Affordable SD Cards

Monday, August 31, 2009

I remember having a 256, then it became a 512, then 1GB, and look now, and there's 16GB. I am talking about this particular sd card. Do you still remember how much it was sold in shops? It used to be really expensive. But look at how much they cost now? The price of a 256 is now the price of a 16GB, even lower I think. I want to have a 16GB so I can take unlimited shots. I don't need to download as often too. What do you think?


I Want Those Knives

Er...what is that knife for? Haha like I want to slit someone's neck, or do I? Seriously I don't wanna waste my time. Those knives are actually in my Wish List. Uh-huh I want to own that before I die. I don't want any ordinary knife especially now that I get to taste some sort of a culinary experience. Yep it must be the knife, those julienne cut are so accurate, haha!


Box from the US of A

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In a year, my sister in the US sends like four boxes to us. Contents include stuff for sale, and a few items for us. I also take the opportunity of requesting her to buy a few things for me, things that I can't find here, hehe mostly clothes. I'm a big fan of clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, etc., after all I'm a girl. I'm not sure though if she uses this shipping box, I have to ask her. You know sometimes her problem is to fill the whole box before she sends it over. I'm not sure if she knows about custom boxes. Hmmm, it's time to use skype and talk to them, after all I also miss them a lot.


Back To School

When MIL first heard of it, the first person that came into her mind was me. Well she admitted though that she wanted to take part in it too, but then her hands are full and she does not have the spare time for it. Anyway, I'm glad that I am a part of this. This is like a mobile school, a joint project of Quezon City under Ms. Joy Belmonte and ABS CBN. What are we learning? It's a dream come true for me, HOT and COLD kitchen. I'd like to think that this is a basic of what CULINARY ARTS is all about. It's actually exciting and I am surprised that I still have a lot to learn considering that I am the queen in our kitchen.


Are You Covered?

My SIL has been suggesting that I get a health insurance for the whole family. At first I was hesitant about it, but now I see the need for it. Who wouldn't want to get covered? What with the low cost health insurance being offered nowadays, it's now for everyone. I used to think that this would really take a great part in the budget, but when I browsed through some of the quotations, not bad after all. I can say we can afford it.


When It Breaks

Thursday, August 13, 2009

When some appliances in the house break, what comes to mind first? Hhhmm, if it's minor, have it fixed. What if it's the motor that breaks? First thing that will come to mind is buy a new one. Yeah, because it has always been at the back of my mind that it will turn out more expensive having to replace motors and all. Well not anymore especially when I came to know the price of this central vacuum motor. The idea of having to replace it with a new one have changed. I'm not talking about vacuum in general, but thanks to the idea anyway.


My Beloved President

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I was so sad upon learning the demise of my beloved President Cory Aquino. I have half expected it, but still. Anyway I was able to pay my last respect on a Monday, the first day of her wake at Manila Cathedral. The experience was all worth it despite the pouring of the rain. I am definitely proud that I was there and already a part of Philippine history. I was able to condole with her son Noynoy too (unexpectedly). He went out to thank the filipino people who sympathized with their family. As what I've written in that tarpaulin, President Cory, you will always be in my ♥


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