why I can't get my mojo back when it comes to vid games and all, I don't play like how I used to 10 years back. I guess you already know the answer to that, right?


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